What I've Been Lovin' Lately #5

Things I've been lovin' lately is back, I felt like I was doing these a lot when I started doing them as they're so much fun to create, but the last one I did was back in April so it's about time that it made a return, yay. If you don't know the premise of this series of posts, it's literally where I share things I've been lovin' over the last month or so, can be anything from a new TV show to a new type of food I've tried. I hope you enjoy edition 5 of this post and feel free to leave in the comments what you've been lovin' lately.

ColourPop Eyeshadow: 
If you don't know about ColourPop where have you been for the last few years, ColourPop is a beauty brand who have high-quality products for cheap prices, they're an American brand but now ship to England. The last time they offered free shipping I treated myself to a bunch of their pressed pigments and the colour in them is insane. I get so many compliments at work on my eye makeup as it is just stand out and they make any eyeshadow look pop, (ha, get it!) My favourite shades are Slave2Pink , Fantasy and Daddy.

Since I've returned to the world of blogging I've been on the lookout for a new blogging companion, in the past I've never really invested in a camera but with so many amazing photographers/blog photos I thought it was time to step up my game. When looking around at Cameras i've found some super awesome Canon ones which I've heard a lot about and once I finally decide on a budget and which camera is right for me, i'll be investing. I would love to know what cameras you guys use for blogging in the comments! 

Sass & Belle: 
You've probably seen the company Sass & Belle featured on my blog a lot, but I can't help but share their adorable pieces with you once more. They offer so much cute homeware and stationery goodness, my favourite things on their website at the moment are their 'I Can't Adult Today' mug, floral measuring cups and also their cactus salt and pepper shakers *cute alert*

Getting healthier:
Recently I've start to get back into eating better, counting calories as well as going to the gym. I have turned going to the gym something that I find fun as opposed to a chore, I started to research different types of protein bars as well as protein shakes for after going to the gym as well as new healthy food options, and I've been bulking out all of my meals with tons of vegetables to try make it more filling and a lot more healthy.  Next step to go to some of the classes at the gym as they look super fun.

This month at work I've been doing a lot of training including a qualification in customer service, and it's like they say, you never stop learning. I was online looking at different things and came across mediaworks whitepaper where they share information and forecasts on upcoming things, their most current one is about Fashion and how best to work digital marketing in that sector and also talk about the brands they market for. I think it's a great tool for upcoming companies who want to learn how to do their own digital marketing and it is also an amazing read for bloggers also. Speaking of learning, I mentioned in What i've been lovin' lately #4 that I am learning to drive and in two weeks I am doing my test again, yay.

Let me know what you've been lovin' this month! 

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Beauty Wishlist!

Hi all, how are we doing? I am finally back in the spirits of blogging again and full of ideas and motivation (about time!!) I've been a little bit distant on the blog front this year with lots of big changes in my life, but I am finally happy to be able to say I am ready to be back to blogging with lots of regular posts. I love doing wishlist styled posts and as a creative they are my favourite types of posts to do as I am able to create them on Photoshop, I do many style ones so I've decided to mix it up and do a beauty one as there are SO many amazing new products around at the moment that I can't wait to get my hands on. If you fancy checking out my Sephora wishlist you can do here.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette: 
I went to purchase this palette from the Urban Decay site and noticed it was already sold out *sad face* with lots of gorgeous pinks and reds it's the perfect summer to go palette. I hope I'll be able to get my hands on this eventually.

Too Faced Natural Eyeshadow Collection:
I am in love with eyeshadow palettes, permanently. I will forever invest in new ones despite having so many which I've hardly used. This collection has 30 utterly beautiful shades, perfect for creating so many looks, ALL YEAR ROUND.

Kat Von D Shade and Light palette:
I've wanted this palette since I was in the States last year and just have never gotten around to purchase it, now Kat Von D is available from Debenhams, it makes it so much easier to purchase yay.

Christian Louboutin Nail Varnish:
I am currently big into doing my nails, whether that is at the salon or a cute colour at home. I am slowly growing my nail varnish collection as it is the smallest amount of makeup I own. I am not sure if I was drawn to this for the packaging or the name but it looks insane and there is an amazing range of colours.

