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The ultimate quirky gift guide 2019

*This post is in collaboration with The Gift Co and contains some affiliate links also 

1. The Personalised Smash Sweets Cup is made entirely from chocolate and filled up with gorgeous treats, similar to an Easter Egg once you crack it open the goodies inside spill out. The best part about this lovely gift from The Gift Co is that you get it personalised and you can also get it in a variety of colours too. It's a great gift for those sweet lovers in your life and the fact it is personalised shows you've gone the extra mile. 
2. Pixie Tears Gin for most adults alcohol can be a great present to receive, whether that's an expensive bottle of champagne, some pints at the pub or even a bottle of their favourite spirit. Thanks to Firebox you can get a variety of spirits with an additional twist. From Pixie Tears to Chocolate Orange and beyond. 

3. A gift which is pretty much certain to be unique is the David Attenborough Activity Book filled to the brim with amazing puzzles which are a tribute to the British Icon David. If an animal Wordsearch isn't your thing, don't worry, there are plenty of other surprises to come including David Hattenborough. It's only £8 so the perfect gift for those who are fans of Sir Attenborough. 
4. The Andy Warhol Soup Can Jigsaw is a fantastic gift for those puzzle enthusiasts out there or just for someone who enjoys something a bit more quirky as a present. This 100 piece jigsaw is an out of the box gift designed by Andy Warhol who is of course known for his pop art style. 

5. Grow Your Own Sunflower is a treat for anyone who doesn't have a garden or who fancies a little project over the year. With these grow your own kits popping up all over the internet, with everything from chillies to your own Christmas tree, there is one out there for everyone. Sunflowers are great as they're associated with happiness.
6. Top Trumps was my favourite game as a child and more recently Top Hunks has been in my top picks, however, make way for the Friends Edition of the game. Perfect for any friends enthusiast. As it is based on the friends top moments, we have to wonder what is on the cards. It better have Rachael getting off that plane (one of the tensest moments in TV history!) 

I hope you've enjoyed this post and I have a variety of other quirky gift guides if you fancy checking them out, including gifts that every student wants* and not your typical health and beauty guide.

55 Blog Post Ideas For When You're Stuck In A Rut in 2019.

The longer you've been blogging, the harder it can be to think of content ideas. I remember when I started blogging in 2013 there were always chats and a community to share inspiration with and the posts were a lot more simple back then. It was all about reviewing a product, taking some pics and sharing it with other bloggers for most. Since then, blogging has come a long way and although I still love to create content there have been times when I've got into a rut and not known how to get out of it. I made a list of blog post ideas for when you're stuck in a rut in 2015 and also 2017 but I feel even since then a lot has changed blog-wise. Some of these posts I've written myself which I will highlight so you can click on those for inspiration if you fancy, but a lot of them are brand new ideas. At the bottom of the post, there will be a version of the which you can download and keep handy for when you're lacking inspiration. 

Lifestyle post ideas: 
1. Top 5 podcasts 
2. Introducing your pets
3. How to shop on eBay/Ali Express/Shein/Wish. 
4. Pop Vinyl Collection
5. 5 must-see documentaries
6. Films every Disney lover needs to see. 
7. 15 facts about Friends/ (other TV show of your choice) 
8. How to dye your hair bright colours 
9. 10 creative fonts 
10. Favourite products / least favourite of the month/year
11. Your favourite films of all time
12. Photography tips 
13. How to get over a friendship break up 
14.Ways to seek help when you're struggling
15. Top tips for freshers 
16. How to survive a breakup.
17. How to make friends as an adult (I did a post about Bumble BFF)
18. Self-care ideas 
19. 5 beauty hacks 
20. 10 tips on how to study better. 
21. Ways to feel inspired
22. How to tackle Pinterest
23. How to get over a friendship break up 
24. How to write a great CV
25. Tips for caring for a pet

Food post ideas:
26. How to make galaxy food (I made galaxy pancakes)  
27. Best restaurants to visit when you visit (insert place here)
28. 10 easy snack ideas
29. 5 tasty meals on a budget
30. How to make the perfect cupcakes
31. A review of your favourite restaurant 
32. My dream menu

Fashion post ideas:
33. Shop my style 
34. Who inspires my style?
35. 3 ways to style your favourite item of clothing
36. Perfect locations for outfit posts you may not have thought of. 
37. Tips for getting the best outfit pictures 
38. Wishlists. 

