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Weight, Where Is The Middle Ground? *TW* | Lets Talk

It's another night where I am sat up at midnight writing a post about my life which lets face it you lot probably don't want to read but I can't help myself. Over this last year opening up to you lot has become a weekly thing and I am just used to doing it now. I just wanted to add a little trigger warning at the start of this post as you know I usually do when I talk about certain issues. Today is a big one for me and it's one I've hardly spoken about on my blog but it is something I've pushed to the back of my mind and tried to pretend it doesn't exist. I can say throughout my life I've never had a healthy relationship with food when I was a teenager it was always a problem with never eating enough. I would forever be under eating, skipping meals and forcing myself to not eat to stay skinny. I am lucky it never became such a big deal because it could have been way worse for me.

But I know looking back at photos that was not a healthy relationship to have. It was after one of my exes left me I started to develop another problem with food but this time it was the other way. I found a new boyfriend and his family taught me that eating was good, in fact eating a lot was good. At first it was a good thing I was gaining weight. I needed to gain weight. But then I couldn't stop. Food became such a huge thing to me, I actually feel weird typing this out because to anyone who has never had these problems you'll probably think it is stupid but to me this is how it feels. I would literally panic if I didn't know when I was going to be able to eat next, I used to get depressed hanging out with people who didn't eat a lot because I didn't want to be judged. I could see myself getting bigger and being more unhappy with myself but it felt right to keep eating.

It wasn't until I was a little bit older when I started to notice a pattern in my eating, and it's only VERY recently that I've noticed my triggers. I would never eat a lot when I was happy, it would always be when I was stressed. I felt sad, I wanted to eat. I would eat SO much food until I felt sick but I couldn't stop. *I'm still dealing with these issues now so it's pretty raw stuff* I rely on food far too much and I am so glad it's finally something I am dealing with because I am worried for my health. I hate the way my body looks at the moment, I hate going shopping with people in case the clothes don't fit. I NEVER try them on in the changing room because when I realise I need to go up a dress size my day is ruined. The worst thing I feel like when it is an issue with food it always people telling you, OH just eat more or you know you could just stop eating. I don't think they realise it's not that simple, oh damn I wish it was. I know that my issues with food are not ok, it is not ok to be in this relationship anymore, like a toxic relationship; it is time to leave. I will forever want to go back to you but this has to be the way forward. It was in the last few weeks when I was seeing my doctor at his late night surgery that I told him, once I started I couldn't stop. He's getting me some support for this issue and I am lucky I have a doctor who understands so well. For now, I am looking at ways to deal with my relationship with food in a more healthy way and I am so proud of myself for dealing with it.

I hope this post as every other helped in someway, shape or form. 

What my favourite things say about me!

Happy hump day all, half way to the weekend, we can do it! Today I am bringing you a little bit of a different post (I swear I say this all of the time, ha.) but bare with me on this one. Most of us have been up at 3am unable to sleep right? So we go on to Facebook and just scroll which feels like it never ends, even after you've seen the same stuff you've already seen ten times over. Then you stumble upon a quiz which sounds completely random but you decide do it and before you know it, it's been 2 hours and you know now what your favourite food, colour, flowers and animals say about you. So I decided to share my results with you today and what I think of those results. 

My favourite food-
My favourite food is Pizza, you will all be shocked to know. So according to my answers of food choices, I am a careful introvert. Which according to the quiz means the following:
"You are very detailed-orientated and you always think things through thoroughly. You are analytical and contemplative. Your approach to eating, and life, is quite methodical. You are a strategic, task-focused planner. You are disciplined with a border-line stubborn tendency to complete on task before moving on to another. In regards to food, you tend to be a picky eater. You also do a lot of food-prep, you pay attention to nutrition, and are the type who eats one item of food in its entirety before moving on to the next."

For this I would actually agree for the most part, I do like to plan things and find myself a person who likes to strategically do things. However I am not one for meal prep, as I always like to decide on day what I want to eat, although I should probably get into this. 

My favourite flower-
So when looking for different 'favourites' of me I searched what my favourite flower says about me and found this fabulous infographic from Flying Flowers and my favourite flower is a sunflower after looking into it they represent happiness and here is some more about sunflower means-
"Whilst all of its emotions are positive, our results shown that happiness isn’t one of the positive emotions sunflowers evoke. The sunflower represents longevity, adoration, and loyalty. A huge 87% agreed that sunflowers evoke positive feelings, 55% of which voted for happiness. Sunflowers might make us feel happy, but it’s not necessarily what they symbolise!"

