Brownie Batter Doughnuts with Krispy Kreme | Recipes

I was recently sent a little box of cookery tools from Krispy Kreme along with a doughnuts card to celebrate the launch of their limited edition Brownie Batter doughnuts! Krispy Kreme launch a variety of different limited edition doughnuts throughout the year and as you may have already guessed I have a bit of a fascination with Doughnuts (I named my blog after my love for them) and have wrote about them lots of times before if you fancy a little read about my love for Krispy Kreme *click here*. Back to the doughnuts, so they are inspired by Brownie Batter and Cookie Dough which funnily enough I love so when I was asked to try out the Doughnuts of course I said yes! I was totally not disappointed either, the brownie batter doughnut was chocolate heaven and inside and out was covered in chocolate mayhem (a little tip, warming the doughnut up in the microwave tastes even MORE tasty!) The cookie dough one is so beautiful and almost as good as cookie dough itself. 

I decided in spirit of the super cute tools and my craving for brownies that I would share my favourite recipe for creating beautiful brownies with you! If you make them do let me know as I would love to see your attempts. 

You Will Need: 
  • 200g of dark chocolate; any of your choice.
  • 175g of unsalted butter
  • 3 eggs
  • 250g of caster sugar
  • 75g of Plain Flower
  • 50g of white chocolate (optional) 
How To Make: 
  1. Preheat the oven at 190 degrees, and grab a deep fill tray around 20cm and cover in butter or greaseproof paper!
  2. Next you need to break up the chocolate into squares and melt the chocolate and the butter together either do this in a bowl over a pan of simmering water or in the microwave.
  3. In a separate bowl mix the sugar and eggs together until it is thick and then to add the chocolate mixture to the sugar and eggs and stir together.
  4. The next step is to add the the flower and fold into the mixture, following this you need to smash up the white chocolate into little chunks and stir into the mixture so it is evenly distributed.
  5. Pour into the tin evenly and cook for 25-30 minutes until they are firm on top and a little more soft underneath.
  6. Finally pop into the fridge to cool until they are complete cool and then use which ever shape you wish to make them into shapes. I would totally do hearts and stars as they look adorable! 

I hope you enjoyed this little baking recipe and also if you want to get your hands on the Krispy Kreme brownie batter doughnuts you have until the 17th of April! 

Top tips for finding a job | Lets Talk

It's no secret that I recently bagged myself a job that I am super excited to start next week, when I look for a job I spend hours upon hours searching for the jobs I want to apply for and then I set up a system of how I apply for them and it gets the job done. Nobody likes applying for jobs as it is a dull and long process but there are ways to make it a more positive experience that people actually want to do. I thought I would shared my tips with you for my ways to bag an interview with that perfect job, get your CV ready and lets go!

Find your website of choice: 
With SO many different job websites around it is about finding the one which works best for you, that way when you sign up you can turn on the job alerts and your inbox won't be clogged with the same jobs over and over. The websites list the jobs which are local to yourself and you can change the radius and also search what jobs suit yourself. I'd totally recommend Indeed they are the website I always go to as it's simple as easy to navigate around.

Join an agency: 
Agencies are amazing for the fact that when you give them your details they store them until something comes up which is suited to yourself and then help you get that job. Getting work through an agency can make the job search a hell of a lot easier! There are also a variety of agencies for different jobs, for those being interested in marketing, I love Spotlight Recruitment as they are purely a marketing agency. Submitting your CV or making a call and then you are ready to go, how easy is that?

Apply, apply apply: 
It sounds totally obvious I know, but so many people don't take the time to just apply to any job that they may be interested in, applying for one job and getting that one job are VERY unlikely so it is worth having others which float your boat and getting a range of interviews set up, that way if one doesn't work out you've got plenty more options.

Spruce up your CV:
When applying for a job make sure that your CV is up to date with no errors, often that is why people don't make it through the door. Poorly written CV's can be a massive turn off for the person recruiting and also if everything on your CV seems out of date. Make sure your latest work is at the top of your CV and also you have all the relevant information ready to go like your phone number, without that how are they going to get in touch?

I hope this post is somewhat helpful to you lot and if you need anymore tips do let me know!

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National Stationery Week #NSW | Lifestyle

National Stationery Week, a week where stationery lovers can share their love for stationery. ALL WEEK LONG. To be fair I constantly share my love for stationery upon social media whether that it is in the format of a pretty new notebook, my lovely planner or some coloured pens I am in love with all things stationery. You can find me browsing the isles of Paperchase for days and looking in just about every shop that sells stationery! The idea behind stationery week is to get more people talking about and using stationery to write and do other creative things with instead of emailing and writing on the computer. This is especially important for children in 2016 as the takeover technology has happened and not as many people feel the need to write by hand, if you want to know more about it check it the post about it here

 It's important to remember as an adult you can get beautiful pens and paper and other pieces of stationery to suit your style and I love having stationery on my desk and using it make notes when I am at university or when I am planning my blog posts. In a world full of technology it is important remember where we came from and that using things offline is equally as important. Of course NSS warranted a stationery haul, so here is some gorgeous bits and pieces which are perfect for Stationery Week.