Dermalogica Skin Care: 
As someone who suffers crazy bad with acne skin care is something I will often invest in, Dermalogica offer some amazing choices to combat acne and a load of other skin issues, for acne I want to get my hands on their 'clear skin, break out clearing kit' as it offers a huge range products to help get rid of acne.

Too Faced Glitter Bomb Palette: 
You'll be shocked that another eyeshadow palette has made it on to my wishlist (*sarcasm alert*) but when I was trawling through the Too Faced website and I saw this gorgeous glitter filled palette I knew I needed to add it to my wishlist, so many gorgeous shades and perfect for creating 'out there' looks. I am forever completing my looks with glitter shades.

What's on your beauty wishlist?

Shop My Style #9

It's back, shop my style is back, these posts are some of my favourite to share with you guys as I love to share my fun and unique style with you all. I want to get into creating them monthly, but you guys know what I'm like with my posting at the moment. I've gone from being the most organised blogger to having 0 time and being lucky to get more than 5 posts up a month, ah I miss being a student! This month, I've gone all out with my summer style. Although I am not sure if the summer is going to come back as we've already had a scorcher of a week a few weeks back. Boo. I hope you enjoy my slightly 'out there' style and let me know if you want to keep seeing these posts! 

Skirt is from Boohoo 
Tee is from H&M
Shoes are from Attitude Clothing
Bag is from Dollskill

Shorts are from River Island
Bag is from Dollskill
Shoes are from Attitude Clothing

5 Lifestyle Changes To Feel Better!

1. Getting more sleep 

This is one I definitely need to do more, I am forever going to bed late and getting up super early for work. Getting more sleep helps the body feel refreshed and I am always more productive on a better nights sleep. *A lot nicer too* Soz work colleagues.

2. Working out 

Working out used to be my nightmare situation, the idea of getting sweaty in a public place and putting tons of effort into working out. I used to give up going so easily but I started to think about it a new way. So I turned into something for me, it's time for me to put my headphones in, focus on myself and zone out for a while and that is a great feeling and when you start to see small changes it all becomes worth it.

3. Take time away from being 'online'

Last summer I wrote a post about taking a digital detox which shared some super cool facts from It's Time To Log off who talk about the benefits of taking time away from your devices like laptops and phones including things like being able to get a better nights sleep if you don't use your phone an hour or so before going to bed, giving your brain time to switch off and other health benefits like also you are less likely to develop eye problems over long periods of time from using your digital device so much. A digital detox/ spending less time online is something I've wanted to do since I heard the spoken word film 'look up' from Gary Turk in 2014. However being a blogger and speaking to most of my friends online makes it harder to give it up.

4. Quit smoking

This is one a lot of people do, and it is a pretty big change to make and that is quitting smoking, and a lot of people are finding it easier with vaping or other aids. A study suggests that people who vape instead of smoking stated:

"After six months, people who switched from real to e-cigarettes had far fewer toxins and cancer-causing substances in their bodies than continual smokers." 

Vape AYR offer many amazing vape flavours including Vanilla Sky and Apple Crunch! As well as quitting smoking being great for your health it is also amazing for your wallet! Win. 

5. Make more time for people

Since starting a full time job, I am so guilty of this. I always struggle to find time for my friends, after work all I want to do is eat, shower and sleep. When in reality I should make time to hang out with my friends, even if all I manage is a few hours with a friend. Spending time with people boosts your mood and makes you feel less lonely, yay.

What changes do you need to make to your life? 

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Why Choose an Escorted Tour Holiday

While away, like many, it's likely you'll want to book yourself onto one or two day trips from your hotel so you can see the landmarks and scenery your holiday destination has to offer. In which case, why not book an escorted tour holiday from the get-go? Not only will it help you to live like a local while away but, in the grander scheme of things, it may even save you some pennies.

