Be Festival Safe

Be festival safe
Hey all, if you hadn't already guessed this post is about keeping yourself safe at festivals! I thought I would give you some tips and ideas especially if you are a newbie festival goer!

Don't take expensive items: 
A pretty obvious one to start with, but I thought it's worth a bit of a mention. Obviously you want to take pictures but I don't think it's worth taking your phone, I'd take an old phone and use a cheap/old camera, although the quality won't be as good I wouldn't recommend walking around with a huge DSLR, it can easily get lost or stolen.

Be careful of who you trust: 
This counts in all respects whether it's with drinks, your belongings or even in your tent. You have no idea who they are, although most probably are friendly don't trust anyone with something which could end up hurting you in the long run.

I know most people go to festivals to get 'trollied' and listen to fabulous music which is fine but do make sure you know where your drink is at all times, also don't split up from your friends because it's a dangerous thing at a festival especially if you're drinking you will loose where your tent is. Also make sure you are careful around your drink don't let anyone you don't know near it, in case of it being spiked.

Learn your location: 
Finding your tent in the dark once you've had a bit to drink can often be a bit of task, it's often worth jotting down/remembering a few key things about where you are, e.g. what camping area, near this stage, next these coloured tents and what colour your own tent is. It's great to get a tent which stands out because then you're more likely to be able to find it;

Drink a lot of water during the day as it can be hot and there a lot of people around so it's worth keeping your fluids up and don't stay in the sun for too long!

Find out more about ways to keep safe at festivals from Cloudstix here

Destination Dreams.

There is so many beautiful places in the world which I dream of visiting, and one day hope to at least visit some of my travel bucket list! I thought I would make a little bit of a post today sharing with you the places I'd love to visit, as it's almost summer and that always get me thinking about holidays and travelling. I've got a range of beautiful places in my head and I thought I would share my top 3 with you today.

Image Source One

Australia has just been one of those places I have always wanted to visit, I think it's great that you can go during our winter and it's their summer, perfect for holidays early in the year. I have seen many amazing things about Australia, and what it is like to live there I just want to experience it for myself, from the hot weather, to the amazing sites it sounds like a great place to explore. I'd love to make it more of a travel around Australia rather than a week or two holiday I'd love to experience it for a few months, and visit all of the gorgeous places Australia has to offer, not mention those beaches!

San Francisco 

 Image Source Two
The home of the Golden Gate Bridge, which to visit has always been a dream of mine after seeing it in so many films growing up, it was my dream to drive it myself so maybe I'll wait a little longer until I visit, I've been to the USA previously, but California is somewhere I've always wanted to visit. So many nice beaches, so much shopping, food and site seeing sounds like a dream to me. I'd love to spend months in the states because two weeks just isn't enough and it always makes me sad to leave!

Image Source Three
Now this is one of the three I have already visited but when I was a lot younger with my grandparents and didn't experience it how I would now. I feel now it would be perfect to go with a boyfriend as it just seems romantic, visiting the Eiffel tower, strolling around Paris, so many things to see. I want to sit in France and enjoy their gorgeous food and go to the cute markets as well as using the French language knowledge that I already know, p.s. aren't crepes just a winner? 

Sensationail Review

Senstionail Nails

I was recently sent the Sensationail kit to review on my blog, which I was super excited about as it's something I've been keen to try for a while, when it came I decided I would trial it straight away, the colour my starter kit came with is one I would of picked for myself- the claim of the product is up to 2 weeks of dazzling damage proof wear, so what did I think?

The Make-up Remover Favourites.

Make up removers favourites

Recently there seems to be an increase of different types of make-up remover, I have been trialling out a fair few recently and these are the top three that I found. I think they're all great for removing make-up quickly and effectively, unlike make-up wipes don't just take off the surface dirt but actually cleanse your face. I've found using these I have found my skin in a lot better condition and a lot smoother. 

L'oreal Makeup Remover

L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection: 
This is the only micellar water in my favourites currently, after using a lot of gel removers I decided to try a water one. First off I do love this I think it's great and it's usually pretty cheap. It dissolves your make-up and even with pen eyeliner it takes it off really easily. The things I dislike about this product is how much you tend to use, I end up squeezing it and tons comes out everywhere and it does feel like I end up using too much everytime. I would be tempted to buy this again as it leaves my skin feeling sort and as it's water it leaves my face feeling clean and fresh!

Sephora Makeup Remover Gel

 Sephora Makeup Remover:
I purchased this in my last Sephora haul, the packaging is simple which s great as you can see easily how much of the product remains, I love the gel removers as I find they remove makeup like mascara the easiest without much removing. I dislike the feel of gel ones as they make me feel like my face is sticky but after leave it silky smooth. I purchased this in the sale and found it's amazing, I tried not to like it too much as it's harder to repurchase for me, but this is a great choice for all of you lucky enough to have Sephora!

La Roche Posay Makeup Remover

La Roche Posay Makeup Remover*: 
Out of the three I found this one to be the best, for a couple of reasons first being the size of the bottle, it's great value you for what you pay and you only need one squirt to take off your make-up so it's a very long lasting product, I love the design of the product I think the blue makes the product feel more fresh, it did leave my skin feeling clean and I noticed an improvement on my skin whilst using this product. I still have a little bit of a thing against the gel removers as they leave your face feeling a little bit sticky after application but it's a beautiful product and smells good too!