Travel post ideas: 
39. 15 unusual packing hacks
40. 9 reasons to visit a place (I recently wrote about Florida) 
41. The ultimate travel must haves 
42. 10 places to visit on a budget 
43. 5 of the most romantic places to visit 
44. 15 iconic locations to visit
45. Travelling with anxiety
46. Hotel reviews 
47. Best places to get currency 

Beauty posts: 

48. Summer inspired makeup
49. How to make your own face masks
50. My skincare routine 
51. How to do the perfect winged liner. 
52. Testing a range of products (I reviewed MUA Pro Base and JOICO recently) 
53. Festival make up looks 
54. Makeup bag essentials. 
55. How to have a spa day at home. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post and are now feeling inspired if you end up using any of these ideas I'd love for you to share your posts with me. 

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MUA Pro/Base collection: All hail or a big fail?

MUA has come a long way in the last 5 years, I remember when I first started blogging and their £1 lipsticks were the ultimate beauty bloggers must have. Plus, if you didn't haul MUA beauty, were you even a blogger in 2013-2014, I think not. The £1 lipstick hype died down and then on to the Luxe Lips which I still have my post live for, if you fancy some major cringe, feel free to check it out here. Apart from trying their highlighters last year, I've not really used anything from MUA for years. I was gifted some of the new products from their latest range and I got to work with trialling them.

The first thing I will say about their products is their packaging looks lush with the foundation in glass bottles. Their new foundation has 24 shades and they even have a colour match system on their site for those who don't know which shade they are. It also helps you define your undertones by doing a little quiz. Once you've found your ideal shade it's time to get to work. All the products in the range are £5 or under which I was excited about, as we all love a bit of a budget-friendly makeup, especially for the base as that seems to be the most expensive part. 

Banana Blur Primer MUA
Banana Blur Primer:
After years of being one of those people who doesn't think primer is necessary, I've had a revelation over the last few months that primer is indeed needed and does amazing things to your skin and foundation. When it comes to primer, I'd recommend finding one that works for you and actually does what it says on the tin. The banana blur primer gave me a smooth lightweight base to apply my foundation on to. Without using a primer my foundation would stick to certain places and not others. I've tried a variety of green based primers due to me having red skin and acne as it tends to make them look calmer. However, using this primer allowed me to create a more complete and finished look overall and it was matte too, so took away some of that shine I usually can see. Plus it leaves your face feeling amazing after you've used it. 

Pro/Base Long wear Matte Foundation:
Foundation is one of the biggest struggles in my makeup routine if I ever get matched it tends to be in the wrong shade or is super expensive to keep repurchasing the foundation. The Pro Base long wear foundation is £5 so I wasn't holding out much hope to how it may turn out on my skin. Once I applied my primer I popped some foundation on the back of my hand before applying it to my face. I used the MUA beauty sponge to apply it. I found the foundation to be easily buildable and gives full coverage and even with my oily skin it stays put throughout the day. With such a huge shade range it definitely makes it easier to find a perfect match for your skin and undertones. 

Pro/Base Fixing Spray:
The final step to my base makeup is to set it. The reason I like the Pro/Base one over a lot of others on the market as the spray seems to be more like a mist as opposed to an actual spray in your face. I love the fixing spray as it sets your makeup and leaves you feeling like it is all locked in place. For longer lasting makeup with less of the oily look, the Pro/Base fixing spray has your back. For 70ml it is only £4 which is an absoulte bargain compared to some of our cult favourites.

It's been a little while since I've attempted to do anything beauty related on the blog but I've missed doing beauty reviews so I plan on bringing them back. What products would you like to see me review over the next few weeks?

*Although MUA gifted me with the range, all thoughts are my own* 

Introducing LoyalFree AD.

