The Cheesecake Factory, Pittsburgh | Travel

I recently returned from a trip to the United States with my dad, sister and Luke so this will be the first of MANY posts about the food I ate whilst I was out there as well as the shopping I did. For those of you who are wondering I went to Pittsburgh which is in Philadelphia, the reason I went there is because my dad works there and we went along with him. I have been previously as well as Florida and I was super excited to go again. During my stay I went to The Cheesecake Factory twice, the first time which is featured in this post with my family and the second was when I met up with Nicky a fellow blogger who is based in Pittsburgh. We arranged to meet up and Nicky decided the most American place to go would be of course the Cheesecake Factory, to be fair it is literally my faovurite place to go so I was fine with that. I am super boring with the food so I had the same dish twice and decided not to photograph both times. When I went with Nicky we both had blood orange cocktails as well as a lovely main and a huge slab of cheesecake which neither of us could finish! I went to the Cheesecake Factory on the first day in America with the fam, and I thought I'd share my experience with you. I hope you enjoy this post and sorry for the lack of pics I was too interested in eating! 

When we arrived we were taken to table deep into the restaurant (it is a massive place) and asked if we wanted any drinks, I remembered that most places in the States offer unlimited refills so just went for a diet coke, I was super thrown off guard as I had forgotten about the sizes and was greeted with a pint glass full of diet coke (it is cheeaaaaap too). Me and my sister quickly decided that we were going to have nachos to start with and Luke and my dad had mini slides (mini, they were not). When the starters were brought to our table we were in awe of the portion size and me and my sister were super excited to get stuck in. The nachos were covered in a gorgeous melted cheese with some lovely sour cream and mild salsa, best nachos I have ever had, hands down. 

Next was on to our mains, I ordered the four cheese pasta (technically five as the waiter pointed out when he put more cheese on top), Luke ordered the Burrito which was the biggest one I had ever seen in my life and when a hand was put next to it it barely even covered 1/4 of the size. Amy had the fish tacos and my dad had some sort of chicken. I think it is fair to say we were all unable to finish our meals and took them home in a box except Luke of course who ate the entire thing. I was so in love with my gorgeous four cheese pasta and could totally eat it again and again and again. We decided we would take the cheesecake home rather than attempt it in the Restaurant, as I said here I would try the Red Velvet cheesecake and I did and it was just as good as I imagined if not better! 

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory

Have you ever visited The Cheesecake Factory? What did you have? 

The Struggles Of Having Big Boobs | Lets Talk

A little bit of a different take on Lets Talk this week, I feel it is still an issue which needs talking about but not in the same ways in which I usually talk about important issues. This post may not be for everyone especially not the male readers of my blog, but I thought it was time to share this for those who are struggling alongside myself, and can I just big boobs are even worse in the summer because jeez it is impossible to fit them into anything tight plus bikinis are a bit of a nightmare aren't they? I hope you enjoy this more light hearted lets talk Wednesday and lets crack on!

Bra is from is from Wonderbra in size 34G 

Struggle One: Anything with buttons on is a no go.
Now this is something that has actually happened to me, when wearing a shirt with buttons on I've been out and one has popped off right in the middle and I had to be told by a random stranger that I was missing a button and you could pretty much see everything... I was impressed it actually went over them in the first place, should of known.

Struggle Two: Bikinis!
Do I even need to say more? Well if you have big boobs finding a bikini is hard enough, but then when you find one it is hard to conceal everything. Rach summed it up perfectly "trying to find the perfect bikini without looking like a porn star" I feel those struggles so much. The more I try to hide them the more they want to come out.

Struggle Three: Price of bras.
Honestly finding bras which fit is bad enough, but when you find them they cost an arm and a leg or a similar price to a small house as Soph pointed out (you should follow her, she's hilar). Going into Primark and picking up a bra for a few quid is not option. Even Primark can't make them cheap as you need a ton of support and that doesn't come cheap.

Struggle Four:  The colour of bras.
I am seriously unsure of who decided because you have big boobs you deserve to wear the most hideous coloured bras in the world. OH you have big boobs, you can look gross with that. Ami made the best point of saying it looks like something her nan wore in the 50's. I totally have to agree on that one.

