Lifestyle// Is being skinny really THAT important?

Is being skinny really that important? Myself and some friends have recently been struggling with the fact that we aren't the same weight we used to be and are trying different diets in an attempt to loose weight. Whilst flicking through the pages of a popular magazine whilst being bored at work and it occurred to me within those few pages which I saw that the girls were all stick thin, no "plus sized girls" promoting the fashion within the pages they were all stick thin girls, I never used to have any problems with my weight I used to be a size six but the problems that came with that I barely used to eat due to being depressed I would skip meals or just eat a pack of crisps but at the time that was fine to me. When I finally became happier and ate properly I went the complete opposite way, and although I am trying to do something about it I don't feel any different about myself I am still the same happy me and I don't think my weight should matter. Whilst looking through another magazine it had some celebrities in the magazine who had gained weight and it was all over the cover criticizing the fact that the had they had gained weight! They are celebrities and their every move is watched but I don't see why the fact that they had gained weight was such a big deal to the magazine and why people read them? Maybe that's just me. It shocks me that in this day and age being different is such a good thing, why do we need to be thin to be happy, are we not beautiful if we have a few extra pounds? In my opinion everyone is beautiful weather they are a size 6 or a size 26, it honestly makes no difference as long as you are confident in your own skin and it sucks to be honest that someone who is "overweight" or even "underweight" gets criticized for it, if they are happy in their own skin- let them be. Not everything in the entire world should revolve around your dress size. After all, as long as you are healthy it shouldn't matter your size.

Sunday Summary!

Yet another week is complete and it's fast approaching the end of July, I am shocked at the speed of this year it'll be Christmas this year! Some of you may know that I am re-taking my driving test this week which I am super excited about and I hope I pass this time! This week has included lots of experimental recipes for my diet and buying summer clothes for my upcoming holiday to Florida! I recently got a new kitty who has the name Jessie ( I did not name her!) but she's going to be making more of an appearance on my blog along with my cat smudge! Not much other than that going on in life the of Jess!

Blog Posts I've Been Lovin// Rebecca Coco, Cocktails in Teacups & Victoria Jane

Yipsy Macarons Review*

Recently when myself and Katrina visited Urban Coffee (read a review here) during our visit we saw some gorgeous looking Macarons for sale and I thought they were so cute and just wanted to take pictures of them and although I didn't get a chance to eat them and I still managed to photograph them! Later that week I was followed on twitter by a company called Yipsy Macarons and turned up out it was the same company who makes them for Urban Coffee! I was super excited as she is also based in the West Midlands. I was sent a box of Macarons in the post and they got a bit bashed about and a lot of them were broken *sad face* but Angela was SO lovely saying she would bring me a box next time I was in Birmingham, and it turns out it was the same week as the #BirminghamJulyMeet bringing me and the bloggers a box (which I'd say went down pretty damn well!) 

I only recently discovered how much I love Macarons I've always loved the look of them as they're so dainty and pretty but never actually got to round to trying them! I am so glad that I have now tried them and fallen in love although my diet is not too impressed! Yipsy Macarons come in a range of gorgeous colours and flavours and I am in love with the Raspberry ones and could quite happily eat my way through an entire box of those as they are so more-ish and great for a mid morning snack! Whilst looking at the Yipsy Macarons facebook page I saw amazing different Macarons that Angela had made previously such as Hello Kitty, A macaron birthday cake, and even bear shaped ones and I was just amazed at the different things you can make out of Macarons!


If you follow me on twitter the chances are you will have seen that I hosted a Birmingham blogger meet up on Saturday the 19th of July, with another blogger Katrina! I have previously hosted a meet up back in March and enjoyed it so much I wanted to hosted another on a smaller scale after the last one is so stressful! We had been organizing it for some time now, emailing companies for our goody bags, sorting out a location and finding bloggers to attend but I am happy to say our hard work paid off! Firstly I just wanted to say thank you to all of the companies who have provided us with the items of the goody bags everyone was extremely generous and it was amazing to get so many products for the other bloggers to try out! Secondly thank you to all of the lovely bloggers who attended the meet, shame about the weather but I am glad it didn't change how the day was at all! I was so excited to meet some of the bloggers who attended the meet as I have been wanting to meet them for some time now.