We reward our new customers for joining us, but a lot of companies forget to reward their loyal customers for coming back time and time again. This applies to car insurance, banks and online shopping. As regular users of a service, it would surely make sense to reward those customers for their loyalty? Well, that's what the companies on LoyalFree decided to do. If you're in one of their current areas you're in for a treat, with tons of discounts and freebies in the local area. The app costs nothing to download and you just need to go to those places you'd usually go but with the added extra of discount in your pocket (or should I say app?). It's been a long time in the making that students get discount on so many things but those who are no longer students or who have never been, do not get any of the generous discounts or fun experiences that comes along with being a student. Until now, since Loyal Free has popped up it gives us all a chance to enjoy what the app has to offer and the great discounts and hidden gems around our local town. 

So I hear you ask, what does the LoyalFree app offer? 
Well, the app offers a huge variety of different things, with things such as buy four coffees and your 5th is free, discounts on days out or things to enjoy such as beauty treatments, classes and gifts and a ton more to pick from. As well as offering you tons of free things, you can find out about experiences and events in your area which you may not of known without the app, cool right?

As someone who regularly looks for a discount code of some sort, for pretty much everything this app is super handy. With an easy to understand app which is quick and reliable 'everyone' can join in the fun. Speaking of fun, within the app you can go on trails based around themes and it will tell you a variety of places to visit on your trail to make the most out of the local area and also what you enjoy, there are trails based around dogs, vegan eats and even some cocktail ones. Sounds like a win to me. I am someone who has so many apps for different discounts but I feel like the loyal app covers it all under one roof with money off, collectable stamps and finding out about great offers around your town/city you're in for a real treat.

Well what are you waiting for? Go download the app now and get saving some money. 

*This post is sponsored by LoyalFree, however, all thoughts within my post are all mine and I genuinely back this app and wouldn't promote it if I didn't* 

My Mini Bedroom Overhaul: Spring Edit

This post does contain some gifted items, these will have an (*) next to them.

Colour makes me happy, no matter what form it is in, if I see something bright it instantly boosts my mood. Hence how I ended up with a huge rainbow cactus which might actually be for your garden when visiting Asda for something else. You'll find me in every store which sells bedding, down that isle deciding which new cover I should buy despite having over 10 already. Coloured decor makes my room instantly my haven, it's the simple things. Recently I've added a *few* new things into my room, some which aren't rainbow! But they make my room that little bit more enjoyable to be in. In addition to this, I've rearranged a bunch of my furniture and the space in the room feels so much more spacious and optimised. I'll leave links within the post if you'd like to purchase anything from within the post.

It's strange how having matching furniture within a room can make it flow so much better like I understand it matching does look good but I can tell a huge difference in the room with having white furniture and it's mostly from IKEA, because who can resist an Ikea Kallax cube or two. Although I've had my Kallax storage for a few years now, I decided to turn the 8 cube Kallax on to the side instead of having it up right and it's made so much storage, it allows the top to be used to showcase items and then each box contains a theme. On top sits my beautiful pom pom garland*, Stephen Hawking 50p which I've now framed, my amazing Reptar bar, as well as a few other cute bits, which are usually candles. As well as the 8 cube, I also have a 4 cube one, which has bigger squares which are perfect for putting drawers in. We are currently using ours for a TV stand with bits of storage underneath. All of the Kallax furniture is super affordable and works pretty much in any room.

Also from IKEA I purchased two bedside tables which are ideal for those who may be lacking space, I made the purchase as they go so well with our other decor, plus they're great for storing things on. They've recently had a few extra additions added on top of them including 3 artificial succulents from IKEA, which by the way for the three and their pots it was only £4. I recently went on a bit of a shopping spree over at Hurn and Hurn* and purchased some super cute finishing touches for my room. I purchased the Umbra Poise 2 tier accessory tray* which is amazing for storing my glasses in, as well as little trinkets like earrings. I've been using the top half to store some my overfill of Yankee Candles.

Since we moved in there has been a floating shelf which is super handy for having displays on, since we moved in back in September I've changed it up every month dependant on the season. Currently, it has my favourite quote in a frame, some mini succulents, a picture of me and Will, a mirror I purchased from a Halloween section and somewhere to store loose change from New Look. Following on from this section of my room, you have a huge set of IKEA drawers which is another place I love to store things. I have a lovely clock from Hurn and Hurn which makes an amazing alarm clock too. A panda ornament from George at Asda, a basket full of face masks and finally one of my favourite things from within my room, my spinning acrylic storage* which is amazing for storing perfume, hair products and some makeup. Honestly, if you're obsessed with beauty products as much as I am, this is a must have.

