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Who inspires my style?

Happy Thursday all, it's nearly the weekend yay! I am back with another post (finally) I will eventually get into the swing of things again, working a full time job wipes me out most days and i'm too tired to blog a lot of the time. But totally I am motivated to publish a post I've had in mind for a while. Talking my style inspirations. I've put a fair few shop my style posts up in the past and my style is often influenced by more the 'alternative' scene and I thought I'd talk about that today. Bonmarche recently conducted a survey of which celebrities inspire peoples style. The results were:

·       Helen Mirren           (19.2%)

·       Jennifer Anniston    (16.3%)
·       Meryl Streep           (14.5%)
·       Joanna Lumley       (13.5%)
·       Nicole Kidman         (10.3%)
·       Elle MacPherson     (10%)
·       Julie Walters           (8.1%)
·       Jane McDonald       (5.9%)
·       Salma Hayek          (5.4%)
·       Ruth Langsford       (4.8%)

I feel like my own personal style is still the same as it was when I was a teenager with a little bit more edge and slightly less dark (I sometimes wear pink!) but the Dr Martens and the band tees are here to stay. Although I don't tend to follow trends I do have some style inspirations and I can't wait to share them with you.

Fashion bloggers: 
Being a blogger myself and reading lots of blogs means I tend to see lots of style related posts that inspire my own personal style! I am always drawn to the more alternative styled blogs such as Foxxtailz who is written by one of my good friends Jess, who has rockin' hair and funky style. I mean Tartan pants are the one! As well as Sarah (over at Moshing Zombies) who also wears a lot of awesome clothes like ripped jeans and band tees and does perfect makeup and finally one of my favourite style icons is Aoife from Rockettequeen who is gorgeous style, band tees, denim jackets and pretty skirts, yes please! 

Like most people elements of my style come from celebrities. I love the styles of Hayley Williams who will forever be a massive style icon of mine Kelly Osbourne, hello amazing hair and gorgeous style and Taylor Momsen (making fishnets and heavy eyeliner acceptable since I was an early teen, perfection.


I am forever seeing awesome style ideas on Pinterest, from different shoes, to full outfit inspiration. I have complied some boards including edgy style, festival fashion and shoes. Seeing different images and other peoples boards inspires my style.

I hope you enjoyed this post as it was a little bit different to usual. 

*collaborative post 

Shop My Style #3 | Fashion

It's becoming a bit of a regular feature on my blog lately and I am back again with another shop my style! Every time I post this feature it gets a lot of views and I like to show you lovelies my style and you seem to enjoy the pieces I pick to create the outfits and I decided to add a bit of a different theme to it this week and that is dresses, and how to dress a dress up and down as I thought it would be a bit of a challenge for me as well to create some new looks. If you missed the last Shop My Style you can check it out here!

Dress is from H&M 
Shoes are from MandM Direct
Bag is from MandM Direct 
Jacket is from  H&M 

Dress is from Quiz Clothing 
Shoes are from Kurt Geiger 
Bag is from House of Fraser 
Earrings are from Pandora

What did you think of my latest Shop My Style? 

Shop My Style #5 Gym Wear Edition | Fashion

Good morning, afternoon or evening depending on where you are in the world. I hope you're having a fabulous day. Today I am back with another Shop my style post but with a twist; this time I am talking all about gym wear. I have recently gotten back into going into the gym and this always inspires me to buy new gym clothes including shoes which is a bit of an obsession of mine. I hope you enjoy this post, let me know what type of Shop My Style you'd like to see next. P.S. If you fancy checking out my last shop my style feature you can do here.

Top // Leggings // Bag // Bra //

Bra // Vest // Leggings 

What is you favourite gym wear item to buy? 

Shop My Style: Quiz Edition.

*This post is in collaboration with Quiz* 

Does anybody else feel like they're currently in mid-July, I was convinced we were in the middle of Summer yesterday and it's actually only April. The UK is weird with its weather so I'm always prepared for pretty much every occasion the weather wants to throw at me. I've recently been looking at adding more summer staples to my wardrobe and my favourite way to showcase this is via a mood board. The brand I am creating a shop my style on this week is Quiz.   

