Pumpkin Cookies | Food

Pumpkin Cookies

It's OCTOBER which only means one thing (it probably means more than one) But Halloween is coming and as you can probably tell I cannot wait. Last week I did some baking of some Frankenstein Marshmallows and this week I am baking pumpkin shortbread. These are SUPER easy to make and a lot less fiddly than last weeks. I hope you enjoy this post and next week I will be bringing another FUN baking session for you. 

You Will Need:
Caster Sugar 55g
Plain Flour 180g 
Butter 125g
Orange Food Colouring (add lots if you want BRIGHT cookies)
Pumpkin/Orange Flavouring (or not if you don't like it) 
Eyes (Can be bought here
Pumpkin Cutter 
Icing Sugar (Only a tiny bit) 

1. Preheat the oven to 190C ready to pop the cookies in, and also grease two baking trays. Either with butter or grease proof paper. 
2. Mix together the butter and the sugar (it works better by hand) 

3. Add the flour, bit by bit, and stir in until a paste is created. Then sprinkle the side in flour and then roll out the paste with a rolling pin. Make it about an 1 inch and a 1/2 thick.

4. Cut out the pumpkins and place on to the baking trays.

5. It should make around 8-12 pumpkins. Then pop them into the oven.

6. Dependant on the oven will depend on the time you put them in, mine only took 8 minutes so keep an eye on them all of the way through. 

7. Take them out before the sides start to burn (I left mine in a little bit too long)

8. Wait for them to cool!

9. Make up some icing with water to create a paste to stick on the eyes with. Then apply a tiny bit to each biscuit and then add the eyes on top.

Pumpkin Cookies

Pumpkin Cookies

Pumpkin Cookies

Yankee Candle Melts Collection | Lifestyle

This post has been a long time coming, I just wanted point out before I start this post; yes I am addicted to Yankee Candle wax melts and I think they're the best invention as far as candles go. As I am SO indecisive, they give me the freedom to try all of the Yankee Candles! Plus since this post has been written I've gotten at least another 20! *Whoops*  

Around two years ago Stafford finally got a Yankee Candle shop and I couldn't help but wander in there as I've wanted to go in a Yankee Candle shop for so long and that is where my addiction started. At first I would buy the small jar candles but that addiction became expensive and for a student I needed a cheaper way to to fund my addiction (we're still talking about candles here) and one of the ladies in the shop introduced me to the wax melts, which just made perfect sense get for someone who loves to constantly mix up their fragrances as well as have a lot of them. I am currently burning Forbidden Apple and it is insanely good and I need jar of it before Halloween is out! 

Yankee candle wax melts

Yankee candle wax melts

The last of the summer candles: 
Over the summer I stock up on so many candles as they are always sweet and fruity, and I have bought more than one of each of the ones featured. Summer scoop has been my scent all summer long, it's so beautiful and sweet. Citrus tango is a melt which I purchased in a haul from the states and Pink Sands and Turquoise Sky are firm favourites of mine.

Yankee candle wax melts

Autumn is here: 
I am super ashamed to say I only have three autumn/halloween candles currently, but this needs to change ASAP. I love the dark scents and the colours of the melts which are used around Autumn. Forbidden apple smells a lot stronger than I thought it would and ghostly treats is such a gorgeous and fun fragrance. I've seen one which smells like Candy Corn which is my next must before Halloween is out.

Yankee candle wax melts

The food ones: 
When trying to decide how to categorise these I decided to with food/drink as they all have that as a theme. I am seriously in love with Juicy Watermelon (another summer fave) and also Sea Salt and Sage (I have burnt through a large candle of this already this year). Jelly bean is a must have for anyone who loves the sweeter fragrances in life and Vanilla Bourbon is perfect for relaxing after a long day.

Yankee candle wax melts

What is your favourite Yankee Candle scent? 

Simple Ways To Feel Better! | Lets Talk

As a university student and also someone who suffers a lot from poor mental health, I am often on the lookout for little ways to make myself feel better. I am hoping a lot of you relate to this post in some way and find a way to feel better from it; as these are my own personal ways please feel free to share any that you yourself use to feel better.

Take some downtime: 
Sometimes when you're feeling down/tired the best thing to do is nothing. Spend the day in bed or the evening watching some rubbish TV (Honey boo boo or sex sent me to the ER are my faves) possibly have a shower and a face mask. Or even just read a book. When I'm feeling down I put on some good music, turn off my phone and just take some time away to think about things.

Drink more water: 
As random as it sounds like drinking more water seriously helps with your mood as you feel more refreshed and less tired. I love to start my day with an ice cold glass of lemon and lime water.

Look after your health: 
This is one for all of the university students out there, when you're at university your health comes last a lot of the time, lots of drinking, lack of sleep and spending a lot of time with other people you forget what it is important. Taking vitamins can help maintain your body as well as making sure you're on top of your sexual health, sometimes we do things we regret at university and it is important to stay on top of getting checked. There are so many free clinics around, it really does benefit you to get checked. It is also important to check yourself out, women can often suffer from cystitis from not drinking enough, having a lot of sex and many other reasons. It is not something to be embarrassed about if you are worried about anything it is always best to get checked by a professional.