I feel sunflowers definitely make me happy, and I love the fact that they symbolise loyalty and adoration. 

My favourite animal-
My favourite animal is a dolphin and always has been, I think they're such beautiful creatures and find them fascinating.  Based on the dodo this is what they symbolise-
"You are a social butterfly. You have a playful, easygoing personality, and there isn't anyone that you feel uncomfortable talking to or befriending. Strangers are always welcome into your circle of friends - the more the merrier is your favourite motto."

Out of all of ones on here I feel like this is the least true, I don't feel like I am a social butterfly and I have a hard time befriending people. However I do feel like I have a playful personality and try to be easy going. 

My favourite colour-
So my favourite colour is pink which seems to shock a lot people and I am interested to see if it is different to what my expectations of pink would be. 
"You are the heart of all colours.  You are loving, soft, kind, sensitive and warm. You are the nurturer; always giving more than you are receiving. You are romantic and sensual and you have idealistic standards. You are sweet and charming and always know how to deal with everyone in a way that comforts them. You are delicate and may have a naive or child-like side to you which makes you even more lovable."

I actually like this one, I was expecting it to be all about being girly. I feel like I do have a naive side to me, which I've always seen as a bad thing. I love it when I am told I am kind so this is something I like.

I would love to know what your favourite things say about you! 

*collaborative post

How To Host A Garden Party (Student Style) | Lifestyle

Good morning guys, I hope you're good! Today I am bringing you a post inspired by the amazing weather we've been having this week (it's actually been Summer like for those of you who don't live in the UK) with that in mind I have decided to create a post on how to have a garden party when you are a student; usually garden parties are more upmarket but I have a bit of an idea to make them a little more student like and fun. THIS IS NOT A BBQ because we are better than that (only joking, it can be whatever you want it to be). I recently wrote a post on having the perfect pizza party if you fancy a read of that; click here.

What you will need to host a garden party: 

  • Food (get a mix of vegetarian and meat to suit everyone who is attending) 
  • A BBQ
  • Adorable fairy lights to pop around the garden! (The Range do some adorable ones)
  • Lots and lots of booze (or do a BYOB message on Facebook) 
  • Red cups (to drink the booze out of and play beer pong) 
  • Garlands (always fun) 
  • Glow sticks 
  • Speakers
  • Paper plates
  • Possibly some chairs and tables (depends how fancy you wanna go) 
Start with the food, as pretty much every party needs food. Whether you want to go for traditional BBQ such as sausages, burgers and skewers or a something completely different like a vegetarian alternative such as grilled asparagus and homemade bean burgers it is important to make sure your grill is at the correct temperature. Although you want people to talk about the party you want it to be in a good way and not because they've got food poisoning oops. Also make sure safely grill your meat and keep the meat away from the vegetarian food and you should be good. Everyone knows at a BBQ you need extras a way to keep the costs down for yourself would be to ask everybody to bring something themselves from a pot of coleslaw to some pasta salad or even the sausages. It would be a good idea to get a few tables outside one for the food and another for the drinks and if it is a scorcher of a day grab some buckets and fill them with ice (nobody likes a warm drink).

Next, on to the decorations, I would love to create a magical atmosphere for my garden party but you may be totally different. I would cover the garden in pretty fairy lights, give people a garland and glow sticks and just have a fabulous night; I find the atmosphere later on in the night changes as everyone has had a chance to chat a bit more and is full of food. Crack on some tunes and even light a fire if you're feeling adventurous. Smores is the perfect way to end any party!

A few tips: 
  • Plan in advance (so people will actually turn up)
  • Let your neighbours know in advance (keep the peace yo)
  • Get everyone to bring something to keep it cheap
  • Create a playlist beforehand 
  • Have a FAAAB night!
BBQ expert Harvester recommends:

  • Using The Hand Test to gauge the temperature of the grill if you don’t have a thermometer. Place your open palm about 5 inches above the grill rack. The heat is high if you have to move your hand in 2 seconds, medium if you have to move your hand in 5 seconds, and low if you have to move your hand in 10 seconds. This will come in handy when cooking delicate proteins or vegetables that need a lower heat or starting steaks low and be finishing over a high heat.