The final thing within my room which I am excited to show you is this gorgeous fluffy rug from Land of Rugs*, this rug was £74.99 and was kindly gifted to me by Land of Rugs. Will & I have wanted a rug for ages and just haven't gotten around to purchasing one. We are overwhelmed with how quickly this arrived and how soft it really is. Our bunnies love it too. There are so many rugs to choose from on their site and they're at reasonable prices too.

I hope you enjoyed this post about my bedroom, excuse the curtains in the last photo we haven't gotten around to buying new ones yet. I'd love to know in the comments what your favourite piece of homeware is from my post.

*This post contains gifted items and an affiliate link for Amazon. 

Mother's Day Gift Guide with Cosmetify!

Cosmetify makeup
*This post is in collaboration with Cosmetify* 

Mother's Day is fast approaching, which also means we are almost through March! I don't even know where the time goes, it's madness. For Mother's Day this year, I decided to scrap the usual chocolates and flowers and round up some alternative ideas. I'd love to know in the comments what you're getting your mum this year or if you are a mum what would you like to receive? 

Beauty Products:
I don't know about anybody else, but my mum is always asking me about various beauty products and what to get where, so I decided this year to get her some beauty related items for herself. She has previously spoken about buying a new lipstick so I decided to step in and she will now be the owner of a new Morphe lipstick. For beauty items, I was actually introduced to Cosmetify which I didn't even know existed! On site, they have over 100,000 products and the site works somewhat like a beauty search engine, all you need to do is search at the top what type of product/brand you are looking for and Cosmetify does the rest, pretty cool right? I must have spent an hour just looking through my own favourite brands before branching out and focusing on the task at hand, whoops. With everything on site from hair products, to the latest beauty and even all things grooming and beauty for men (I am coming back for Fathers Day for sure) you're spoilt for choice. I'd totally recommend checking them out for Mother's Day or just any beauty related purchases you plan on making. 

Cosmetify makeup
Morphe lipstick

Experience Days:
In recent years I've actually fallen in love with buying people experience days as gifts as well as hampers. Experience days are great as people don't tend to buy them for themselves, they're always fun and quite a unique thing to do also. With everything from afternoon tea to a hot air balloon ride, there is something for every kind of mum. There are tons of great sites to purchase these from such as Buyagift and Prezzybox. I know a lot of people do enjoy to spend money on memories as opposed to gifts so this would be a perfect alternative for those. 

Stationery & Homeware: 
I feel stationery is a great gift for just about anyone, I'm not even sure if this is just because I love stationery, or if it really is just a great thing to buy for everyone. I do often end up buying I've seen so many great ideas for stationery related gifts in shops lately and they're always super great for being organised and just for looking cute really. The same with homeware, things from candles to ornaments these are things that most mums won't treat themselves too, so it's great to be able to do that for them.

Thanks for reading today's post and I'd love to know in the comments what your dream Mother's Day gift would be. 

Not your typical Valentine's Day gift guide.

Valentines Day Gift - Where We First Met Personalised Jigsaw
Valentines Day Gift - Where We First Met Personalised Jigsaw
*Contains gifted items* 

Valentine's Day deemed as the most romantic day of the year which started back in the year 496, it was thought to have originated from a Roman festival. The Romans had a festival called Lupercalia in the middle of February, which is when their spring started. However, fast forward to 2019 and Valentine's Day is all about the romance if you're in a relationship or if you're not you can even have your own Galentines Day because all the power to you if you're single, why not celebrate it. As my not your typical health and beauty gift guide went down so well at Christmas I decided to do a similar idea for Valentine's Day. The idea is not to share with you the normal boxers, perfume and chocolate but to think outside of the box. Plus most of these gifts work as a birthday/anniversary present too. Do let me know in the comments what your plans are for Valentine's Day, as I currently have none apart from getting a blood test (exciting right?) and would love some inspiration of what Will and I could do this year. 

