What is life like living with an invisible illness?

This post is completely random and I hadn't planned to post it, it just happened. I usually stick to my schedule pretty well with posts written out up to a month in advance but I felt like this was something I needed to get out there and I feel like sharing it today. So some of you may speak to me on twitter, I'm known for the Share Love hash tag by a lot of you, which I love. I am the happy one which makes everyone else smile, and I love that so much feels like I am finally doing some good within the world. So my post tittle what is it like living with an invisible illness, it's no secret that I am suffering with Mental Illness like a quarter of the population every year. In case you haven't read my previous posts outline my struggles with mental health, I have anxiety and PTSD.

 In 2015 having a Mental Illness is becoming more well known and seen less of a lazy or sad thing to an actual proper illness! So what is it like for me living with this illness? Some of you may know I am a student who studies at University, but didn't actually go to halls or even move out of home until this year, because I was too anxious of leaving home, I can't deal with change. So I study a university degree, during first year I attended most of my days at university, I dealt with the work, I passed. But in second year things became harder, I couldn't just deal with life anymore, it was too much. I spent so much time missing university because the days I would attempt to go in, I couldn't focus or I would end up having a breakdown from being SO anxious or just feeling down. I ended up going to the doctor who would recommend me not going into university at all and give me weeks off at a time.

There was one point at the start of the year I didn't leave the house for an entire month, and it's carried on like this, I've recently started to go out a few days and even drink with my friends which is great. But I still find myself spending a lot of my time between these four walls, and with a lot of free time on my hands, if you didn't know the reason I started Share Love is because I had been signed off university again and had a lot of time being anxious at home and decided to make other people feel better as you never know what kind of day they are having. I like the idea of brightening someones day with a little message, even from a stranger. I feel you can find something nice to say about everyone in the entire world, if I could I would honestly send one to every single person each day but obviously that's not possible.

Life with anxiety is hard, I can't even walk on my own without having a panic attack, it sounds ridiculous I know that if I am to meet one of my friends my boyfriend will have to take me there and meet me after, I feel sorry for him I really do. Panic Attacks for those of you who aren't aware feel like your whole body is shutting down, you can't breathe despite people saying to you, breathe, it really doesn't help. You physically and mentally cannot cope and when you're stuck in a panic attack there is nothing to be done to stop it, it can happen at anytime about anything and it sucks. The only place I seem to not suffer with them as much is inside, so I avoid the outside world all together.

I adore twitter, it's my place to go. There's always someone around ready to talk and I think that's amazing, so thank you to those who are always there. I think it's so weird that I get asked for advice on certain things, because I by no means am any kind of role model for anyone else, I am a 20 year old student who can't even face university, one that can't handle going into clubs and is scared of going out alone. Last night a lot of you may be aware after drinking with a friend I took twitter and shared a lot of random stuff along with a video of myself, just being jolly. Which for me is crazy, I would never ever have filmed a random video of myself and uploaded it, it would of needed to be crazily edited, re filmed a few times and I would of never have been happy with it. Crazy how that some liquid can make you into this confident person you dream of being, but I feel better for finally being able to be myself.

So what was the point in this HUGE post? To be honest I am not even sure, and I am sorry it's super long, I just thought I'd share with you MY experience of mental health and how I manage to deal with my life.

Product Love Of The Week- Makeup Revolution Lipsticks.

I decided as I don't usually have a post going live on a Sunday that I would aim for a new type of post I was considering doing Sunday Summary but I don't seem to go out enough to make it a great read so I thought each Sunday I would share with you a product I have been loving throughout that week and the good thing is I have enough make-up to trial out I don't think I'll run out of products for Product Love.

So this weeks product if you haven't already guessed is the Make-Up Revolution £1 lipsticks, although these have been out since this launch of Make Up Rev, it's only recently I managed to get some, I've been lusting after them after SO many good reviews on them by fellow bloggers. For a £1 I wouldn't usually have high hopes but this product I did and rightly so, lots of different variations of colours, which are all long lasting and look fabulous on. After it being pretty bright and sunny this week I went for the following colours; depraved and crime these are perfect bright colours and as I am a huge fan of purple lipsticks at the moment I have been using depraved nearly everyday. As well as having date night on Tuesday night and using make it right as I fancied a slightly darker colour. All their lipsticks have a great shine on them.

