The sweeter things gift guide.

The sweeter things gift guide.

Last year this was one of my most popular posts, so I knew I needed to bring back the sweeter things gift guide for another year. This year it features even more goodness and I hope it inspires you with what to buy for your loved ones who love the sweeter things in life. 

Iced Christmas Biscuit Tin £40 from the Biscuiteers.
Hands down one of my favourite things on the list, for £40 the tin contains 16 hand-iced biscuits which are great for re-packing as little individual gifts or for a loved one who loves biscuits. Everything from the tin to the way each biscuit looks, it's a must-have. There are a variety of other options on their site if you're looking for something in a lower price range. I've recently finished off my biscuits and the tin is great for storing crackers in. 

The Chocolate Cheeseboard £12.99 from Find Me A Gift
If you saw last years guide you will know I am a *little* obsessed with chocolate that looks like other items, last year I featured a biscuit tray where all of the biscuits looked amazing, and in the pictures even now I find it hard to figure out which are made of chocolate. Oh and some chocolate vegetables which looked scarily realistic. This year I've stepped it up and gone for a full cheese board made out of chocolate. The cheese looks so genuine and it's amazing how much it actually looks like cheese, the stilton being my favourite. The board is also edible, making it even more of an experience. 

Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Hamper £19.99 Find Me A Gift.
For £20 this is one the most 'worth it' presents on the list. For the cost and the quality, it's such a bargain. The hamper includes two pizza slices, one is salted caramel and the other is honeycomb. As well as chocolate popcorn and also a big box of chocolate gems. The gift is presented in a lovely hamper with a ribbon on, giving you the full hamper experience. For someone like me who is a HUGE pizza fan, this gift is ideal. 

Retro Sweet Hamper £35 from The Personalised Gift Shop
Finally, for the most colourful gift on the list is this personalised retro sweet hamper, full of your favourite childhood delights. This is a hamper not to be reckoned with, filled to the brim with 27 varieties of sweets! Great for sharing with friends or for a gift for a loved one, with a printed A5 card which allows you to personalise the hamper and give it that extra special touch. For £35 including the basket and tissue paper, I think it's a great choice for a gift and also can be gifted for any age, also it lasts for ages as the sweets are individually wrapped. My favourite thing about this hamper is that it included a pack of candy sticks which I didn't know were even a thing anymore! If this doesn't float your boat, also on The Personalised Gift Shop, they offer a variety of other hampers including one for coffee lovers and fizzy sweets. P.s. I was giving to give this to Will at Christmas but the goodies were just too much to endure waiting for! 

 *This gift guide contains items which were kindly gifted to me, all of my opinions are my own as usual, although I cannot promise no pizza were harmed in the process of this gift guide, sorry.  

Let me know in the comments which your favourite gift is. 

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Not your typical health and beauty gift guide.

Not your typical health and beauty gift guide.

This post contains gifted items. 

The first week of December has flown by and we are heading to Christmas full steam ahead. For once I have actually been pretty prepared in my Christmas present buying this year, by either avoiding the shops altogether and shopping online or getting my in-store shopping mostly done in November with just a few bits to grab during December. I don't cope well with going out into busy places at the best of times and in December it's pretty damn mad. Plus those queues are not a fun place to be. This year I've gone with a variety of present ideas and decided it would be great to create a roundup of health and beauty products, instead of doing guides for him and for her as I've done these so many years in a row and fancied a change. This post is full of goodies which can be great for creating a hamper for a loved one, secret Santa gifts or even just to treat yourself, you know how it is. 

I am a huge fan of all things hair colour, I've dyed my hair a huge range of colours over the last 3 years. In this time I've learnt you need to have your hair in the best condition to keep being able to dye your hair. For reasons such as colour not taking and to stop it falling out (god knows I still have my hair!) For fellow hair dye fanatics, there are three things we always need: hair colours, hair treatments and a huge supply of dry shampoo. To keep our hair looking bright for as long as possible, dry shampoo is our best friend. I am constantly applying some sort of treatment to my hair, but Moroccanoil is my staple for after washing my hair and nothing even comes close to it, it's revolutionary. 