Quiz is a brand I didn't give a second look into until I found out they now stock a plus size collection. With everything from plus sized tops to occasionwear perfect for those summer weddings. I decided to create some wishlist styled mood boards on items I love from Quiz which I'd love in my wardrobe. All of these items are currently in stock on the Quiz site, so if you do want to purchase any of them, now is your chance. I recently did a version of this with JD Williams clothes and you guys seemed to love it so here I am again bringing you another shop my style. I find these posts fun to create as it shows my style growing and changing throughout the years. I'd love to know in the comments which retailer you'd like to see next.  

Shop My Style #4 | Fashion

It's been a while, BUT it is back. Shop my style is back for the fourth time, I decided to feature another shop my style as everytime I do they always go down really well and it gives me somewhere to share my fashion choices with you. This time I went for an everyday outfit followed by one for going out, obviously they're not your typical fashion post but I love my style and hopefully you do too! I hope you lot enjoy this as much as the previous edits and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Tee is from Topshop Sale (Topshop)
Converse are from Jones Bootmaker
Jeans are from Topshop
The bag is from Grindstore
The choker is from New Look 

Top is from H&M
Skirt is from Boohoo 

Lulu Guinness Bag is from Coggles (found via LoveTheSales) 
Shoes are from Iron Fist
Phone case is from H&M

*Collaborative Post 

List of my fashion favs!

Fashion: a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour.

I've never been one of those people who are all up to date with the trends, I struggle to even wear a matching outfit half of the time and I couldn't imagine creating a wardrobe for each season. To me, fashion is individual and reflects our personalities, to what I think is one of the best things, ever. Somebody else might hate. I have always been a girl who loves to wear black, but weirdly I love pink too, anything pink hmu. I have featured a variety of alternative fashion on my blog, including a wishlist of alternative shoes and many shop my style posts. But today I thought I'd delve a little deeper into my fashion choices and share with you what trends I want to see more of this year as well as my fashion influences. Hopefully, you enjoy this post and let me know your fashion inspirations in the comments. 

From as long as I can remember (when I was allowed to pick my own clothes) bar the short 'chavvy' faze I went through in year 8 where I may have worn a Mckenzie jacket and large hooped earnings as well as a pair of trackies on occasion. I followed the style choices of the alternative people in the bands I loved. Hayley Williams from Paramore being my main idol in my early teens (she still rocks it now tbh), along with the 'scene' models all over My Space (throwback) and my internet friends too. It was all about backcombed hair, ripped jeans, band tees and converse. This a faze that stuck around for a while, and to this day I still love converse and wouldn't be against wearing band tees again. I quite enjoyed this style, minus the fact the majority of my life at this point was in school uniform.

After this, I moved onto the more 'edgy' styles within in the rock/ pop-punk industry and I took inspiration from Taylor Momsen, I went for the fishnets with the tees style, boots and lots of eyeliner. Oh and my staple leather (fake of course) jacket which was pretty much in every single photo growing up, I wore the chokers and the red lipstick and dyed my hair a variety of colours and I loved it and I have to say it is one of my most confident periods. Once I started to realise wearing something more covered up would be better (and warmer) my style became a little bit of everything. Mostly based on dresses with boots and long tees and leggings, I enjoy to wear more skirts and even add some more colour to my palette which to me is a big deal. 

So what does the future hold in terms of me and style as well as the rest of the world? After looking into trends I can see that pastels are supposed to be huge this spring/summer which to me is a dream, I am crazy in love with pastels. Another one I've seen is the return of Corduroy, you can pretty much get anything in Corduroy including dungarees and skirts wahey. This time it's coming back in the form of comfort and I love it. The material is so versatile so pretty much anyone can wear it and style it how they like. I know Chords are making a return which is a great fashion piece for the men in your life and Chums has all of the latest styles and fashion pieces.

