Sephora favourites eyeliners!

During my recent trip to the states I obviously headed for Sephora (on more than one occasion may I add) the first thing that went straight in my basket is something I saw online which was the Sephora favorites kit, I purchased that on the fact it has 6 mini eyeliners in from high end brands (within a few days I had gone back and bought a couple of the full sized eyeliners as I loved them so much) The set was made up of an eyeliner from; Marc Jacobs, NARS, Urban Decay, Kat Von D, Stila & Sephora (the perfect brands for us bloggers hey?) There is a mix of pen eyeliners and pencil ones, and I can't faullt any of them, the kit cost $30 dollars which is an amazing price as it has $75 dollars with of product in. 

I dived straight in trying the MARC JACOBS liner which is beyond amazing, I didn't get a chance to go back and purchase a full sized liner, but hopefully I will be able to get my hands on one eventually, I used the eyeliner to do my waterline as it is a pencil one, it is very easy to apply and doesn't smudge leaving the perfect line which is long lasting also. The liner is a twist up one and is small and stores easily within a purse, perfect for eyeliner top ups! Secondly I tried the Kat Von D eyeliner which I purchased a full sized one of after applying it once, it applied easily and lasted all day and looks dark! The eyeliner is a liquid one in a pen form which I am instantly attracted to.

 The Sephora eyeliner was the one I liked least from the set, it is a pencil liner which I found harder to apply and it smudged whilst applying, although it was long lasting it isn't really anything special. The Stila eyeliner is amazing for the fact it applies perfectly and is long lasting but the colour it came isn't really for me, as it is brown although it is a great product! NARS eyeliner, I thought I would love this to the moon and back and although I like it, it's nothing special for the money it costs which is a shame as it is easy to re-purchase, it didn't apply as easily as the others and wasn't that long lasting but when first applies creates a lovely dark eyeline and is great if you top it up often. The final eyeliner which was a full sized one is the Urban Decay one, I haven't even attempted to use the purple side yet, but I have used the black one and love it, and will be repurchasing, another long lasting one which is easy to apply. I shall be using the purple one for a makeup look or maybe for halloween?

I have done a full review of the Kat Von D liner here.

Freshers & Giveaway!

It feels like only yesterday I was starting at university and now I am going into my second year! For those of you who are just starting there is no need to panic although everything is different (the environment, the work etc.) Uni is pretty amazing and you'll have an awesome time. The main reason for this post is to chat to you about one of the main things of student life which everyone looks forward to, FRESHERS. So what is freshers? Basically its a week or two of getting very drunk and meeting new people who are at your university. 

For this post I have complied my top tips for getting through freshers and having the best time: 
1. Drink a lot of water, if you drink a lot although alcohol is a liquid it actually makes you more dehydrated which usually leaves you feeling worse than ever the next day!
2. Plan in advance, this is a strange one but what I mean by that is see what different theme of nights there are going on and if you don't think you hack them all go to the ones which are recommended or take your fancy, or go to the ones at the start of the week as you'll feel rough by the end.
3. Eat before a night out, being a student myself I am aware that if you eat a lot before you go out it takes longer to get drunk, but it's a good idea to eat something light beforehand.
4. Make up a hangover kit: mine consists of hash browns (always something which helps me when I feel rough), paracetamol, pepsi max and vitamin tablets.

Intellicig are giving you lovely readers a chance to win your own kit of everything pictured below by following and entering via the giveaway below: 

I was provided with my own freshers kit and one to giveaway* 

Universal Studios!

Most of you are aware that I have just been on a two week trip to Florida, and during my time there I went to a lot of different places including Universal Studios which I was most excited about, although I am not a big fan of rides (understatement) I found some different things which I went on! The park was a lot bigger than I thought it would be and rammed as we decided to go on labor day weekend as we didn't think it through! The park consisted of different things made by universal including Despicable Me, Harry Potter, The Simpsons, A Tornado Simulator & ET.  There's not really much to say about it, apart from if you visit Florida take a trip it's well worth the money and get a toffee apple they're amazing! Just a little warning this post consists of a fair few photos! 

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream

NYX is a brand that keeps popping up on my blog from time to time and I am sure after my trip to the states it will more than definitely be popping up again! Today I am going to review the Xtreme lip cream! When I first heard about this product I didn't think there would a lot of difference between that and the butter gloss, but I was wrong! The butter gloss is just a divine lip gloss whereas the lip cream applies like lip gloss but is a liquid lipstick and it keeps your lips feeling soft and not sticky like some lip products can. I have the product in Natural which isn't often a colour I will wear as I am usually a bright lip kinda girl, but I actually quite liked this, it's simple but still gives your lips the right amount of colour and they look pretty, it would be great for somewhere like work as it is toned down. I love how the packaging of this product says it's not a lipstick nor is it a gloss, which makes you curious as to what this product is! You can purchase NYX from your local Next store if you are looking to purchase some of their products, I will be treating myself to some of the Xtreme lip creams in more colours!

