MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus!

Viva Glam!

I love that MAC done a various amount of collaborations with different celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Fergie, to create the VIVA glam collection. The difference between this collection from MAC and the others are that all profits from this collection go to the Aids fund, which I think is amazing as it supports others and you get an amazing lipstick out of it. I've got to say this is the first VIVA glam lipstick that I've bought as soon as I heard it was available, As I just love Miley Cyrus, could be the fact that I grew up watching her in Hannah Montana or something to do with the outrageous woman she is now! I love the colour of this lipstick as I think it suits her personality quite well as it's bright and in your face!

The Miley Cyrus lipstick is amplified creme which is my favourite type of MAC lipstick formula compared to matte as it never leaves your lips feeling too dry although I've found this can mean it lasts longer or even just Amplified as it has that creamy feeling to it, but still quite a matte texture. I think the bright pink colour isn't as bright as it what it looks in pictures and it's a bit more toned down than what I originally thought it was going to be, but I think it looks great none the less. You don't need to apply much of the lipstick for it cover your lips which is great as it means more for your money. I did find the staying power on this lipstick to be quite long, it does last throughout the day and only needs to be reapplied when colour needs brightening, it also passed the drink test and stayed on throughout me drinking through the day.

 The packaging for all of the VIVA glam collection is different to normal lipsticks with a red inside and also on the outer packaging. It still has the same black outer packing which we all know and love as MAC. As well as featuring the celebrities signature, on the inside also, which gives the lipsticks that bit more of a personal touch, I love the signature done by Miley it's so swirly and pretty and I only wish I could make myself a better signature (must practice this!) Finally this MAC lipstick is no exception to any others and it still has that amazing vanilla scent which you get which you open the lipstick- giving you that full experience.

Love MAC lipstick? I wrote a review of Candy Yum Yum!

Valentines Day Wishlist

As most of you will probably know that Saturday is Valentines Day, love it or hate it is celebrated in most places in the world, and even if you're single I still think it's nice as it's a day of love and people showing their love for others, look at me getting all soppy. If you're in a relationship a lot of the time gifts are exchanged, from pretty flowers to the huge heart balloons. But now as well as those things other things are being bought which some people think is great, such as clothes, jewellery and even stationary, everywhere you go there are gorgeous things to show your loved ones that they mean the world to you! I thought I'd make a wishlist of all of the cute things I've seen around and which would be perfect for valentines day or the perfect gift.  

Pandora Ring*- As soon as I saw this ring I fell in love with it, there's just something about it which says elegance to me, the flowers make it so it is able to worn all year round, which to me would be perfect and symbolize your love and lets face it who doesn't want a Pandora ring? I reviewed the Pandora ring here.

Jimmy Choo Perfume- This bottle of perfume looks super girly and fits in with the theme of valentines day and also with diamonds are a girls best friend, this is a lovely smelling perfume which I think most women would enjoy and great for date nights.

Jane Norman Dress*- This is perfect for valentines day night itself, if you plan on taking your other half out for a meal, this would give her the chance to feel glamours and not have to stress about what she is going to wear, I went with this one as it's elegant and I love the pink colour as it fits very well with the theme of love and valentines day. 

Love Hamper- If you want to spoil your other half with chocolate and romantic treats this is the thing for you, with an already built hamper and it looks luxurious, and it's great for the perfect night in with netflix and cuddles.  

Snacks Under 150 Calories!

Hey, hows it going? I'm back after yet another long break from blogging, but this time I actually plan to stay, full of fresh ideas and in a better place I'm ready to relaunch Dungarees & Donuts better than ever. At the start of 2015 I started a healthy eating and fitness journey and I have previously tried all of the diets out there and given up after about 2 weeks so this is the longest yet, and although it doesn't seem like very long to some I'm really into it and already lost 8lb of my 4 stone goal. I started my fitness journey weighing 12 stone 4 lbs and hope to end up around the 8 stone mark with a better healthier body. I also started at a size 14/16 and I am now also a 12/14 so I'm making progress, although I am currently using things at home to work out, I plan to invest in a gym membership later on in the year. I also post daily photos of my food on Instagram

So I thought I would start by blogging about snacks which are under 150 calories, there are the obvious ones like, bananas, apples and carrot sticks but I thought I would show you ones for people who have busy lives or have trouble completely removing crisps and chocolate from their diet. I am currently calorie counting eating 1200 calories a day with a half an hour work out daily, so these are handy for me when I get peckish. 

Some snacks which I have found to taste yummy and also to be quite filling are below: These include the boots shapers range which includes their healthier versions of crisps and they're all under 150 calories, good for us crisp lovers. Next is Propercorn, I have done previous posts on Propercorn as they are a brand I support and enjoy muchly, they have a range of flavours including sweet & salty, sour cream & chive and even sweet vanilla coconut and they're healthy and you get a huge portion size for the calories, I've found it great for snacking when I am in front of the TV. Finally my new love which is bars, I haven't always been a big fan of cereal bars but now their is such a big variety they've grown on me. I recently tried the Nakd bars and they're something I can't live without as they're so tasty and cure my chocolate cravings, these are good for breakfast on the go or even after a workout. 

Fashion World Knitwear Range!

With it being Winter, knitwear is all in. Fashion world have an extensive range of clothes for most sizes ranging from 10-36 which are priced to suit all budgets. They have a wide range of jumpers and cardigans to suit most women. Fashion world have kindly sent me  a product of my choice to review. When given this option i decided to choose the Dogtooth Boyfriend cardigan because i feel that it suits my style of clothing and will appeal to my audience.

