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Lets talk about Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Lets talk about Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Hello November. Goodbye Sunlight. 

The day of the year I dread more than most the day the clocks go back and this year that was on 28th October, I didn't mind the extra hour in bed, or that day, in general. It was a pretty good Sunday, but the loss of light which was ahead was stuck in my head. Knowing that it wouldn't be until March when those long nights became longer days all over again. Sat my desk that day, knowing when I started it was only just getting light and when I finish the light will be completely gone. Limiting myself to going out in the evenings because the dark is something I fear. The person I become not having those extra hours of light struggles through the next few months. SAD also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression which comes and goes throughout a seasonal pattern. Most of us struggle with change which is out of our control, but this goes deeper than that. The change for most of us who struggle with SAD is unbearable. The lack of light makes us a shadow of who we were in the summer. SAD doesn't just affect people who struggle with the winter months, it can be the same for the summer months too. 

Seasonal Affective Disorder brings out the worst parts our depression and there's nothing we can do about it. For me personally, it makes me want to hide out in my bed a lot more, as the idea of going outside is not something I want to contend with. Getting up and going to work seems to become more of a struggle each and every day. The energy I had in the other 5 months of the year, zapped from within me. Looking forward to the months of being able to open the curtains and feel happy to be awake. SAD can often make us feel like we want to hibernate and not see our friends, not go out, and finding it hard to sleep at night and then almost impossible to stay awake in the light. One of my bad bouts involved me failing to sleep at night due to constantly waking up, then sleeping all day until it was dark again. I think I went 4 days without seeing any natural light and it made me feel so ill, but I couldn't overcome it. 

Despite this, Christmas is still one of my favourite times of the year, and this is something which helps me to get through those really bad days. The upcoming excitement of the streets being covered in lights, a huge tree making its way to the middle of the town, my house being filled with bright and quirky ornaments and of course the best Christmas songs and films around. The spirit of people coming together churns out some of the person who has been hiding inside. I find it a lot easier to cope on days when I feel like I have things to look forward to, and as much as I hate to admit it on the days when I eat better, I do feel the benefit. Taking those daily vitamins is a great way to boost your mood from within also, I often don't realise how much they do for me until I stop taking them. Vitamin C and D are my best friends for giving me an extra boost.

Until recently I had suffered in silence about Seasonal Affective Disorder and when a work friend and I started to discuss how every single morning at work felt like we had to wade through water whilst feeling like we have weights on our ankles which was pulling us back down, no matter how hard we tried to stop it. He told me about SAD lights and what a difference they make to each day, this is called light therapy. Most light boxes emit 10,000 lux, which boosts the serotonin in your brain and helps you cope day to day during these times For someone who didn't even know these existed, it was a huge relief to learn such things are available in these bad times. This year, I've started to research in purchasing my own lightbox. who sell these lights also have a huge section of information on their site about the different types of light boxes you can get to suit your lifestyle as well offering information on SAD itself, which can be useful to share with friends and family. also recommend getting light in as early as possible to boost your energy throughout the day. 

For now, until the sun returns for another summer ahead, I will try to make the most of the light around me, whether that is real, or artificial. It all makes a difference.
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25 thoughts whilst playing The Sims | Lifestyle

25 thoughts whilst playing The Sims | Lifestyle

So I found this post in my drafts and from months ago and it made me laugh so much I thought you guys needed to read it. The following post is just a bit of harmless fun and my own personal thoughts which I've had during times of playing The Sims. Let me know in the comments what thoughts you have whilst playing The Sims.

1. Why does work always come around so quickly? Let me stay at hoooome.
2. You need food AGAIN. Are you me?
3. Why do you smell so bad that green stuff comes off you...
4. Why is it so quick and easy to have a baby?
5. I need to hire me a live in butler, like now
6. I wish shopping was this easy in real life
7. Why does kissing more than one person make you have a reputation?
8. Where do they wash their clothes?
9. Lifetime wishes are a nightmare!
10. Sims sleep far too much

11. Stop putting your child on the floor in the park.
12. Why do you want to skinny dip so much??
13. Why does EVERYONE ask you if you want to go on dates?
14. Relationship, Engagement, Marriage, Child all in a few days... go for it!
15. Why isn't my house this nice?
16. I want to be able to go up to everyone and talk to them, pls!
17. 434 simelons an hour!!! Make it pounds and I am so down.
18. How do they get raises so easily, give me a raise!
19. Which expansion pack to buy next?

20. It's got to be pets right?...
21. Who even buys the town one?! OH yeah that's me... ITS AWFUL.
22. Who knew thinking of names was so haardddddd.
23. What on earth are these graphics?
24. Oh hai, Grim Reaper nice to meet you.

What thoughts do you have whilst playing the Sims? 
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5 Lifestyle Changes To Feel Better!

5 Lifestyle Changes To Feel Better!

1. Getting more sleep 

This is one I definitely need to do more, I am forever going to bed late and getting up super early for work. Getting more sleep helps the body feel refreshed and I am always more productive on a better nights sleep. *A lot nicer too* Soz work colleagues.

2. Working out 

Working out used to be my nightmare situation, the idea of getting sweaty in a public place and putting tons of effort into working out. I used to give up going so easily but I started to think about it a new way. So I turned into something for me, it's time for me to put my headphones in, focus on myself and zone out for a while and that is a great feeling and when you start to see small changes it all becomes worth it.

