Lets go to a festival! | Tips and Tricks

If you haven't already been able to tell over on Dungarees & Donuts I LOVE festivals and pretty much throughout the summer write about them none stop. Today I shall be writing about must-haves for every festival goer, that includes everything from the basics to a little bit more high tech, but if you need it at a festival the chances are it'll be included within this list! If you're going to a festival this year I'd love to hear about it!

Evo Xplorer Case: 
This is a must if you are taking your iPhone to a festival, a lot of people resort back to a brick phone for festivals but those who don't this case is amazing as it protects against water (leaking tents, is not the one, neither is rain for that matter!) dust and also impact protection, total must at a festival. It also has sealed access to all of the ports, this ideal for me as I am forever finding mine jammed with all sorts of strange items (totally not crumbs or anything...)

Seems like an obvious one but you'd be surprised at the number of people who do not actually take wellies to a festival! In the UK it's a MUST else you'll either destroy your shoes with water, mud or something else. Wellies are easy to keep dry and fairly comfy to wear all day!

Aussie Dry Shampoo:
Aussie has created their own festival ready range of dry shampoo and I think these are any festival goers best friend, being a festival you can get greasy, sweaty and not be able to shower. With better-looking hair I know when it comes to me if my hair looks good I feel a bit better about myself, so with these dry shampoos, they're full of things which make your hair feel good and refreshed.

Another fairly obvious one, but some people don't even take them to a festival. Not only are they the perfect statement piece for any festival look; they are also to protect your eyes and staring at the sun for hours upon end isn't good for any eyes. The sunglasses shop sell some gorgeous ones!

Wireless Speaker: 
I find this one not so much as a must but more something which is good to have at a festival, the reason I picked this particular speaker from Currys is that it's loud, long battery life as well as being on the cheaper side of speakers. You don't want to spend 100's of pounds when it could get destroyed!

Face Wipes:
Can I firstly just say, how cute is this packaging? I am so in love! Back to the reason, this has made it into the post, one because they're AMAZING for removing off the dirt after a festival day and especially if you're a make-up wearer this is crucial, I know from experience simple always have great results so I wouldn't hesitate in buying these.

There so many more items I could include in this guide, so let me know if you would like a second part to this post! 

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Lets talk about being 18 | Lifestyle

I was sat bored in my room when I had a strike of inspiration and I thought it would make an amazing blog series, the idea of the series would be to share an age of my life with you and share the highs and lows and things I found out whilst I was that age *from the best of my memory* this was promoted by some super weird photos I found in my one drive and I thought you guys might enjoy it, even if you don't you can have a good laugh at the horrendous hair styles I was once thought looked good! I thought I'd just quickly mention I am now 21, so it's not that long ago really but I have changed a lot.

Lets talk about hair: 
So when I was 18, I was clearly very confused and believed that short hair suited me, which it really did not. I had hair styles from short all around from long at the front to short at the back, not a good look. The picture on the right isn't particularly great, although the colour is nice it looks like a square again. For some reason I liked the square look.

I was finally legally able to buy my own alcohol although I had the problem of only me and Greg being old enough to drink for a while and the rest of my friends didn't turn 18 until later in the year, I loved being able to go up a bar and purchase something although I have been ID every time since I have tried to buy a drink, goes with the territory of looking 12!

Fun Things: 
From what I remember of being 18, I went to Leeds festival for the second time which was amazing, I also went to see Britains got talent be filmed. I went out for lots of drinks to celebrate birthdays as well as finishing off college and making my decision about university (I made a bad one, oops) and enjoying life really. With a long summer to enjoy I felt it was a good year for me.

Lets do lunch at Bills | Lifestyle

Not so recently I went to Birmingham and met up with the lovely Hannah, it's been ages since we met and we decided to do lunch and also a shopping trip. We met around 12pm and spent ages looking for somewhere to eat as we are both fussy (Hannah more so than me!) After walking around Birmingham for a while we came across Bills and saw that they did cocktails and it twisted our arm (although I am not too sure why as neither of us really drink!) but off we went inside as Hannah told me they have a really cool interior which is great for photographing!

