Lets Go On Holiday (Budget Edition) | Travel

Hi all, how are we doing? In TWO weeks I will be jetting off to America and I cannot explain to you how I excited I am to be going. This has put me in such a holiday mood that I have decided to create a post for you lovelies on the best ways to go on holiday for your money; holidays can be really expensive so it is about making the most of what budget you have and making it go far. I thought I would share some tips and ways to go on holiday for less.

Go Last Minute: 
This isn't for everybody and I know I'd hate the stress which comes with it, but if you have some spare time off work or are looking to go on a family holiday, wait to book it. If you book only a week or two in advance the prices drop massively as they are looking for people to fill the spots. The only problem with this is you have to be open to going anywhere as your first choice may not be available. But if there is two of you and you just want to go away for the weekend this is the best way to do it. There are so many hotels and flights going spare especially out of season.   

Go All Inclusive: 
A bit more of a stable option for those who like to plan in advance and want to know what they are doing. Going on an all-inclusive holiday can take away a lot of the stress which often comes with a holiday. You book in advance and everything is included from drinks to activities and even food. You pick the location and it is sorted! Simple right? Going all inclusive may be more pricey up front but you save a LOT of money not having to buy food, I know when I am on holiday that is where most of my money ends up going. With all inclusive you only need to take spending money, always a good option with kids as you can spend a lot of money when going out with kids; all-inclusive has you covered.  

Go In The UK:  
If you are looking for a really good bargain holiday going in the UK can be the best option (if you are from the UK obvs), although you are not guaranteed the weather which is what most people are looking for. There are plenty of fun places to visit in the UK, whether that be a week away or a weekend visit to a city. The UK has lots of fun places to visit with kids including theme parks, totally dependant on what the key parts of a holiday are for you. 

Go Off Peak: 
This is not really an option if you have young kids but for those of you who don't this is one of the best ways to on holiday. Although it may not be the best weather in September/October, it is when everyone is back at school and works the prices drop massively during holidays. It is totally worth waiting to save money if you want to be super savvy. The weather is still better than England and the money you save makes it well worth it.

3 Ways To A Healthier Life | Lifestyle

Today it is Thursday and if you're a regular reader of my blog you will know I don't often post on Thursday but over the next few weeks I've got some extra content so I will be posting on Thursday as well as Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Today I am bringing you a post on how to enjoy a healthier life with three small changes, so small you won't even notice you're doing them. I hope you enjoy this post and I would love to know what you think makes for a healthier lifestyle.

1. MORE sleep:
This one may seem like an obvious one and I suppose it is, but it isn't always the top of our lists when we are busy and it is often sleep that suffers the most. I know when I am busy I will be working all hours of the day and neglect sleeping at night, I can often end up getting less than 5 hours sleep. Get an app that tracks your sleep and helps you keep control of how much sleep you are getting and you can form a pattern of what you are doing on the days when you get less sleep. You'll feel better and have a ton more energy. 

2. Vitamin D supplements: 
Did you know a lack of Vitamin D can cause muscle problems and brittle bones? For those of you who don't know much about Vitamins, we get Vitamin D mostly from the sun (us Brits are a bit let down by that) and also in certain foods. It has recently been advised that all of us should take Vitamin D supplements (you can read more about it here) taking the supplements will help keep your bones and teeth healthy! 

3. Drink all of the water:
Okay so don't literally drink all of the water... but it is a must that you drink more water to maintain a healthier body. Water keeps your body hydrated which helps you function better, as well as providing you with better skin, and overall just feeling better. Without it we cannot function and I know my skin looks gross when I don't drink a lot. 

*Collaborative post  

The Truth About FOMO | Lets Talk.

I've had this post in my head for such a long time, it has just taken me a while to get my thoughts together to talk about this post on my blog. For me it is something that is real and effects my everyday life and I hope one day I can come to terms with it and not let it effect me the way it does at the moment, but for now I am going to do what I do best, and write a blog post about it.

So what is FOMO I hear you ask? 
Fomo is the 'fear of missing out' and at first I thought I was the only one who suffered with this, I would spend hours upon hours looking on social media and seeing people together and wondering why I hadn't been invited, I mean we are friends so why wasn't I asked? I felt pathetic and I often got really upset that they no longer liked me. It was when I started to spend more time inside because of my illness I realised it was getting worse, I would see everyone hanging out and taking pictures and would hate myself for not being able to be there. It got worse when I was finally able to hang out but I had missed out on SO much I ended up feeling 10 times worse as I wasn't included in the jokes and I had no idea about what everyone was talking about.

