A Stationery Haul!

Stationary Haul

Some of you may know that it was stationary week recently and I ended up doing a little bit of hauling from a few different places, including Chroma Stationary, Smiggle, Getting Personal and Nu, I am actual stationery addict, the amount of notebooks I have is a crazy amount and I've never in my life filled one more than half way, whether they're in the sale or I spot a cute one in a shop it has to be mine, see my problem? I'm the same with cute erasers in Paperchase, I can walk into there and come out with cutest erasers ever. I do actually use pens which I buy as I like to write notes everywhere of posts to do, and make to do lists. So what is my in my haul?

Is University for you?

From any early age university is always on the cards, and seems like it's the option you must take to get a job, throughout college I was unsure about what I wanted to do (still am now) so decided to do a foundation degree which is a follow on from the college course I was doing. I am doing my final year at the university and am ready to progress to that level. But from knowing people who took the university route and dropped out or who took a different route e.g. getting a job or an apprenticeship you can succeed in whichever route you take.

Spring Cleaning With George!

Spring Cleaning with George at Asda
Spring Cleaning with George Asda

After a few years of having the same boring room, I finally decided to upgrade a few things and get some new bits and bobs to make it look a little more pretty! If you know me you know I am a huge girly girl, who loves all things pink and heart related. But my room felt a little childish and was in a serious need of a revamp and a more of an adult touch!

Product of the week- The Library Of Fragrance.

The library of Fragrance

A little bit of a different product this week, but still amazing all of the same! If you haven't heard of these little beauties you are missing out that's for sure. These are perfumes from The Library Of Fragrance, there is something so unique and special about this brand and their amazing range of perfumes, and that being the creative scents and despite their name they all smell delicious. I have looked at their range and some of the stranger sounding scents include Dirt, Leather and even Play Doh (I do LOVE that smell though).

Hungry For A Review.

Howdy Guys, what a strange way to start off a review hey? Well anyways I thought as it's a Friday you guys would enjoy a review of one my favourite apps around (minus twitter of course) in case you didn't already guess it's something to do with food. More precisely TAKE AWAY FOOD! The best kind of food in my opinion on a Saturday night sometimes it's just gotta be done.

Balance Me- Radiance Face Mask & Body Oil.

Balance Me Pamper

This is a first for two reasons, the first being I am featuring a new brand on the blog who hasn't been featured before now who are Balance Me and secondly the first time I am featuring a face mask within my blog, but this one is worth it so it's a new thing for me. I don't often review skin care based products in case I sound strange in my review, but there's a first time for everything.

25 Blog Post Ideas When Stuck In A Rut!

We all have those times when no matter how hard we try we just can't think of anything to write about, which I know is frustrating especially when you are so keen to get some posts up. I decided I would share 25 ideas for posts with you lovely lot and hopefully find one that inspires you.