Where we first met jigsaw: 
This is by far one of my favourite gifts within the guide as it's such a unique, fun and interesting present to get someone. Plus, if you can't survive the many hours it takes to create a jigsaw together, then you're probably not meant to be. Only kidding. Sort of. The Jigsaw comes wrapped up a lovely bag in this adorable box, which on the back states when it was made and also how many pieces there are in the box (avoid that part, you probably don't want to know the answer). So the idea of the jigsaw is to get the address to where you first met, enter the details, choose the type of view you would like the jigsaw to be of. There is a choice of Ariel and OS Street view, OS Landranger and London Street View dependant on which you'd prefer. Then it is as simple as ordering it and in around 5 days you will have your puzzle ready to go. Will and I first met in the Starbucks in our town so I did the address of that. My favourite part of the puzzle is that some of it will make the words 'I love you' within the puzzle, which is completely adorable right? The jigsaw is £29.99 and you can get this from The Gift Experience.  

Knickerbocker Glorious Gift Set: 
Is it really a gift guide without something from Lush in it? Probably not! For Valentine's Day Lush have created some amazing products like the aubergine and peach emoji bath bombs, which I wanted so bad, but only having a shower *kind of* puts a damper on that (excuse the pun) however, the gift set which is featured is Knickerbocker Glorious, featuring American cream and American Pie. Two amazingly sweet, colourful and lush goodies, plus they're wrapped up in adorable packaging too. One is a body conditioner and the other is a shower gel, yum! This gift set is £12.95 and available from Lush, however, I am not too sure how much longer for, so if you want this you need to hurry! 

Avocado Wash: 
Part of the Bananarama gift set for £18.95 or on its own for £5.95, this shower gel is something to be raved about for sure. The sweet scent mixed with a variety of oils to give you the ultimate relaxed feeling, everyday of the week. 

Chocolate 'Sexy' Man:
Is it really a gift guide without a little jokey present, probably not. Flying Tiger has decided to stock this joyous gift of a chocolate sexy man which is a great present for just anybody, a friend, partner or even yourself. You can't argue with a good slab of chocolate, can you? 

Littlesmith personalised necklace:
This was a birthday present from my mum, however, it is so adorable and the company are amazing so I had to mention them within this guide. Littlesmith creates bespoke jewellery, great for all occasions. The concept behind this necklace is you can pick a bar or a variety of beads to make up your ideal necklace. The bars come in a variety of sizes and colours and can have printed on what you would like. For the bars, they'd be great to have a date feature on or your initials with the other person. I went for the beads which come in a variety of colours and shapes too for mine I decided to get my own name on it, I went for a variety of the colours and shaped beads but online they have a great form for you to fill in so every element is chosen by you. You can also get Littlesmith necklaces in some Selfridges stores if this is something you want to purchase for your Valentine this year. Prices vary dependant on what you choose to have on the necklace. Mine was £40 for reference and that includes all of the beads and the chain. 

Adopt a sloth:
For £19.99 you can choose to adopt a sloth which I thought was such a fun and quirky idea and donates money to a worthy cause, win. Will is obsessed with sloths and when I saw this I knew he'd love it. 

The Pack includes:
• Welcome letter 
• Your gift explained 
• Sloths Endangered 
• Sloths facts & figures 
• Sloth leaflet 
• Sloth poster 
• Sloth postcard 
• Registration sheet

Once you register your gift online you also get sent out a certificate to say you've adopted a sloth for 12 months, which I think is a great touch to the gift. To purchase yourself a pack to adopt your own sloth you can do so on The Gift Experience

Let me know which your favourite gift was in the comments!

The truth about Tribe and tips to win.

*This is a warning, this post is quite lengthy. Soz. 

*All the photos in the post were declined by brands on Tribe*

For those of you who don't know of Tribe, it's the new(ish) and innovative way to find influencers for social media campaigns. You chose the price you want the brand to pay for you to post the image you've created and then they either accept or decline your image, they can ask you to make changes, but other than that, there isn't really much else to it. The idea of the app is it should be products you love and would already buy without the money incentive. There are tons of well-known brands on site and they're all looking for a variety of content which I find amazing. The app is primarily aimed at Instagram posts, however, Twitter and Facebook can sometimes be included as an option. 

