Should more sex education be taught at school? | Lifestyle.

Sex Educution

Those of you who are reading this probably know what triggered this post if you live in the UK and on Thursday night you watched "Sex In Class" a documentary produced by Channel 4. I love Channel 4 documentaries as they are open and cover so many topics and I love to find out new information about things I hadn't previously heard about. Basically the documentary is about a a Belgian sexologist come into one British high school and each sex ed in a more open and unique way. Now when I was at school we had one lesson on how to put a condom on a male with the whole year group and then another about the other forms of contraception, both which felt uneasy as they were with the whole class and nobody would take it seriously plus this was taught in year 9 when everyone already knew most of the stuff the teacher had to say, whilst watching the channel 4 documentary, I felt that it opened up some subjects which aren't covered in sex ed and really should be. The guys within the class really didn't have much respect for the girls which was not great to watch, and the whole time I spent the entire time yelling at the TV, you are vile!

Although they are indeed teenage boys, if they are infact having sex and inflicting things they have seen on porn on young girls it can have bad consequences. The chances are the boys were just playing up to the camera, but the lack of knowledge in the class and probably most other classrooms in Britain was shocking. In my opinion the reason behind this is the fact that teens learn most of their sex ed from the internet or their friends, and the part of the internet which they learn their info from is in fact porn, which most don't realize it's all acted and in fact most women are not like that in the bedroom. I think in depth sex education should be taught at school, most teenagers will be embarssed and I know I would of been, but in the long run I think it will help broaden their horizions and also teach younger males about what is not okay, in porn noone asks for consent, you don't see the male, turn to the female and say is it okay if I do this now, it's just done and that gives younger views a wrong view of what is okay. Women aren't objects and it should be taught in the classroom how important consent really is, and not just the dangers of teen pregnancy, which I think is the only thing which is covered about sex. How about the fact that teens need to know the outcomes of their actions, the truth about real sex as well as remembering to use protection, and learning what forms of contraception there are.

Being a teenager who had a massive lack of sex eduction, I think it's time to change. I am aware that some people will never okay with their child learning about this within school, but why not? It's what happens in life and it needs to be talked about and with no disrespect to other subjects, why is this not taught instead of less important ones? E.g. Art, Citizenship? I think teens are taught a very outdated version of sex ed and they need updating and taught the realness of it.

What are your views on this subject? 

Gosh | The best of the drugstore eye shadows?

GOSH eyeshadow

This month I have officially brought some summer shades into my make-up look, I love wearing brown and grey eyeshadow all year round but I thought it was finally time to mix it, I decided to include these gorgeous pinks and silvers into my everyday looks. I started with the base of a white shade to line the base, so when I added the pink it was extra bright and finally finish off the look with some gorgeous glitter. I am really into brights at the moment and although I am currently looking investing in an Urban Decay palette, I have decided to trail out some brights from the drugstore first. Gosh isn't a brand a lot of people consider as a go to brand despite it being in Superdrug and I think it gets left behind at times which is silly because I love them as a brand and think they have amazing quality products, such as nail varnish, eyeshadows and lipsticks.

 My favourite currently being these gorgeous shades from the SS15 range, whilst it's summer I plan to make the most of these bright shades along with others. I find these eyeshadows work amazing when used wet or dry and tend to enjoy using them with the three shades in the palette to make an amazing pink look, and then finishing with some black liner, although I am considering trying out some brighter eyeliners for a bit of fun, as I am bored of just your average black and brown ones. I find these shadows long lasting, and give off the same lovely look as when applied. The only down fall with these are the fact that they are powder, I find that when they are in my bag, can often get broken up into bits so it's messier when it comes to the next use, but other than that I would totally re- buy these again.

Makeup Revolution| Redemption Acid Brights Palette.

I have fallen in love with Make Up Revolution ever since they came around a little over a year ago, their cheap prices with their high quality products drew a lot of people in and I am glad to say it worked on me. Lipsticks for a £1, Makeup Palettes for less than £8 and lots of other amazing quality products. Due to it being summer, and me falling in love with the idea of bright eyeshadow looks I decided to invest in this brights palettes after all of the ones I've owned previously being such good quality! I thought swatching the colours would give you an idea of how bright they are too! 