The Dogtooth Boyfriend Cardigan

The reason why I like this cardigan is because it is comfortable, warm and can be worn outside and inside. This cardigan can be purchased for £32.00 (now £15.00) directly from the Fashion world website. The cardigan features a dogtooth print which is inspired by monochrome trend of spring 2013. I like this Cardigan because it would suit any body shape and looks good with almost anything (jeans, leggings and skirts) and can be worn casual or dressed up with a nice necklace and heeled boots. It's always good to have a statement piece in your wardrobe and something which is easy to style up in to whatever you want and I feel this cardigan does just that. 

Christmas Jumpers!

Who can believe that Christmas is less than a month away? I love everything about Christmas from the present wrapping, to the seasonal drinks and the way everyone just seems that bit more jolly around festive times! One of my favourite things in the run up to Christmas is jumpers especially the festive ones, and if you don't own one or have never owned one you haven't lived. As I love Christmas jumpers SO much I actually decided to make a wishlist of the ones which I want and probably will end up going out and buying (too cool right?). I love Christmas jumpers which are sparkly and like nothing else you'd wear at any point of the year and it's only acceptable due to Christmas. 

One//Two//Three//Four (No longer available) 

 Let me know which your favourite one is in the comments below!

Silver Tree Wishlist!

As Christmas is fast approaching, presents are on most peoples minds including mine and as you get older you turn to more "grown up" gifts such as jewellery and watches and what better way to look at amazing products and share what I love with you guys than a wishlist post! So in an ideal world where money isn't an object these are some of the amazing things I'd love to get my hands on! 

1. Michael Korrs Rose Gold Parker Watch// This watch is something I've wanted for a good few years now and I always see it pop up around Christmas time as lots of boyfriends seem to buy their girlfriends these (I wouldn't complain) but I think they watch itself looks classy and elegant and I love the colour and the watch face. 

2. Thomas Sabo Rebel At Heart Skull Bracelet// I love this bracelet so much it reminds me of something which I would of worn back in my alternative days, but with the twist that it is £300 more than the ones I used to buy back then, It suits me down to a t with the skulls and the silver looks classy, this bracelet is something I'd love to get my hands on one day! 

3. Swarovski  Love Pendant// I am such a big fan of heart necklaces as I think they're super cute, I have been wearing the same one for a while now and it would be nice to treat myself to a nicer one, this is one of the cheaper things on this wishlist at £79.00, it's simple yet very elegant and pretty! 

4. DKNY Silver Chronograph Lexington Watch// Who doesn't want a DKNY watch, or anything from DKNY for that matter. I love this watch because it's so simple, and such a pretty design, this is something I would definitely love to get in the future. 

5. Links Of London Love Note Sapphire Earrings// Now these Earrings are worth as much as an IPAD mini and they're most beautiful things I think I may have ever set my eyes on, they are Sapphire earrings and beyond lovely, these are something I can only dream of having in my ears (then again I don't think I'd trust myself to wear them!) 

Kat Von D Ink Liner!

I'm still making my way from the products I bought whilst I was in the states, but the other day I popped onto to Sephora to look... and ended up placing an order, my bad! So I have another one of these beauties on the way, which I am super excited about. I have always been a fan of pen liners as I am useless at drawing on my eyeliner with the liquid ones which you used to get more of a few years back and since these pen liners have become popular I can finally do eyeliner even the cat eye which I never thought I would be able to do! This eyeliner is a particular favourite of mine because it literally lasts for days (I haven't obviously tried) but I have worn it on a night out and then it was still exactly the same in the morning (tut tut for not taking off my make-up) In fact I know this eyeliner has long staying power due to the length of time I take when it comes to scrubbing it off before I go to bed! I guess that's why it is called the the Ink Liner. The eyeliner is easy to apply and doesn't dry out after a few uses FINALLY an eyeliner that lasts. It's pretty pricy for an eyeliner as far as I usually pay around £2 for mine, but it's worth the money for it. I have a couple of mini ones on stand by for when this runs out and I can hopefully beg my dad to make a trip to Sephora in the future!  I enjoy the packing as to which this eyeliner comes in as it is simple and very Kat Von D like with the stars. I am super excited for my Sephora order with the Kat Von D studded lipsticks in to arrive!

Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation

Before I went to the USA and bought The Dream Wonder foundations,  I had read and watched mixed reviews on them, from them being not enough coverage to being up there with other top drugstore foundations, but of course I had to try them for myself.  when I opened them they have a bit of a strange applicator which is a stick with a tear drop shaped applicator on, I assume it's due to the foundation being fluid. I got this foundation in two shades due to being more tanned on holiday and then how pale I am usually. I was unsure after my first use as I didn't feel that it lasted as long as I thought it would do, but I did like how light it felt on my skin so I decided to try the foundation again, after using it a couple more times I learnt to love the foundation for an everyday foundation with less coverage. I enjoy the glass bottle as I feel it gives it that bit more of a high end product feel, rather than your average drugstore one. My favourite thing about this foundation is the fact that it blends in perfectly and looks great when first applied. Although I am not a fan of the applicator at all, it won't put me off of the foundation, and the chances of me repurchasing this is unlikely due to that fact I won't be going near the USA for quite sometime *sad face*