Bills Salt and Pepper

When we arrived we were seated in a dark area and it hit that we weren't going to be able to take photos so we asked if it would be possible to be moved near a window which the staff were fine with. We were given a menu along with a set meal choice and later given a cocktail menu. It took me a while to decide what I wanted as I am so fussy with food but in the end I decided to go with the Fish finger sandwich as on occasion I eat fish fingers along with some skin on fries, an orange juice and a Bills pink spritz cocktail. Hannah went for the same cocktail along with a plate of the skin on fries *don't blame her they are gorgeous* we were brought out our drinks pretty quickly, I was the first to try the cocktail which my lord was strong. The orange juice was super refreshing though.

Bills Menu

Bills Pink Spritz & orange juice



Shortly after our gorgeous food arrived, and I tucked straight in being a bad blogger and not taking a photo first BUT I was soooo hungry. I was reminded by Hannah about photos and let her take some snaps along with taking my own pictures, totally worth it looking back on the pictures. I could totally of eaten 20 plates of those chips, I went through an unholy amount of mayo which Han looked a bit shocked at, okay I LIKE MAYO people! Although I found the toasted bread of the sandwich a little dry it was still really tasty. When we were finished with our mains the man asked if we wanted to see their dessert menu and I looked at Hannah who was like YES! So he came back with the menus, and we both had a hot chocolate brownie which I am not the biggest fan of brownie but I'll make an except as this one was beautiful. With this we got the bill and went on our day of shopping, yay!

Hannah from HXANOU

Bills food

Bills dessert

Apologies about the super heavy picture post but it needed to be captured to share the beauty of the food! Let me know if you enjoy my restaurant reviews as I love doing them! 

Xupes Wishlist | Fashion

It's been many weeks since I've complied a wishlist of some sort and today I am bringing you a fabulous designer bag wishlist from a company called Xupes. If you haven't heard of Xupes before they are are company who specialise in luxury items like bags, jewellery and even art and work on the principals of honesty and professionalism. They sell pre owned as well as brand new items for up to 70% off the RRP. If you know me well you'll know I am a huge bag fiend and I love designer items (if only my bank saw it that way). I hope you enjoy the wishlist of these gorgeous designer handbags which I am lusting over and probably will be for a long time. Let know in the comments which bag is your favourite! 

1. Hermes Rouge Vif red Courchevel Vintage Kell: 
For a liiiitlleeee £8999 this beauty could be yours, to be fair thought it is vintage and comes in a variety of beautiful colours including a gorgeous lime green, I decided red would work the best as it's the easiest to pull off. But if I was carrying something worth the same amount as a car on my arm I think I'd probably be too scared to leave the house, although this bag is total dreams and looks outstanding I don't think I'd ever be able to afford it but a girl can dream right?

2. Louis Vuitton Brown Monogram Canvas Vintage Alma:
I've wanted this bag for SUCH a long time since seeing it in a film at around 13 years old, it's just appealed to me and become the designer bag I've always dreamed of owning in my collection. The classic Louis Vuitton print which covers the bag along with the classic colours and amazing style. Basically this bag is a classic which I would love to have on my arm. One day... it'll happen ok... it will!

3. Chanel Black Quilted Vintage Maxi Jumbo XL Bag: 
Another bag which has featured itself upon my wishlist many times alongside the Louis Vuitton bag, knowing these two designers from a young age has just made my love for them even stronger. I love this bag because it would be easy to pull off with any outfit and the gorgeous gold goes perfectly with the black. It's a more simplistic bag than the other two featured but would still feel like a superstar with it on my arm!

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Yankee Candle Riviera Escape Summer '16 | Lifestyle

If you've read my blog for quite a long time you'll be aware that I am a huge Yankee Candle fan and it would seem you guys are too, whenever I post a picture a new candle or the latest collection it gets a lot of likes/views. So today I am bringing you the latest collection from Yankee Candle which is called the Riviera Escape and it features four beautifully scented and lovely coloured candles. If you want to read any of my previous Yankee Candle reviews here is the place you need to look. Let me know which your favourite scent is if you've tried any of them, I'd love to know your opinions too!  