Included within my haircare gift ideas are some bottles of Crazy Colour which are all semi-permanent so great to experiment with they offer a huge range of colours. They also offer spray in colour which is fabulous for experimenting if you're not brave enough to totally commit to a colour. I've also included one of my staple hair care products which is Moroccanoil which comes in a variety of sizes, I've included the 25ml for £11.99 on Amazon or you can get it within a gift set from Look Fantastic for £28.00. A few other staple products worth taking a look into are the Living Proof dry shampoo (which is a little pricer for dry shampoo but really does the job), any Colour or Style Freedom products and also Primark offers some great hair masks which are budget friendly. 

This year I've fallen head over heels in love with skincare, I've been trying a huge variety of brands this year to make up the perfect skincare routine. Skincare can be a hard present to buy for friends and family, but a lot of products can be used on a lot of skin types. This year I was introduced to the brand Yes To who have completely changed up my mask game with a variety of sheet masks, peel off masks, night masks and even nose pore strips. Their products are super fun and brightly coloured so would look amazing in a hamper or for a secret Santa present. 

For a more luxury product, Skin Pearls have you covered with their four-step routine like no other. They offer a variety of different products for different skin concerns. I have recently been trying out the acne range and I am in love. The product comes in four jars which are a month supply each, and on their site or in the package you receive a step by step guide of how to use them. As these are skin pearls and I haven't tried anything like this before I was more than happy for the guide. Each pot is targetted at a different area on your face and so far so good for my acne, my skin is feeling smoother and a lot less oily and I haven't seen any new breakouts this week which is huge. Let me know if you've ever tried their products in the comments too! 

The 'man' stuff:
In 2018 and men love giving themselves a good old pamper, Will is into his skincare and loves looking into the new beard oils on the market. He also uses face masks with me *no shame* and enjoys helping me with my skincare routine. So a great present for most men in your life is some shower pals, I know I like to spend a lot on skincare and do on a regular basis but for Will it's not a priority in his mind. Fat Face offers a huge variety of products, which up until recently I had no idea includes grooming, pampering and accessories. I'd totally recommend the Moss and Amber collection, this includes a body wash and a soap and then as an add-on the beard oil. I love the smell of the body wash and would use it for myself for sure. For other cool gift ideas for men, I'd recommend checking out Iwoot and Firebox. 

Which is your favourite product on the guide? 
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Gifts every student wants*

Gifts every student wants*

*Disclaimer so maybe not every student will want these but, a lot of students will enjoy these gifts. Unfortunately, I can't even share any stats as I don't actually have them, because they don't exist. So you'll have to take my word for it. P.s. This post includes swearing and other rude things, so if this isn't for you feel free to click off as I'd hate to offend anyone! xo

Present buying can be such a difficult task, so I decided to compile a list of gifts which I would have loved to have got as a student. I feel like when you're a student you spend most of your money on food, booze and bills so it's great to get a gift you wouldn't usually buy for yourself. As well as new socks, because although 10 year old me hated getting them, 23 year old me is game. So this guide includes some items which are a *little bit* of the box, and not for the fainthearted. All of the items on the list are under £20 and most of them are under £10. So it's a great guide (if I may say so myself) for students to buy students or family members to buy for students. Or, if you just like cats, games and random selection of books this guide may also do well for you. 

Power up washi tape
Personalised Nutella

Power up Washi tapes from Mustard £7 
These tapes are a great present for any stationery geeks in your life, to be honest, I've never needed a washi tape, however, they make studying more fun as you can cover most notebooks and pages in them. Plus forget ever licking an envelope again, you can just seal it up with washi tape, win. 

Personalised Nutella £4
This year Nutella has become of my favourite things to eat, and it pretty much goes with everything sweet, some of my personal faves are waffles, croissants and in a sundae. You can now get your own personalised jar from a number of places, I purchased mine from Debenhams but I know Selfridges also offer this service.  

Cat Chaos
Truth bombs

Cat Choas £8 / Truth Bombs £15/ Shit Happens £13
Games are coming back with full force, and not the console type. Good old-fashioned games but they're more out there than ever and appeal to the masses. Most games students do incorporate drinking into them, and as much as a deck of cards can be great fun it is awesome to have some alternatives. 

Cat Choas is an easy game to set up and requires quick thinking like snap, you need to attempt to swap the cards in the middle with your cards to make up a full collection. There are 4 cards of each cat celebrity and the winner is who completes their suits the quickest. It's an addictive game and will keep you entertained for hours, plus you can use the cards to make your own games out of too. 

