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When recently at some gigs I had the inspiration for this post, I was sat on the balcony area of one gig and below me were so many happy fans of this band and the same with all around me, everyone was singing and dancing and there was just something amazing about being in that moment with those people. So much happiness around one thing and it's not often you are in a room with 2000 odd people who share a similar love to something as you do. Whilst in that moment you feel completely different like the world outside of that arena doesn't exist and it gives you a sense of freedom. It's been a few years since I've been able to attend gigs because of my anxiety so I thought I would take it easy by sitting on the balcony and I ended up having a better time than I ever thought. You are so close to those you sit in your bedroom listening to, and the band whom I saw was Sum 41, a band who haven't done a tour since I was 15 years old and I have wanted to see them ever since, and it finally happened. I felt insanely blessed to be a matter of meters away from Derek Wibbly and the rest of the band. Even one of the support acts who was Frank Carter climed up on the balcony so I was less than a metre away from him which was SO insane. 

Going to gigs was always the thing I spent my money on growing up, my friends would spend theirs on clothes and I'd be organizing my next gig whether it be a small gig or an arena tour if a band I loved were touring, I HAD TO GO! There was one time, my best friend got gig tickets to Green Day who of course I've loved my entire life and they sold out within a matter of minutes and I was SO gutted, until my dad came home one day and whipped out these two Green Day tickets which I had no idea he had even bought, that was one gig I will forever remember because it was so special to me. I've seen All Time Low and You Me At Six more times than I can count on both hands which is totally amazing as I've seen them grow from the smallest tours to sell out arenas which as a fan makes me insanely proud of them. 

On the 13th of February I was finally able to see a band I've wanted to see for SO long but they went on a hiatus, and I was gutted. But at 21 years of age I was finally able to fulfil that dream, knowing every song that they played along with being able to take the HUGE step and stand in the crowd, and although I had a panic attack and had to leave I did it, for that bit of time I overcame my anxiety and it was due to that band and the promise to be meters away from them.

Do you go to many gigs? 

A campaign of colour | Lifestyle

If you follow me on Twitter, you may be aware that I've recently started re watching Americas Next Top Model (you're probably already thinking what does this have to do with colour, am I right? But stay with me) and in one of the episodes in Season 12 they do a challenge about how colour effects your brain and how you can portray different emotions within yourself when colours are involved. With a lovely campaign from Calibre called 'A campaign of colour'  I was on my way to being inspired about all things colour and started to do some research of my own as well as enjoying the infographic sent over.

When I was growing up my mum always used to refused to let me have a blue room as she said it makes the room colder which is something that your brain makes you think, the room isn't actually colder. So with this inspiration in mind, I wanted to look up some information on what different colours mean to our brains and share with you what my favourites are and why I'm happy about that. I hope you enjoy this different style of post on the blog today, let me know your thoughts.

So when looking up different colours I found that the colour blue is associated with being cold but I guess that was pretty obvious when we are younger we draw all cold things with the colour blue (rain, ice etc) but it is also seen to be a colour of calmness but then again also sadness. Whereas orange is seen as a colour of warmth, happiness and even stimulation and is used a lot in advertising and where happiness is concerned.

My least favourite colour is green which are far as what is means should mean that I love it, as it's associated with nature, calmness and all things pure and good. Which makes sense of why when you blend a load of good stuff up it turns into a lovely pure green colour.

On to my favourite colours, and a bit more about them in terms with me:

I love pink, it's always been my favourite colour and I believe that is because it is known as being girly. From pink lipstick, to pink rooms I love anything pink and I love all shades of pink and I am always drawn to something pink before anything else; some other meanings of pink are romance and calmness. Gotta love Valentines day for all things pink and love related, and I hope one day to paint my office a lovely pink colour.

The colour Yellow is often associated with optimism, warmth and happiness (I learnt this on the ep of ANTM, and obviously Googled it too) I love yellow and pink together and although some people would see them as bright and stand out colours and very garish I find them inspiring and would love to see them both make more of an appearance in my workspace.