Yankee Candle Riviera Collection

The first thing which I find fabulous about this range is the lovely contrasting colours of the summer collection, with the baby blue, peach, lime green and finally white they go together really well. I do have to say I've been burning Summer Peach and Riviera Escape together for the last few days and they go together really well also.

Summer Peach: 
I found this to be one of my favourites out of the bunch, it's a sweet fragrance which what I would usually go for, and I wanted to light this one first because of the colour and the name. Yankee Candle refers to this candle as "Ripe peaches straight from the orchard, warmed by the sun and begging for that first juicy bite" I agree with this as it totally smells like peaches and is yummy enough to eat (Yano, if it wasn't a candle...) The only thing I would add is the fact it doesn't smell really strong like peaches only a mild scent and I love the idea of strong fragrances. 

Olive and Thyme: 
When I first lit this candle I was very unsure of it and to be honest I am still not in love with it, it's something I would have burning in my house but it doesn't give me the usual pleasure Yankee Candles usually give me. It's stronger than the peach candle which is a plus but it's not my cup of tea, it does remind me of being outside and playing near some flowers. Yankee Candle says: "A fresh, herbal scent from the Mediterranean coast with olive leaf, citrus and musk" I do have to say the more I smell it, it does remind me of herbs and a lot of citrus, but still not a huge fan!

Sea Salt & Sage:
When I first read about this scent I guess I was hoping it smelt like that fresh smell you get on a beach when the tide is going out. This to me is the most summer smelling one based on the name, although it doesn't actually smell like that, it smells like something better. I am honestly so in love with the strong smell of this candle, it's crisp, it's strong and it smells divine to me! It has an ever so small tone of salt running through the candle but that's what makes it even more beautiful. Yankee Candle state that the candle is: "Warm and inviting sage mingles with the clean, fresh scent of sea salt…like a relaxing walk along the shore" I would 100% agree with them on this, totally a fresh and clean scent. 

Riviera Escape: 
This is the candle I expected the most from as it's what the range is named after and I wasn't disappointed, the smell of this is a perfect background scent for any room! With the summer smell present in this candle it totally ties the collection together. The beauty which comes with this candle makes me feel so happy and smells like fresh flowers on a summers day. Yankee Candle say: "A coastal scent of glittering promenades, full with hillsides of beautiful blossoms glowing in the sun". 

Yankee Candle Riviera Collection Summer Peach

Yankee Candle Riviera Collection  Olive & Thyme

Sea Salt & Sage Yankee Candle Riviera Collection

Yankee Candle Riviera Collection  Riviera Escape

          For any candle lover it's a totally worthwhile collection and perfect for those summer tones!

Fathers Day Gift Guide | Lifestyle

It's that time of year where it's all about the dads (well and Summer of course!) if you aren't aware on the 19th of June it's Fathers day and here on Dungarees & Donuts I like to feature a variety of different bits and bobs as well as gift guides. I only believe in sharing things which I believe are great presents, most of these things on this gift guide I know my dad personally would enjoy so that isn't to say your dad won't, but if you're stuck for ideas I have featured four amazing products which are budget friendly as well as guaranteed to make dad smile! Let me know in the comments what you think of these ideas and any you may have as my dads birthday is a few days before Fathers day so, double whammy!

1. Frederick Thomas Ties
I am honestly so in love with these amazing ties from Frederick Thomas, when you buy a relative a tie it is often seen as a boring and simple gift. But with the help of Frederick Thomas and their 200+ ties you are spoilt for choice, in every colour imaginable and even ones with animal print on you're sorted for the foreseeable!

2. Scratchable Map
This is a perfect gift for my dad because he travels for a job so I think it would be interesting for him to keep a map of all of the places he's been around the world. Iwoot offer a range of these scratch maps so even your dad doesn't travel abroad get him the UK one and you can even add your own twist to it!