To use Tribe you have to have at least 3000 followers on the app of your choice. I joined primarily using Twitter, despite there not being many campaigns, until I built my Instagram following enough to be able to take part in the Instagram campaigns. I feel like honestly with my 3500 followers on Instagram I do often get overlooked when bigger influencers enter their work, but I can totally understand why from a brand point of view. I struggle to include myself in the photos a lot, as I am a *bit* camera shy and I know that can work against me. My photos are similar to my Instagram feed, I always go for colourful and out there shots and sometimes that works for me and other times it doesn't. 

The honest truth about Tribe is it can get disheartening, some of my best work gets declined and that makes me sad, but then from time to time, I get a series of wins, which draws me back in. For each post I want to take part in, it does involve me buying the item which is why unless I want the item, I wouldn't do the campaign as some products are quite expensive. On a rare occasion, the brand will choose you to be sent samples and then create an image from the sample, to get chosen for this usually they ask you to create a sample image of what you'd do if you were sent the item, which I think is a great incentive.

Tribe has a pricing strategy which is based on your followers, however, you can choose the amount you want. Brands can try to knock you down on price, a lot of the time I do set my prices a little bit higher so I'd be happier to drop down a little bit for the right brand. I think dependant on whether you already had the product/ how much it cost to buy would be the deciding factor for me on the rate in which I set also. Sometimes I submit video content which is usually in the format of stop motion so that takes some time to create and then edit, so I do always put my prices up when it comes to creating that type of content. Even Tribe recommends doing so. 

Each Tribe campaign will come with a set of hashtags and often tells you how many posts the brand is looking for. Recently Tribe has introduced a feature which shows you which campaigns are 'hungry' for submissions so those can be good ones to target if they're something you'd want to get and if your feed fits the brand as this often can be where brands don't think I fit what they're looking for, as my feed can be described as chaotic, bright and out there for sure. But some brands love that individuality and that makes me love the brand even more. So far on Tribe, since I was able to start to participate on Instagram I've almost earned £1000. Not bad right? Some people would disagree for the amount of work that can go into posts with no guarantee of payment, but I am made up with being able to make that much. I thought I'd share some tips on getting wins, I'd love to know in the comments if you've used Tribe and what your thoughts are on the app. 

So what are my top tips for securing wins on Tribe? 

Go for brands which fit your theme:
As simple as this sounds, you are likely to get approved if you have previously featured similar posts. If it is a whole feed on home, putting a random beauty picture up is likely to stand out more, so the brand is likely to decline. 

Take photos from many angles:
When taking a photo for Tribe I like to be able to create at least 3 different shots to allow the brand to have more choice, I usually go for a close-up, a flatlay and then a wide shot if possible. For Tribe, I always take an extra set of photos either with the product in it but not as obvious or taking it out so it can still be used on your feed.

Look at what the mood boards are saying: 
Brands put up photos on their campaign page of pictures they like and these usually have a theme. You are more likely to get approved if your photo fits what they're looking for as a brand. On the campaign, it also says what they do and do not want. It's important to follow these, as even if they like your photo if it has one of the don'ts which is on the list it is likely to be declined. 

Keep checking the app regularly:
It's always worth checking the app daily as new campaigns are added all of the time. You don't want to miss out on one you may have been perfect for because you didn't see it. Often the brands have a time limit on how long they will keep up their post for e.g. 10 days but if the budget is used up quickly or they receive a lot of submissions the campaign is usually taken down. I recently saw an amazing one with one of my favourite brands but once I'd taken the photos and edited them, they had already taken down the campaign which was a bit disappointing, but I am happy to still use the picture.  

Don't be too disappointed if you don't secure a win:
Like we all want to secure the wins and some of us are able to do so easier than others. But the more you submit, you get to learn what works on tribe for you and your style and what doesn't. You also learn what you can do differently if you decide to take part in a future campaign with that brand as brands do often leave you feedback. Plus sometimes they have to decline your photo due to using all of their budget, but that doesn't say anything bad about you, it just says to try again next time.

I hope these tips have helped you with your Tribe journey and I'd love to know in the comments if you've secured any Tribe wins? 

Loyalty cards: Are they worth it?