Bright palette from makeup revoultion

Bright palette

This palette has a range of matte and shimmery shades, I love that bright colours come off as bright as they look giving you the chance to create some great summery looks. I love the pinks in the palette as well as the purple. I am not sure I would branch out to the green or orange but you never know! I didn't swatch the white due to it being too light to appear on my hand but it will make a great base or I think it would work well if wet. I think you can make some adorable summer looks with this and it's also festival perfect as you can double it up and use it as war paint on your face or do an over the top crazily awesome eye look! This palette costs £4.00 which is amazing value for the amount of shades you get in the palette and I would recommend this or any of their palettes to anyone looking to branch out or build up their makeup collection on a budget. You can purchase the palette here.

Makeup revolution brights palette

Self Confidence, What is it all about?

The amount I've times I have looked into a mirror and want to be sick, is more times than I can possibly tell you, the amount of times I gone for a job and hated on myself so much that I have psyched myself out before I've even made it through the door, the amount of times I've avoided events and nights out because I am scared of the judging looks that I will get from other people. Until one day I realized it's not actually other people who hate me, or the way I am or look, it's myself and being this way was ruining the way I felt about everything, I was avoiding going out all together at one point, I would stay in PJs, sit on twitter where people could only see the image of which I would put out there and hide in bed. It was only until one day I realized that the only person who is feeling the effect of this is actually myself, to everyone else it just looks like I am avoiding people which was totally not the case, I was just too busy self loathing to love myself and others. Or as Ru Paul says "if you don't love yourself, how the hell do you expect anyone else to" which is actually something that has stuck with me, how can I expect people to think I am awesome if I don't even think it myself. How can I go through those doors and nail that interview if I can't even convince myself I can do it, let alone others?

 Now don't get me wrong, I didn't wake up the next day and go I love myself, love my body, mind and my life turned out perfect, the end. Of course not, I am still working towards to it now in fact, I have my down days, but who doesn't? But instead of looking in the mirror and thinking "Ew" I actually think of one, if not more positive things about myself then there and it could be as little as my hair looks nice or I have no acne on that day or even better I could feel confident in my mind! But honestly, it turns out loving yourself is actually easier than hating yourself, bet you didn't think that did you, it's just about trying and aiming to be who you want to be instead of doubting everything you can do, think about the fact you can actually do it and you will succeed!

Little Ondine Nails | Review

Hi all, I thought today I would give you a bit of a review of a product and a brand, I only recently came across called Little Ondine, and they are a company who makes nail varnish with a twist. There is a few twists with their nail varnish, but the biggest is that their varnish is actually peelable which is amazing as you can take it off yourself without remover! A few other claims of the polish is that it is odour free and dries quickly. So is this nail varnish too good to be true? 

Little Ondine

Little Ondine colours

The first thing I noticed about the polishes is the fact that their box is made out of cardboard which I think is super savvy and also easy to recycle, I love the way it comes apart and on the inside it gives you tips how to apply and also what the polish does which I found super cool! Secondly I noticed the amazingly bright colours of the nail varnish! Often when ordering online when I receive an item the colour looks nothing like what it does but these definitely do! I love the branding of this product too, it's very simple but gives it a classy feel. Next are the claims, the first one being odour free which when I went to smell it there is actually no scent which is crazy as that's one of the main things some people dislike about nail varnish.

 The better it is after the more coats, which is like most polishes really, it becomes brighter and gives a better coverage if applied on top which I did 3 times to make sure I got a nice coverage. The claim which I found the most unbelievable is the peel off factor, when it came to taking it off I couldn't believe how easily it came off, I just picked at it and it came off! This can also be a downside as some people can do things which involve them chipping their nails and this would result in it coming off, so for long lasting nail varnish I wouldn't pick this, but it's perfect if you just want your nails painted for one night or you are able to look after your nails a lot better than me!  Overall I was happy with this product and for £7.20 I would purchase it as a bit of a treat, as the colours are AMAZING.