Truth Bombs is a great game but can get pretty brutal, in a nutshell, a number of cards get drawn, enough for each player who is taking part and the questions can be anything from what would their online name be to who would they push off a cliff, and then at random every player writes down an answer to one of the questions for each person, the pad will get passed around and the person has to guess who wrote what, as these are done at random it's harder to guess. I wouldn't recommend playing this game if you're easily offended, but playing it whilst drinking seems even more fun, as long as you can still write. 

Shit Happens is a pretty simple concept. You get dealt a hand of cards and each card has a number between 1-100 on them, on a scale of shit to the shittest (which is buried alive) and you pick a card from the deck and then read it for the person next to you and then they have to decide where within the shit index the card would it go. I wouldn't necessarily agree with the lineup of all of these cards and it depends what you would find the 'shittest' but it's a great game and gets you thinking. 

Dungarees & Donuts gift guide.

Gourmet Popcorn from the Popcorn Shed £3.50
Who doesn't like popcorn? I mean I know I love it and it's a pretty easy crowd pleaser, for £3.50 you can get a shed load (excuse the pun) of popcorn in a range of flavours with everything from Salted Caramel to Cheese. They're a great stocking filler or lush to include in a hamper as they're so brightly coloured. Oh, and they taste pretty good too. Not too sure on the cheese one though, the jury is still out. 

The Very Hungover Caterpillar £4
A twist on the book the hungry caterpillar, a childhood favourite of mine. The twist is all about what the very hungover caterpillar gets up to. It's a short but humorous book, perfect for that bit of toilet reading or just something to cheer you up on a bad day. 

Images You Should NOT Masturbate To £7.99
I was drawn to this book as I knew it would be comical, and basically, the book is full of images you shouldn't/wouldn't want to Masturbate to. Perfect for that mate that never leaves their room or as a house secret Santa gift. 

Optional Fucks Calender
This calendar is a great desk buddy for when you're studying, especially when you have annoying housemates, it's a great way to warn them at their own risk to enter. Plus its great fun to spin the wheel and keep yano, dates in...

I hope you enjoyed this post and some of the items in this guide were gifted, however, they were all chosen by me and are only featured if I genuinely would recommend them to you. Let me know in the comments if you would buy any of these gifts!
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Olivia Jade
Tattoos: The good, the bad and the ugly.

Tattoos: The good, the bad and the ugly.

This is a collaborative post. 

2018 was the year I got a *little* tattoo obsessed, I started the year with 4 tattoos and I am coming up to the final month of the year with 11 tattoos. I met a tattoo artist called Heather at a local studio: Blacktide Collective. Heather created the images exactly how I imagined, she got my visions and had some beautiful pieces of flash that needed homes. I even got two of my bunnies tattooed on me in the summer by Heather. I recently wrote a piece called what does your tattoo mean and it made me realise how many of you guys have tattoos. A lot of you like me have gotten a variety of tattoos you love and have done since day one. Some of you have huge pieces planned out and others have gotten them on a whim. There is no right or wrong way to decide on a tattoo. Unfortunately with the good comes the bad, some of you have designs based on ideas you loved and they didn't turn out how you imagined (que just about any tattoo programme on channel 4 or 5, ever) and some of my readers have even got their partners name which has then turned into being an ex. 

Some people play it off and try to love what they have, I've even seen a story about a guy who is currently on the lookout for a girlfriend with the same name as his ex so he feels less bad about his tattoo. But for those of you who can't stand your tattoo and need it gone, tattoo removal may be your only option. As someone who has a lot of tattoos, luckily none of them are ones I regret and I hope I never do. But if a tattoo of mine in the future did go wrong I feel like laser removal would be an option I'd consider. I decided to reach out on social media and see what others are saying about their tattoos. 

Lindsay says: 
I have 3. One is a Playboy bunny (classy chick) and another is two dragons on the back of my neck. The 3rd is a mess that I let my ex-do on me. It's a star on the bottom of my leg. NEVER let someone else tattoo you for love.

Image may contain: one or more people

Demi-Leigh says:
"I got my tattoo when I was 18 years old - my first and only - a quote that reminds me every day to make my life a story worth telling. I always thought I'd regret it but it became so apt as I grew into the person I am now"

Kim says: 
My favourite tattoo is the one I got most recently as it means the most. Its lyrics from my favourite song by my favourite band that have stuck with me for over a decade, and the tattoo is by an incredible local artist who specialises in abstract watercolour, so it's really beautiful!

