Why CBT isn't for me! | Lets Talk

Sat in front of yet another psychiatrist being asked the same questions over and over everytime I saw somebody new, asking me why I was sat there, what has happened me, and what I want to talk about. It took three psychiatrists for me to say enough and decide it wasn't helping me. There's only so many times you can talk about your struggles and problems without dying a little inside. I honestly hate sitting down and talking about me, I couldn't think of anything worse if I am honest. Sitting one to one with somebody and talking to them whilst they write notes on me, kills me a little inside. I hate feeling like I am an exhibit which people need to write notes on and study. I think I decided I didn't like therapy after opening up to a therapist when I was younger and having them telling me to pretend it never happened and that was the only way I would ever get better. That made me unable to let go and trust another therapist for a long time.

I decided I would give it another go a couple of years ago because I wanted to be better and the medication wasn't helping me. I would sit and talk about some of my problems but I always felt myself holding back and unable to open up about what was really wrong. Trust to me is such a big deal and I find it so hard to open up to somebody, I wanted to open up to my therapist I did but I was scared of the outcome. Would she leave me feeling worse than I already did? Would she pass me on to somebody else to deal with me, what would happen to me? I eventually opened up and my fears came true. I was referred back to my doctor as I needed to be seen by a specialist for different therapy; I was told that it would be very unlikely if CBT would actually help me. I was glad they were finally helping me by pointing me in the direction of something that would actually help me but again I was still lost about opening up again without a lead.

I am currently undergoing a different therapy called EDMR, it is harder than anything I've ever had to deal with before but I finally have hope that I may get better if I keep working towards my goal. I will keep battling with my demons and hope after this type of therapy I will have a happier outcome to feed back to you all. I would love to know how many of you have had successful CBT!

Rainbow Cake At Cloud 9 Brighton | Travel

Hey loves, how are we all? I am so excited to be bringing you this next post all about one of my fave places in the UK, as some of you may know I recently visited Brighton again (as my uncle and auntie live here, I like to come every year) and last year when we came we visited a lovely cake shop in the Laines called Cloud 9 and I was besotted with their wonderful selection of bright and fun cakes as well as their huge milkshake and ice cream offering which all are made inside of the shop. So I was more than happy to return once again this year and I was super happy to discover that nothing had really changed and the walls were still covered in colour and their cake offering was just as good as before if not even better. When we were walking past I saw their beautiful window display and couldn't help but take photos! Last year when I went I had a lovely piece of rainbow cake and it was the best cake I've EVER tasted (if you know me you'll know I eat a LOT of cake!) and I would of happily of eaten the entire thing then and there, of course if my stomach didn't get full and all that. So this year I decided I would have the same cake again as this year it looked even more amazing with the extra addition of smarties. Luke ordered a giant milkshake which I am super surprised he finished as I wouldn't of been able to in a million years. I think it is so amazing that everything in store is made out the back including their huge collection of ice cream flavours! As well as this they create gorgeous bespoke cakes for all occasions and I saw some adorable ones they had created in the past for clients. If you love cake/ice cream/milkshake or even just adorable places with cute decor Cloud 9 is for you. Now let the dribbling commence with some beautiful pics!

Cloud 9 CupcakesCloud 9 cupcakes

Cloud 9 cake

Cloud 9 milkshake

Cloud 9 rainbow cake

What is your favourite type of cake? 

Urban Decay Vice XX Reloaded Palette First Impressions | Beauty

Recently I was surprised by this lovely limited edition Urban Decay palette coming through my letterbox, I hadn't really heard anything about this palette so I was super excited to see what shades lay within the packaging and if I would love them as much as the other Vice palettes. I thought I'd share my first thoughts with you on this palette in this post and then if you want a full review with swatches I can make that happen at a later date. 

The packaging like all of the other Vice palettes is fun and still contains that glamour element. The outer packing of this palette really caught my eye and I love how the pink and purples blend so well. With the actual packaging of the palette I love the button you have to press to open up the palette, I also found it stays upright and doesn't fall back when you are trying to apply makeup like the previous Vice palettes. The overall design of the palette is sleek and focuses on the shadows within. 

When I opened this palette I wasn't sure where to look first, so many beautiful and bright shades caught my eye. From a beautiful pearly pink to glitter to a variety of glitter shades. I noticed some shades which I wasn't so keen on like Mildew and Misdemeanour BUT I also noticed some shades which I have wondered ever since how I coped without having them before; some of these shades are Midnight Cowboy, 501 and Asphyxia. I feel like the palette is full of vibrant fun colours similar to the Alice palette although I feel like I wouldn't know where to start with these shades I am going to give them a good go. Some of the shades have been featured in previous palettes such as the Vice palette, and also vintage shades which have been around for ageeees. As well as 7 of the best selling singles!

The palette is made up of a variety of finishes including matte and shimmer ones, my favourite finishes in the palette are the matte ones as they are easy to build although I do love all of the others; the palette is made up of matte, shimmer, micro glitter and metallic shades. 