3. Something Personal
The amazing people from getting personal have a huuuuge range of presents to suit everyday going, and even better you can just about everything personalised, from a beer glass to a chopping board and even a dressing gown. You're bound to find something quirky and personalised.

4. The Coffee Machine
Over the last few years coffee machines have become huge and with them dropping in price for high quality machines it's the perfect time to treat your dad. With everything from a pod coffee machine to a bean one there are so many colour choices and price ranges. Based on all budgets you can treat your dad to the perfect machine. The one pictured is from John Lewis.

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Dealing with life as an anxiety suffer | Lets Talk

I've been wanting to do a post like this for a while now and I have finally gotten round to it, I firstly wanted to state that just because these things happen to me as an anxiety sufferer they may not happen to you as the illness is different for most people but I thought I'd share my experiences and hopefully help someone along the way to understand that they're not alone. Being stuck with an illness which restricts how you do things and dealing with everyday life, it can often feel isolated, so I thought this may help with that feeling. I hope you enjoy reading, and let me know your thoughts!

1. Queues
Something that should be a simple exchange for most turns into something a lot more difficult, where I am concerned as soon as I join a queue whether that be for food or to purchase something I have to access who I might be served by and then what I can possibly talk to them about, will they judge me? Food is even worse, I have to plan exactly what I am having before I arrive at the till or before the waiter arrives, I often have things I don't like on my food out of being too scared to be awkward and say I don't want that on my food.

2. Nights out
Being a university student, nights out are often on the cards but for me they are my worst nightmare. Having a room crammed with drunk people, often touching you, not being able to break free for air. Feeling stuck and the amount of people who could possibly be judging me, what are they thinking about me? What if I fall over? I am honestly petrified of nights out so much I just don't do them.

3. Stairs
This is one of the worst ones for me, whether it is going up or down them I always plan the worst situation in my head. I may fall on my face, I may trip and hurt myself. What if I fall down the bottom two steps and hurt myself. What if I trip up on the way and slip down them. What are people thinking behind me? I like to walk slow up them to make sure I don't miss any steps but others don't see it that way.

4. New People
This is one of my WORST fears as an anxiety sufferer, I hate meeting new people. You have to introduce yourself, you have to speak to people and what if you mess up? Like what will they think of you? What if they hate the way I am or speak and think I am weird. I recently started a new job and I panicked for almost a week before hand about what the people would think about me.

I hope you found this helpful and also if you want a part two let me know!  

Be At One Launch.

A few weeks back I was kindly invited to the opening night of  Be At One in Birmingham, by the lovely Sophie from Big Cat. If you don't know about Be At One, it's a cocktail bar with over 200 cocktails to choose from! When arriving at the cocktail bar as it was the opening night we were given tokens on the entrance to purchase drinks,  Helen and I were given two each which was awesome. The bar itself is underground, which in my opinion is fabulous and it totally wipes out the stereotypes of underground bars being a bit dingy, because Be At One is nothing but upmarket. When looking at the menu it took me and Helen a long time to decide what to have because the choice is crazy, there are cocktails made with just about the evening and even mocktails and other cool drinks (like Milkshake!) 

When we first arrived it was still fairly early so it was quite quiet so we picked a table in the corner, the bar had an elegant feel to it which made it feel super upmarket. I was surprised to know the cocktails were very within the price range for most young people and students, as a lot of the time cocktails can be upwards of £10 whereas, in Be at one, there were lots under £10 some as little as £6. When Helen and I finally decided on our first drinks I went for a Candy Pants and Helen went for a Singapore Sling, I really enjoyed Candy Pants as it's the typical drink I would go for. During our time at Be At One, we had lots of friendly staff approach us and recommend different drinks and just ask us if we like the bar. For my second drink, I went for a Chocolate milkshake as I saw one being made earlier and I didn't fancy any more alcohol as I am not great at handling my drinks. Overall I think that Be At One will do amazing in Birmingham as it's in the centre and about a 2-minute walk from the station.