Stationery Week

Coloured pens

Colourful pens

Sheaffer Pen

Kate Spade notes

National Stationery Week are also running a competition for blogger of the year and I would love it if you could vote for me HERE.

My Glasses Collection | Fashion

For over a year now I have had to wear glasses everyday, I've always had to wear them but it only used to be when I was working on a computer or watching TV, but it is now all day everyday thing. When I first got told this I was excited as I knew I'd get to purchase a variety of different pairs for when I was wearing different things. I did think about buying contacts but for now I am okay with rocking the glasses and just like anything else in fashion you can match them up to your outfit. As I own too many pairs to feature in one post I thought I'd feature my favourite pairs and then possibly share some others with you in the future. 

My glasses collection

Specsavers Red: 
When I first purchased my glasses I went for a simple pair which were from Specsavers and they were their own brand. I went for these because the red is super standout and I love to wear glasses which create a statement, soon after buying them though I wasn't sure about the face shape so I don't wear them as often as the others but the colour is still gorgeous and I enjoy wearing them when I am wearing a lovely red lipstick. 

Specsavers Red

Karen Millen 34:
These were my second pair of glasses I invested in, I fell in love with the spikes on the frame and the beautiful pattern on the glasses. I love to wear these when I fancy something a little bit different and when I have my hair up as the spikes are on show that way. Karen Millen has some beautiful frames and some to suit all face shapes. Although these are bit more circular than what I would usually go for I do adore these.

Karen Millen 34

Karen Millen 44:
The most simplistic pair that I own, but I decided to go for something a bit more low key. I love these because of how light they are and they are perfect for reading in bed or when you want something a bit less out there, for example at the gym. I still love these and they have a really cute pattern on the inside of the glasses and I love how these suit my face.

Karen Millen 44

Love Moschiono 03: 
My newest pair of glasses are from Love Moschiono and they are the most gorgeous frame I own too, with a mix of pink and black and a super cool shape which works perfectly with my face. I love the gold lettering on the glasses as it looks amazing. These are my go to pair when it comes to picking up my glasses at the moment as I feel they are super girly and look fab!

Love Moschiono 03

Hilfger 52: 
First off how cool is that tartan frame? Another pair of red glasses but this time I think they are a lot better for my face shape as I know the previous red pair don't suit my face as well as these do. I love to wear these when I am going out at night as I think they are quite fabulous and are perfect for creating a statement, I love wearing a silver eyeshadow with these as it makes your eyes pop even more giving a perfect final touch. Another pair of lightweight glasses and a perfect addition to my collection.

Hilfger 52

Which are your favourite glasses? 

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6 things Vegetarians have to deal with! | Lifestyle

I've been a vegetarian for the majority of my life with a few breaks when I was in my teens but for the most part I've not eaten meat, for one reason I don't like meat, in fact I hate it. The taste, the smell, the texture and everything in between. Being a vegetarian and I am sure it is even worse for the Vegans out there, you get asked some weird and most of the time stupid things and also have weird things happen to you, I'll get to that in a minute. So I am super happy being a Vegetarian but us veggies aren't a different species and we aren't doing anything weird or depriving ourselves. Being a vegetarian is our choice and we don't need the weird stigma that comes with it.

First things first, I certainly do not miss meat, not in the slightest. Naming different types of meat that I am 'missing out' on isn't going to make me turn around and be like OH damn you're right, I must get some bacon now.. nope not even at all.

2.  Having a variety of meats shoved in your face:
Yep this actually happens, I understand you're enjoying your bacon sandwich but making loud noises as you eat it and then shove it my face so I can smell it does not make me want to eat it at all. So can you not put it in my face, thanks!

3. You're a vegetarian? I guess all you eat is vegetables!:
Come on guys, in 2016 do you think all vegetarians eat is just vegetables, or even better grass. The amount of times vegetarian food is referred to as go get some grass from outside, just isn't funny. There are plenty of meat substitutes around not just a plate of vegetables.

4. You must have the most boring meals without meat:
Funny enough, you can make super yummy meals without meat, either using a meat substitute or just something else, adding lots of flavorsome veggies into our meals makes them super tasty. We get burgers just like you meat eaters which are yummy and there is a huge variety.

5. Trying to be tempted to eat meat: 
No amount of talking from anyone or people letting me know what I am missing out will make me change my mind or any vegetarians for that matter. It's a life choice just like eating meat is.

There is nothing wrong with choosing to eat meat or not choosing to eat it, it doesn't make you weird or not normal or most importantly a weird hippie freak, where did that even come from? 

Don't get me wrong not all people who eat meat are like this at all, just some people and it's super annoying, I just thought I'd post this post as a bit of a joke/talk about what we vegetarians have to go through.

Handmade Burger Grand Central Birmingham | Food

If you know Birmingham at all, or have recently visited you might be aware of their new Grand Central station which opened back in September full to the brim with new shops including John Lewis and MAC and also lots of exciting new restaurants and bars and it's given Birmingham the boost that it needed that's for sure, when visiting Birmingham a few weeks back I decided to treat Luke to visit Handmade Burger Co and I thought I'd give you guys a little review. If you are interested in any of my previous visits to Handmade burger you can read about them here and here.

