Blogmas Christmas Dress Must Haves. #2

Blogmas Christmas Dress Must Haves. #2

So with Christmas round the corner for most of us that means lots of parties and chances to wear lovely glittery dresses! I found four of my favourite dresses which you can buy on your local high street or online!
1. Glitter glitter and more glitter, if you can't wear glitter at Christmas time when can you? I love this dress and if I was thin enough I'd probably wear it myself. 
2. I love this dress because it's simple the little black dress suits everyone in my opinion it's just finding the right one for your body shape, this dress is extra lovely as the collar is glittery, to fit in with the glittery Christmas theme! 
3. I love the red and black on this dress, I love that's red underneath and got the fabric over the top I think it looks gorgeous! This is sort of dress is perfect for going out because you can dress it up for a club and down for a meal and will look perfect with a pair of little black heels and a glittery clutch! 
4. The black dress with the peter pan collar- you've probably been hearing about the peter pan colour for a while now but I can't get enough of them I think it makes a simple dress look so much more stylish, the one this dress has the element of glitter and makes it different to just the simple black dress, it's a must have!

What dresses are you wearing for Christmas? 

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Olivia Thristan
Snail Mail!

Snail Mail!

I love doing box swaps (which blogger doesn't?) and when I came across "snail mail" the way to meet new friends around the world I was super excited and signed up straight away! I got paired with Daniel and although he is from the UK he has Nigerian roots and he speaks many different languages! I feel sorry for him being paired up with boring little me, but we actually had a great chat over email for a few weeks, it was super fun and he is really lovely- we talked about pretty much everything from music to our families! This months theme was gratitude and it was around the same time as the disaster in the Philippines so we were talking about how we were grateful for where we live and how we have a roof over our heads etc and it was really nice! And finally the swap came to an end *sad face* and we sent our gifts to each other *happy face* I sent Daniel a Christmas card, some chocolate santas and music notebook- not as near as good as his! Here is what he sent me:

Lets start with the "born lippy" from the body shop, I thought it was really nice that he read my blog and learnt what I liked and went and bought this! I really like body shop items and I am currently wearing it!
The lollypop from Starbucks I'd say that lasted just long enough for me to take these pictures before I demolished it yummy!  The postcard from london he's so lucky he lives in London you can get post cards and little gifts easy I couldn't imagine there's a postcard of Stafford! How boring!  Mini Notebook I love notebooks so much so I own 20, I am not even joking- this one is special though as it has a lovely quote on the front and as it's small it will be great for storing my blog ideas in when i'm out and about! Guitar Pick I used to play when I was younger which reminded me of then I might even pick my guitar back up sometime, might need a bit of tuning first? haha! and finally the letter and christmas card really nice to read and made me smile so thanks Dan! (If you're reading this) I'd recommend the snail mail collective to anybody who loves box swaps and getting to know new people!  

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Olivia Thristan
Tartan Dress Yay Or Nay?

Tartan Dress Yay Or Nay?

The Tartan Dress- I've seen this everywhere lately, in all the mags, on the celebs and in all the shops. It's something i've noticed people love or hate, I actually really love it, I think it looks innocent and really cute I saw one in primark and loved, and went to show my mother who was like why on earth would you want to wear that, you had one when you were seven the exact same, it'll look silly. Then later dug out the picture with me wearing the tartan dress, and little more dorky, but still the same idea. But is my mother right is it a trend left to the children "school uniform" or can it be high end. In my opinion it's the way you wear it, and what you accessorize it with.

I love the way it can be totally glamed up, with barely black tights and some "rocker" boots, I love that studs are still in, and it looks awesome. Like in the pictures, they all look sophisticated and cool, people expect the dresses to be worn with dolly shoes on a little girl, where as dark eye make-up, big black boots, a big statement necklace maybe some silver big bangles and even a bowler hat in my opnion totally dresses up the outfit. Another thing I love about the dress is how versatile it can be you could wear it out for a posh meal with friends or just for another day at uni, it's totally about the way you wear it, and how you style yourself it can make so many great outfits out of the one dress!

So the tartan dress?
Yay or nay, i'd love to know what you think- also what you think of this post I haven't done a post like this on my blog before, would love your opinions lovelies! 

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Olivia Thristan
Products of the year!

Products of the year!

Hello lovely bloggers,
So I decided I wanted to get some of the lovely bloggers of twitter involved in my latest post idea, I wanted to find out some other bloggers favourite products of the year instead of just mine, as it's always good to have more than one opinion on things. I asked some bloggers if they'd like to get involved and these are the ones who said yes!