3. Take time away from being 'online'

Last summer I wrote a post about taking a digital detox which shared some super cool facts from It's Time To Log off who talk about the benefits of taking time away from your devices like laptops and phones including things like being able to get a better nights sleep if you don't use your phone an hour or so before going to bed, giving your brain time to switch off and other health benefits like also you are less likely to develop eye problems over long periods of time from using your digital device so much. A digital detox/ spending less time online is something I've wanted to do since I heard the spoken word film 'look up' from Gary Turk in 2014. However being a blogger and speaking to most of my friends online makes it harder to give it up.

4. Quit smoking

This is one a lot of people do, and it is a pretty big change to make and that is quitting smoking, and a lot of people are finding it easier with vaping or other aids. A study suggests that people who vape instead of smoking stated:

"After six months, people who switched from real to e-cigarettes had far fewer toxins and cancer-causing substances in their bodies than continual smokers." 

Vape AYR offer many amazing vape flavours including Vanilla Sky and Apple Crunch! As well as quitting smoking being great for your health it is also amazing for your wallet! Win. 

5. Make more time for people

Since starting a full time job, I am so guilty of this. I always struggle to find time for my friends, after work all I want to do is eat, shower and sleep. When in reality I should make time to hang out with my friends, even if all I manage is a few hours with a friend. Spending time with people boosts your mood and makes you feel less lonely, yay.

What changes do you need to make to your life? 

*Collaborative post 
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Things I am loving this March | Lifestyle

Things I am loving this March | Lifestyle

It doesn't seem five minutes since we were all tucking into our Christmas dinners, but we're now a quarter of the way through 2017, which has already been an eventful year. March is known as the month of madness, and this year has been no exception. Today, I'm taking a look at some of the highlights of what has been an action-packed past few weeks.

March Blockbuster Madness 

This month has played host to a number of new film releases, from independent flicks to big-budget Hollywood blockbusters. I am loving quite a few of the latter, from the dark intensity of Marvel's Logan, to the larger-than-life character of Kong in Skull Island.
There's also the action-packed Ghost in the Shell, and for those who like nostalgia Saban's Power Rangers. Of course, let's not forget Disney's magical-looking live action version of Beauty and the Beast, starring Harry Potter veteran Emma Watson. While the box office might have been left a little crowded as a result of such a prosperous month, it's good news for us customers, with many, many movies to choose from to suit virtually every taste!

Nintendo Switch
Source: Nintendo Switch via Facebook.
March also saw the launch of the latest video games console, as Nintendo released its Switch on the third of the month amidst widespread consumer hype. Although the Japanese gaming giant's previous console, the Wii U didn't manage to grab our attention for long enough, the Switch is interesting because it's the first hybrid home and portable console of its kind. It allows players to play the same game at home and effortlessly continue where they left off on the go! Which sounds great to me!

This is an especially great feature for people, like me, who lack a little self-control and can't quit their favourite title. You can now stop putting off going out the front door because you can just take your game with you! With a stellar launch line-up including the always popular The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the Switch looks to have a more promising future than Nintendo's last effort. While the £279.99 price tag might put you off, a study by Voucherbox suggests that Nintendo have a tendency for quickly reducing the price of their new consoles, so I may hold off until it maybe hits the £200 mark.

This Viral Video 
While you can barely sneak a peek on Facebook these days without being flooded with countless viral videos, March saw the birth of a 44-second clip that is sure to remain enduring in the months and years to come; we'll still be looking back on the video at the end of the year with amusement and fondness.

If you haven't seen the video in question yet, then where have you been? In this adorable clip, Professor Robert Kelly's attempt to be interviewed by BBC News about South Korea is interrupted by his children. This video has everything: it's both heartwarming and hilarious in equal measure, reminding you of either your own younger carefree days or those of your kids. It's also left may of us wishing we had the staggering confidence of the child the internet has dubbed "BBC girl"! I also heard some say that he probably didn't get up to help because he was naked from the waist down, but I think he was just in his pyjamas - not a good look for BBC News anyway.

Pi Day
Source: Math Geek Mama via Pinterest.
Did you celebrate Pi Day 2017? Whether you love maths or pie, March 14 is always a great day to celebrate both, and this year was no exception. While the day itself is supposed to be in recognition of the mathematical constant approximated to 3.14159, many choose to take the opportunity to celebrate the sweet treat that shares its name. I did, for sure.

As I'm sure you'll agree, the mixing of two slightly niche interests leads to much more interesting results, with schools, offices and social groups around the world partaking in the tradition. If you missed Pi Day, however, don't worry: there are still plenty more fun themed days coming up this year: Talk Like a Pirate Day, anyone?

So what do you think – what are your favourite March memories? Let me know in the comments below.

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Taking Back Control.

Taking Back Control.

It's always daunting coming back to your blog after being away from it for a few weeks and it has been a good couple of months since I've been able to sit down with a clear head and actually want to write posts. I've gone from writing four posts a week to struggling to do four a month, but I guess that's one of the annoying things about mental health, it can take over your entire life, seize you it's grasp and not let you go again. It's even worse when someone manages to get into your head, change everything about you that you once knew and then drop you like they didn't even care. At all. I ended my previous relationship late last year and did the usual, "oh lets join dating sites; if something happens it happens and if it doesn't that's ok too". But then, I met someone and I was happy.