Little Ondine colours

* I was sent these polishes to review, opinion 100% honest.

5 apps every university student needs!

Apps every university student needs

Being a student I decided today I would share with you my top 5 apps that every student on this planet needs, without them I think my life would fall apart... okay a little dramatic BUT you know what I mean, these apps make student life a whole lot easier especially those of you who live with your friends, like me!

UNiDAYS: Otherwise known as discount galore, this is one of my favourite perks of being a university student is getting up to 20% discount on many stores online and in the shop, including Apple, New Look and Topshop! The app basically gives you a unique code which you enter at the end of your shop and gives you the discount!

Split the bills: This app is so crucial if you live in a house with other people, especially when it comes to how to split the bills equally and not having to chase everyone, via this app it is simple pay one payment to the app and all of the bills get paid on time and no one owes anyone any money!

Course Notes: I adore this app, it's amazing for being in lectures although some people if using it on their phone do get accused of being on their phone when they're actually taking notes or getting audio notes. The good thing about this app is if you have a Mac book it can sync between the two and you have all of your notes on the computer waiting.

Just Eat: Takeaway is the best when you're a student and despite having no money, you can always find money for a cheeky pizza or Chinese... every now and again, Just Eat is the best way to do this without having to search for local takeaways in your area, and it is as easy as a click of a button (sort of)

On Trees: The simple way to manage your money easily, if you connect all of your cards to the app, or even if you just have the one it separates the purchases into a colourful graph, telling you what you are spending the most of your money on based on your must up to date purchases, this is helpful as it teachers you what you need to cut down on where money is concerned!

Living like a student! Pizza Review.

Chicago town pizza

If you haven't already guessed it yet, today's post is a review of some amazing products that I recently was introduced to. If you follow my blog or know me on a personal level, you'll probably know my favourite food in the entire world is PIZZA and recently I have been on such a Domino's binge, which is leaving me low on funds which is never good, I tried getting the pizzas from the supermarket but they are just not the same, which is annoying because they look so good before they're cooked but then leaving me feeling unsatisfied. *Plays some revelation music* that is when I was introduced to this microwaveable bad boys (yes I actually just said that) they are from Chicago Town and they taste amazing, being microwave pizzas I did expect them to taste a bit like cardboard, but they actually didn't, and the best part is they're cheap, quicker than a takeaway and don't leave the smell that I can often find takeaway does!

 As you can see from my pictures, they are cheesy melt in your mouth goodness, and for the size are actually really filling. You can also get them in different forms, such as a large pizza and a pizza sub, which is perfect for a quick lunch! Although mine are cheese and tomato as I am a vegetarian you can get meat variations of these and I can now see why my boyfriends house mates lived on these all year! Only one thing I would say, they're not as deep as I thought they would be from the packaging, as it's a bit misleading as I expected them to be a lot thicker.

* This post contains samples kindly gifted from Chicago Town

20 things to do this summer!

It's summer time!

Image Source

It's SUMMMMERRR and has been for a while now in fact. I decided July seemed like the best time to share this post with you lovely lot, and it is a list of 20 ideas/things for you to do this summer. I thought it was a good idea for anyone who is stuck for ideas of things to do, I just wanted to state some of these things I want to do myself, but if I actually do them I'll be shocked!

1. Go to somewhere new in the UK! 
2. Donate Blood, find out how here
3. Meet up with fellow bloggers
4. Learn a new instrument
5. Visit family
6. Get that piercing you've always wanted
7. Learn how to do a new sport
8. Go camping
9. Start a youtube channel
10. Learn about a new subject which you are passionate about
11. Learn a new language 
12. Do some volunteering
13. Visit the zoo
14. Start scrapbooking
15. Go for a picnic
16. Go to the beach
17. Have a huge sort out
18. Explore your local area
19. Meet up with old friends
20. Read lots of new books 

What's on your list of things to do this summer?