What is your favourite colour? 

*Collaborative post

Updated MAC collection | Beauty

As some of you may know I am a HUGE fan of MAC lipsticks, so much prettiness and a huge variety of colours which all smell amazing. In the summer last year I did a MAC collection post which you can read here and although I am missing a few colours from my last collection *moving house meant misplaced makeup* I have managed to get my collection up to 14 (two came after I wrote this post, damn) but here is my most recent MAC collection and I hope you enjoy it. 

My MAC collection

The pretty pinks: 
These three pinks are super easy to wear, perfect for days at work or going out in the evening. Three very different shades with Vegas Vault, Plumful and Saint Germain, I love the shades because of the finish as much as the colour Lustre and Amplified leave a stunning shine on your lips and make the lipsticks appear to be extra glossy. If you fancy reading a review on Saint Germain you can here.

MAC pretty pinks

The Nudes: 
The two latest editions to my collection are nude colours, I decided it was time to see what the 'hype' was about and went for two colours in the shades Viva Glam II and Twig. I have heard lots of amazing things about Twig so I decided to go for it and it was a super choice as it's such a simple colour to pull of yet, looks insane. Secondly Viva Glam II although I've only wore this shade a few times I still think it's super pretty and although isn't bright like what I am used to it's perfect for those days when I am feeling 'no makeup'. Both of the lipstick finishes are Satin which means they are long lasting and give an opaque finish.

MAC the nudes

The stand-outs: 
My three favourite lipsticks from my collection, Up The Amp, Heroine and Royal Matte which are all known to be quite daring and out there, but I love those types of shades. Royal Matte being a blue matte shade (I've never worn blue before, but I freakin' love it!) Herione is a dark purple a perfect step into purple lipsticks as it's not too out there but still is beautiful and very purple. Finally Up The Amp which I feel is more of a light purple and is an amplified lipstick so totally different to the other two. Up The Amp is very pigmented and it lasts for hours upon my lips which makes me super in love with it. I will always reach for Herione if I don't know which other lipstick to wear as it always makes me feel fierce and fabulous.

MAC the stand out shades

The brights:  
The first MAC lipsticks I purchased were bright colours and I am super happy I have them in my collection although I can't wear them much at the moment as I feel they are more for spring I love them all and think they're perfect for those who love bright colours and pretty pinks. Starting with the colour Im-passioned a beautiful amplified pink shade perfect for those who are looking to make a statement and the lipstick is super long lasting so perfect for those nights out. Next is my first VIVA glam lipstick, in a bright pink and I was slightly swayed by the fact it was from Miley Cyrus a super pretty pink similar to Im-passioned with a similar finish too. Next is Candy Yum Yum, a perfect pink for those who prefer MAC shades, and although I am hit and miss with MAC I do enjoy this shade on occasion. The final lipstick of my brights collection which is pictured is girl about town, I've seen many people wear this and it looks fab so I went for it, another amplified shade which looks crazy beautiful on and lasts all day, one of my favourite pink shades. One that was photographed was Relentlessly Red and I decided to mention this one because it's a Retro Matte which is a different finish to all of the others pictured a Retro Matte lipstick is similar to the matte with it's drying power but it supposed to give you the look of 50's lipsticks and make you feel stunning.

The Brights from MAC lipsticks

What colours do I need next? 

Haulin' With Octer | Lifestyle

One of my favourite past times is shopping, I can't help but wander on a variety of websites online daily from fashion, to the latest lipstick and even to the Disney Store. I am forever going shopping into cities and buying lots of cute things for my ever growing collection, so today I thought I would bring you a mini haul from the website Octer. If you don't know about Octer they are a fashion start up but offer lots of other goodies from a variety of websites like House Of Fraser, Boots and John Lewis. On their website you can find a variety of products from MAC lipsticks to the some pretty cool homeware goodness. I think my next purchase from Octer will be this gorgeous denim jacket which I've been eyeing up! I hope you enjoy this mini haul and I am sure there will be plenty of other purchases as far as this site is concerned.

