Make over my boyfriends wardrobe | Fashion

I am loving featuring more fashion elements on my blog at the moment, as I am getting more into my own personal style and you lot seem to really enjoy reading about what I love to wear. For today I decided I would do something a little different, a post about all of the staples I would add to my boyfriends wardrobe if I was giving him a bit of a makeover, of course this is simply for a post and I wouldn't force my boyfriend to wear anything he wouldn't want to. Luke is totally into his band tees, black jeans and the odd jumper so this is a challenge for me in itself. I decided to create this into a wishlist styled post sharing what I would revamp the wardrobe with, different staples such as tees and jackets! I hope you enjoy this post and I would love to see what you would have your other half wear if it was up to you.

Add some colour:
The first thing I would do is add some more fun colours into Luke's Wardrobe, it's all black and grey and especially with summer approaching some lighter colours would be good and make some awesome statement pieces. House of Fraser offer an AMAZING range of tees and polos in bright and fun colours!

Make it smarter: 
This of course isn't for everyday wear, but when we go out it would be awesome to see some smarter and more formal pieces make an appearance, I would add a couple of smart jackets to his wardrobe too. Topman offer some gorgeous jackets and they're all really stylish and fun.

Add a tie (or two): 
I would love to add a tie or two to my boyfriends wardrobe, for when we go to events or parties it would be great to add something a little more smart like a tie and make him look that bit more formal. Dunedin Cashmere offer a lovely range of ties with some fun prints!

I hope you enjoyed this post as it's something a bit different to my blog! P.s. no boyfriends were harmed in the process of making this post. 

Gig Memories | Lifestyle

Over the last ten years I've been to many gigs and seen just about everyone I've ever planned on seeing from my teenage years. From Biffy Clyro to Green Day, I am lucky enough to have seen those bands I've admired for many years and feel so satisfied knowing that I've been able to see them stand in front of me and perform. Today I thought I would share with you some of the gigs which are the most memorable to me and why, hopefully you relate to me on some of the bands and have seen them too! Let me know who was your most memorable band to see live.

Sum 41:
In February this year I finally got to fulfil one of the bands which helped me through my tough teenage years and that band was Sum 41, they hadn't toured in many years so when I saw they were headlining the Kerrang Tour I knew I had to go! I had been able to go to a gig for a few years due to my anxiety so the fact I was able to sit at the balcony of this gig it made it even more special for me. I even recorded them playing my favourite song which I won't forget. I wrote a separate post on my gig experience following this which you can read here.

Green Day:
This was a gig which I thought I would never have the chance to go to as the first day they went on sale they sold out within minutes, my best friend was going and I was gutted that I wasn't going as they were my favourite band growing up. It was only when my dad surprised me with the tickets a couple of months later and told me he was keeping them a secret, I realized I was able to see them after all of this time. They did the best performance I have seen any band do to date and it made me so happy to be able to see them live.

Good Charlotte:
Reliving my teenage years back in February of this year and finally getting to see Good Charlotte as they supported All Time Low, although they didn't play as many songs as I'd of hoped to have seen, it was still amazing to get so close to Joel Madden and it made so happy to hear them play the lifestyles of the rich and famous live!!

My Chemical Romance:
Back in 2011 I got to see the amazing MCR tour when they got back together with their latest album, although it wasn't the same as one of the Black Parade tours, it was still amazing. It was great to see Gerard Way and hear him talk about the band and see his amazing new red hair.

Now for your chance to win a gig experience that you will NOT forget anytime soon. The lovely people at Chill Insurance are offering one lucky person a pair of tickets to the sold out Bruce Springsteen live at Croke Park this summer! If you fancy your chances at winning feel to enter here. The competition ends on the 13th of May so be quick!

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Alice In Wonderland Urban Eyeshadow Palette First Impressions | Beauty

A few days ago the lovely Alice In Wonderland collection from Urban Decay landed on my doorstep, and I was so excited because I was seriously lusting over the palette and knew with the vibrant and fun colours within the palette that I had to have it. When I opened the packaging and found the gorgeous palette within I was over the room with the colours and the look overall of the packaging. So very Alice esque. The first thing I noticed when I opened the palette was the fact that the open part of the palette opens up similar to a jewellery box, and inside was two doors with a quote from the film on. Once you open the door you are met with a gorgeous explosion of colour and a large blue butterfly which makes it even more appealing. Also there is a large mirror with an amazing framing around with the quote "we're all mad in here" in lovely font on the mirror. The eye shadows are actually in a pull out draw underneath each of the lines of shades is in a theme of a character. The one which I love the most is the Mad Hatter column as they're fun and glittery and I can't wait to experiment with them. 

