25 Blog Post Ideas When Stuck In A Rut!

We all have those times when no matter how hard we try we just can't think of anything to write about, which I know is frustrating especially when you are so keen to get some posts up. I decided I would share 25 ideas for posts with you lovely lot and hopefully find one that inspires you.

The Wet Brush!

The wet brush

I am one of those people who have so many different hair brushes, the first reason being I always loose them as I have them in different bags and at my house and my boyfriends. Secondly being that I use different brushes for different things. I own a variety of brushes including a Tangle Teezer, two brushes from Sleep in rollers and a variety of Denman brushes, so I am always happy to add a new one to my collection. So when I was offered the chance to review The Wet Brush, I was more than happy to.

Product Of The Week- Blott Erasers!

Blott Donut Pot

Donut Erasers

I would be lying if I said I wasn't slightly excited when I saw these cuties, What are they may you ask? Erasers. Yes I am excited about food shaped erasers but how adorable are these? I have been a stationary fanatic for as long as I can remember. Starting a new school year was the best just for the pre school stationary shopping, and even when I went on to college where I didn't need stationary I still ended up buying tons of notebooks and pens, because they're too cute not to.

The Smaller Bag Challenge

I was recently set a challenge by Debenhams to downgrade my handbag from a large Ted Baker bag to a smaller bag of my choice, I chose the Bailey & Quinn* bag in a beauty lilac colour, when I was first asked this I thought there's no way I can fit all of my stuff into a bag that small! I am forever carrying around so much make-up, my notebook, purse and a few other little bits. Although it did involve me downgrading my notebook in size to make it fit within the bag, everything else fit really nicely! I took this challenge for a week to discover whether I could live with a smaller bag.

What is obsession with body size?

I can't believe it's not even been that long since I wrote my last post about body shaming and it's happening again, the last time I wrote a post was about the skinny shaming and this time Jamelia deciding to say on Loose Women, plus sized clothing shouldn't be allowed on the high street as it's promoting unhealthy living.

Kenwood Smoothie Maker & Orange Smoothie Recipe!

Something a little different on the blog today, as we've been having quite a lot of nice weather recently *touch wood* I thought I would feature a little recipe that I tried out for a zesty breakfast treat! Recently I was offered the chance to review the Kenwood Smoothie 2GO, and share a recipe which I made in it. The Kenwood Smoothie Maker 2 Go, is like a normal smoothie maker with a twist, the twist being that once the smoothie is complete you take off the blend and can swap the blade for a lid and it's ready to go, as simple as that. Which is such a creative idea for those who drink them on the go or don't have time to faff around with different glasses. I decided to put mine in a milk bottle as I had previously been to Ikea and purchased some and needed a use for them and my quirky straws!

Fill And Go From Brita.

Fill and Go Brita

The latest in water filtering technology by Brita*, The fill and go is a water bottle which is perfect for on the go and super easy to filter tap water which gives you two amazing things- a reusable bottle and cleaner tasting water which is overall cheaper than bottled water. The bottle itself is easy to clean and reusable with only the filter needs to be changed around once a week, you can buy a box filters which lasts a month. In comparison to a filter jug which you can have in the fridge I find this one to be a lot more easy and simple and in my price range.

Product of the week Lasting Perfection.

Collection Mascara

I can't believe it's Sunday again already? Where has the weekend gone, as you know I've turned Sunday blog posts into sharing love to my favourite product of the week, this week I have gone for a favourite of many. It's the Collection Lasting Perfect Concealer- I heard about this product from SO many other bloggers and youtubers and went out to get it, but after looking in many different shops I couldn't actually find my shade as it seemed to be the most popular so they were always snapped up and if they weren't they were covered in mess which sucks. But finally I found a shop which sold them and stocked up and I am in love.