Another trend I am hopeful for is the bright coloured statement pieces, a few years back I created some gorgeous tees online with my brand on them, and I'd love to do it again this year, bold and bright, there are so many choices online to do it including Printsome. I found that  I am a huge fan of making a statement and I love wearing bright and 'out there' pieces. My beautiful new Dr Martens are my new favourite staple piece, but as the year progresses I am sure I will gain a few more, and who knows even try something new? Someone pass me the corduroy and the glitter! The final fashion trend I am going to talk to you about is, prepare yourself for this, sequins! This is literally like my dream, I pretty much will buy any fashion piece that is covered in sequins, they're mostly going out dresses but I am hoping sequins will come in a bigger variety of choice this year. 

What are you hoping makes a comeback this year? 

*Collaborative post

Shop My Style #8 Sunglasses Edition.

It's back, it's been a long time in the making but it's back. I promised it would happen soon and it has! Shop My Style has been brought back, with a little twist I will be styling these outfits around sunglasses from Smart Buy Glasses and showing you how they can really finish off a look. I have also decided that for these posts two outfits just isn't enough so I will be sharing three with you. As you know I have a pretty alternative sense of style but I aim to make these outfits as Spring/Summer as possible with of course keeping it me! If you missed my last few shop my style posts feel free to check out 5, 6 and 7.

The Aviator- The Fun Look.

Kate Spade Sunglasses are from Smart Buy Glasses
Skirt is from Topshop 
Tee is from Pulp  
Shoes are from Office!

The Oversized- The Rock Look. 

The Michael Kors Sunglasses are from Smart Buy Glasses
The dress is from Attitude Clothing 
The bag is also from Attitude Clothing
Shoes are from Doc Martens
A choker is from Swarovski 

The Wayfarer- The Cool Casual Look

Trousers are from Boohoo
The Rayban sunglasses are from Smart Buy Glasses 
Hat is from Topshop
Tee is from Boohoo
Shoes are from Kurt Geiger 

Which is your fave look?

*Collaborative Post

Confessions of a shopaholic tag

I was look for some inspiration for today's blog post and I came across Hannah's blog where I found the confessions of a shopaholic tag and decided I would share my own shopping secrets with you fellow bloggers so here goes! At the end you should tag ten other bloggers to have take part! 

1. Would you consider yourself a shopaholic?
 - I guess so? Considering I usually always run out of money due to the fact I spend so much on clothes- but only when I go out of my town as it's pretty rubbish but for the last three months I have been to Birmingham and Wolverhampton a blew a lot of wonga on clothes!

2. How Would you classify your style? - I'd say my style isn't the typical in fashion style? I like the darker "alternative" clothes, I wear doc martens with pretty much anything- leather jackets are fabulous, I love checked shirts with skinny jeans. I also like quite weird t-shirts my last "unique!" tee feature snow white in stocking showing her bum(my nan wasn't as impressed as me) and I wear my dresses with converse because that's just who I am? I'm different.

3. What store can you not leave without buying at least one thing? - I'm pretty sure a lot of people have the same answer as me for this one, PRIMARK- it is actually impossible to go in there without spending a single bit of money whether it's their earrings, knickers or cute socks it has to be done, recently I have bought 5 sets of pj's from there it just has to be done.

4. Where do you find the best deals? - I guess the same answer as above? Primark are the cheapest shop for great items I mean where else can you buy a whole outfit for under 20 quid including shoes?

5. Do you have a "go to" shopping outfit? - No I don't I usually wear something comfy on my feet though considering doc martens don't quite fit the bill for walking around for hours on end.

6.What is your guilty pleasure? (not including beauty products) - Socks it's got to be I cannot go into a shop which has cute socks in and not buy a pair- last weekend I spent 6 quid on socks in forever 21 alone. But come on who doesn't love socks with little rainbows on?

7. What is one staple clothing piece you can't live without?
 - My leather jacket, in my opinion you can wear a leather jacket for any occasion you can wear it with a dress to go out or just when you're going shopping- anything goes with a leather jacket, except maybe the boiling sun- wouldn't recommend that. 