Enjoy a Seamless Itinerary
From flights to your itinerary while away, escorted tour holidays offer you an entirely stress-free travel experience. When you book an escorted tour, you will be able to choose from a variety of themed itineraries that suit your particular interests and budget, which means from the minute you arrive, you'll experience everything you want to experience during your holiday. If you were to book tours separately while on a self-organised holiday, the logistics alone would, most likely, cause high levels of stress and panic, and that's not what you want while on what should be a serene, memorable, and hassle-free getaway. When you book an escorted tour holiday, you don't have to worry about the details – you just have to turn up at the pickup point at the right time.

Learn from the Experts
No guidebooks are necessary here. During an escorted tour holiday, you will learn from the best – usually, tour guides are locals that know everything there is to know about the local area, including all the historical landmarks, natural sights, and even the best places to eat and drink. Throughout the trip and after, your brain will be abuzz with knowledge learned from the locals.

Discover the Secrets
Another perk of having an expert tour guide is that, usually, you will be shown some of the more under-the-radar sights, including secluded beaches and walks through otherwise untrodden woodland, and so on. Chances are, if you organised the tours yourself, you would stick to the main trails and miss out on some of the unique sights, which means you'd be experiencing the same as thousands of other travellers. With an escorted tour, you're getting a truly unique experience.
Check the internet for mini bus hire possibilities, it will help you out also.

Escorted Tour Discounts
When travelling, you have to watch the pennies, but all that can go out the window if you haven't booked tours in advance and then, upon arriving at your hotel or accommodation, you need to fork out much more than you anticipated for the tours on offer. Also, booking tours last-minute will, often, mean paying a premium. However, if you book an escorted tour holiday with all your day trips and experiences included, you'll get the best price – that means more spending money.

Whether you're embarking on UK expedition to the Lake District or an Asian adventure in the Far East, escorted tour holidays are the best way to see and experience the wonders of your destination without having to pay a premium for your getaway, all while learning from a local.

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Things I'd Do If I Won The Lottery #3

Happy Friday all, I hope you're all well. Last year I did a couple of posts on what I'd do with the money if I won the lottery and they were both super popular so I thought I'd do a part 3 (part 1 and 2 if you fancy reading them). I thought it would be interesting to do a part three almost a year a later because the things I'd buy/do have totally changed and I always love it when other people do these posts!

A new wardrobe:
Still similar to my previous post with the shoes, but I'd love to be able to spend some money on getting some new staples for my wardrobe including many expensive bags as well as the ones on my alternative bag wishlists because who doesn't want an unholy amount of awesome bags. I think I would probably spend far too much money on band t-shirts too.

Pay off debts:
A bit more of a boring one but something that needs to be done, i'd pay off my student loan as well as other boring debts, but how good would that feel?

Buy a house:
I am pretty sure this one is standard for most people, I'd buy a beautiful (and big) house in the middle of nowhere, with a pool and a place for my own gym. As well as get my own awesome home cinema and a wall water feature. Pretty much like all of the houses on Cribs (throwback, does anyone remember that show?!)

Redesign my garden:
Is it just me who gets inspired by Summer to do things, especially in the garden! I found out that I have some strawberry plants in my garden and it inspired me to want to get more seeds. I am also obsessed with cute garden furniture and ornaments. Nest have some gorgeous contemporary pieces including chairs. Which would look amazing in some blog pics, don't ya think?   

There are so many amazing places I'd want to travel to, including exploring more of America (road trip anyone?) Japan and Amsterdam. I did a wanderlust post of all of the amazing places I want to visit which would all be getting a look in if I got the chance.

Treat my friends and family: 
A bit of an obvious one, but it would be something I'd love to do. I would happily treat my friends and family to things they've wanted for a while as well as help them with debts etc.

What would you do if you won the lottery? 

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Who inspires my style?