I hope you enjoyed my tips and have a fab garden party (P.s. there is a bank holiday on the 29th)

*Sponsored Post 

My 5 top picks for eating in Birmingham!

This post has been one I've had in my mind for a while now, I am looking at creating an exploring Birmingham series due it being one of the local towns to me and it's always great to explore places near by, and it also gives others who aren't from near the area ideas of where to go for things such as food, drink, shopping and things to do. For the first instalment as you've probably guessed from the title is all about places to eat. I have done a full length review on each of these places on the blog, but I thought I'd collate them all together and share my favourite places to eat in Birmingham. There are so many amazing places, and it was hard to get it down to just five. However part of the reason I went for each of these is not just down to how the food tastes, but also presentation, overall experience and service. Let me know in the comments if you've been to any of these places and where you'd recommend for me to add to my own to visit list. 

Jamie's Italian: 
During my visit to Jamie's Italian, I went to visit during their easy lunch so their menu was more limited then if you were to go in the evening, however the food was still amazing and the way it was presented was lush too. Served on wooden boards, cute mini table cloths and their cocktails were divine (and a little strong, oops). For 11.95 I had two amazing courses, and additionally I had a couple of cocktails, for around £20.00 I had an amazing lunch. They also do a quick and easy dinner menu for £15.95. I am not too sure if these menus are due to change but at the moment those are the prices and they were that much when I visited. I would say if you are quite picky or a vegetarian (as there is only one option) the main menu may appeal more.
Jamie's Italian 2016

Las Iguanas: 
Las Iguanas is one of my favourite restaurants ever and I have visited on a fair few occasions, I usually go pre gig as it's fairly near where I go to my gigs so I stay in a hotel near by. The last time I went and took pictures was a long time ago, so apologies for the quality of these plus at night the light in the restaurant is hard to photograph. Everytime I visit, I always get the nachos because they are out of this world. Plus they have a gluten free option! For my main it has to be Fajitas they have a portobello mushroom one and they're lush! I would recommend Las Iguanas to anyone who loves mexican food and if you have dietary needs they have a really diverse menu.  

Las Iguanas Birmingham

Handmade Burger Co (In Grand Central): 
Don't get me wrong I've tried all of the Handmade Burger co's in Birmingham, however the reason I added Grand Central to the title of this one, is it looks the best inside and has the best service in my opinion. I do find the one nearest the Bullring a little less spacious and quite compact and it ruins it a little bit for me. So Grand Central opened a Handmade burger co back in 2015, and I first went in the opening week and again have been many times since. They have the BIGGEST selection of veggie burgers I've ever seen which is always music to my ears, as often restaurants can be limited on veggie options. They also have a variety of AMAZING sides, including hipster chips and jalapeno slaw! They give you huge portions of chips at Handmade Burger, and they are always so good. You can see your food being prepared fresh and the restaurant is always clean with quick service. 

Handmade burger co grand central

Bills a great restaurant with a lovely location right in the centre of Birmingham, when I visited last year I found their menu a little restricting for a vegetarian, but I have looked online since and seen that it seems to have so many choices now (must go back!). For meat eaters there lots of choice also. The reason I added Bills on here is due to the amazing food, I had a fish finger sandwich with fries and it tasted great followed by the best brownie I've ever tasted, therefore even if you only go for a brownie and a drink I would recommend 110%. 

Bills lunch menu 2016

The Alchemist:
Apologies for the pictures in this post being purely alcohol and cocktails (even though they're pretty damn cool), I have visited the Alchemist since this however I was a bad blogger and did not take photos. Sorry. So the Alchemist, I would firstly recommend for the experience whether you're eating or drinking (or both) you it is totally amazing. You can see your cocktails being made, they come out looking amazing and the food is just as good. Again the Nachos are amazing and I would totally recommend trying the fajitas or their vegetarian platter. Both Lush. The whole building looks lovely and downstairs is an experience you need to see. With amazing art work throughout the whole building a HUGE range of cocktails you are missing out if you have not been!

The Alchemist

 Where is your favourite place to eat in Birmingham? 