Struggle Five: Trying to run/move/do anything!
A lot of the ladies who I spoke to on Twitter about big boobs stated this problem. Running with big boobs no matter what bra you have on is a joke, and Lisa made the most valid point of saying you pretty much knock yourself out, which is so true. I feel when I am jumping I will knock myself out.

Struggle Six: Boob sweat.
Pretty much everybody who commented on my tweet mentioned the boob sweat thing, and it is so true. It is such a nightmare especially in summer. It feels SO gross.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and thank you to everyone who joined in on Twitter. 

My Phone Case Collection | Lifestyle

Before I start this post, I want to state YES I have unholy amount of phone cases, I spend far too much money on them but I had such a bad phone for so long that when I got an Iphone the addiction started and now it won't stop. I love my phone cases and will keep collecting them all and I surprisingly use them all a lot more than you'd think. I hope you enjoy this post and I will try to remember where they all came from!

For those of you who haven't guessed from this blog and my style in generally, I like to be quite out there. Which includes my taste in phone cases, the brighter the better. I tend to go for stand out phone cases as I find them the most fun and they also protect your phone *bonus*. Even the smaller hard cases are fun and out there, it's just who I am. Now on to where you can buy the cases:

The chocolate cake, fries, pizza and burger cases are all from Claires and as far as I am aware they are still available to purchase. The hot dog one is from Paperchase but I did buy it many months ago so I am not sure it will still be around.
Next on the list are the cute phone cases, random and not really categorised but I thought they had to be shown anyways. The Minnie Mouse case is from Ali Express, and still available to purchase. The seal and cactus phone cases are from Claires, again. Basically if you are looking for a cute case go to Claires. Not very similar but equally as cute, a cactus phone case is available here. The seal is no longer available.

On to the plastic ones, I am in love with these cases so much. The first one in the picture is from Skinny Dip and it is so amazing and colourful. When I looked on their website I could only find it in an Iphone 5c, but if you fancy it the link is here. Next up is the unicorn case and I have no idea where I purchased it from but I know you can buy similar here. Next is the Sushi case which I think is super adorable and a total steal in the Topshop sale, it cost me £2.00! Was tempted to buy a back up too because it is SO cheap. Moving on to the unicorn which is throwing up a rainbow, this one was from Ebay and I just searched cute cases. Next this case was from ASOS in their sale many many months ago so I can't actually find it, *sad face* but I love this one for when I fancy a more chill simple phone day. Finally on the plastic cases is this super fun Snow White case, as you can probably tell where her hands are would be where the apple logo would be. You can get these in all different phone sizes as well as a variety of characters from here *pssstt they're all under £3*

The final three cases are all drinks cases, I love all three of these a lot and they're the most used in my collection. The first phone case I bought for my Iphone 6 was this Starbucks styled case and I believe it was from Ebay, although you can purchase them anywhere. Next is the boys tears case, which I honestly cannot remember for the life of me where it came from. It is likely it came from Ali Express but you can search on there and the results are endless so I am sure you'll find one you love. Finally is the lovely Brain Freeze case from Claires again from the Katy Perry collection. I am in love with this case and it is so fab and colourful!

Where do you buy your phone cases from?

Kat Von D Serpentina Palette Review | Beauty

Hi all how are we doing? Today I am going to be talking to you about a super exciting purchase I recently made and it came all of way from Sephora. If you haven't already guessed by the title of this post it is the gorgeous Serpentina palette from Kat Von D! I was recently doing a post with GoSend and spending some money online when I came across this beauty and knew I had to have it. At $49 dollars its not the cheapest palette but it is well worth it. With a mix of striking matte and metallic shimmer shadows it is seriously is the palette of my dreams! The palette is limited edition and inspired by the beauty of Egypt. It also comes with a loose jar of beautiful gold pigment to really create something amazing. Before I get on to talking about the gorgeous shades I have to mention the packaging of this product is INSANE and has had so much thought go into it, I was drawn in as soon as I saw the box before I even saw the shades to be honest.

Bloodmilk is a beautiful matte deep red and very pigmented as well as being super easy to build on top of and blend. I love the colour because it is so different to anything I've ever seen in another palette and it is not often red makes an appearance although I feel like it should. I think it will be easier to work with in the winter as you can create a deep smoky look with it; not really a summer shade but perfect none the less.