What products have you been loving this week?

It's a perfect Spring Day

I can't believe it's already Spring and we are now in April! Doesn't feel like two minutes since we were in Winter and it was Christmas, but that can only mean one thing lighter and brighter days but also nicer weather *crosses fingers and toes* Although I do like to wear girly things like skirts, I also like to add my personal element of style to them e.g. chokers, leather jackets and most of all Platform boots! I do love that I can make a girly outfit into something which is more me just by adding a few statement pieces. 

Featured Items; 

Stylist Pick (Unavailable)- Chelsea Platform Boots. (Similar Here)
Primark- Floral Skirt
New Look- Choker
Primark- Vest Top
Forever 21- Leather Jacket Similar Here
Pandora Ring*

Swimwear Wishlist!

Some of you may be thinking it's way to early to be posting this post, but I know lots of people who go on holiday around this time of year and there are so many pretty swimwear items around this year, I thought I would just share some of my favourites with you. Although I love wearing Bikinis, they must have support for me to feel happy wearing them. I came across a gorgeous website called Bras Galore and thought I would share some of my favourites from their site ready for summer!

One: This beautiful bikini from Fantasie, to me looks perfect for my shape and is perfect for bigger busts, I love the way it's still extremely girly despite being for bigger busts as I have found previously that some which are for bigger sizes don't look as pretty. I love the bottom half as the ribbon on the bottom half gives it an extra added gorgeousness. 

Two: Firstly I'd like to point out that I love the style of this bikini from Freya, I like the way that bottom is more like a skirt and feels more comfortable for those who don't like the idea of 'baring all' it ties in the top frills with the bottom and the colour it's self is elegant and lovely.  

Three: Last year I was all about the Tankini as I felt very body conscious, I felt like the tankini is perfect alternative from a bikini but still got the gorgeousness of one also the features of swimming costume but a lot easier to wear and take off. The thing I enjoy about this Tankini from Fantasie is the ruffling, if you are body conscious I feel it takes away some of that as it's less straight down. 

Spring Fix Beauty Event!

A couple of weeks back I was invited to attend a Spring Fix Beauty event in the Birmingham Bullring, originally I was interested to know what this was about, I actually like Spring Cleaning because I have SO much stuff I definitely do NOT need so I was ready for this! As part of the event they were offering makeovers free of charge and they were also holding a Beauty Amnesty where if you gave up 5 pieces of old make-up you would get a £10 voucher for anywhere in the Bullring (Boots or Superdrug anyone?) which I think is fabulous! So I happily gave up some of my old lipsticks and a foundation! When I arrived I had my hair styled by an amazing Umberto Giannini stylist Called Rikki. I usually wear my hair straight or up, I don't remember the last time that I actually had it curled, I wasn't sure I would like it but it turns out I loved it and would definitely wear my hair like this again! 

After looking around and watching others get their make-up done I was presented with a voucher to spend in the Bullring in regards for attending and reviewing the day, at first I decided the sensible thing would be to buy some clothes, because I currently need some due to loosing weight and after a while of looking at clothes I didn't actually see anything that I fancied. So instead, I did what a beauty blogger does best and headed for Selfridges, and you've probably already guessed what I bought.. 3 MAC lipsticks. Que an eye roll from my boyfriend, but I decided I wanted them and I hardly have any reds/lighter shades in MAC lipsticks as I usually go for BRIGHT colours. I originally considered Morange but they had sold out *boo* I kept £15 of the voucher for when they get it back in stock because I thought it would be a perfect addiction to my collection. 

I had a really fabulous time at the Spring Fix Beauty Event, and it's a great way to get people involved in Spring cleaning! 

Check out my review of Chatterbox if you love MAC lipstick!

Nokia Lumia 735 Review.