I hope you enjoyed my first impressions on this palette! 


Equity Release | Lets Talk

It's back, I am finally back to doing my weekly chats with you lovely lot after taking a little bit of a break. As some of my more regular readers will know, Wednesday is my lets talk day. Where I will talk about issues which I find important to talk about, not always the most interesting of posts but I like to be informative and share some information with you lot. Today we are talking Equity release, Saga has asked me to write this post to share with my readers all about equity release and why it is important. First things first if you are unsure about what exactly Equity Release is you can read up on it here. The reason I am talking about it here on my blog is because I am trying to get my own finances in order and have been reading up different ways in how to do this. I have wrote posts about it on my blog previous including; budgeting as a student and also why you need to manage your money. So lets crack on to the post and I hope you find this somewhat useful.

So equity release in short is a way of unlocking some of the value in your house by receiving a lump sum of money which is tax free. You can use the money to live off or even just to buy something you need like a car or even to pay off other debts! There is a lot to it and I don't want to go on with lots of details but for those who own their own home it is totally worth looking into if you need money elsewhere. Some of the benefits are:

  • You continue to live in your home exactly the same as before.
  • You can release the cash when and as you need it. 
There are so many things people take the release for and it is a super interesting topic so I polled my Twitter followers to ask what they would do with the money and the results actually surprised me. 42% of the people who took the poll said they would use the money to clear debt, I would totally spend it on doing up my house personally. Although it does make sense to clear off other debts with the money and maybe I would do that. I was shocked that only 8% of the people would use the money for a car, I assumed that would be one of the top ones. 

I hope you found this post some what useful, if you enjoyed it let me know in the comments. 

*Collaborative Post  

Yankee Candle Warm Summer Nights Review | Lifestyle

Hey guys, how are we all? Today I am bringing you another collection from Yankee Candle, I will forever feature the best Yankee Candles on my blog as they are always a firm favourite with you lot and it gives me an excuse to keep trying new candles. This time I am bringing you the lovely Warm Summers Nights range and with it being summer I thought it would be the perfect time to feature them. There are four candles in the collection but I am only featuring three of them today. The three I am featuring are Dreamy Summer Nights, Sunset Breeze and Flowers In The Sun. You can also get a fourth called Passion Fruit Martini. I hope you enjoy this review and let me know which your favourite is below. Also as you have probably got from previous reviews I am terrible at describing so good luck with understanding me! If you want to read some previous Yankee Candle reviews I have written about the Riviera Escape, Pure Essence and the Easter Range.  

Warm Summer Nights

Dreamy Summer Nights:
A beautiful calming fragrance which is perfect for relaxing after a long day. An underline scent of vanilla with a sweet and calming smell throughout. Yankee Candle say: "A relaxing blend of vanilla bean, heliotrope and a hint of woodiness - it spreads the subtle magic of a warm night in soft bloom." This candle is a seriously good gift for anyone who enjoys the more background candles as opposed to the strong in your face ones. Not too sweet and in your face, the perfect amount of vanilla for a good old relaxing time. 

Sunset Breeze:
Strolling along the beach in the evening with the wind through your hair, a refreshing scent for those who love the smell of a sunset breeze. Not overpowering at all. A beautiful tropical smelling candle, perfect for freshening up any room and giving those summer vibes all year round. The smell of mango and peach come out in this candle and leave me craving more.

Flowers In The Sun: 
One of my faves out of the three, a super lovely smell of orange comes through. I love the feeling it gives you, this is summer. A perfect floral scent for any floral lover, the candle reminds me of a love child of flowers and fruit. Smells lush and not overpowering at all, perfect for those who love a background candle as opposed to an in your face one.

Warm summer nights

Warm summer nights

Warm summer nights

Jamie's Italian Birmingham Review | Food

Recently I was kindly offered the chance to go review Jamie's Italian in Birmingham, I am a massive fan of Italian food so of course, I jumped at the chance. I went to the restaurant in Birmingham city centre which is about half an hour away from me on the train, when we arrived we were asked if a seat indoors would be okay as all of the seats outside were taken. We were taken to our seats and given the menus, our server told us about the cocktail on the specials board which sounded amazing, so I went for it. Luke had a fresh lemonade. He also offered us water for our table (always a great thing in my opinion) It took a while for me to decide what to have for my meal and in the end, I went for the red pepper soup and Luke had Fritto Misto which is fish and squid tossed in fennel spiced flour! We also had a bread basket to accompany our starters, my soup was so amazing and had so much flavour. 

For my main, I went for a yummy veggie bolognese which was jam-packed with lentils, mushrooms and herbs. It was super different to any veggie bolognese that I've had before but it seemed somewhat healthier. Luke had a chicken burger which was made with the thighs instead of the breast and our server told him it was healthier and a better cut. We also had two sides of their funky chips which were insanely good, seasoned with garlic and parsley, I was in love. Throughout the meal, our server was charismatic, funny and lovely and it added to the charm of the place. For dessert we had three scoops of ice cream, mine was salted caramel, with two chocolate and a perfect amount of honeycomb pieces, drizzled with chocolate sauce. Luke went for the chocolate, vanilla and salted caramel, as well as the honeycomb pieces and his, was topped with butterscotch sauce. 