The palette itself gives a very Alice In Wonderland feel to it, with bright colours, fun patterns as well as the quotes which are scattered within. The 3D element to the palette makes it feel that more luxe which is always a bonus. The palette includes 20 never seen before shades, which were created just for THIS palette! If you're not a fan of the bright shades created for the Mad Hatter the palette also includes some softer shades which would be seen upon Alice, so this palette includes something for everybody, yay! The palette costs £43.00 and is available to purchase now. 

Alice In Wonderland Palette

Alice In Wonderland Shades

Inside of The Alice In Wonderland Palette

 Overall the palette itself is an amazing purchase and totally perfect for those who like to experiment with colour. If you're a fan of Alice In Wonderland it is a totally worthwhile purchase also.

Wanderlust: 5 places I want to visit! | Travel

I promised that 2016 was the year of travel posts on my blog, so here is another travel post which I am sharing with you lovely lot. This time I am sharing with you 5 places in the world I want to visit at some point in my life, hopefully in the next five years! If you fancy reading more of the travel posts I have shared on my blog you can find those here.

1. Japan
I have wanted to visit Japan for such a long, and the recent need to go is becoming even bigger, everything looks so bright, pretty and fun. Going to Japan just seems like an experience in itself and it is totally different to everything in the UK. Obviously Tokyo would be one of the places I want to visit, but if I was going to go Japan I would want to visit Kinkaku-ji and Kyushu for their amazing landmarks and things to visit.

2. Thailand
Another place that has been on my list for a long time, after seeing many programmes about Thailand and hearing some great stories about things to visit, I want to experience it for myself. Bankok and Pattaya being two of the places I've been recommended to visit the most!

3. Dubai
One which has fairly recently in the last year or two made it on to my list is Dubai, after seeing some of the gorgeous landmarks Dubai has to offer I was sold. Although it's a little different to the others on my list, it's interesting to learn about other places. The Dubai malls looks AMAZING, and i'd totally want to visit there as well as some other amazing places like Kite Beach. On the website Travelbag there are lots more reasons to visit Dubai.

4. New York
I have visited America previously but I am yet to visit New York and this again is another which is fairly new to my list, but it's somewhere I would love to visit. I have seen various videos on New York and seen so many films set there, it just seems amazing! My grandparents have been and recommended it also. I've been to Florida and Pittsburgh but I can imagine NY is a lot more hectic and city like.

5. Rome
I have visited Italy a bunch of times but never made it to Rome, and with Rome being such a beautiful place and known for it's outstanding landmarks it's a place I totally want to visit. Seeing the lovely Fii post about it has made me want to go even more. With so many beautiful things to see and fabulous places to eat, I am totally down.

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Raising Awareness Of Dementia | Lets Talk

Recently in my everyday life I've learnt a fair bit about dementia after starting a few job and becoming a dementia friend myself, I have learnt how many lives it effects on a day to day basis. I've learnt dementia doesn't just effect the old, it can effect anyone around us which is the scary thing. The thing I've learnt about dementia which pops up over and over again, is actually how lonely it can make that person, so today I am bring you a post with the lovely people at Barchester Healthcare all about raising awareness about Dementia and how you can make little changes to help those people who you know to help them.

There are so many simple tasks you can do to help those with Dementia to make them feel less alone, some examples of this are: Visiting them often, take them out for the day, spend time just talking and listening to what they have to say. It's important to spread the word and getting others making the change, as one small change that they make can have a HUGE impact on somebodies life. I am in no way claiming to be an expert on the topic, but similar to most illnesses the best way to help somebody is by being there. Whether they remember it or not, you were there and that is all that matters. At that moment in time they loved it and were having fun so why not keep doing it. Giving someone that feeling of happiness is one of the best things you can do.

If everyone made some sort of movement to help those struggling with this, the world would be a better place. You have no idea who it is going to effect and at one point of your life it could effect yourself. Think how you would like to be treated whilst going through this life destroying illness and treat others like you would like to be treated. You can do something as simple as dedicating an hour a week to someone who is alone, working with charity movements, just telling your friends and family about how they can help someone with dementia or something along those lines. There are so many things you can do to help change a life, you can be that change.

If it becomes too much for you to care for a loved one with dementia, there are other alternatives to give them the best care which you can check out here.