 8. What is a trend you hope never goes out of style? - Do Doc Martens count? i'm not even sure they're in style? But I wear them with pretty much anything and I think they complete an outfit. 

9. What trend did you love that passed away too quickly? - I'm not the sort of person who cares about is in fashion- my style reflects me- simple. But I did dip dye my hair before it become cool to do so. 

10. Who is your fashion icon? - I LOVE Zooey Deschanels' style she can make a simple dress look AMAZING, she just has a down to earth style which I like about her she isn't even bothered about labels.

Shop My Style #9

It's back, shop my style is back, these posts are some of my favourite to share with you guys as I love to share my fun and unique style with you all. I want to get into creating them monthly, but you guys know what I'm like with my posting at the moment. I've gone from being the most organised blogger to having 0 time and being lucky to get more than 5 posts up a month, ah I miss being a student! This month, I've gone all out with my summer style. Although I am not sure if the summer is going to come back as we've already had a scorcher of a week a few weeks back. Boo. I hope you enjoy my slightly 'out there' style and let me know if you want to keep seeing these posts! 

Skirt is from Boohoo 
Tee is from H&M
Shoes are from Attitude Clothing
Bag is from Dollskill

Shorts are from River Island
Bag is from Dollskill
Shoes are from Attitude Clothing

Shop My Style #2 | Fashion

Hi all, I hope you're well? I am back with another edition of shop my style as the first one went down so well, I decided to share a bit more of my unique but fun style with you lot! If you happened to miss the first edition feel free to check it out right here. I have always considered my style to be somewhat edgy and different, I have gathered pieces and accessories of things I mostly own and do wear and decided to make them into a graphic rather than wearing them personally *not confident enough for that* I hope you enjoy part two as much as you did one and let me know if you fancy a part three?!

Baymax tee is from Vanilla Underground 
Ripped Jeans are from Attitude Clothing  
Glitter Converse are from Schuh 
Michael Kors bag is from House Of Fraser 
Cat Earrings are from Truffle Shuffle 

Avenged Sevenfold Tee if from Vanilla Underground
Iron Fist Skirt is from This Is Pulp 
Dr Martens are from Schuh
Black Denim Jacket is from Topman 

Let me know if you would wear any of these pieces! 

Shop My Style #10

I am far too in love with creating the fashion looks for these posts, and as it is officially October that means Autumn! So I have decided to create an Autumn styled clothing wishlist or also known on my site as shop my style! If you haven't guessed from my other posts I have quite a quirky style, and mostly wear dark colours. So Autumn and Winter are my fave times of the year to get new pieces in my wardrobe, including big fluffy jumpers and all of the ankle boots, woo! Let me know your favourite places to get clothing for AW in the comments below! 

Jumper is from Boohoo (OLD).
Jeans are from Dorothy Perkins 
Shoes are from Schuh (Similar here). 
Bag is from Dollskill

Trousers are from Boohoo.
Tee is from Truffle Shuffle.
Boots are from Attitude Clothing
Jacket is from Topshop. (I know right!?)

Let me know which your favourite outfit is and why!

Shop My Style #7 | Fashion

Happy Friday all, I can't believe it's the weekend again already, for the most of you the weekend is the best part of the week but as I work the weekends I prefer the week! I always find it funny when everyone is super excited for the weekend except me and my best mates who work the weekend. For some reason I am really into my fashion posts at the moment, and I don't know why. I am loving making shop my style posts and you guys seem to love them just as much as I enjoy creating them. I don't think of myself as a stylish person but I love making these posts as it shows off my alternative style. I will be creating a Valentines Day themed one in a couple of weeks so keep your eyes pealed for that one. I hope you enjoy this post and as always, let me know your thoughts on the outfits I've created in the comments/on Twitter!

Dress is from Topshop
Watch is from F Hinds
Shoes are from Dr Martens
Bag is from Blue Banana  

Dress is from Topshop
Bag is from Blue Banana 
Shoes are from Office.  
Would also pair with black leggings. 