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Microsoft, asking if I would be interested in trialling one of their phones, as a previous owner of a Windows Phone I was curious to see what changes had been made and how well I adapted to the phone. As always my review will be 100% honest, as it would be unfair of me to share a dishonest review. Although I am not a tech blogger I thought it would be interesting to review something different. So the phone I am reviewing is the Nokia Lumia 735- a bit different than the previous Nokia Phones I've had (we all remember those days)

Nokia Lumia 735
Phone Nokia Lumia 735

The Look:
The first thing which I noticed about the phone when I took it out of the box was it's amazingly bright, which I think is awesome because you don't need to have the added thing of a case on the phone. If orange isn't for you I know the phone comes in Green, Black and White. Compared to the size of my current Iphone the screen size is a lot bigger 4.7" to be precise. Perfect for watching Netflix on the go or even Youtube videos. The only downside to this is fitting it into a small place like a pocket wouldn't be as easy as some phones, but I guess that's the price for the large screen. This phone is a LOT lighter than your average phone, due to its size you expect it to feel heavier than it does.

This phone is known as the selfie phone so of course I had to take a cheeky selfie! I found it amazing that there is an app for selfies and when you take the picture it takes you into a further guide which has options to edit there and then perfect for those nights out or pictures on the go. The front camera is 5 mega pixels which is pretty good for a front camera with the back camera 6.7mp which is great quality and would be perfect for taking blog photos on.

On the Lumia 735, I used the sound for a couple of different things like Spotify and also to speak on the phone, one huge difference I noticed from my current phone is how clear the sound is, which is great for phone or skype calls. Also the speaker plays loud enough to listen to your music without a speaker although it isn't as clear when you do this (hence why most people have speakers)

This was one of my favourite aspects of the phone, the fact you can make the home screen your own, by pinning apps and changing their colours to the front screen, I am a girly girl so I went for the pink icons, I like how I can make them different sizes so I can put more on the front screen and it always looks neat and tidy, my favourite apps to have pinned were the Selfie App, Netflix and Twitter as they are the essential apps.

I found this phone amazing for playing games and using apps on because the colour is so vibrant and everything looks crisp and clean which is amazing phone for phone quality. I loved playing candy crush on this phone because it just made it so much more alive and the colours looked awesome!

Overall Verdict:

My overall verdict for this phone is that it is an easy to use smart phone, with fabulous colour and can be a bright coloured phone to match your personality. I loved being able to personalise the apps I have on my home screen. I did find the phone to be limited with apps, e.g. not having Snapchat, but there are still great apps on this phone, if you are a selfie lover I think this phone would be perfect for you because you can always take them on the go.

Regret Nothing

How often are you actually impulsive? Is the question which I have for you today. Many of us prefer to live on the safer side of life, with making sure everything runs to plan but that's no fun. As a beauty blogger one of my main times I am impulsive is when I buy new make-up product! It's actually good thing to be more impulsive in your everyday life, say yes to things you wouldn't normally do. Go out for a spontaneous meal, take a random trip, live your life and enjoy it! A recent survey by Diet Coke showed that only Three out of ten women only do something out of their comfort zone a few times a year, which is pretty sad really.

Life should be about living, and experiencing things. Now you may be asking how can you bring out your impulsive side more and become an impulsista' well there's many ways in which you can do this, depending on what your goals are. To meet new people, go out with your friends, ask them to bring their friends getting to know a whole new group of a people. Go on dates, be risky and take the leap into finding yourself a new romance. Dye your hair a crazy colour which you've always wanted to go- that includes that bright pink you've always wanted to go. Wear that new dress you bought but you are too scared to wear out, you can do it. Go on a random romantic weekend away with your loved one or even go and surprise a friend. There's so many things you can do be more impulsive in your everyday life.

It's also important to step even MORE out comfort zone and do something you have wanted to do for sometime but never had the guts to do. Now i'm not suggesting you pack up your entire life and move to a different country or anything like that (unless you want to of course) but there's other awesome things you can do, like get yourself that new job you've always dreamed of, start yourself a business, get married, have a child or even go back to university and study again, life is about living and being the best you can that you can be. Although you can't change the past so there's no point in Regretting it, you can share your future so you can Regret Nothing.

* This post is in collaboration with Diet Coke