Medusa is a deep olive shade with beautiful glittery tones running through, I was expecting this to be a lot less harsh than what it is and more for an added glitter touch but it's actually a really strong deep shade and would look insanely good with Bloodmilk. It is long lasting and is blend able although it takes a bit of work. 

A dark espresso colour with specks of beautiful gold glitter, amazing for building a smoky eye and creating the wow factor. 

One of my faves in this palette, beautiful maroon shade with a silky finish which also features some beautiful glitter throughout. I love this shade as it is beautiful with just about every other shade in this palette. 

A unique shade which I haven't seen before and have fallen head over heels in love with a light orange shade perfect for the crease and for building the fun factor into any look. I am totally in love with how this looks on the eye! 

Honestly the best blue colour I have seen in any palette looks fabulous on, super vibrant and perfect for those who love to experiment or create an out there eye look! I would love to create a fun look with this on my blog, let me know what you think? 

Not a massive fan of anything green so more unlikely to use this shade but it is a lovely emerald shade with a shimmer finish, perfect match for Ankh in the winter months. Would create a beautiful look together. 

Another beautiful matte in the palette just like Bloodmilk, it is an easy blendable shade and will look amazing as a base for any of the shimmer shades. 

I am super in love with the fun shades in this palette and I feel like they give me some goth meets scene kid vibes and would make some really cool looks. I love Bloodmilk, Queen and Nile the most from this palette and would happily use them as part of many looks. I found the shadows long lasting and good to work with. 

Would you purchase this palette? 

6 reasons you NEED to visit Brighton | Travel

Recently I visited Brighton, I tend to visit once a year to see my Auntie and Uncle and go exploring whilst they're at work. I feel seriously blessed to be able to have somewhere down there to stay and enjoy myself when I need a break from life. Before my visit I was struggling seriously bad with my mental health and I felt super down on myself, but I noticed whilst I was in Brighton something changed in my mind and things seemed to be less bleak and I had regained some love for my life. This has inspired me to share a 10 reasons why you need to visit Brighton post with you all, whether you live in the UK and are looking for somewhere to visit or you're visiting the UK soon, it is totally a worth while place to go. I hope you enjoy this post, and I thought I would add a few pictures I took whilst I was down there to add some colour to the post.


1. There's so much colour!
Everywhere you look in Brighton there is colour, from the shops to the food so much stuff is bright coloured and fun, my brain reacts well to colour so it made me smile a lot.

2. People are nicer.
It sounds weird to say but I honestly believe this is true, in every shop I went I spoke to nice people who made me feel welcome and were so happy to chat to me, they were all so helpful and a lot of the time when you go into a shop you can feel like you're a burden but everyone was lovely and made you feel welcome. As well as that people around were just nicer, holding doors, smiling and just saying hello. These things we take for granted sometimes.

3. So much choice of food to eat!
Now this one may be because I am from Stafford which is a small town outside of Birmingham where there is NOTHING, so when I go to places where there are so many cafes, pubs and restaurants with fun food, bright cocktails and cake, it always appeals to me.

4. There's a beach.
Another one where I don't get this on a daily basis so it seems like a massive luxury to me, from my auntie and uncles house you can hear the sound of sea in the morning, the air is fresher and it feels like a better place to be. If you're bored you can walk down the sea front and just chill out or just enjoy the surroundings.

5. The street art is amazing
When walking around the streets of Brighton you notice a lot of graffiti and not the usual swear words and rude pictures, it is actual art. The streets are full of bright colours and awesome and unique art, it's a lovely thing to look at when walking around. It also makes the streets look happier and gives people something to look at.

6. The piers!
If you know Brighton you'll know that there is two piers, one that is partly burnt down and a new one which is full of food, arcades and pretty views. The burnt down one is great to look at and photograph although it is falling into the sea so I hope it stays there for a while as it is history. The new pier is full of fun and includes some great rides and lots of unhealthy food.

Have you visited Brighton before?  

The Justice System Is A Joke: Brock Turner. *TW*

I am sat in front of my computer, it's a Friday afternoon and I have just come across Brock Turner trending once again, I honestly feel sick every single time I see his name. I knew as soon as I saw it trending that he had been let out of prison. He was sentenced to 6 months which is a pretty laughable sentence to start with, Brock got let out after 3 months on good behaviour.  Brock Turner was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault, when it came to sentencing his dad pointed out how it would ruin his sons life if he went to jail, I sat and laughed at this statement. Brock Turner who ruined another life in such a severe way that they will probably suffer some sort of trauma for the rest of their life is claiming that prison will ruin his life. I am writing this post because I am angry, I am upset and I feel like it undermines cases of sexual assault, not like they aren't already enough. Originally it was stated that he could face 14 years in prison for what he had done with a minimum of 2 years, down to 3 months. Something doesn't add up to me. Most sexual assault cases are NOT taken seriously, with only 6 in every 1000 actually ending up in jail.