We started the day with some shopping and split up into smaller groups then met up and had a little look round Lush where we showed how Granny Takes A Dip looks and if I didn't already have 10+ bath bombs I would have bought another, and then we headed to pizza hut where we had a lovely meal and tucked into our pizzas and the Marshmallows that Boomf kindly sent us! Finally, we had a talk from Becky who has her own company Harlequin Cosmetics and she brought along some things to try out and I will be placing an order from her as everything smelt so amazing! I thought I would share some pics with you lovely lot including the things I got in the goody bags, as it is easier to show through pictures- so enjoy! (Don't forget to enter our giveaway to win a goody bag here)

Jam Gou Dou

It has finally happened, my blog finally has managed to got to feature some Doughnuts! When I was given the chance to try some of Jam Gourmet Doughnuts I was over the moon as it is always something I have wanted to do as it fits so well into the theme of my name and what they offer is something really different. Having cake delivered is a thing we are all aware of but who knew you could get Doughnuts delivered?! Me neither. These are perfect for things like parties and for the office as they are so much more simple than cutting up cake just open the box and lay them out. They come in amazing box which is great for storing them in. So there are six different designs within the box all chocolate ones but in different forms and although I only had a couple personally my friends and family found them delicious! Their prices range from £18.95 upwards and they all come with free delivery which I think is amazing as they are hand made, and you can choose a selection of your choice by getting in contact with them personally and everyone who I've been speaking is beyond lovely. When planning a family birthday or an event in the future I will be ordering from them!

*I was sent a box of Doughnuts for my honest review and opinion.

Jewellery Box*

I was recently speaking to Jewellery Box a newly launched company who specialize in gold and silver jewellery and have something for everyone, a lot of companies online sell Jewellery but I feel this one has extra special touch, their website is great for locating exactly what you want, it is also very clean and has a minimalist feel about it which I like when searching on websites. I was kindly sent two pieces to review; An open heart necklace which retails at £5.00 & a gorgeous infinity bracelet which is £12.50. I was delighted with these and impressed with how quickly they came. All of their Jewellery comes comes in cute little boxes with a personal touch inside, I was super impressed with the little pegs that clipped my Jewellery onto the piece of card, it's something that makes you feel what you are getting is special and actually means something to the company which I always appreciate. Although a lot of their Jewellery is budget it friendly it certainly doesn't look it and doesn't look cheap and isn't plated which is always a good thing as it tends to go green or brown after a few times of wearing it. When trying to think of negative or improvements to write in this review I honestly have none for this company and would recommend them to anyone. 

*I was sent two pieces of Jewellery for my honest review! 

Beauty Bargains I've Picked Up & Mini Reviews.

 Recently I have picked up some amazing beauty bargains, and found 5 bargains under £3! It's not very often I go on a hunt for bargains but for the price even if they were the worst thing in the world it's worth a try, it's surprising the things you can find lurking in sales and cheap shops (b&m and pound world)

 Topshop Nail Varnish 50p
Firstly I hit the Topshop sale and found nail varnishes at 50p and considering how much they normally are I think that's a pretty good deal I am in love with the teal such a pretty colour, I love the nail varnishes and they're such a good consistency and easy to apply although I wouldn't wear the glitter on its own it does make a nice top coat for a night out on top of a red or black colour. 

Baby lips 99p
 Although I am not the biggest fan of baby lips, for 99p I thought I would give it another go. Plus with this packaging how can you say no?! I will never learn though this product is as disappointing as the first ones. I wouldn't recommended this product to anyone, and I'd give it a 2/10. Don't let that cute packaging pull the wool over your eyes!

Maybelline Dream Nude Air foam £2.99.
 Dream Nude Air-foam foundation, I've heard of this foundation a while ago but never picked any up and for £2.99 I thought I may as well, the foundation itself isn't the best to be honest, it feels lightweight on my skin which is obviously a bonus but it doesn't give a very full coverage. It is quite harder to apply than other foundation as it's not as easy to put on the back of your hand as how much comes out is completely unreliable and can often be more than you actually need. Although I do like it for the colour I am not keen on the coverage and wouldn't buy it again.

Collection Lasting Perfection Powder 99p
For 99p this is an amazing bargain and I have bought this powder for more than this in the past, it's such a great powder which gives you a great coverage and leaves a matte feel. I found this powder in many different shades and I was impressed by this, it is one of my favorite powders up with Rimmel Stay Matte powder which is a fiver so for 99p I am happy and will be on the look out for this again.