John Freida Frizz Ease!

Recently I was contacted in regards to trying some John Frieda products, for those of you who haven't heard of a John Freida (damn where have you been?!) they make a huge range of fantastic hair products which are available to buy from your local boots store or online here I have always been a big fan, I use their hair dyes and have used a couple of their different shampoos over the last few years. When I received the package it had the following products in: dream curls, and the frizz ease Shampoo and Conditioner, and although I don't actually curl my hair I used all of the products and found my hair in a much better state, my hair always feels dead and limp and I found after using the shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks my hair felt more live like and soft which was much more manageable when it came to styling my hair, if you need something to nourish your hair I'd recommend picking it up for yourself. When it comes to using a new product or creating a new hair style I often find that Youtube is the best place to look with girls just like me, and they can show me a new look and how to break it down. When looking around on how to control Frizzy hair.

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Lush| Angels on bare skin & ocean salt!

 I recently organized a bloggers meet up and as part of that meet I organized for the girls and I to visit Birmingham Lush, where we got a tour of the shop and taught how to make a lovely lush face mask, when we were leaving the store we got given a goody bag each, which I think was so lovely of Lush as I wasn't expecting anything and in this goody bag there were full pots of Ocean Salt & Angels on bare skin and those of you who don't know what they are, Angels on bare skin is a body and face cleanser and Ocean Salt is a face and body scrub which is exactly what my face needs at the moment! 

Ocean Salt
This is just what my face needs at the moment, it looks like moisturizer with bits of sherbet in, which in a strange way made it even more appealing to me? You need to make your face damp before applying, then apply all over your face. What Ocean salt actually does is remove all of the dead skin and then the avocado butter leaves your face feeling soft, it really does! It does make your face a little sore but that is just getting rid of all the dead skin, it feels so amazing afterwards! 

Angels on bare skin
I have heard so many amazing things about this product, when I mentioned during the #bbloggers chat that I keep breaking out in spots around 6 people recommended it to me, I was so happy when it was in the goody bag, you take a piece of the cleanser and put in the palm of your hand, add water then it makes a paste which you cover your face in, and then wash off with warm water, it definitely did my face the world of good, made me spots look a lot less angry and left my face glowing, if you are yet to try this product I recommend you get down to your local lush and pick up a pot!

Mothers Day Gift Guide!

 For once in my life I am actually prepared for Mothers day and I have the present all wrapped and ready to go, when you know what you want it's just easy so I have put together some ideas for gifts you to get your lovely Mothers, I know with us bloggers we end up buying one for ourselves too! *coughs* Lush, and with that I'll leave you with my Gift Guide under £30 for Mothers Day!

 None of the images are mine except the Lush bath bombs
Willow Tree Mother&Daughter £22.49 (sale price) 
Lush Mothers Day Range £2.95+ 
Yankee Candle- Vanilla Satin £19.99
Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose Handwash £16.00
Thorntons Mothers Day Collection £20.00  
Next Home Wicker Heart £12.00

MUA Luxe Velvet Lips

MUA is a brand is perfect for people on a budget but still achieves the amazing quality of the high end products, I was a bit hesitant when it came to MUA luxe velvet lips, as it looks just like a lip gloss and I couldn't understand what the hype was about, then I tried them it isn't like a lip gloss at all in fact it is like the complete opposite. You apply the velvet Lips just like a lip gloss, leave it for a few minutes and it dries and looks just like a matte lipstick, and it lasts all day, and it resistant to drinks! The colours are so amazing so bright, I chose the shaded Criminal but I will definitely be going back for some others. I'd be expect them to be a good £6-8 but they are just £3, MUA have definitely outdone themselves again!  

Have you tried any of the MUA Luxe Range?

MAC Lipstick- Dangerous.