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Ultimate Festival Hacks | Lifestyle

Hey guys, happy Tuesday. I hope you're all doing really well? Today I am bringing you another post with the theme of festivals, I previously shared with you my first festival experience and now I have decided to share with you my top 5 tips for hacking a festival whether that be a weekend one or just a day, this tips should help you when preparing for your festival experience as well for when you are there. Maximise are currently creating their own top festival hacks and would love for myself as well as you lovely bloggers to share your tips around using the #UltimateFestHacks. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing it and if you're going to any festivals this summer I'd love to know which ones!

Tip One: Pack efficiently and lightly!
So when you're going to a festival you do not want to be taking things which you would be upset if they got damaged as the chances are they may do. It's important to take all of the things you need for the day/weekend because without them you may be stranded. Sun cream is always a must, along with sunglasses, an old phone (in case you get lost from your mates), a tent, clothes and possibly some things to clean yourself with (baby wipes are a good option for this!)

Tip Two: Drink plenty of water.
A bit of an obvious one but you'd be surprised how many people forget when at a festival. The chances are when you're in a huge crowd of people and it's very hot you're more than likely are going to feel the effects of it. Often leading to people getting too hot and passing out or getting dehydrated. It's important to find yourself the water taps at festivals and keep staying hydrated.

Tip Three: Take some sort of food.
At festivals, it is well known that the food is SO expensive! It's a good idea to prepare some food before you go to the festival. My ideas would be something like cereal bars, packet noodles, beans (don't forget the tin opener) and possibly tinned hotdogs. Obviously you can also buy proper meals at the festival but it is always help to take some things to push you along and keep the spends down.

Tip Four: Pack spare clothes
This sort of relates back to tip one, but the idea behind this is to make sure you have clothes if the ones you are wearing on the day get wet, or ruined. Bring lots of light clothing, like vest tips, tees and even shorts and dresses. The more lighter clothing you can pack the better.

Tip Five: Take a torch
A lot of people might think is an obvious tip but you'll be surprised how many people don't. When trying to find your tent at night, is an actual nightmare when there are so many tents everywhere, tripping over into someone elses tent may not go down well. That extra source of light may be the difference between you finding and not finding your tent.

Share your festival hacks on Twitter with #UltimateFestHacks

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Chi Kitchen Birmingham Review | Food

I was recently kindly invited to review the lovely Chi Kitchen in Birmingham which is situated on the third floor of Debenhams! I've walked past it a bunch of times but never gone in as I am a little fussy with food *oops* my boyfriend loves all types of food especially Asian food so it seemed like an amazing opportunity for me to try some freshly prepared Asian food and give them a go! I ATE SUSHI FOR THE FIRST TIME, if you know me you'll know that is not something I'd usually do, but it was so fun and I am so happy I tried it!

Chi Kitchen Spring Rolls When we arrived me and Luke took a while to decide what we wanted, he took even longer than me to be fair! We were greeted by the lovely restaurant manager Siddharth who asked us if we needed any help with the menu and sent of some amazing champagne! When I told him I was very fussy and a vegetarian he told me he could get some things specially prepared to make them to my taste which I was SUPER grateful for! I ordered a glass of orange juice while Luke had a water, then we ordered a variety of bits and pieces off of the menu and we couldn't wait for them to arrive. Less than ten minutes last some gorgeous looking spring rolls appeared on our table, mine being vegetable and Luke's being duck, with them being cooked fresh they tasted beyond any other spring roll I've ever tasted. 

Chi Kitchen

After this we were brought out some strange but ultra yummy sweet potato fries, I believe they were covered in some sort of flour? I totally need the recipe for this as I'd love to be able to create them in my own home. Next we were brought out a soup and some bread and we had no idea what it was until the manager came over and told it was something they had made for me, with some Malaysian bread which was off the scale and by far the tastiest bread I've ever had. Although I can not remember the name of the curry/soup. Following this we were brought out an amazing looking plate of vegetarian sushi and I ate three of the rolls despite not being a fan of the seaweed the rest of it was super tasty! Next we were onto our mains where I had Ho Fun, made with mixed peppers instead of meat and it looked so bright and fun and the noodles reminded me a lot of pasta. Luke had chicken Katsu curry which he LOVED and demolished quickly, I got a bit full of my main so he helped me eat that too. 

Chi Kitchen collage

Finally we had our desserts I went for the chocolate sphere which was a chocolate ball which melted with the hot salted caramel sauce and inside was ice cream and raspberries! Luke went on to have some salted caramel ice cream and also a green tea flavoured one which he also loved. It was a great experience and we can't wait to visit again.  With lots of gorgeous food, a great atmosphere and fabulous service what is not to love? 

Chi Kitchen chocolate sphere!