It burnt out very quickly, we stopped talking. I assumed that was the end. Until we decided we could be friends. I wanted new friends and I enjoyed the life he lived so I went for it, why not? Over the following weeks, we tried the whole friends thing, but it was clear quickly it was way more than that. I wanted to give it ago more than anything. I wanted it to work and I would of done anything for him. I put myself in some stupid situations, I sacrificed my friendships  for him as I knew my friends didn't like him. I gave up caring about myself and my mental health was deteriorating. Neither of us would sleep at night as we both had issues with sleeping during the night, so we were sleeping all day. I wasn't even seeing any light apart from when I was falling asleep. This was pretty much everyday. My mood was dropping. Despite this I somehow managed to push through my dissertation and ended up with a 2:2 which I'm so happy I did.

It wasn't until I stepped away from the situation, that I realised it was poisonous from the start, he would never even want to admit he was associated with me in public. He would act like it was all in my head, then when we were alone, he would act like he loved me, telling me he was falling for me, treating me like I was the only girl in the world. In front of others he was constantly checking dating websites, talking to girls and making feel like I was nothing to him. I was supplying him with the lifestyle he wanted, funding everything he wanted. Treating him like he was the best thing in the world, because to me he was. I didn't understand at the time but I honestly felt like it was more like an abusive relationship, it was never physical, but the mental abuse I suffered was not okay. No one deserves to get torn down every single to the point where they don't know who they are anymore, they feel so empty and alone that they don't know how to cope. Made to feel like they are worthless.

Then one day, after he admitted he actually had feelings for me and wanted to give it ago, he started being weird with me, and you know, when something doesn't feel right? Yeah that. I was sat in his flat and he disappeared for hours, came back and something still wasn't right, and it got to the point where he stopped talking to me all together despite being in the same room for 12 hours. I left his flat the next day and he deleted me off everything. He stopped replying to my messages, it was like he was gone without a trace. That hurt.

The next few days were tough, I spent two months of my life trying to make someone so happy, I had forgotten how to care for myself. My mental health was poor and I was giving everything to a guy who frankly didn't care. I didn't know what I'd done to him so my anxiety went through the roof. I felt like I was a bad person, like I'd done something unforgivable. But worse, this guy who you'd given everything to just cut you out, just like that. You hear from people in your life he's been telling them he cut you loose and that he only stuck around for the money benefits I was offering. It hurts being used. Honestly it does. It was only a few days ago when I finally realised I am SO much better off without someone who is that much of a low life and I found this AMAZING article, which I read about cutting toxic people out of your life (you can read it here) it changed the way I was looking at things, I started to wonder what if I had actually done anything wrong, and it occurred to me I did everything for that person, and that person had let me down. I am still trying to rebuild myself up now, and I am going to find it SO hard to trust again, BUT, I will trust again.

I will find someone who doesn't make me feel awful for wanting to hug them, or for telling them they look good. I will find someone who actually makes me feel good instead of putting me down, I will find someone who wants me around and appreciates what I do for them. I am worthy of that, I know damn well I am. For those of you stuck in a toxic situation, remember it's not your fault and as hard as it may seem, you can get through it, I promise. It may not be easy to get out of, it may take weeks, months or even years to get out of it, but remember you're not alone. Surround yourself with those who make you feel worthy, you need those people in your life.

"To the wrong person, you'll never have any worth. To the right person, you'll mean everything."
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Luxury For Less - 4 ways to cut the cost of a luxe break.

Luxury For Less - 4 ways to cut the cost of a luxe break.

If you’re longing for a high-class getaway but your belt is still firmly tightened following the Christmas season, you’re not alone. There’s no need to scrimp on luxury though, even if you’re trying to be a little more economical when booking a holiday this time around. Destination2 has a little advice for any traveller who fancies a stylish, upmarket break without the expense.

1. Prioritise
What is it that you want out of your holiday? Once you have decided on the type of experience you want, this will help you to discern which areas of the trip will cost more, and where you might be able to cut corners comfortably. If independent sightseeing is more your sort of thing, perhaps opt for a package that includes all meals so you’re free to splash out a little more on the internal travel element. However, if your dream holiday resembles more of a taste-tour and you’re itching to try a different restaurant, bar or eatery each night, perhaps book a hotel in a central location so that travel costs you very little. Many resorts even offer free shuttle services within your city, and some will even whisk you off to destinations quite a way away! Speaking of free services…

2. Find the freebies
You’ll be surprised by the offers you can uncover if you do your research in advance! Some major cities offer discounted entry to popular landmarks and even money off meals in particular eateries if you apply for a special card before you travel. There are also a number of highly enjoyable experiences you can enjoy free of charge all the year round in a vast number of cities, such as visits to museums and galleries, festivals, parades and galas, walking tours and trips to beauty spots such as beaches, national parks and nature reserves.

3. Dodge the rush
There are a huge number of holiday destinations that are just as enjoyable - often more so - when you opt to miss their annual tourism peak. Prices are often bumped up at these times, and the best hotels fill up very quickly. Travelling in April rather than August can mean savings of hundred of pounds, on both flights and accommodation, and that is not to be sniffed at! Research your dream escape to discover their most popular months, but just be aware that there may be a clear reason why particular seasons are quieter - many countries have periods of rather extreme weather, so be sure to learn the times you ought to avoid.