Sleep so much more: 
It is so important to remember to sleep as much as you can at night, a lot of the time bad moods can come from being overtired. Even if you can't sleep at night make up for it in the mornings, it is ok to do this.

I hope this post helped in some way and I would love your tips for feeling better! 

*Collaborative Post 

Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops! | Food

It's October, which only means ONE thing to me; Halloween. Back in August I started to plan out my Halloween posts and I knew I wanted to feature lots of baking. I saw lots of recipes I thought would be fun to re-create so here we are; today I have decided to make my own Frankenstein Cake pops with a twist! They're made out of marshmallow. They're also super duper easy to make so yay! 

What you will need: 
-Marshmallows of any size (I prefer the big American styled ones) 
-Brown and green candy melts (you can buy them at Hobbycraft/Lakeland in the UK) 
-Edible Eyes
-Icing Sugar 
-An edible pen/icing 
-Pop sticks

  • Pop the green candy melts in the microwave for around a 1 minute 30 seconds; of course this depends on the microwave wattage. 
  • Start popping marshmallows on to the sticks, I would say one bag of candy melts will make around 10 large marshmallows.
TOP TIP: If you only want to make a few make sure you only use half a bag. 

  • Roll the marshmallows on sticks in the melted candy and then smooth off with a knife or leave as they are for them to look like mine. (I think they look better this way) 
  • Pop in the fridge for 15 minutes. 
  • When solid take out the fridge and then melt the brown candy melts, use even less of these than you did of the green as you only need a bit for the hair.
  • Either dip the 'head' in to the melts or again use a knife. Again I decided to do it like this as I prefer them a bit messy. 
  • Leave to set for another 15 minutes. 
  • Whilst they are setting, make up some icing by using icing sugar and water. This is to stick the eyes on. 
  • When they are set, pop a little bit of icing sugar on the back of each eye and then press into place. 
  • Then draw on the rest of the features with an icing pen or edible ink to give them an extra scary look. 

 I hope you enjoyed my first of many Halloween posts! 

Welcome To The Alchemist, Birmingham | Food and Drink

The Alchemist has arrived in Birmingham and I was invited to a special evening for bloggers and press which is always super exciting! I took my friend Rob along for the ride because who doesn't love cocktails right? One of the many special things about The Alchemist is the things that the cocktails do; just imagine alcohol meets science. As well as serving food which from the pictures I've seen looks like a massive hit! When we arrived we were greeted at the front of house and taken through into a large bar area which had a fair few people in. We were told to help ourselves to a cocktail and shortly after we were greeted by the manager himself, who gave us a little bit of a run down of the new venue and how he can't wait for it to all kick in. Me and Rob took a booth at the back and looked at the HUGE cocktail menu which is in the style of a periodic table of elements; the science theme runs throughout! My first cocktail was the colour changer which was served to me with a huge ball of ice and the cocktail itself was in two flasks and it works by adding the two together very quickly and a big cloud of smoke appears and it's really interested and fun! Robs first cocktail was equally as interesting called Tickle Me Pink. This cocktail involved taking a shot which stings your mouth and then followed by the soothing liquid in the cocktail. During our drinks many lovely waitresses appeared and offered us appetisers as well as telling us their recommendations of cocktails. It was super interesting to hear their thoughts too. 

The Alchemist Birmingham

During the evening the lovely Oscar introduced himself and he was filming the event for one of his vlogs which you can watch here. Following this I got a second cocktail called the screwball which tastes EXACTLY like the childhood favourite from the ice cream van with a bit of alcohol in the mix. I am one for sweet drinks so this was the perfect one for me. Rob had a white cosmo which is the Alchemists funky version of a Cosmo. The ice even contained a flower! The whole aesthetic of The Alchemist is unique and fun as well the science concept giving it an extra edge. All of the staff were super duper lovely and on our way out the manager told us to go view the downstairs bar which is even more amazing and I can imagine will be a top hot spot in Birmingham. He also told us the staff had around two weeks training which me and Rob couldn't believe as they were SO good. I will definitely be returning soon to The Alchemist as their drinks are super budget friendly and the atmosphere is great. 

The Alchemist Birmingham Cocktail Menu

The Alchemist Birmingham Tickle Me Pink

The Colour Changer The Alchemist Birmingham

The Alchemist Birmingham

The Alchemist Birmingham Underground Bar

The Alchemist Birmingham The Screwball

The Alchemist Birmingham

Have you ever visited The Alchemist

What I've Been Loving! | Lifestyle

Hi all how are we? A little bit of a bonus post for you all this week. I've been having a bit of a tough time for a few weeks and taken a bit of a break from blogging (although you wouldn't of noticed as I schedule for months in advance) and now I am back into it, I literally cannot stop writing for the life of me. I have done one of these posts in the past and I loved to write it and it is still a really popular post so I decided I would do one again. I think it works quite well to do a bit of a wishlist within these posts as well as some blogs/websites I've been loving too. I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Shaun The Sheep Tangle Teezer: 
When I saw this I knew I needed it my life, Tangle Teezer are a must have hair brush for anyone with thick hair, and I love that they now make compact ones which are lightweight and perfect for on the go. I am always using mine when I'm at work or in town, and I love the design as it is just so fun and nostalgic!