Is it just triggered by social media? 
Last year I realised it isn't just social media which triggers FOMO for me, I lived with 4 people and whenever they were downstairs having a laugh and a drink and I was upstairs I'd wonder what they were doing and why I wasn't invited downstairs. I'd often force myself out of bed and go downstairs to hang out with them so I didn't miss out anything. FOMO seems like such a casual thing, I mean how can somebody get so upset and lonely about not being invited to something right? But honestly it consumes your mind and makes you wonder why. With somebody who suffers a lot with anxiety and I am quite a paranoid person this tips me over the edge, I feel lonely when people are having a laugh and an inside joke. Recently I've noticed it is even worse than ever before, I feel like when I go on holiday instead of enjoying my holiday I am paranoid that everybody is meeting up without me and having a great time and they will forget about me.

How am I going to deal with my FOMO?  
Right now I am lucky because my friends actually suffer with FOMO a lot too, and are also quite confused when they aren't asked to hang out which helps knowing I am not alone with this. But it still consumes my life and makes me feel uncomfortable. I hope one day I am able to manage this in a more healthy way, but for now I am just going to have to keep going on how I am and hope for the best.

Do you suffer with FOMO?

Lets Go For A Swim! | Fashion

Does anybody else find themselves lusting over a crazy amount of swimwear as soon as summer hits? Also, does anybody else dream about wearing swimwear which is a totally different shape to what they are? I am forever dreaming of wearing a beautiful bikini which holds my boobs in place and makes me feel fabulous. But with MASSIIIIVE boobs which need a huge bikini top and a slightly smaller bum, it makes shopping with swimwear a nightmare. I am not surprised to say I am most definitely NOT alone in this. George at Asda conducted a survey which showed some interesting results, including 48% of Brits would buy a full bathing suit, which is totally me! As well as the fact that most people need different sized tops to their bottoms where bikinis are concerned. Aren't bodies a weird thing? I am currently in the need of some new swimwear so I decided I would take this opportunity to create a lovely wishlist of swimwear and hopefully you lot find something which you'd wear also. Dungarees & Donuts stand by you in this difficult time of finding the best swimwear for your shape!

All swimwear picture is from George

I love all of the choices I featured as I feel they are perfect for a lady with a bigger bust, I love the dresses as they look like they would be less tight on my belly. The red bikini looks like the straps contain a lot of support like a bra. I am in love with the vintage style swimsuit in the top pic as I feel it would fit my body perfectly. I had to include the beautiful bikini on the left as that would be my dream bikini as it is so pretty and delicate.

What would your dream swimwear look like? 

*In Collaboration With George 

Dealing With Stress | Lets Talk

Happy Wednesday, how are we all doing? As it is Wednesday you should know by now that I take this day to talk about issues and things which are important to me, I feel like these posts are rewarding and I will never stop talking about things which need talking about. Today's topic is all about stress. Stress is triggered by many different things, some people are great with dealing with being under pressure others find it a lot harder and feel very stressed and upset. To me I deal with stress when I feel like I am under pressure to do something which I feel unsure about, it can often happen to me at work when I am given a lot of tasks in a short space of time or after speaking to somebody who is getting mad at me for something which is out of my control.

So many people are affected by stress on a daily basis but what about those who can't handle it, it can be a lot more serious than feeling under pressure. Some people use smoking and drinking to cope with their stress because it helps to calm them down and feel more together, I know that a lot of people smoke when they feel like they're under an immense amount of pressure or are dealing with something which is out of their control. Some people cannot cope with the stress at all and their body shuts down, some examples of this are chest pain, pulling out your hair and increased levels of anger. if you feel like you are suffering from stress it is important that you go to see your doctor, it may not seem like a big deal but more people suffer than you realise and it will be taken seriously. For those who are suffering from hair loss, there are ways to fix it and give you confidence back such as FUE hair transplants which is something to be considered if you are suffering from a lot of hair loss or it is damaging your confidence. Although taking some chill time may not be the answer to your stress it is important to take some time for yourself from time to time, and just take a breather, even though it may not fix the problem overall it gives you fresh eyes to start again when you are ready and it gives your body time to relax and get to grips with what is going.

If you feel like you are struggling or need somebody to talk to there are so many people willing to help and lines you can call to get help such as Mind and Samaritans, please don't suffer alone.

*In Collaboration With Harley Street Clinic

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks | Beauty

A few weeks ago I noticed Urban Decay were having a fabulous sale on their lipsticks and it wasn't until I heard about their new collection I realised why. Urban Decay decided to completely rebrand all of the lipsticks and bring out a whole new fabulous collection, new shapes and colours as well as the most lovely new packaging. When I had an unexpected package at my doorstep I was very excited to find out what was inside, only be greeted with 5 of the new vice lipstick shades all of them I can happily say are very me. I couldn't wait to try them out and feedback to you what I thought of them all. 