*I was sent this to review, all opinions 100% honest. 

Simply Be Dress Challenge!

I was recently contacted in regards to taking part in a competition being run by Simply Be to style their dress for an occasion of your choice, I went with the special occasion as it can mean many things like an anniversary, party or date. I decided I would wear this dress for a party like for a 21st birthday as it is quite formal but still great for that party vibe! I found the dress to be flattering for my figure and make me look a lot slimmer in those areas I normally struggle with. The length was perfect for me, being short longer dresses normally make me look tiny but it looked great, and the style of the dress just fit my body perfectly, and has the floaty style dress that I love when dancing and enjoying a party! I styled up the dress with my highest heels, although they would probably kill at a party they are wedges so easy to walk in and are a statement in themselves, and being a shortie it gives me those extra inches that I need! I chose just to go simple with a heart necklace as the dress itself has some sequins on the sleeve of the dress which is a statement in itself. I went for a smoky eye look as it is quite exaggerated and looks great when going to a party, I used my Naked 3 pallet to create the look and used the darker colours like darkside and blackheart. For the lip colour I used Le Keur Cosmetics Whistle Ball Red Lip Paint, as I find them to be long lasting than lipstick and it is a very bright red and eye catching. For a bag I would use a black clutch just to keep it simple! 

NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow*

I was beyond excited when opening a PR package recently and receiving some amazing high end products I was not expecting, one of them being one of the new NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadows, I have wanted to try something from NARS ever since hearing about them whilst being a blogger as everyone raves about their products, so when I opened the package to find the eyeshadow I was over the moon, as the eyeshadows are way out of my budget I couldn't of dreamed of treating myself to an eyeshadow considering they retail at £21.00 and for one eyeshadow that is an awful lot even if they eyeshadow this one of the best ones going!

 The eyeshadow I received was in the shade Europa which is a pretty light pink shade, you can apply the eyeshadow wet or dry, when applying it dry it gives a gorgeous long lasting shimmer to the lids and when using it wet it gives it more of a dramatic look which looks perfect with some black eyeliner. The shade Europa is a girly shade and great when going for a minimalistic look. I am definitely not disappointed when it comes to NARS their eyeshadow is high quality and I feel it would last a long time as I have used it multiple times and you can hardly see anywhere as a little bit of the eyeshadow goes a long way. When applied the eyeshadow leaves a sheer finish and looks gorgeous and also leaves your eyelids feeling soft, I found that eyeshadow was long lasting all day and didn't seem to fade at all which left me impressed!

*I was sent this for review purposes all opinions 100% honest.

Las Iguanas Review*

Recently I was offered the chance to review the well known restaurant Las Iguanas which some of you may be aware of, if not they a chain of Latin American restaurants and they are beyond amazing!  Their menus are huge and they offer a huge range of Vegetarian and Gluten free food also, which is great. I visited the Birmingham restaurant with one of my close friends who is also a blogger Sophie and we couldn't wait to tuck into their food! Firstly when we arrived we were greeted by the assistant manager Jess who asked which of us were Dungarees and who was Donuts which we found hilarious and she told it was happy hour on some of their drinks an offer we couldn't refuse getting a Strawberry cocktail which was super yummy! As Sophie is a vegetarian and I don't often eat meat we both had Vegetarian meals. 

For a starter I had Nachos and the portion was HUGE and served in a pan which was a great touch and Sophie had an artichoke salad (not my thing but she seemed to enjoy it) my starter was so filling and I couldn't finish it so Sophie helped me, my main was a Home Style mushroom Burrito which I enjoyed but was far too full to finish it all but it was lovely and not like anything I have ever tried before so it was a thumbs up from me and Sophie had Gringas which looked super yummy! We also had a side of their gorgeous Sweet Potato Fries- which were out of this world, I have tried them in wedges form but these were on another level of yummy these came with a chilli dip which I wasn't brave enough to try but Soph loved it! The staff were all super friendly and always smiling, we were given prompt service which often doesn't happen in restaurants, and everyone seemed to be having a great time! The restaurant has a great vibe about it and has a great layout, I enjoy my visit to Las Iguanas and I would recommend it to anyone looking for somewhere different to eat! 

*I was invited to review and given £50 towards my bill