The reason I have put this blank image in this post as is because I didn't want the stats triggering any of my readers and I could not think of anything worse than putting a picture of Brock Turner on my blog.

I feel sad and sick that a crime with such long lasting damage is taken so lightly. In the case of Brock Turner the fact of money and status within the community helped with his case and getting him off early, because usually the punishment would be served once it is sentenced. Although a lot of cases do not get that far. Some people go report to the police and can be often asked why it happened to them, what were they wearing, how drunk where they, what did they do to the person, did they lead them on? Which would never be asked for ANY other crime, imagine being assaulted in another way and being asked what you were wearing, the fact of the matter is that you would NEVER be asked that as it is so irrelevant yet it still gets asked in this case. Honestly why does it matter what somebody wears or how they act, it does NOT mean they want it anymore than anybody else. 

I am so sick and tired of it still being a valid excuse in 2016, being dressed in a short skirt, having drunk a little bit, walking home at night alone are NOT excuses for this to happen. In fact there is no reason for this to happen, the only reason crimes like this happen are because people have NO self control and think they can do what they want, which is never the case. The sad thing is when take it to the police often they don't have enough evidence to charge and unlike murder cases where there is usually a lot of evidence often than not there is not enough to charge, but I do feel like there should be a way in which evidence can be proved other than having to go through even more traumatic examinations which half of the time doesn't even make it to the court room.

I am here writing this post because I am mad, and I am furious in fact that Brock Turner got to walk away today after serving 3 months of a ridiculous sentence and start his life over again. What about the innocent victim in this who can never start over?   

Why You Need To Budget As A Student | Lifestyle

It's quickly approaching the start of the semester at university and within the next week or two everybody who is living in halls will have moved in, and those of you who are living in shared accommodation with friends will also be moving in if you haven't already. If you are a first year student this post is something I wish I would have had during my time in first year, if you are a second or third year this post will still hopefully give you an insight into budgeting. First things first I thought I'd share my biggest insight into budgeting and saving that I have recently come across. Keep track of your money by writing down what you are spending. Many people will try to estimate how much they are spending during the month by adding up how much they think they are spending in their head. But in actual fact many people are spending a lot more than they think as they are forgetting things they have spent their money on. I would forever spend, spend and spend more and then when it came down to checking my bank balance, I’d be SHOCKED that I had zero funds left despite thinking I would have a couple hundred. Oops

Shepherds Friendly Society has created a university student budget planner which is printable and perfect to stick to your noticeboard or pop in your notebook. The planner includes 4 easy to break down columns where you include what you have coming into your account and what you have going out as well as how much you are really spending. The key with this is to be honest,; there is no point in lying to yourself about what you are spending, if you spend £100 on nights out a week you need to write it down. For the first few months it is worth checking out your spending habits and seeing if they are long term or just one offs and then working out what needs to change if you are going over budget. If you have money left at the end of the month you are doing amazingly! But if you are anything like me, you go over every month. There a few options with this, first being you can get a part time job on the weekends, this helps to supplement your student finance and give you something to enjoy yourself on, or the option is to just cut down what you are spending all altogether. It is hard but it needs to be done. From student to student it is often a good idea to set up a student interest free overdraft, and this is not so you can go mental with your money, more to make sure when you have an unexpected bill that you have the means to pay. I would never recommend using it unless you have to and if you have other options to use those first.  The good thing about having an overdraft means you are able to go into it without worrying about fees and most people are able to pay it off really quickly whether that is with a student loan/grant or a part time job.

Another tip I would recommend is to earn as much money as you can before university an then when you go you are able to have something to live off during your first term as mot people go a little money crazy with their first loan, of course most people haven't ever seen that much money in their bank so it is overwhelming. It is important to remember it is for 3 months and not a week or two. There is also the option of saving up a lump sum before you go to university by opening a stocks and shares ISA.

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