4. Go all-inclusive
In the past, an all-inclusive holiday simply suggested the following: flights, hotel room, three meals a day. However, tourism is an increasingly competitive market, and the jetset lifestyle is quickly becoming the norm for a large number of people. You’ll be astonished at the extras and add-ons that can be thrown in as part of an all-inclusive holiday in order to secure your booking. From bar tabs to spa access, experiences that might otherwise set you back a fair amount of money often come part and parcel when you book with particular resorts or hotels, so get searching and see what treasures you can unearth!

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30 blog post ideas

30 blog post ideas

Hi all, happy Friday! The weekend is upon us once again, which for a lot of us means blogging! I decided to bring you a post which I've had in my drafts for a while now, 30 blog post ideas for those who are struggling with inspo. I did one a few years back and it is still one of my most viewed posts. If you fancy viewing that one, you can do here. I'm hoping this post is better than the last one as I have written many more blog posts since that one, which have filled me with inspiration. Hopefully you enjoy this post and get some ideas for your own blog posts!

1. Shop my style (Share your outfit inspo like this)
2. Fashion Wishlist
3. Outfit of the day
4. Dress for the season (Some ideas are like this and this)
5. What I've Bought Lately.

6. Shop my makeup stash
7. Easy makeup looks
8. Beauty wishlist
9. Introducing a brand (This is my favourite beauty post to do, I did one for Soap and Glory here)
10. Haulin' (One of the most popular beauty posts! I've got a Colourpop haul as an example.

11. Favourite films/tv shows.
12. Advice posts (e.g. moving into your first home, being a student)
13. Home hauls (I did a fabulous one with Sass and Belle!)
14. Talk about issues which are important (I've wrote posts on discrimination and sex ed in schools)
15. Show off your collections! (I did a tsum tsum haul which is super popular!)
16. 30 facts about me
17. Why did you start blogging
18. Book reviews, what have you been reading lately
19. Bloggers who inspire you.
20. Your top blog posts that you've done.

21. Talk about your local city/town and things to do.
22. Places you want to visit on your bucket list. (I did one here)
23. A post about a place you've visited and make it picture heavy! (Here's one on Brighton I did)
24. Exploring the UK, talk about places in the UK to visit.
25. Best places to shop.

26. Review restaurants you've visited. (I did one on Jamie's Italian and The Verano Lounge.)
27. Top food places to visit in your area
28. How to eat healthy, some meal ideas.
29. Eating on a student budget. (I did a post in collaboration with the Co Op on this.
30. Throw a dinner party and write about your experience. (I did a come dine with me blogger style)

I hope you managed to get some inspiration from this post! Let me know if you enjoyed it in the comments below! 

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4 Things You NEED To Watch Now! | Lifestyle.

4 Things You NEED To Watch Now! | Lifestyle.

I have recently submerged myself into watching so much TV, I cannot stop watching it. I am making my way through full series in a matter of days at a time. I couldn't imagine not having Netflix, Iplayer and 4 on Demand in my life, they are my saviours. I could do with a bed from Adjustamatic to relax in whilst watching my favourite shows A while back a did a few posts on my favourite documentaries and films and you guys really enjoyed them and I've been watching some AMAZING stuff lately so I decided I would share my top 5 favourite things I've watched recently and I hope you enjoy!

Orphan Black:
Around Christmas one of my friends recommended me watching this and I was a bit hesitant as it isn't something I'd usually watch but decided to give it ago anyway, and after one episode I was hooked. I am now on the last two episodes of season 4 and literally recommend it to anyone. I'd say it's a sci-fi thriller, always keeps on you on your toes and requires you paying attention constantly as it moves so fast. It definitely takes you through all of the motions.  

Audrey and Daisy:
I watched this documentary and couldn't stop crying throughout, it's a beautiful but sad look into a girl who killed herself due a sexual assault and it shows the story of another girl called Daisy and what she went through when she was sexually assaulted too. A gripping and eye opening look at what people go through and how they overcome what has happened to them. I honestly wanted to hug every single girl in this documentary. 

Playhouse Masters:
A bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, but I'm not even sorry. It's on TLC and is amazing to watch. It is about a couple who own their own business creating playhouses, and my god, some of these playhouses are better than my actual house ha. They are amazing to look and always have me in awe of how they create such amazing ones. 

Drugs Map Of Britain: 
A BBC Iplayer documentary series look into drugs and what drugs are most popular in parts of England, it is on going series which started in September. There has been one on Black Mamba, Heroin, Ecstasy, Alcohol and a few more. It's an eye opening look into how badly drugs effect the UK and it's residents and what people are like who are suffering with a full blown addiction to the drug. 

I hope you enjoyed this mixed bag of things I have been watching lately, what are you enjoying at the moment? 
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Guide For Surviving Student Life! | Lifestyle

Guide For Surviving Student Life! | Lifestyle

It's official, I have submitted my dissertation which means I am finished with university, after 3 and a half gruelling years of assignments, presentations and reports. I am done with university. Although because of my course length being super weird, I do not officially graduate until the summer. With this is in mind I thought I'd share with you somethings which I've learnt whilst being a student, hopefully those of you who are currently students or going to be in the near future find this post somewhat helpful. Obviously these are just my own opinions and tips on how to make university life that little bit easier.