Happy Thursday all, it's nearly the weekend yay! I am back with another post (finally) I will eventually get into the swing of things again, working a full time job wipes me out most days and i'm too tired to blog a lot of the time. But totally I am motivated to publish a post I've had in mind for a while. Talking my style inspirations. I've put a fair few shop my style posts up in the past and my style is often influenced by more the 'alternative' scene and I thought I'd talk about that today. Bonmarche recently conducted a survey of which celebrities inspire peoples style. The results were:

·       Helen Mirren           (19.2%)

·       Jennifer Anniston    (16.3%)
·       Meryl Streep           (14.5%)
·       Joanna Lumley       (13.5%)
·       Nicole Kidman         (10.3%)
·       Elle MacPherson     (10%)
·       Julie Walters           (8.1%)
·       Jane McDonald       (5.9%)
·       Salma Hayek          (5.4%)
·       Ruth Langsford       (4.8%)

I feel like my own personal style is still the same as it was when I was a teenager with a little bit more edge and slightly less dark (I sometimes wear pink!) but the Dr Martens and the band tees are here to stay. Although I don't tend to follow trends I do have some style inspirations and I can't wait to share them with you.

Fashion bloggers: 
Being a blogger myself and reading lots of blogs means I tend to see lots of style related posts that inspire my own personal style! I am always drawn to the more alternative styled blogs such as Foxxtailz who is written by one of my good friends Jess, who has rockin' hair and funky style. I mean Tartan pants are the one! As well as Sarah (over at Moshing Zombies) who also wears a lot of awesome clothes like ripped jeans and band tees and does perfect makeup and finally one of my favourite style icons is Aoife from Rockettequeen who is gorgeous style, band tees, denim jackets and pretty skirts, yes please! 

Like most people elements of my style come from celebrities. I love the styles of Hayley Williams who will forever be a massive style icon of mine Kelly Osbourne, hello amazing hair and gorgeous style and Taylor Momsen (making fishnets and heavy eyeliner acceptable since I was an early teen, perfection.


I am forever seeing awesome style ideas on Pinterest, from different shoes, to full outfit inspiration. I have complied some boards including edgy style, festival fashion and shoes. Seeing different images and other peoples boards inspires my style.

I hope you enjoyed this post as it was a little bit different to usual. 

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Tips for Getting Ready for your Summer Holiday

Hi guys, I hope you've all been well. I firstly want to apologise for the lack of posts over the last few weeks, starting a new job is way more stressful than I could of ever of thought. Plus going from 2 days a week to full time is a lot to handle, however I love it and I've met some great people yay! I am planning on doing an update post so hopefully that will be with you soon. Today I am bringing you a tips post for getting ready for your Summer holiday. If you want to read some of my past tips posts you can read my tips post for spring cleaning, getting summer ready and festivals. I hope you enjoy this post and let me know your top tips in the comments below. 

Start shopping early
My first tip is to start the shopping for your summer holidays, early. Going online and visiting sites like this one will help you to buy the swimwear, summer dresses, shorts and other items you will need. Shopping early gives you the best choice, and allows you to shop around to find the bargains.

Shop for outfits
Remember to shop for outfits, rather than just individual items. This is the best way to make sure that you look good regardless of what activities you want to enjoy while you are away. I always get great inspiration from other fashion bloggers such as The Kitty Luxe and Little Miss Fii as their style is on point. 

Pick items that you can mix and match
It is always a good idea to buy items of clothing that are easy to mix and match. By packing tops, jeans, skirts and shorts that are interchangeable and can all be worn with each other you are giving yourself plenty of choice when it comes to putting together your holiday outfits. Taking this approach should also greatly reduce the number of items you need to pack, which opens up the possibility for you to travel only with hand luggage. Doing this will save you both time and money.

Choosing the right footwear
Packing the right footwear is important. The last thing you need is to end up wearing shoes that are uncomfortable because they are all you took with you. It is much better to buy your summer holiday footwear early and wear it around the house for a few weeks. That way your shoes or sandals will be broken in and supple enough not to cause blisters, which is the last thing you need when you are trying to enjoy your holiday. All of the footwear you take with you should be comfortable enough to walk in. That way should you get stranded somewhere you will have no trouble walking back to your resort.

Always use a packing list
The best way to make sure that you are not left rushing around the shops at the last minute is to use a packing list. You can tick things off as you buy them, and cross them off as you pack each item. There are plenty of packing lists available online, which you can download and edit. Travel Checklist is a particularly good source, because it produces pack list that are tailored to the needs of all sorts of travellers.

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