I don't know about anyone else, but my purse is constantly overflowing with cards, vouchers and receipts from different shops, and it seems like everyone has a reward card to offer. But how much do these really benefit us as a consumer and how many of them are just another piece of plastic to carry around? I decided to feature my own loyalty card key to go with the post, 5 cards is the best and 1 is totally not worth it. I hope this helps and let me know in the comments which your favourite one is. 

Hands down, Boots have one of my favourite loyalty schemes and give me the most reason to always go back. With vouchers on their app, as well as special ones in the post every quarter the points quickly add up. Although you can only use them if it covers your purchase in full which to me is their biggest downfall, however you soon find out that they build up quickly. If you're an avid makeup fan like myself, I am forever getting bonus points buying different makeup items. Plus the vouchers get more tailored towards you based on previous purchases. 150 points for buying a lipstick? Yes, please! You can spend the points on just about anything in store too.
Similarly to Boots, the points rack up and you can spend them on your purchases, Superdrug has the advantage of letting you use your points to part pay for items, which is always good when you get to the till and they offer for you to take some points off your card. The points do always seem to be harder to build up, it feels like many purchases are needed to even get a pound or two off the bill. If you're a regular shopper I would advise signing up to their card, plus you get free delivery and special online offers for being a beauty card member. 

Costa and Nero:

Both coffee chains have a reward card worth being a part of. Each drink gets you closer to a free drink with Nero it's every 10th drink free and the Costa points add up each time you purchase from them. With Costa, you can scan the machines at the grab and go stations too which is great as I live across the road from Co-Op which has one in. If you're massive coffee (or tea) drinker it's worth getting one of these cards/apps.
Hell to the yes, the Nandos card is way worth it. With Nandos, you collect chillis on your card which can be redeemed as a variety of food items, dependant on the number of chillis on your account. These are coloured so you always know where you're at if you use their app. You can get points equal to be able to get a starter (their houmous is to die for!) or save them up to be able to get a full on meal! I know that if you eat chicken (I am that person who goes and is vegetarian) each chilli works out at 1/4, 1/2 and a whole chicken. 

The Debenhams beauty card is one I've never really used prior to signing up a few weeks back. The card itself is similar to other beauty ones, once you have earned 500 points this gets turned into a £5 voucher which you can use as part payment towards an item or if you have enough points you can use it pay for a product. The points are 3 points per pound so it can take a while to build them to something worthwhile. If you're a regular shopper though I'd recommend. Also for your birthday Debenhams offer you a free eyebrow wax with Benefit and a facial from Elizabeth Arden which is a pretty good deal on its own. You can also go into the store each month and collect selected deluxe samples. The main downside of the Debenhams beauty card is that your points expire after 24 months. 
The Works:
My first job was actually in the works, it was a dream at the time as the discount was amazing, plus their products are cheap af. Recently I've been told about their reward card which each quarter they turn your points into a voucher when you have a fiver. Which in the works you can buy a pretty large amount of stuff or at least a chunk of a purchase. I usually purchase their craft items so it will quickly build up for me. 
Paperchase has a Treat Me reward system. The way in which it works is once you spend £50 you get a £5 voucher, which isn't bad. They give you a £5 gift card on your birthday which has no minimum spend which again is pretty good. When you buy 6 cards you get the 7th for free and Paperchase isn't short of cards so you'll get a free one in no time and finally, they offer a free upgrade to next day delivery which is fab. 

Ikea offers a variety of perks on their card which is called the family card. I think in terms of getting the most out of your card then and there the Ikea one is the best. They offer an extra 10% off sale items, as well as discounts on a variety of items throughout the store just for being a family member. You can get free tea or coffee when you visit a store, no strings attached and a variety of food offers too, and when the food is already super cheap you can't really get much better. 
Late last year TKmaxx brought out their own reward card, it isn't a points type one, and to this day I still don't understand the worth of a card. I signed up as the guy said if I signed up, I'd get a free tote bag and I had a lot of stuff so I went for it. I haven't actually been asked for it since I am pretty sure all that the card does is enter you into monthly giveaways which is a bit disappointing compared to other reward schemes. 

What are your thoughts on Loyalty cards?