Shop online: 
Of course I would start this post with something food related, it's me! I noticed when I first moved into my own place I was spending a lot of money just buying random bits of food from Asda as it was down the road. Or I'd spontaneously buy random bits and never check what I had in to start with. When I started to shop online and the minimum spend was £40 it was a lot easier to keep track of what I was buying as well as plan meals whilst I was doing it. Although I also realised buying fresh stuff didn't really work for me and I would often find it went out of date, freezer stuff like vegetables, pizzas and then cupboard stuff like soup and pasta sauces worked well for me.

It Is OK to borrow money sometimes
When you're a university student getting a job is always a plus, being a student is super expensive and there is a reason why students have the broke title because we basically always are. Sometimes even with a part time job, living can get in the way. I remember in my old house massive electric bills would come out at the worst time. When you really need to money for a bill or something urgent and you know you are getting money relatively soon, it is ok to borrow money from places like Quick Loans or Auto Advance. Borrowing money from short term lenders is something that can actually help when you're in a sticky situation. Obviously you have to have some kind of earnings in the first place to be accepted. But having a part time job and being student isn't always enough to cover the bills especially when it is an excepted one and you know it's a few days until your student loans/pay. Check out The Money Advice Service for more info on Payday loans.

Assignments first, fun later:
This is a big one for most university students, and I am one of the worst for doing this, but as great as having a social life is, it is important to get your deadlines done first. I am honestly one of those people who would go out have a good time before my deadlines were handed in and then would spend the next few days in proper panic mode and although my work did well, it was still an extra stress I could of avoided by taking more time to focus on my work in the first place!

Living with people is hard: 
Honestly being a student has put me off ever living with my friends again, living with my housemates last year there was 5 of us, in a house not big enough for 3 of us. We got on each others nerves like no tomorrow even to the point where I don't speak to one of my housemates at all anymore. Although I nearly lost my best friend at the time it has made us stronger than ever before but living in that house made us all a bit crazy. Although it can be done, it is important to remember personal space is key and make sure the house is big enough for all of your needs.

*Collaborative Post 
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5 Things I Want To Achieve in 2017 | Lifestyle

5 Things I Want To Achieve in 2017 | Lifestyle

Happy hump day all! How are we doing? We are almost a month into the new year, and 2017 seems to be going significantly better than 2016. Lets hope it stays this way. So far this month I've mainly focused on fashion based posts to get me back into blogging. Today I am bringing you a post about what I want to achieve this year, I decided I would share five things I want to achieve and then talk a bit about why. I hope you enjoy this post, I know you lot seem to enjoy my more personal ones so hopefully this is a hit!

1. Get my degree!
I am only a matter of a few weeks away from finishing my degree, my course has been a strange length running for three and a half years. I am in my final few weeks and I just need to get my dissertation finished and then I am done. I will officially graduate in the summer and I am super excited to do so. Getting a degree is one of the hardest things I've had to do and I've wanted to drop out so many times, but I am proud of myself for sticking with it.

2. Pass my test and get a car! 
I started to learn to drive a few years back and I've been learning/doing tests on and off since. I took my last test in September of last year and then for some reason gave up again. This year I will get a license, whether it takes the whole year or just a month, I will do this! Once I finally manage to pass my test I plan on getting car, I've been looking into my options and found that Moneybarn who offer car finance calculator also offer finance to help you purchase a car. It's a great way to get a car and be able to pay back the payments monthly.

3. Go to a festival 
It's been about four years since I went to my last festival and I enjoyed it so much, I would love to attend another one this year, I got invited to go to Bestival last year but was working *sad times*. I plan on using a lot of my holiday from work this year to be able to go to some festivals over the summer!

4. Get a full time job
During my time at university I've been working on the weekends in a call centre for a healthcare company, and I love it so much but I want to get a full time job this year, hopefully get some more stability into my life as well being able to save up to eventually buy my own house.

5. Better my mental health
Over the last few years I've worked towards bettering my mental health, and although it's going well considering how bad it was a few years ago, I know I can do more to make myself healthier. I am getting therapy and hopefully by the end of the year I will feel like my old self more.

*Collaborative Post
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What I've Been Loving Lately #2 | Lifestyle

What I've Been Loving Lately #2 | Lifestyle

Hi lovelies, happy Wednesday how are you all doing? I hope you're well. I am so snowed under with my university work and social life, I've been lacking a little bit on the blog posts but I promised you guys I would attempt two a week, and this week I am having this one up today and then one on Friday too! I am excited for it to be Friday as it is my birthday, yay! I will be 22. I plan on playing the Taylor Swift song 22 for the most of the day too. I decided I would create another what I've been loving post as you lot seem to love them. If you missed my first one it is is here for you to catch up on.

Rejuvenating Frankincense Face Wash:
I'm so in love with this product at the moment, it is improving my acne by like 90% and makes my face feel fresh and clean in the morning. I couldn't imagine kick starting my day without it anymore. I also use it when I am using my Foreo as it gives the skin a deeper clean.

Sass and Belle Stackable Mugs:
Honestly the CUTEST set of mugs I have ever seen, and even better that they stack. Perfect for any kitchen. I love the little faces, they're so adorable! I would love to add these to my quirky kitchen stuff.

This is a long time favourite of mine, but I thought it's worth a mention as you are able to now buy it in the UK from Debenhams. It's the best pen liner around and it'll give you the most 'fleeky' liner around. It's easy to use and comes out really black which is amazing. 