Shop My Style *Halloween Inspo* Edition | Fashion

Hi all, how are you doing? As you know if you are a regular reader of my blog I often do shop my style posts, the most recent one being a gym based one. This time I decided as it is soon to be Halloween I would take my inspiration from Halloween themes, e.g. the colours and styles, it makes sense in my head! Although this isn't like a costume post or anything like that, stay tuned as I may also put up some costume ideas before Halloween as well as some cocktail ideas and some make-up tutorials! I hope you enjoy this post, and let me know which look you prefer down below!

Look one:

Dress is from Pulp
Shoes are from Iron Fist
Choker is from Forever 21
Bag is from Forever 21   

Look two:
Shoes are from Dr Martens
Tee is from Grindstore 
Skirt is from Pulp
Headband is from Forever 21  

Which was your favourite look? 

30 blog post ideas

Hi all, happy Friday! The weekend is upon us once again, which for a lot of us means blogging! I decided to bring you a post which I've had in my drafts for a while now, 30 blog post ideas for those who are struggling with inspo. I did one a few years back and it is still one of my most viewed posts. If you fancy viewing that one, you can do here. I'm hoping this post is better than the last one as I have written many more blog posts since that one, which have filled me with inspiration. Hopefully you enjoy this post and get some ideas for your own blog posts!

1. Shop my style (Share your outfit inspo like this)
2. Fashion Wishlist
3. Outfit of the day
4. Dress for the season (Some ideas are like this and this)
5. What I've Bought Lately.

6. Shop my makeup stash
7. Easy makeup looks
8. Beauty wishlist
9. Introducing a brand (This is my favourite beauty post to do, I did one for Soap and Glory here)
10. Haulin' (One of the most popular beauty posts! I've got a Colourpop haul as an example.

11. Favourite films/tv shows.
12. Advice posts (e.g. moving into your first home, being a student)
13. Home hauls (I did a fabulous one with Sass and Belle!)
14. Talk about issues which are important (I've wrote posts on discrimination and sex ed in schools)
15. Show off your collections! (I did a tsum tsum haul which is super popular!)
16. 30 facts about me
17. Why did you start blogging
18. Book reviews, what have you been reading lately
19. Bloggers who inspire you.
20. Your top blog posts that you've done.

21. Talk about your local city/town and things to do.
22. Places you want to visit on your bucket list. (I did one here)
23. A post about a place you've visited and make it picture heavy! (Here's one on Brighton I did)
24. Exploring the UK, talk about places in the UK to visit.
25. Best places to shop.

26. Review restaurants you've visited. (I did one on Jamie's Italian and The Verano Lounge.)
27. Top food places to visit in your area
28. How to eat healthy, some meal ideas.
29. Eating on a student budget. (I did a post in collaboration with the Co Op on this.
30. Throw a dinner party and write about your experience. (I did a come dine with me blogger style)

I hope you managed to get some inspiration from this post! Let me know if you enjoyed it in the comments below! 

Shop My Style #6 | Fashion

Hi all, how are we doing? Happy Friday. I hope you most of you survived your first week back at work, I didn't get a break from work sadly as I worked all over Christmas and even on Christmas day! But as it's the new year and these posts go down SO well, I am bringing you another shop my style. The last one I did was a Halloween Edition and it is still a super popular post, and for some reason you guys seem to like my weird and quirky style so here we are for round 6. I am thinking of doing a Valentines Day edition of date idea outfits, let me know in the comments if you're interested in seeing this!

Look one: Too cool for school!

Skirt is from Topshop
Tee is from Hmv
Shoes are from Schuh
Bag is from Dollskill  

Look two: Mermaid Realness

Tee is from Pulp
Skirt is from Boohoo
Bag is from Dollskill
Shoes are from Attitude Clothing

Which outfit is your favourite?