Favourite Nail Varnish Brand & Colour: 
Barry M Matte Nail Paint in Vanilla or MUA Koala Bear
Top 3 Lipsticks:
Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish in Shade 16
Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Notting Hill Nude
MAC Crosswires
Favourite Lush Product:
Lush Bombardino Bath Bomb
Favourite Shampoo and Conditioner:
Aussie Luscious Long Or Aussie Mega Volume Shampoo & Conditioner
One product you would recommend to somebody else:
Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Shine Away Mask
Favourite High Street Shop for Beauty Products:
Superdrug or Boots
Favourite Online Store:
Superdrug / Boots / Ebay / Fragrance Direct
And Finally name a product or gift set you want for christmas!
Soap & Glory Soaper Heroes Gift Set or Origins Mask Marvels Set

Nail polish brand/colour: 
Rimmel I love lasting finish in 'pop your pink'
Top 3 lipsticks: 
1. Sleek Makeup true colour in 'loved up', 2. maybelline colour sensational lipstick in 'shocking coral' and 3. MUA lipstick in 'shade 12'Favourite Lush product: 
The only lush product i own is the bubblegum lip scrub, which i love as it smooths my lips without being too harsh, plus it tastes gorgeous. I'm not the biggest lush fan though - i find it overpriced and the smell of the shop makes me feel nauseous, so it puts me off even going in!
Favourite Shampoo/conditioner: John Frieda sheer blonde colour renew shampoo and conditioner- it keeps my bleached hair looking vibrant, and prevents brasiness.
One product I'd recommend: 
Seventeen waterproof mascara. It's so cheap and gives the longest, thickest and most volumised lashes of any mascara i've used, and it's less than £5!
Favourite High Street Shop:
Boots - there's always so much choice and great offers on.My Favourite online store: for make-up & misguided for clothes.
Product I want for Christmas:
OPI nail envy. I need something to strengthen my nails and help them grow!

Favourite Nail Varnish Brand & Colour
At the moment it is Barry M "Raspberry"
Top 3 Lipsticks: 
Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 107, Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 110 and MAC Rebel - all very Autumn/Winter.
Favourite Lush Product
As its Christmas it has to be the Melting Snowman Luxury Bath Melt!
Favourite Shampoo and Conditioner: 
L'Oreal Ever Riche Nourishing & Taming Shampoo and Conditioner
One product you would recommend to somebody else: 
Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation. Great medium/full coverage, its build-able and doesn't give that cake appearance, I also find it nice and light on the face.
Favourite High Street Shop for Beauty Products: Boots, I have a pretty large one close by which stocks quite a lot plus its convenient. 
Favourite Online Store: Fashion wise: ASOS Beauty wise: Feel Unique. So much to choose from all in one place!
And Finally name a product or gift set you want for christmas:
 I really want to be getting my hands on the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette but I would also like the Giorgio Armani - Rouge Ecstasy Box which is exclusive to Selfridges and retails for £50.

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Olivia Thristan
My Favourite Autumn Shades

My Favourite Autumn Shades

I have so many nail varnishes yet I never get a chance to wear them any more, as work have a strict no nail varnish policy and working 4 days a week, gives you no time to wear nail varnish *sobs* so I ordered some practise nails online, so you can still see my favourite shades! *cheers* 

Nails Inc- St James, I love reds any time of the year- you can never go wrong with red in my opinion but I think this shade is awesome for the autumn months, and even better that it was a free gift I received a while ago I mean who doesn't want free nails inc? It's such great polish and lasts for weeks I find, WHEN I CAN WEAR IT! St James is such a pretty colour. 

Nails Inc- Victoria.
Okay this looks black in the picture but it's actually a deep purple, and purple is perfect for autumn, i've been saving this polish for a while because you can't wear deep purple in the summer, another gorgeous colour and looks very classy! 

Mavala- Rouge Rubis
I received this when I bought my latest in beauty editors picks box in the summer, it's such a beautiful glittery shade, I love glitter it's a beautiful creation I was so happy with this colour and I have actually been able to wear this one to my Grandparents ruby wedding anniversary and it lasted me unchipped for 3 days, which is pretty good for me! Was super sad when I had to take it off for work. Lovelylovely colour! 

Ted Baker- Chocolate
This nail varnish doesn't actually have a shade on the bottle so i've decided to call it chooclate it's such a lovely dark colour, the first time I tested it was on the nails so I can't say how long it lasts, but it's a lovely warm brown and I would definitely wear it in these autumn months! 

What are your autumn shades? 

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Olivia Thristan