I honestly have not spent as much time in any pair of shoes as I do in my Dr Martens, and it is about time I invested in another pair, I love the colour of these boots and they look like they'd be a gorgeous pair to wear. Mine are a little worn now, as I bought them two years ago, although I will still be wearing my current pair I would love to invest in another pair. 

I often share with you that one of my favourite places to shop all things weird and wonderfull is Dollskill, they have the BEST bags by a mile and they're always super quirky and fun. I love this bag because it's a perfect everyday bag. I plan on getting it with my birthday money. Yay! 

What have you been loving recently? 

*Collaborative Post
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New Year, New Me? | Lets Talk

New Year, New Me? | Lets Talk

It's me, Olivia. I am back. In case you've forgotten who I am, it's been a while. I lost all of my willpower to blog, I started to hate my photos, my content and I couldn't even face logging in to Twitter. I went through something similar back in 2014 and I gave up blogging for a few months and I didn't want this break to get that bad so I knew as soon as it started to feel like something I 'had' to do instead of what I wanted to do, I took time away and now I feel ready to come back. I apologise to you lot for the content I put out over the last couple of months because it hasn't been my best, but I am going to keep trying to bring you new and fresher content. I plan on having a re-brand over the next few weeks so prepare yourselves for that. It will still be the same Dungarees & Donuts name which you've all gotten to know and love just more of me, I started my blog when I was still in college and I've grown a lot as a person since then. I love to blog about lifestyle and beauty, but I want more for my space on the internet, as you all know I am a huge advocate of mental health and taboo subjects and I want to keep talking about them, I want to keep breaking down the stigma and I will continue to do that. Dungarees & Donuts has always been my space where I can talk about what I want and nobody really has a say about what I can/can't write. I hope when I finally get my plans into motion you all enjoy what I have to offer. For the time being I plan on only putting out one or two posts a week because 3-5 can be seriously soul destroying and they do say less is more.

As far as me as a person goes, I am not one for the whole new year, new me stuff. But I am hoping to make 2017 a year I am proud of. I have been struggling with my mental health over the last few months more than I like to admit, I've been struggling to do anything other than get out of bed at a stupid time, go into work on some days, I am not enjoying who I've become. I feel like I am a shell of the person I was a few years back, but in other ways I feel stronger and ready to take on the world. I am ready to take the time to get better and work on myself. Later this month I will have finished with my university course and I will finally be able to take the time I need to figure out what I want to do with my life. I'm sure that will come with time though *I hope* 

My final request is something along the lines of let me know what you want to see more of on my blog and how I can improve, I want to keep progressing and making my blog the best it can be!

Over and out, 
Love Olivia!
(I have not signed out of a blog post in a long time!)

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Olivia Jade
Staying Healthy In The Winter Months | Lifestyle

Staying Healthy In The Winter Months | Lifestyle

Winter can often be a time where our motivation levels are at their lowest, and the temptation to indulge is often at its highest. This can often be caused by the darker nights and colder weather. However, it's vital that you keep your exercise regime on track during the winter. Otherwise, you risk undoing all of the progress that you made in the early parts of the year. If your motivation to stay healthy is falling, make sure you follow these tips to help you get through it.

Look at YouTube videos
If the dark nights and poor weather are putting you off going outside, then why not look at some video workouts on YouTube? You don't even need to leave the house for this, and you can often use items you have lying around to complement your routine. There are millions of workout videos on YouTube, and some even come from the finest personal trainers in the industry, meaning that you're sure to find an exercise style that suits your fitness level.
Go ice skating
This is a great way of embracing everything that winter has to offer. You can also bring the kids along. It's estimated that ice skating burns as much as 387 calories per hour for an average-sized woman who is travelling at normal speed. This is an incredibly high amount, and you'll have a lot of fun doing it, too. What's more, with Christmas not too far away, you can expect to see ice rinks popping up all over the country so you won't have to travel too far to get your fix.
Enjoy a luxury boot camp
What better way to escape the cold weather than by jetting off to some of the finest locations in Spain and Portugal and taking part in a fitness and nutrition boot camp that's lead by some of the finest trainers in the industry?  Not only will you take part in inspiring, fun and challenging exercises, but you will also have access to a vibrant, healthy menu that is sure to get your taste buds tingling. All of these activities are set against some of the most stunning coastlines these countries have to offer. Keeping fit in the winter can often be a chore, but this will not be the case if you book one of these retreats through Prestige Boot Camp.
Change your clothes

If you're still using the same shorts and t-shirt combination in the winter that you used for jogging in the summer, then it's no wonder your motivation levels are dipping. Your summer clothes are not designed to handle the harsh winter elements, so make sure you buy some clothes that are. Under Armour is a great base layer to fit underneath a fleece, so why not add to your look with a pair of sports leggings with some shorts on top of that? Finish the whole thing off with a good pair of gloves and a hat. If you're well prepared to handle anything that winter throws at you, outdoor activities like jogging will seem less daunting.
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Olivia Jade
8 Reasons Winter Beats Summer | Lifestyle

8 Reasons Winter Beats Summer | Lifestyle

I'm pretty sure it's not even officially winter for a while yet, but I decided to write this post anyways. I am a huge fan of winter for many reasons, I considered doing this post for autumn but I saw so many around I decided to hold off for a while and then write a post. So I am actually a huge fan of Autumn/Winter for many reasons so I decided to share 8 of them with you today, hopefully some of you can relate to these and those of you who prefer summer I'd love to hear some of your reasons below in the comments! I hope you enjoy this post, Happy reading.