Shop My Style | Fashion

Hi all, how are we? Today I thought I'd bring you something a little different, which is actually something fashion related. I decided to share with you a shop my style post and made some graphics of all of the pieces I would totally wear together. It's not your usual fashion post as it's not on trend, but it's made up of bits and bobs from everywhere from high street to online stores I fancied a bit of everything. Most of the things in these pictures I own or if I don't own them I own something similar, e.g. the earrings. I teamed up with the lovely Truffle Shuffle to bring you this post so a lot of the items are featured from Truffle Shuffle who if you haven't looked at before, their website is insane and features amazing things from Mean Girls to Disney! I hope you enjoy these outfits and I would love to know what you think of them. 

Pikachu Realness

Pikachu Tee is from Truffle Shuffle
Skater Skirt is from New Look 
Black Converse are from Schuh
Earrings are from Truffle Shuffle
The bag is from Jolly Chic

Fetch Fashion

Mean Girls Tee is from Truffle Shuffle
Jeans are from House Of Fraser 
Alice In Wonderland Bracelet is from Truffle Shuffle
1460 Boots are from Dr Martens 
Floozie Bag is from Debenhams 
The necklace is from Truffle Shuffle

Would you like more of these posts? 

*Contains PR samples. 

Shop my style JD Williams edition.

Summer is my favourite season of the year, who else relates? There's so much more light, warmer weather even if on occasion it gets *too* warm, people seem happier and us Brits get to spend the entirety of summer moaning about how hot it is and how we wish it was winter again. One of my favourite things to do when the weather is changing is to shop, being plus sized I do often struggle to get clothes in my local town as we don't have that many shops which do stock plus-sized lines. So I do often head online for my clothes, on the plus side (excuse the pun) it does mean I am provided with a huge amount of choice and there so many more retailers online.

I was recently contacted by JD Williams who asked me to create a wishlist sharing some of my favourite items and as a new customer of JD Williams I was thrilled to find out how much they stocked online. Whether you're looking for day dresses, a new t-shirt or even something to wear for a wedding they stock it all. You can see here some of the amazing clothing pieces they have on site. I decided to create four of my top 3 items from a variety of their categories to give you an idea of what they sell. Even for somebody who loves to wear alternative clothes I was able to find some staple pieces to add to my summer wardrobe and still feel comfortable.

The site is super diverse I found and if you're on the lookout for a new wardrobe this may be the place to start looking. With sizes up to size 38 from a size 8, this is a site that caters for everyone. Sadly, this should be something that more shops take note of and start stocking for a wider range of sizes. Let me know in the comments what your favourite item from my wishlist is.

*This post is in collaboration with JD Williams, all thoughts are my own and the site is seriously awesome for most sizes!

55 Blog Post Ideas For When You're Stuck In A Rut in 2019.

The longer you've been blogging, the harder it can be to think of content ideas. I remember when I started blogging in 2013 there were always chats and a community to share inspiration with and the posts were a lot more simple back then. It was all about reviewing a product, taking some pics and sharing it with other bloggers for most. Since then, blogging has come a long way and although I still love to create content there have been times when I've got into a rut and not known how to get out of it. I made a list of blog post ideas for when you're stuck in a rut in 2015 and also 2017 but I feel even since then a lot has changed blog-wise. Some of these posts I've written myself which I will highlight so you can click on those for inspiration if you fancy, but a lot of them are brand new ideas. At the bottom of the post, there will be a version of the which you can download and keep handy for when you're lacking inspiration. 

Lifestyle post ideas: 
1. Top 5 podcasts 
2. Introducing your pets
3. How to shop on eBay/Ali Express/Shein/Wish. 
4. Pop Vinyl Collection
5. 5 must-see documentaries
6. Films every Disney lover needs to see. 
7. 15 facts about Friends/ (other TV show of your choice) 
8. How to dye your hair bright colours 
9. 10 creative fonts 
10. Favourite products / least favourite of the month/year
11. Your favourite films of all time
12. Photography tips 
13. How to get over a friendship break up 
14.Ways to seek help when you're struggling
15. Top tips for freshers 
16. How to survive a breakup.
17. How to make friends as an adult (I did a post about Bumble BFF)
18. Self-care ideas 
19. 5 beauty hacks 
20. 10 tips on how to study better. 
21. Ways to feel inspired
22. How to tackle Pinterest
23. How to get over a friendship break up 
24. How to write a great CV
25. Tips for caring for a pet