My Favourite Food Places In America! | Travel

Good morning all, how are we doing? Today I am bringing you a post which when the first time I did it was super popular so I decided to bring you a part two, that post was my favourite places to eat in Florida! I decided to go for America as a whole because I am unsure of which places have what restaurants, I am visiting America again THIS MONTH and I am going to Pittsburgh which is where my dad works! If you know me well you'll know I am obsessed with food and I cannot help but love it and it appears to be that a lot of my readers are the same. I hope you enjoy this post and if you have any places which you think I should check out feel free to leave them in the comments.

The Cheesecake Factory:  
As soon as I knew I was going to America for the first time in 2012 I knew I had to try as many places as possible, in fact I set it as my personal goal to eat as many fast food places as possible and my dads friends were more than happy to oblige. The Cheesecake Factory was one of the few places which I didn't eat fast food at, and in fact I had a lovely pasta dish which I remember taking it back to my hotel as it was massive and along with a fat piece of cheesecake. The cheesecake factory is filled with a variety of different cheesecakes which all look insane! This year I will be trying the red velvet cheesecake for sure.

Eat N Park: 
When I saw the advert for this on television I had to convince my dad to take me, my dad on the other hand said it looked like a pile of overpriced *insert word here*, he agreed in the end. When we arrived we were greeted with a huge buffet of goodness, and as you may know breakfast is my favourite meal of the day so I was super happy with this. I would love to return to go to try another meal there.

Liberty Tree Taven:
This lovely stately feel restaurant is located in Liberty square whilst at the Magic Kingdom park, I visited this restaurant when I went to Florida, it was full of old styled furniture and had a very luxary feel about it, I loved the inside and the menu was fabulous also.

I had to include Wendy's in this list as there isn't a fast food joint that comes anywhere near Wendy's not even you Mcdonalds! With an amazing choice of burgers, lovely fries and huge drinks, I love going to Wendy's, quick and easy food which tastes insanely good!

Chi Kitchen Birmingham Review | Food

I was recently kindly invited to review the lovely Chi Kitchen in Birmingham which is situated on the third floor of Debenhams! I've walked past it a bunch of times but never gone in as I am a little fussy with food *oops* my boyfriend loves all types of food especially Asian food so it seemed like an amazing opportunity for me to try some freshly prepared Asian food and give them a go! I ATE SUSHI FOR THE FIRST TIME, if you know me you'll know that is not something I'd usually do, but it was so fun and I am so happy I tried it!

Chi Kitchen Spring Rolls When we arrived me and Luke took a while to decide what we wanted, he took even longer than me to be fair! We were greeted by the lovely restaurant manager Siddharth who asked us if we needed any help with the menu and sent of some amazing champagne! When I told him I was very fussy and a vegetarian he told me he could get some things specially prepared to make them to my taste which I was SUPER grateful for! I ordered a glass of orange juice while Luke had a water, then we ordered a variety of bits and pieces off of the menu and we couldn't wait for them to arrive. Less than ten minutes last some gorgeous looking spring rolls appeared on our table, mine being vegetable and Luke's being duck, with them being cooked fresh they tasted beyond any other spring roll I've ever tasted. 

Chi Kitchen

After this we were brought out some strange but ultra yummy sweet potato fries, I believe they were covered in some sort of flour? I totally need the recipe for this as I'd love to be able to create them in my own home. Next we were brought out a soup and some bread and we had no idea what it was until the manager came over and told it was something they had made for me, with some Malaysian bread which was off the scale and by far the tastiest bread I've ever had. Although I can not remember the name of the curry/soup. Following this we were brought out an amazing looking plate of vegetarian sushi and I ate three of the rolls despite not being a fan of the seaweed the rest of it was super tasty! Next we were onto our mains where I had Ho Fun, made with mixed peppers instead of meat and it looked so bright and fun and the noodles reminded me a lot of pasta. Luke had chicken Katsu curry which he LOVED and demolished quickly, I got a bit full of my main so he helped me eat that too. 

Chi Kitchen collage

Finally we had our desserts I went for the chocolate sphere which was a chocolate ball which melted with the hot salted caramel sauce and inside was ice cream and raspberries! Luke went on to have some salted caramel ice cream and also a green tea flavoured one which he also loved. It was a great experience and we can't wait to visit again.  With lots of gorgeous food, a great atmosphere and fabulous service what is not to love? 