Ariel Pop Vinyl

My first choice on the website when I found they sold Pop Vinyl's was this gorgeous one of Ariel! Lately I've taken to a new collection from Tsum Tsum's (as well as those too) and started on my very own pop collection after being inspired by Stacey and her HUGE collection. The lovely Ariel is the second in my collection and I went for her as she is my favourite Disney princess, with that gorgeous red hair. I love the Pop Vinyl although Ariel is considerably smaller than the lovely Sadness but I am assuming that is something to do with her tail.

Violetta MAC lipstick

Next is another collection of items I am in love with and that is MAC lipsticks, I've been collecting them for around two years now and I am more into the dark colours at the moment such as purple and blue so this is the perfect addition to my collection. It reminds me of Violetta but it's an amplified lipstick which just happens to be my favourite finish for MAC. I love that Octer works with House Of Fraser who stocks MAC. Big thumbs up from me. 

Kate Spade Note Pad

 The final item of my haul is a gorgeous note pad from Kate Spade, I've wanted something from Kate Spade for ages and nearly brought a bag from her collection in the states two years ago and didn't and I wish I had as I love all of her stuff. I've wanted to get some purchases from her homeware collection so I am happy that this was on the site. Although it's a little smaller than what I imagined I am love with and it's perfect for little notes on my desk.

I can't wait to shop on Octer again, and I hope it inspires you to check them out! 

*Pr Samples

When brands/PRs do it right with bloggers | Lets Talk

It's been in recent months when I've seen an amazing amount of brands and PR's treating bloggers as they deserve to be treated, with payment and offering great campaigns to work on which to me always makes me happy as a blogger, there's nothing worse than being emailed 20 times a day asking to share something for free with a possible RT on their social media to 150 followers (that really happened).

Today I am talking about those brands who go out of their way to find out about your blog and email you with your actual name instead of  Donuts which is what I get a lot. So what I've thought about whilst running my own blog, if a PR emails you with respect, asking for your ideas, telling you about things they enjoy on their blog, then bloggers are more likely to work on projects with smaller/no budgets because the people actually put the time in to talking to you first and taking you seriously.

Co Op Twitter Tea Party
One of the boxes sent by the Co Op 

Previously I've worked with brands/PRs who I spent ages working on a post for, even for free in the past and then popping up the post, tweeting about it then you send the link to that person and they never reply. In my opinion that is bang out of order. Even if a PR doesn't have time to read your post a simple thank you wouldn't go a miss, respect should be a mutual thing and brands should totally take the time to thank you as it is a lot of work creating that perfect post, they don't just pop up on our bloggers all shiny and written up, we do that.

So on to the good stuff, I have a few PR companies who keep in touch, follow me on social media and give me fabulous feedback on each post I do for them, some examples of this are the Together Agency, Fetch Fm and Brands 2 Life. Without the lovely managers of the accounts there wouldn't any of this so I just wanted to put a special thank you in this post to Emma who has her own blog Emma's Blog who is always so lovely and makes me smile and another to the lovely Viki who I've been working with for a while now and she always sends over lovely feedback and comments.

Another shout out to a brand who I always find do it right are the Co Op, with their amazing surprise food packages with all of the thought gone into them, it always makes me smile when one arrives! The brand make sure that you receive your package and also put on fabulous Twitter chats, like the #TwitterTeaParty they did a few weeks back. Keep up the good work Co Op you are fab!

Remember treating bloggers with respect can go along way, but also remember we can't always work for free as sometimes we are earning our living from our blog and money makes the world go round!