Handmade Burger Co Menu

When we arrived at Handmade Burger Co we were instantly greeted and offered a choice of seats as it was the middle of the day it wasn't massively busy so I can't really comment on service during busier times but whilst I was there the waitress was super lovely and helpful. We were introduced the menu and shown what is new, the problem with Handmade Burger Co is there is TOO much choice and I can never decide what I want, but I guess that's a good thing as I am usually left with zero choice being a Vegetarian and a fussy one at that.

Handmade Burger Co Table

Handmade Burger Co Menus

I ordered a Cajun Burger which is what I usually order because I am bad at being adventurous, although this time it was NEARLY a goats cheese and pepper stack but at the last minute I changed my mind and Luke ordered the Mexican burger as he said he's never had one which hasn't disappointed so maybe this was the place to try. Me and Luke usually order two portions of chips and are usually way over faced with our huge burgers and chips so went with portion between us as they are generous servings. We decided to go for the Peri Peri chips, I do usually go for Cajun chips but fancied a change *bad error* my mouth was crazy on fire when I ate both at the same time, and I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to 'spicy' food so I was nearly crying and had 4 glasses of diet coke!!

The food apart from the spicy element was AMAZING, the chips always taste so good and you can tell they're made fresh, I love the Cajun burger as there is more to it than other vegetarian burgers as they make a thick pate and lots of salad in a fresh bun, I always top my burger with mozzarella as it gives it an extra bit of flavour and I am addicted to mozzarella! Luke also loved his beef Mexican burger and was a lot less phased by the spice compared to myself and said the nacho cheese was an amazing touch and he actually had a decent Mexican burger for once, yay.

Handmade Burger Co Cajun Burger

Handmade Burger Co Beef Mexican Burger

Handmade Burger Co Peri Peri Chips

Overall as per usual I was crazily satisfied with my meal at Handmade Burger Co and will of course be going back again next time I am in Brum. 

Retro Revival With Essie | Beauty

I am slowly but surely becoming a HUGE fan of painting my nails and it doesn't even look like it was done by a five year old anymore *impressed face* and with my new skill means I need even more colours for my collection. I was kindly sent the Retro Revival collection from Essie and with the collection comes six relaunched beautiful colours. The idea behind the collection is to go back to where Essie first started and share some of their previous beautiful colours along with fitting in with celebrations. I decided I would share my thoughts about all six colours which of course meaning to wear all six colours hence why this review has been a long (ish) time in the making. 

P.s. can I just say these bottles are adorable, love the little star details. 

Essie Retro Revival

Essie Retro Revival
L-R Bikini With A Martini, Starry Starry Night & Life Of The Party 

Bikini With A Martini:
I think Bikini with a Martini has to be one of my favourite shades of the collection if not my favourite, first off it's a pretty pink and of course I happen to love everything pink! Although the colour isn't as bright as it is in the bottle, it still makes a beautiful light pink shade. Perfect for wearing on the beach or when you want a more subtle nail look. It's perfect for adding glitter on top of as well if you fancy going a bit more 'out there' with your nails. 

Starry Starry Night:
I honestly love this shade SO much more than I thought I was going to, at first I assumed it was going to a bit of nail glitter but it turns out its a full blown beautiful blue colour with glitter particles in the polish. When I applied it I was starstruck with the colour, it's amazing for wearing on a night or if you fancy something more dark. I found out Starry starry night originally came out almost 20 years ago and they've brought it back, which I think is super cool as I would never of known about the colour otherwise. 

Life Of The Party:
A totally desirable red, not a dark or bright red but it is a perfect red all the same, it's definitely the perfect party shade as it looks so classy and the red just goes on so easily and has a long lasting power. I am in love with the shine this colour gives after it has been applied and I would happily wear this shade all year round. 

Essie Retro Revival
L-R Sequin Sash, Cabana Boy, Birthday Suit. 

Sequin Sash:
The colour Sequin Sash isn't one I would usually go for as it looks a little pale compared to my usual colours (bright and stand out) but I do really like it. More of a simplistic shade and it takes a few coats to build up the colour but all the same it does make a really pretty shade and I would totally wear this a job interview. Plus the glitter looks gorgeous within the colour.

Cabana Boy:
Again not usually a colour I would reach for, but I actually ADORE this shade it's probably high up there with Bikini with a Martini and together they look fabulous also, doing alternative nails. I love this for everyday wear as it looks elegant and pretty but not too in your face, I would recommend this to anyone who is looks for a good grey for their nails. 

Birthday Suit:
This shade wins the best name, and had me smirking at the tittle. As you can tell from the bottle it is a nude shade hence why it goes so well with the name birthday suit, another colour I wouldn't usually reach for but its perfect for anyone who loves nude nails and although they're not really my thing I would totally recommend this to anyone looking for simple, beautiful looking nails. 

Which is your favourite shade? 

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