I really enjoyed my dining experience at Jamie's and I will be going back soon, I have wanted to go for a while but didn't know that the pricing was so reasonable and they also offer amazing deals throughout the week for a £10.95 super lunch for two courses! As well as an evening meal for three courses only costing £18.95. Bargain.  

Red Pepper Soup Jamie's Italian

Strawberry Lemonade Jamie's Italian

Jamie's Italian

Jamie's Italian

Jamie's Italian

Jamie's Italian

Jamie's Italian

This meal was complimentary in exchange for an honest review!* 

My Favourite Food Places In America! | Travel

Good morning all, how are we doing? Today I am bringing you a post which when the first time I did it was super popular so I decided to bring you a part two, that post was my favourite places to eat in Florida! I decided to go for America as a whole because I am unsure of which places have what restaurants, I am visiting America again THIS MONTH and I am going to Pittsburgh which is where my dad works! If you know me well you'll know I am obsessed with food and I cannot help but love it and it appears to be that a lot of my readers are the same. I hope you enjoy this post and if you have any places which you think I should check out feel free to leave them in the comments.

The Cheesecake Factory:  
As soon as I knew I was going to America for the first time in 2012 I knew I had to try as many places as possible, in fact I set it as my personal goal to eat as many fast food places as possible and my dads friends were more than happy to oblige. The Cheesecake Factory was one of the few places which I didn't eat fast food at, and in fact I had a lovely pasta dish which I remember taking it back to my hotel as it was massive and along with a fat piece of cheesecake. The cheesecake factory is filled with a variety of different cheesecakes which all look insane! This year I will be trying the red velvet cheesecake for sure.

Eat N Park: 
When I saw the advert for this on television I had to convince my dad to take me, my dad on the other hand said it looked like a pile of overpriced *insert word here*, he agreed in the end. When we arrived we were greeted with a huge buffet of goodness, and as you may know breakfast is my favourite meal of the day so I was super happy with this. I would love to return to go to try another meal there.

Liberty Tree Taven:
This lovely stately feel restaurant is located in Liberty square whilst at the Magic Kingdom park, I visited this restaurant when I went to Florida, it was full of old styled furniture and had a very luxary feel about it, I loved the inside and the menu was fabulous also.

I had to include Wendy's in this list as there isn't a fast food joint that comes anywhere near Wendy's not even you Mcdonalds! With an amazing choice of burgers, lovely fries and huge drinks, I love going to Wendy's, quick and easy food which tastes insanely good!

The Summer Edit #1 | Fashion

Hey you lovely lot, how are we all? Something a bit different on the blog today, a post that actually includes snippets of my own face! When it comes to featuring myself on my blog I am very self conscious and don't tend to do it often but today I fancied featuring a bit of myself including my face, in this awesome post about two things I wouldn't been without this summer. I hope you enjoy this post and let me know if you want more posts featuring me. 

My summer style isn't the typical shorts and a tee, I am always in a dress, it has to be a dress. Without a dress, I feel lost. Primark has some fabulous dresses and when in Brighton I completely rinsed my bank balance with by purchasing some gorgeous pieces. I am mostly a backpack kinda person, I find them so much easier to cart around, especially on long days I was kindly sent this Love Moschino one from Tessuti* who have a massive range of designer pieces, including brands like Hunter and Vivienne Westwood. When I saw this gorgeous backpack I knew it was meant to be, it is in at the moment with this patch styled bag. The bag retails at £170.00, and feels amazing to wear, its lightweight, looks fun and is generally a fabulous bag made by one of my favourite designers. I think it is a great summer staple as it is easy to carry things and also can hold a lot without feeling like there is pressure on the bag (hellooo high street bags!) 

My next staple is these gorgeous sunglasses from Ralph Lauren which came from Sunglasses Shop* who if you haven't heard of before are a fabulous stockist for many brands including Gucci and Tom Ford. I fell in love with these Ralph Lauren frames and they were able to put prescription lenses in them, perfect for me as I don't wear contacts (I really need to start doing) they also provided the original lenses which are fabulous as when I start wearing contacts I can still wear them! The sunglasses were £116 which is pretty good for a pair of designer glasses with prescription lenses. Buying sunglasses online usually freaks me out as I have such a weird face shape hardly anything suits me, but I fell in love with these online and decided I would wear them regardless (luckily it paid off for me) I am so in love with them and for a while when I had them it wasn't sunny and I was so annoyed as I just wanted to wear them! But now the sun has finally arrived (well it was sunny when I was writing this!) I am able to wear them woo. 

 I hope you enjoyed this fashion styled post! 

*Contains samples.