#SleepNiceBeNice With Bed Guru | Lifestyle

A couple of weeks back I was asked if I wanted to take part in an AMAZING campaign which was being run by the lovely Bed Guru. The idea behind the campaign was to participate in getting more sleep because more sleep equals better mood therefore nicer, I am always trying to go out of my way to be nicer to people so I thought this would be the perfect challenge to take part in. Along with the brief I was sent some gift vouchers to help be nicer to people along the way. Now I am here to tell you what I managed to achieve with more sleep and how being nicer costs nothing and can make someone feel a lot happier.

My first challenge was getting my sleeping pattern sorted out, I love to sleep a lot but I can often finding myself going to bed late at night like 2am and then not waking up til 11am or even 12pm, which is a total waste of a day. It took a few days to manage to be able to sleep at a reasonable time and I still found waking up early at first but it became habit after a few days. Next I took to Twitter to share some positive thoughts with others, whether I know them or not I decided to compliment people with the hashtag #BeNicer the idea being it links with the campaign and also helps others to be nicer. I set a challenge to my fellow tweeters to take the challenge to send three nice tweets to people they've not spoke to and I believe some others took the challenge. Like I said earlier in the post it takes nothing to be nice to others, I spent a good few hours sending lots of lovely messages to others and I hope I managed to make their day a bit better.

Next I treated my boyfriend to a Starbucks, he is always at work so when he gets time off I like to treat him, I thought it would be a nice to treat to sit down and have a bit of a chat and a lovely coffee to go alongside. He really appreciated the treat and it was nice to spend some time together!


Other nice things I decided to do include taking my friend out for a Nandos, it was so fun and we got to have a proper catch up, although I have now decided I will never get my burger medium spicy again- I was almost crying! I also aimed to compliment and smile at lots of random strangers in my town, although I probably looked creepy to some of them most of them appriciated the sentiment which made me feel better. I also took another friend out for food on a different day which I know she really enjoyed. My final good deed is still to come as I plan to use my last voucher to take my mum to see a film she really wants to see but she hasn't had a day off work yet. The #SleepNiceBeNice is one of my favourite campaigns I have taken part in and I want to thank Bed Guru again for giving me this chance and reminding me how easy it is to be nice.

Having Easter Fun | Lifestyle

My favourite thing about Easter is the fact that it brings families together for that one day, similar to Christmas but less about giving and receiving and more about having a good day. The perfect thing about Easter is the fact that you get spend the day chilling, eating and most importantly with your family, yay! I decided to bring you a post which is all about the fun things you can do on Easter and the best part is that they are all within your own home, even better right?

Film day:
A film day is always the perfect way to have a chilled out day and turn your front room into with lots of goodies like popcorn, make your movie day even better by watching films on a new Panasonic 4k TV, with beautiful bright picture and even better for that cinema effect. I'd recommend spending the day watching some fabulous chick flicks or even some films which involve Easter or even bunnies (my favourite animals, woo) some suggestions for your film day could be:
  • Hop (how cute is this film!)
  • One of the Peter Rabbit films (or all of them if you fancy!)
  • Charlie and the chocolate factory (hello chocolate overload)
  • Or even a newer film: Pieces of Easter (well worth checking out)
I love baking around or on Easter as there are so many amazing recipes for you to make, from chocolate crispy nets, to an Easter styled cake there are so many fun and creative ones to make. If you get too much chocolate you can even get creative with that and make something chocolate related. Good Food have a fabulous selection recipes for you to pick from. 

Egg Hunt:
This has got to be the best part of Easter right? I may be twenty one but I am NEVER too old for an Easter egg hunt, it's all the fun of finding the chocolate and then even more fun to eat the chocolate. I've seen so many kits around full of little eggs perfect for hunts. 

I am so obessed with craft at the moment, I can't stop going into Hobby Craft for all of the perfect Easter essentials along with items for my scrapbook, before Easter an awesome idea is to stock up on fun craft things and spend the day creating lots of cute things, or even create your own Easter memory book! 

I hope these ideas help and I would love to know how you are going to spend your Easter!

* A collaborative post