1. I can cover up! 
I love wearing leggings and lots of layers so this is the perfect time of year to do so. During the summer you cannot wear layers without looking odd and having to show your body is a no in my books. 

2. Sweat 
As a person who pretty much sweats constantly summer is a no go for me, I pretty much have to wear a pair of shorts and tee or a dress not to sweat. 

3. British Weather
In summer we never know what we can wear as it is sometimes boiling and other days still freezing, we can't do the whole summer wardrobe as it gets used like 5 times a year and it's totally not worth it.

4. Holidays
I am a winter person for the fact that the BEST holidays are in Winter, hello Halloween and Christmas! 

5. My Birthday
My birthday is in the winter, so that always makes me a huge fan of the winter. Although sometimes I do wish I had a summer birthday. 

6. Jumpers
Who doesn't adorable buying lots of fluffy and oversized jumpers? I know I do! I love to be able to wear lots of simple outfits and wearing jeans or leggings with them and still looking adorable. 

7. Boots 
My favourite type of shoe is a boot, and I cannot stand the summer months where I am unable to wear Dr Martens without my feet smelling gross and being far too hot. Plus boots are so much more comfy than sandals right? 

8. Starbucks
This is by far the most 'basic' reason on this list, but by far the most important. Starbucks release the best autumn/winter menu and it is always full of gorgeous flavours like cinnamon, apple and pumpkin. So much more appealing.  

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Olivia Jade
I've Changed | Lets Talk

I've Changed | Lets Talk

In August marked my three year blogging anniversary and apart from my blogging break back in 2013 I've been pretty consistent with posting the entire time. Which originally started as 1 day a week, them went up to 4 and is now at a happy balance of three days a week with an occasional four. It's been three years and in those three years I've done a lot of growing up and I've changed a lot, my blog once was about beauty and occasionally random posts and it is now SO much more than that. I've used my own mental health journey and shared that on the internet, along with talking about subjects such as my own relationships and break ups, I've reached out to others on the internet and I will say that relationships are hard, but if you're struggling in yours it doesn't need to be the end. Although I didn't know this at the time, you can do things such as couples councelling online or even on your own, it is something worth looking into. I talk about my own personal struggles and illness as well as talking about other illnesses and trying to break the stigma on many things. My blog is a lifestyle blog, with a side of real talk and some food, fashion and beauty thrown in. I realise when some of my readers started to follow my blog many months ago, they didn't follow it for the real talk, but it is something that is important to me, so it's here to stay. I've changed as a person, I've gone from being a very shy and confused 17 year old to a brave, open and fun 21 year old who just about makes it through each day. But throughout everything my blog is something that has been a constant in my life, and I love you guys for that. You give me a purpose to keep writing on the internet. Whether this is the first time you've ever read a post of mine or you read my blog every week, I just wanted to say thanks.

When I started blogging, I thought it would last as long as my other hobbies (a few months) but there is something SO different about blogging, whether that's the sense of community I always find myself in when I come online or the fun of having my OWN space on the internet. I love blogging and for the foreseeable I don't see myself stopping. I have bad days with blogging where I will sit in front of a screen and write the same three lines over and over and end up closing the computer down and stepping away in frustration. But I'll also have days where I can write post after post to the point where I have 20+ posts scheduled and that feels so damn good. I've met friends through blogging who I would never of met without it. I've been given fantastic opportunities which I could of only have imagined before. I even earn enough money to be able to afford to live from blogging and my part time job. When I sat in college all of those years ago and asked my best friend to help me think of a name for my blog on the internet, Dungarees & Donuts was just a silly idea which turned into my own brand. I now live and breathe Dungarees & Donuts, it's more than just a diary online. It's my website, my brand and it's a massive part of me and without that part I'd be lost.

I've had friendships that have lasted less time than my blog, I've had a relationships end, I've realised so many different things about myself that I didn't know before my journey started. I've gained weight, I've moved out. So many things have changed but the one thing which has stayed the same is my space online to be me and I am so happy for that.

Thank you for everyone who has stuck by me throughout the last three years, I couldn't imagine my life right now if it wasn't for you, so thank you!
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Olivia Jade
Student Cooking Challenge with Co Op! | Lifestyle

Student Cooking Challenge with Co Op! | Lifestyle

Hi all, how are we? Sorry for the lack of posts at the moment. I am struggling to get my stuff together, I've got so much I want to post it is just taking the motivation to post! I am finally bringing you a post which has been a long time in the making. A student cooking challenge with
The Midcounties Co-operative, a while back I was sent a box of food and asked to create some awesome meals for you lot and share how I got on. So hopefully you enjoy this post and whether you're a student or not, there will be something for you to enjoy. I will warn you in advance, I am pretty sure everything here is full of carbs!

Breakfast Ideas: 
I decided to include some easy breakfast ideas for students and although I am not a breakfast person at all, there are many ideas for you to try for less!

Boiled eggs and asparagus: 
One of my favourite breakfast ideas for when I am looking for something a bit more healthy and filling too. You can enjoy soft boiled eggs with the asparagus tips, or you can have it with toast or bread; my favourite is wholemeal toast.