Kims tattoo

Shelley says:
"My first tattoo was when I was 18 & it’s three little bats on my ankle which now look silly as hell. My parents didn’t find out till years later when I had like 10 others. Felt like a little rebel doing it & it’s probably my worst one but hey lesson learnt & memory made"

Emily says: 
My back piece is my favourite tattoo, featuring the Buddhist Goddess Tara. It's not finished yet, but I had it started during a hard time (PTSD following an assault). Tara embodies compassion, which I really needed. Strangely, the man who attacked me was arrested that day!

"I got my first tattoo at 41, and now 2 years later I have 5! I wanted one since I was a teenager but always worried about what other people might think. When I reached my 40s, I finally decided that I didn't care what they think, and now I love my tattoos - I've got more planned!"

Kaya says:
I got a 'D-12' (Eminem's band) tattoo when I was 17. I'm 35 now and it makes me laugh every time I see it. What was I thinking?! 

Image may contain: one or more people

Alice says:
I have four tattoos and love them all. They represent specific times of my life. I have a feather and flying birds tattoo on my right rib from when I finally rid myself of my abusive ex. Each bird stands for someone that really helped me get away from the situation and I asked each one of them to pick the colour of their specific bird. That tattoo makes me feel happy. 

Charlie Louise says: 
An Albert Einstein quote on my back when drunk in Magaluf is probably one of the craziest things I’ve done. I also have dad on my wrist which I absolutely hate as it’s a botched job but I also love it because I got it done when I was a teenager after my dad passed away. My favourite tattoo is my sea turtle tattoo, my partner and I have matching ones and it really means a huge amount to me.

Let me know in the comments about your tattoo stories, I love to read them. 
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Baubles with a difference.

Baubles with a difference.

As soon as the Christmas baubles arrived in the shops, I started to collect them to build up a collection ready for when the tree goes up. I prefer to buy 'out of the box' baubles and in more recent years, they're just about everywhere. I thought I'd create a small post to share with you my collection and also where I got them, in case you want to pick up any of your own. I have so many more I'd like to add to my own collection soon too, Paperchase I am coming for ya. Let me know in the comments if you're more traditional when it comes to decorating your tree or as out there as me (or even more so!) 
Glass Balloon Decoration £6.00 from Paperchase* (Also on 3 for 2) 

Ice Cream Bauble £6.00 from Paperchase* (Also on 3 for 2) 

Cotton Candy Bauble £1.50 Primark 

Croissant Bauble £5 Paperchase* (Also on 3 for 2)

Swan Bauble £2 Flying Tiger.

Battenburg Bauble £22 Not On The High Street

Pink Duck £2 Flying Tiger

Lollipop Bauble is no longer available, find similar from Amara here £12

Cupcake from George at Asda £1.50 find similar here

*Contains an affiliate link 
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Engagement, excitement and happily ever afters?

Engagement, excitement and happily ever afters?

Saturday 17th of November was a day I won't be forgetting in a hurry. I woke up in the morning for work knowing I'd hardly been able to sleep throughout the night and I was already dreaming of an acceptable time to be able to go to sleep when I was home. The day at work goes pretty quick but I couldn't wait to get home. Once I stepped through the front door, I said hi to Will and then I collapsed into our comfy armchair and took a breath and closed my eyes, a few seconds later I opened them again only to see Will on one knee in front of me. He was saying the words but I couldn't comprehend the words which were coming out, it was hard to understand what he was saying as I was freaking out. I recall hearing Liv, you know I love you. Then me bursting into tears and freaking out, probably not an ideal reaction but I promise you it was a happy one. The ring he pulled out of his pocket was so me, I knew as soon as I saw it he had put a lot of thought into his choice. 

I am glad Will decided to do it in our house as opposed to in a restaurant or a public location as I would freak out at the idea of people staring at us. Getting engaged is something most girls dream of but don't know when, if ever it will actually happen for them. I'm almost 24 so the timing felt right. The Pinterest boards have been being added to since 2013 so it is great to be able to have meaning behind them. We haven't set a date and know it won't be anytime soon, weddings are expensive if you want the big wedding which is something I now dream of becoming a reality for me. Buying a house is also a goal I would like to achieve in the next 5 years, so it is hard to balance the two. With the new year approaching, I will be setting my new years resolution to start saving up for the future. 