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

Big Bang:
A pretty pink shade which has beautiful specs of glitter running through the lipstick, any different to any existing pink I own. The glitter aspect and the metallic finish give this lipstick an edge on your typical pink lipstick. The Metallic finish is described by Urban Decay as cream with a high level of pearl. The lipstick itself has a great staying power although I found it to be a little bit sticky and not as pigmented as the others, still a gorgeous lovely shade. 

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

A similar look to Big Bang with an amazing amount of pigment but still has that beautiful glittery finish, with a slightly more out there look to it, Firebird is totally amazing for anybody looking to push the boundries when it comes to your typical pink lips. 

714 is unlike any lipstick you have ever owned before, a striking red with a complete matte finish without the drying element. Makes lips look fabulous and stand out and the totally perfect companion to anybody who loves the red look. I love the long lasting staying power of this gorgeous red and I love that I don't feel it is too out there to pull off on a day to day basis. 

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

Up there with one of the best lipsticks I've EVER tried, *shock* Pandemonium gives me a whole new level of confidence with beautiful purple lips, bringing purple back even more glamorous than ever. The longest staying power of a lipstick ever, so much so after a night out I am still wearing it in the morning, a gorgeous shade for those dare devils out there. 

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

A beautiful nude shade for those who aren't feeling the reds, pinks and purples. A totally glamorous shade in a different way, gives your lips a pop of colour without being too over the top and the finish of this lipstick is out of this world. This shade is a comfort matte which still gives you the overall look of a matte lipstick but a lot easier to pull off. You totally need to get nude with backtalk this summer!

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

 *Contains PR samples 

World Duty Free Exclusives | Beauty

I am super excited about today's post as it is all about beauty and exclusive beauty at that, today I shall be sharing with you some of the gorgeous pieces you can pick up during your next trip to Duty Free before you jet off abroad! When I have time to kill in an airport I usually only have a couple of things on my mind, first is usually where is the food around here? Then secondly where is the beauty products I need to get shopping and with duty free having plenty of bargains as well as exclusives it's totally a must for any beauty lover. I was kindly sent some samples from World Duty Free for this post so I hope you enjoy this as much as I did writing it! So without further ado lets dig in. 

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was four mini Chloe perfumes and with this being a brand I have wanted to try for ages I was quite over the moon with this. Each of the perfumes comes in an adorable little dainty bottle perfect for those who like to try before they buy or to take on holiday with them instead of carrying a massive perfume. I love the idea of this set as you can try a good amount of the Chloe perfumes and really get a feel for the scent which you like the most. The one I fell in love with instantly was Love Story, with such a clean fragrance and has a little bit of a floral kick to it. The fragrance is fun, loving and long lasting the perfect scent for any Summer holiday. 

World Duty Free Chloe

World Duty Free Chloe
How adorable are these bottles? 

Next on the list at duty free is a product I have never heard of before but as soon as I saw the brand I knew it was going to be a good un. This product is Butter Drench Restorative Rich Cream from bareMinerals. If you haven't heard of bareMinerals they are a massive brand in the States which started in San Francisco and has now spread across the world. All of their products are loving to the skin and still give a fabulous edge. The butter drench is a cream which is perfect for just about anything as it is full of Shea butter. Perfect for anywhere on the body, I love it because I can apply it my face as well as my body and saves me taking loads of different products when I travel.  

World Duty Free Baremineals

Following this is another product I am so excited to share with you and that is a gorgeous dark blue nail varnish from YSL, before this I hadn't actually tried any of the amazing nail varnishes from YSL only their lipsticks. When I saw this colour I was so happy as it was something I would of picked out for myself, being super edgy and eye catching. Sometimes although they are expensive I find some nail varnish a bit of a let down but this is actually amazing, I feel it would last at least 5 days whilst you're on holiday so it saves you having to keep repainting your nails. Only downside is I found it a little hard to get off when I was ready to take it off. But other than that I give a huge thumbs up to YSL for yet another amazing product. 

World Duty Free YSL nail varnish

The final product which I found in the box of goodies was this beautiful set of Elizabeth Arden lip protectant sticks, which are essentially beautiful tinted lip balms but they have an added extra of SPF 15 which I find to be amazing as not a lot of people consider the damage of sun to your lips. The colour of these lip protectants is actually a lot more pigmented than I thought in the red and pink which I actually really enjoy as you can still look amazing whilst giving your lips the protection they need during the heat. The packaging of the product is luxurious and with this set you get 3 for the price of 2 *win* 

World Duty Free Elizabeth Arden

If you are jetting off on holiday soon remember to check out World Duty Free. 

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