After receiving a MAC lipstick for my birthday back in January I have been hooked on MAC lipsticks although they are little pricer than the lipsticks you buy in boots they are worth every penny, when finding out Debenhams have 10% off everything I decided to treat myself to a lipstick I had my eye on for ages, which was Dangerous. I am a big fan of red lipsticks I think they look very classic and effortless. Dangerous is more a bright red which suits me fine, the lipstick goes on so smoothly and smells fabulous, I'm not the only one who loves the smell right? The lipstick itself lasted on my lips for an entire day, even survived food and drink, bonus! If you are yet to treat yourself to a product by MAC do it, you won't regret it.

What are you favorite MAC lipsticks?


Hi lovelies, some of you may know that I organized a bloggers meet up which took place over the weekend, which I think went really well and thank you if you attending and I am hoping to organize another one at some point in the summer but I'll probably stick to a smaller scale as this one was super stressful! I hope everyone who came enjoyed it, and thank you to all of the lovely companies who provided items for the goody bags! So what actually happened on the day of the meet I hear you ask? Firstly I decided to start with some shopping we started at Selfridges and did a look around the beauty halls before splitting into smaller groups, I spent the majority of the day with Siobhan who is so lovely and bubbly and as she is going to Florida in May she spent the day shopping for essentials!

After the shopping, we headed to Birmingham lush and got a talk and a tour from the lovely ladies who taught us how to make a face mask and then we were shown how to make the "fluffy dragon" by another Lush assistant which smelt gorgeous! Lush also gave us goody bags each which I thought was so lovely of them! Finally, we headed to Ming Moon and I booked out the VIP so we could get to know each other on a better level and also get a talk from Chris & Kirsty (who you may of seen on this series of Take me out) who were talking about a company called Motives which was great! Then we ended the day with food and a raffle with all the money going to Rethink mental health! I hope everyone had as much of an amazing day, but I am glad it is finally over as I've been stressing since October!

Discovery Box

One of my favorite things is perfume and about 8 months ago I found out about the Discovery box from the fragrance shop, it's like a beauty box but for perfume you get 5-7 samples (one of which are for men)  of perfume and also a £5 off voucher if you decide to buy any of the bottles as full size. The perfumes come in the little sample sized bottles (2ML) it only costs £5 quarterly which in my opinion is an amazing deal and the best way to try out perfume before you buy or just a chance to have lots of different ones on the go at once! So what did I get in this box? 

Givenchy- Very Irresistible:
I've seen this fragrance everywhere lately, and although it is not my cup of tea I definitely think it is the perfect fragrance for spring, it has quite a floral smell to it! 

Elie Saab- Le Parfum:   
This fragrance is absolutely gorgeous, such a sweet smell and is something I'd definitely buy full sized, the perfume itself is a strong smell it is one of those perfumes you smell and keep coming back for more! 

Guerlain- La Petite Robe Noire: 
Not the sort of fragrance I'd wear unfortunately, it smells like something my grandmother would wear, not keen on the smell at all. 

Lacoste- Eau De Lacost:
Another gorgeous smelling fragrance from Lacoste, I am always a big fan of their perfumes they smell luscious, a very girly fragrance.   
Thierry Mugler- Alien Eau: 
I have smelt this fragrance many of times and it is so gorgeous, I fell in love with this scent all over again, very sweet smelling when I smell it I always think of designer not even sure why, but absolutely gorgeous, as soon as my current perfume runs out this is in! 
Loewe Solo Sport & Valentino Uomo:
These are the two fragrances for men that come in the box, I'd definitely be happy if my boyfriend came home in either of these both gorgeous smelling, I am considering buying him the Valentino one for our two year anniversary. Loewe Solo Sport reminds me of a golfing club it seems like quite an upmarket fragrance.  

My mood boster playlist!

It's a lot harder to make a heart with your headphones than it looks! 

I have really mentioned my music taste on my blog at all, but I do have a pretty strange music taste I like anything from what's in the charts to heavy metal it depends on my mood. My Spotify has so many different playlists on of my different music, but there is one playlist I made after seeing a similar thing on Spotify, "mood booster" everyone needs one of these playlists for a pick me up when you're feeling down or uninspired. So I thought I'd share you my top ten tracks on the playlist (definitely not the whole thing which is 288 songs long!) Some of the songs boost my mood due to the memories behind the songs, and others I just like from the radio!