Yankee Candle: 
Since the Halloween candles have come out I cannot stop sneaking into Yankee Candle to purchase new melts and decide on which Halloween jar I need to buy. I have to been in there at least 5 times in the last two weeks. I am so indecisive and it smells so good in there!

Going Vintage: 
Since I went to America, I have gotten the thrifting bug! I went into some amazing shops out there and even found myself a J Crew hoody at a bargain $5! Although England is a bit rubbish for thrifting especially if you live in a town where style is not really a thing *soz Stafford* BUT I have found an alternative which is finding gorgeous vintage pieces on a website called Rokit which is where I found the gorgeous neon pink Moschino jumper dress.

Roller Skates: 
Since watching Whip It last week I've want to start roller skating, I would probably be terrible but I came across this site Proline Skates and they have the COOLEST skates, including pink and blue ombre ones! Does anyone else do Roller Derby or just skate for fun? I'd love to know more about it!

Sass and Belle Mugs: 
If you haven't heard of Sass and Belle, you are clearly missing out on all things cool! A website full of gorgeous goodies to make your house all pretty as well as your life. I recently went shopping on their website and bought some university house staples. Whilst I was on there I saw some gorgeous mugs and I knew I had to get them. 

I was recently introduced to these by my best friend Rob, we are huge fans of eating out and being unhealthy *oops* and he showed me this gorgeous place called The Bear Grill in Stafford which sell amazing milkshakes with a twist, they are super massive and covered in lush stuff. I usually go for a Mint Choc which is lots of cream, Aero bubbles and a cookie! 

*Collaborative Post 

An Open Letter To My Bullies.

Dear Bullies,

It's been five years since we left school but the torment you endured upon me still follow me around every single day. The names, the way you would laugh at my 'hairy' arms, the way you would take it in turns to ask me out and have a laugh all of it is still vivid in my memory. I hated going to school because of you, I would pretend I was sick so many days so I wouldn't have to face the torment that was going on when I would enter that classroom or at lunch. Many nights I would spend crying over these horrible imperfections about myself that I could never fix, whether that be my nose, my acne, my skinny figure or even my hairy arms. 

I couldn't change those things you wanted me to, I couldn't be one of the popular ones because I was too lame, didn't like getting into trouble and found it hard to talk to new people. I would get ridiculed because I was quiet, but when I finally spoke up this made it all the worse. To teach me a lesson you drew my picture on the whiteboard during lunch and made it so ugly everyone couldn't help but laugh at. To this day I can still picture that image on that whiteboard, something that probably left your memory just hours after it happened. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know I now suffer from PTSD, which means I struggle just being in a large crowd of people, I hate looking in the mirror because I just imagine the horrible image of myself which you made me believe.

When I look in the mirror and I am having a bad day, I will remember all of those words and the way I feel about myself is a way nobody should ever feel about themselves but that was all down to you. The rumours you would start to get people to shout in my face, call me names and push me still ring in my ears. Starting a rumour about a popular girl I'd never even heard of and saying I said horrible things about her wasn't fair, I hadn't even heard of before that day. A whole school tormenting you for being ugly because you started a 'rumour' about a beautiful girl is not something anybody wants to happen to them. I spent most of my school days with my friends on the benches behind the language block, I felt safe. As safe as I could at that hell hole, others refer to as school. I would see so many people making friends but I knew I was different; my mental illness began at such a young age, I always felt like an outsider. I would go and spend hours punishing myself for not being good enough and not being the popular girl. Why couldn't I be blonde? why couldn't I be confident? why do I have acne?

The day I left school honestly was the best day of my life, I no longer had to deal with the evil torment which was given to me most days for 5 years. I went to college and my life CHANGED, people wanted to know me, people gave me the confidence and the love I was craving and I can say it changed my life. Even though it has been 5 years, I am still weak and have such a low opinion of myself and I am not sure that will ever change. I just have one more thing to say before I sign this letter. I hope you feel good for all of the hurt you inflicted on me, I hope it was worth it.

Love Olivia

Alternative Phone Case Wishlist | Fashion

Hi all, I  hope you're doing fab today! Today I am bringing you a long overdue post, all about my love for phone cases. I own a massive amount of phone cases and I am forever buying new ones; I thought it would be amazing to share with you some of my picks and also where to buy them from. I do buy a large amount of my cases on Ali Express as they are a LOT cheaper. But when I fancy a splurge I go into these places or order them online. I just wanted to point out that my taste is quite 'out there' with phone cases, these are not for the faint hearted. My phone is an Iphone 6 so all of the cases in this post will be for that; but you are probably able to get them for different phones too!

Leftovers Case is from Skinny Dip. 
Cats don't give a f*ck is from Ohh Deer.
Already dead case is from Attitude Clothing
Chill Pills is from Attitude Clothing
Old school phone case is from Dolls Kill
Cold bitch brew is from Valfre  

Which is your favourite case?