Crumpets are the perfect breakfast item for students as you can get them when they're reduced in the supermarket and freeze them and then you have a cheap breakfast to go to in a rush.

Lunch Time: 

Pasta Salad: 
My all time favourite lunch time go to, it is easy to make and cheap. As well as being able to make in large portions. I usually make 3 or 4 days worth for lunches over the week. I buy cucumber, peppers, lettuce, red onion, spring onion and also sometimes put soft boiled eggs in there as well as croutons. As I am a vegetarian, I don't add meat obviously although you can add quorn chicken pieces which are a fabulous addition. If you are not a vegetarian, torn up sandwich ham can work well.

Beans on toast: 
Beans on toast is an easy, go to meal. Simple for those on a budget. Co Op does some of the best beans I've tasted and I am very much a heinz person usually. Wholemeal toast again goes well with this.


I love to make stew for dinner, especially in the colder months. It is a great investment for any student to have a cooking pot, it is a great for not only stews but casseroles and also curry. I usually grab some veg (go for fresh stuff around 7pm and it is reduced) including a bag of potatoes, carrots, swede and to bulk it out you can buy a bag of frozen mix. I usually make it up with gravy and add some pearl barley. During the day I live it on whilst at uni and then come back add some dumplings and then leave for a further half an hour. This is perfect for freezing and then leaving for as long as you want.

Mushroom pasta with mozzarella: 
This is one of my all time favourite meals to go to. I grab some large mushrooms and chop them into chunky pieces, grab a jar of my favourite pasta sauce, some herbs and mix together. Add some pasta and then rip up some fresh Mozzarella for the top. Perfect.

I love risotto for being able to make it so simply, and just make it out of whatever you want. I usually go for mushroom but there is SO many amazing combinations out there. This is a perfect meal for making in bulk and freezing also.

If you are a student you are able to grab 10% discount on food!

*In collaboration with Co Op.

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Olivia Jade
#IWouldMiss! | Lifestyle

#IWouldMiss! | Lifestyle

Hi all, how are we doing? I hope you're well. Today I am bringing you something a little different which I hope you will enjoy just as much as my other posts. The post is all about things you would miss if you lived in a remote region and I thought it would be fun to add my own little spin on to the post. Flogas recently put together a survey finding out what people would miss most if they moved to a remote location. Some of the things which people miss include Smartphones, gas and electric. BUT 80% of the people surveyed reckon they could cope living remotely. Could you do it? So what would I miss living in a remote area? 

This one had to come first being the absolute takeaway fiend that I am. I couldn't imagine not being able to order a Dominos or a Subway to my front door.  

Mobile Data/Wifi:
As a blogger I think most of us would suffer with this, I am FOREVER on my phone, checking emails, blogging, updating social media and I could not imagine being able to do this or hardly ever being able to do this. 

Similar to the takeaway thing, I am a huge food fanatic and I am always eating out, I could not imagine going weeks without being able to do so. Same with bars I love to go out and drink cocktails, life would be strange without that.

My friends:
I am with my friends a lot,  and I could not imagine going weeks without seeing them. As I am unable to drive I think I would feel stranded away from everyone. 

I would love to know in the comments what YOU would miss if you lived in a remote location! 

*Collaborative Post
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5 films you NEED to watch! | Lifestyle

5 films you NEED to watch! | Lifestyle

Back in November of last year I did a post about my favourite documentaries of all time, and it was SO popular I decided I would bring you a film version, including my all time favourite films that you NEED to watch, like right now. I am the biggest fan of Netflix, Sky and also Amazon for my documentaries on demand I couldn't imagine a life before them, the days of Blockbuster are well and truly gone, I mean how can you binge watch if you have to keep going out to get more of them. I love being able to sit in front of my TV and just watch programme after programme. I am bringing you this post in collaboration with Contact Numbers who are the BEST for providing you with an access to so many numbers you may need including Sky and Amazon. Contact numbers also created a list of films and television shows that they think you need to watch, to see their recommendations check them out here.

Mean Girls:
Mean girls can basically be classed as a classic right? It's such an amazing film which I have watched over 50 times and I am not even sorry about it, I couldn't imagine growing up without being able to relate to this film for so many things including everyday life quotes. Growing up wanting a life like Regina's including her bedroom.

10 Things I Hate About You:
I watched this film in school in one of the lessons where they stick a on DVD and just make you watch it for something to do. I loved this film for so many reasons, one of the main ones was Heath Ledger. What a gorgeous man. Also the fact that feminism was a HUGE element of this film and to be honest how kick ass is Kat?

Inside Out:
I've only seen this film a couple of times but it has stuck with me, I relate so hard to Sadness, I am pretty sure she is my spirit animal. It's such a fun and feel good film.

500 Days Of Summer:
Such a unique concept to this film, a romcom that doesn't end with happiness, I personally didn't know that was a thing but apparently it is. I love watching it and Zoey is such a fabulous actress, she is the perfect person to play this part. I love the idea behind the film and it is ace that the film has such a 'different' ending.

How To Be Single:
I saw this film on the way to America over the summer on the plain and it was one of the best films I've seen for ages. It is a great film to make you feel better. Without giving too much away it is basically a film about how to be single.

*In Collaboration with Contact Numbers

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