Summer Dress Must Haves!

I can't believe we are now half way through this year, it's gone so quickly I feel like the days are flying past me, we are now approaching hotter weather as we are in summer (almost) which is my favourite season, which means the pretty dresses, shorts, crop tops and gorgeous bikinis are going to start making an appearance. My favourite outfits to wear in summer are dresses and finally without any tights, so today I thought I would share with you, my summer dress must haves for the upcoming season! All of the gorgeous dresses in this post can be bought via Fashiola which if you are yet to hear of you can check them out here.

Fashiola Summer Dress Must Haves

Dress One 
First off, this dress is so gorgeous not only for it's style but also for it's colour. Not many people are a fan of yellow, but I think it looks gorgeous in summer and I think this dress is amazing for styling up or styling down. You can style it up with a pair of heels for a gorgeous evening look or converse and a jacket for a day time look. I love the material that it is made from also, think it's quite unique and something I would invest in for sure. I would probably most likely wear this dress if I was going for afternoon tea or out for a meal. 

Dress Two
This dress is so simple yet so much can be done with it, I think it's a statement piece which is perfect to go in your wardrobe and be used when looking to make an outfit, you can mix it up with once again using converse and a jacket for a casual look, you can wear it over a bikini on the way to the beach or even with tights and a blazer to make it look a little smarter. This is the sort of dress I would wear when meeting my friends in town for a coffee. 

Dress Three
This dress has me written all over it, it's my ideal dress. I love black in any season as it's so easy to dress up and down and wear with anything. I would wear this dress at anytime of the day as part of my style I would probably end up styling it with Dr Martens but you can style it with sandals or dolly shoes if you go for a brighter colour you can bring the summer element to the outfit. This dress would be perfect for a date, going out in the evening or even just an afternoon chill.

*This post is in collaboration with Fashiola

What is a role model?

"A person looked to by others as an example to be imitated" is the definition of a role model, so in other words a person people look up to and be like. I feel like calling someone a role model puts immense pressure on them, at the same time being a role model must be amazing. But there's also different levels to which a person takes a role model, I mean people say their parents are their role models which has a different level of intensity to some people who say celebrities are their role models as they take that one a lot more literally. I know people who have their idols tattooed on their bodies, getting their hair done to match their idols, copying what their idols do. This comes with dangerous consequences, if an idol was to take to twitter and say that they hated this person for a reason, the fans of that idol would do the same. 

I feel like Zoella is a perfect example of this, she came out with that she said anxiety to help others get help for their own, what this actually did was make others say they have anxiety, in an aim to be more like their idol and get her attention they jumped on this anxiety bandwagon! Which is awful as anxiety isn't something to pretend as people don't realize the seriousness of it. Another example of what I've seen is One Direction fans, I have mentioned them in a previous post; I've seen people from One Direction write things around feeling down or whatever and then there will be a whole herd of young girls saying they feel down and suicidal in an attempt for one of their idols to follow them. 

It must be awful for the person who is the role model though, they feel like they must watch what they say in case it effects someone else in a negative way. That means them filtering what they post online which sucks as they are normal people too and should be able to post what content they want online, but I guess that's the price that comes with a celebrity status. The sad part in this is the people who feel like they need to go to the extremes they do to get noticed by their idol, I have people I admire and look up to but what they do doesn't make me copy them but I guess that comes with age. 

Fortnightly Favourites #2

Fornightly favourites

Pokemon Y: I am a huge pokemon fan and after completing Omega Ruby I decided to purchase Pokemon Y as well, if I am not on twitter that's most likely where I am. 

White Converse: I have always loved converse, but am yet to own a white pair after spending a lot of time looking at pretty fashion posts, a nice way to make a dress a little more casual is with a pair of white converse, I think an investment is needed soon! 

Rimmel London Wonder'full Mascara: I have always loved the wake me up collection by Rimmel and when I saw this new mascara from the collection I had to try it. I love the brush as it's easy to apply to both lashes and gives a fuller look.

Vita Spa Hot Tubs*: After hearing about one of my friends hot tubs it's made me really want one! I hope one day when I am not a broke student I will be able to invest in one of these beauties in my house or garden as it would be the perfect way to relax! 

Magnitone Lucid: I was sent one of thee Magnotines after a blogger twitter party after wanting one since last summer, I have been obsessed with using it and finding that my skin is SO much clearer since I have been. It's a must have with my daily face routine. 

Cheeky Boo: Cheeky Boo is the cutest little shop which I came across via twitter, with so many handmade items and adorable little stationary pieces such as this notebook, I decided they deserved a mention in this fortnightly favourites, well worth checking out! 

What have you been loving lately? 

The SOS kit.

Emma Lomax SOS Kit

A little bit of something different on the blog, but when I received one of these cuties in the post the other day, I had to write about it on my blog! So the SOS Kit* from Emma Lomax , is one of the sweetest things I've ever laid my eyes on. It came in a huge box (like a shoe box) so I was a little confused as to what it could be. when I took this out I thought it was so lovely, it's a little mini SOS kit for a every woman to carry in their hand bag, when first seeing it I was curious to know what was suggested as an SOS item for a woman.