Food post ideas:
26. How to make galaxy food (I made galaxy pancakes)  
27. Best restaurants to visit when you visit (insert place here)
28. 10 easy snack ideas
29. 5 tasty meals on a budget
30. How to make the perfect cupcakes
31. A review of your favourite restaurant 
32. My dream menu

Fashion post ideas:
33. Shop my style 
34. Who inspires my style?
35. 3 ways to style your favourite item of clothing
36. Perfect locations for outfit posts you may not have thought of. 
37. Tips for getting the best outfit pictures 
38. Wishlists. 

Travel post ideas: 
39. 15 unusual packing hacks
40. 9 reasons to visit a place (I recently wrote about Florida) 
41. The ultimate travel must haves 
42. 10 places to visit on a budget 
43. 5 of the most romantic places to visit 
44. 15 iconic locations to visit
45. Travelling with anxiety
46. Hotel reviews 
47. Best places to get currency 

Beauty posts: 

48. Summer inspired makeup
49. How to make your own face masks
50. My skincare routine 
51. How to do the perfect winged liner. 
52. Testing a range of products (I reviewed MUA Pro Base and JOICO recently) 
53. Festival make up looks 
54. Makeup bag essentials. 
55. How to have a spa day at home. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post and are now feeling inspired if you end up using any of these ideas I'd love for you to share your posts with me. 

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Haulin' with Truffle Shuffle!

If you are a long time reader of my blog, you will know I am a huge fan of the online store Truffle Shuffle, they sell some of the best merchandise out there, from clothes to stationery and now even homeware they have it all. So recently I teamed up with Truffle Shuffle again, the last time was back in 2015 however they have been featured a few of my shop my style posts. So I wanted to share with you some of the cool items you can purchase from there, as it is now the run up to Christmas and I'd say they have pretty much something for everyone on their site, including Disney, Pusheen and even Mean Girls! YAY. 

So what is in my haul? 
I would have loved to feature some of their beautiful clothing pieces as this retro video tee is one, however, I am currently on a weight loss plan and I don't want to get too many pieces of clothing until I've lost the weight. However, in the future, I do plan on doing a full-blown clothing haul from Truffle Shuffle so you'll see it then. 

Barbie Purse:
Recently I've seen a ton of Barbie merch pop up, and I fell in love with it all. I wanted to purchase the backpack however it doesn't seem to be in stock. However I am glad I purchased this purse, I have become a little attached to my old one but it was time for a new one. It's quite a big purse which has a handle on it and could probably fit a phone in so I would say it could double up for a little clutch bag. It has plenty of storage for cards, receipts and coins (hallelujah) and looks adorable inside too. It's a fun and beautifully coloured purse and definitely bringing back those 90's vibes. Barbie purse is £20.99.

Minnie Mouse Alarm Clock:
As soon as I saw this, I knew I needed to have it in my life. Although I am never going to use it as an alarm clock, it would look adorable on my bedside table. I am a huge fan of Disney merch at the moment and for £10.99 I knew it needed to be mine. I just feel like it is something every blogger needs in their life who is a Disney fan!

Pusheen Mug:
I am in love with everything Pusheen. I am constantly sending my boyfriend the stickers of them on Facebook. When I saw it was a Pusheen eating a doughnut, well it had to be done. It fits into my brand and is such a sweet mug. Perfect for my morning coffees at work!

Trolls Notebook: 
I have now decided this haul is basically just one big throwback to the 90's. I was obsessed with the Trolls growing up and even though looking back on it now, their faces are a little creepy. But they inspired the bright hair and they rock it. This notebook is being used for me to keep track of my syns and each page has an adorable picture on it.  

Have you ever shopped on Truffle Shuffle?