Dating with BPD is a difficult one, let alone planning a future with someone. For them and for me, it's hard. I find it hard to cope with so much love for one person, I am unable to feel the love in normal doses, it's all or nothing and sometimes I love that person so much and then other times I can't cope with being around them. Sadly, I'm not sure this will ever change. But for me, being happy to spend the rest of my life with someone feels like I am making progress, I feel the most stable and settled I have done for as long as I remember. The future looks bright and a huge change from the way I felt before my 22nd birthday, where I didn't even see myself having much of a future if any. I have a job, a house, four bunnies and now a fiance which feels crazy to say! 

We never really know what the future holds but as of November 17th I feel like my life has changed in a way which it never has before and I feel ecstatic that someone feels that way about me enough to actually want to marry me(!) and I am excited for what the future holds. 

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Exploring Birmingham: The German Markets and Christmas Shopping.

Exploring Birmingham: The German Markets and Christmas Shopping.

I was recently asked to explore Birmingham as part of a campaign, as part of this collaboration I was given some spending money to explore Birmingham, however, all thoughts are my own as always. As someone who lives only a 30-minute train ride away from Birmingham, I couldn't wait to spend my time in the city, especially now the German Market was in full swing. Despite living close to Birmingham, I don't spend enough time here, there is always so much to explore, with the Bullring, Mailbox, Grand Central Station and it's many shops and also outside of these places, there are miles of streets full of shops and restaurants too. If you are travelling to do your Christmas shopping here, I'd recommend staying in a hotel as there many hotels in Birmingham and it's great for splitting up what you want to do and gives you a little break in between shopping. I mean there is so much walking my feet can do, and if you're like me and want to go pretty much everywhere it can become a little much.  

So I headed to Birmingham on Tuesday, ready to take on what Birmingham has to offer. When we arrived, we decided that food would be a great place to start, because who wants to shop on an empty stomach? I decided to try one of the many places in Grand Central and went to Tortilla which is a burrito bar which serves a variety of yummy food including tacos and nachos, which was an amazing experience and so reasonably priced too. Stay tuned for a full review of Tortilla in the near future. 

With a belly full of food we headed outside to the German Market, which is a Frankfurt styled market it runs from New Street to Victoria Square, it is packed with stalls full of amazing food including crepes, hotdogs and chocolatey treats. There are pop up bars accompanied by adorable little tables, which are selling German beers and hot chocolate. Stalls which were selling coffee beans, popcorn and marshmallows. Along with an assortment of gift stalls which had a generous offering of Christmas decorations, jewellery, hand-painted ornaments and rainbow candles. Will and I decided to get some keyrings for ourselves and one for our friend. I went for Jessie keyring as she's my fave and I've had a similar one in the past which I loved. After we had a long mooch around the stalls we headed back inside of Grand Central. 
Bullring bull

German market

German Market

We went to a few shops within grand central including John Lewis and Hema, before heading through Link Street, which is where we found Driftroom a quirky store selling a range of gifts and lighting and we spoke to the shop owner who was happy enough for us to take photos of the goodies within. After 30 mins in the store, I decided to buy a new card game 'cat chaos' which I can't wait to play and then we left. I was tempted to buy one the bigger lights but it was the idea of carrying it around and on the train which made us leave it behind. We popped into the Disney Store and Debenhams also, where I purchased a jar of personalised Nutella. After this, we headed to Selfridges which is four floors of gifts, clothes and of course more food. We had a look at all four floors which we don't often do, as I wanted to check out all it has to offer, and treated myself to a few bits from Paperchase and lusted over a Gucci bag. Once we had a look around we headed to Eds Diner to get some dessert, where I had waffles sandwiched together with Nutella and Will had cheesecake covered in peanut butter and chocolate sauce, washed down with a large Pepsi max each and with that we headed home to get the train. 

I had a fabulous time exploring Birmingham and if my feet weren't super painful I could have spent another few hours there for sure. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you'd like to see more posts on Birmingham let me know in the comments below. 

Selfridges Robin Christmas


Disney Store Birmingham

Eds diner cheesecake

Eds Diner Waffle

*I was gifted some spending by in return for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own :) 
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