Chi Kitchen chocolate sphere!

Exploring Birmingham: The German Markets and Christmas Shopping.

I was recently asked to explore Birmingham as part of a campaign, as part of this collaboration I was given some spending money to explore Birmingham, however, all thoughts are my own as always. As someone who lives only a 30-minute train ride away from Birmingham, I couldn't wait to spend my time in the city, especially now the German Market was in full swing. Despite living close to Birmingham, I don't spend enough time here, there is always so much to explore, with the Bullring, Mailbox, Grand Central Station and it's many shops and also outside of these places, there are miles of streets full of shops and restaurants too. If you are travelling to do your Christmas shopping here, I'd recommend staying in a hotel as there many hotels in Birmingham and it's great for splitting up what you want to do and gives you a little break in between shopping. I mean there is so much walking my feet can do, and if you're like me and want to go pretty much everywhere it can become a little much.  

So I headed to Birmingham on Tuesday, ready to take on what Birmingham has to offer. When we arrived, we decided that food would be a great place to start, because who wants to shop on an empty stomach? I decided to try one of the many places in Grand Central and went to Tortilla which is a burrito bar which serves a variety of yummy food including tacos and nachos, which was an amazing experience and so reasonably priced too. Stay tuned for a full review of Tortilla in the near future. 

With a belly full of food we headed outside to the German Market, which is a Frankfurt styled market it runs from New Street to Victoria Square, it is packed with stalls full of amazing food including crepes, hotdogs and chocolatey treats. There are pop up bars accompanied by adorable little tables, which are selling German beers and hot chocolate. Stalls which were selling coffee beans, popcorn and marshmallows. Along with an assortment of gift stalls which had a generous offering of Christmas decorations, jewellery, hand-painted ornaments and rainbow candles. Will and I decided to get some keyrings for ourselves and one for our friend. I went for Jessie keyring as she's my fave and I've had a similar one in the past which I loved. After we had a long mooch around the stalls we headed back inside of Grand Central. 
Bullring bull

German market

German Market

We went to a few shops within grand central including John Lewis and Hema, before heading through Link Street, which is where we found Driftroom a quirky store selling a range of gifts and lighting and we spoke to the shop owner who was happy enough for us to take photos of the goodies within. After 30 mins in the store, I decided to buy a new card game 'cat chaos' which I can't wait to play and then we left. I was tempted to buy one the bigger lights but it was the idea of carrying it around and on the train which made us leave it behind. We popped into the Disney Store and Debenhams also, where I purchased a jar of personalised Nutella. After this, we headed to Selfridges which is four floors of gifts, clothes and of course more food. We had a look at all four floors which we don't often do, as I wanted to check out all it has to offer, and treated myself to a few bits from Paperchase and lusted over a Gucci bag. Once we had a look around we headed to Eds Diner to get some dessert, where I had waffles sandwiched together with Nutella and Will had cheesecake covered in peanut butter and chocolate sauce, washed down with a large Pepsi max each and with that we headed home to get the train. 

I had a fabulous time exploring Birmingham and if my feet weren't super painful I could have spent another few hours there for sure. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you'd like to see more posts on Birmingham let me know in the comments below. 

Selfridges Robin Christmas


Disney Store Birmingham

Eds diner cheesecake

Eds Diner Waffle

*I was gifted some spending by in return for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own :) 

My review of The Stable, Birmingham!

The Stable Birmingham

The Stable: 115 John Bright St, Birmingham B1 1BE

If I get a choice of a restaurant, it's more than likely going to be something focused on pizza, closely followed by Mexican. A few days before we planned to visit Birmingham, I took to Twitter to ask for recommendations of where to eat and of course you guys had some great suggestions. Considering I live only 30 minutes away, I haven't been to Birmingham in a long time and a lot seems to have changed, including the number of restaurants that seemed to have popped up in this time. Will and I looked at a few websites and as soon as I saw pizza and quirky decor I was down. The place we had found was called The Stable and was really close to the train station, win. Although somehow Will and I still seemed to get a little lost; once we have left the Bullring and the station I am a little less clued up. We walked into The Stable at around 1pm and it was empty, so we were advised to sit down and picked our table multiple times due to the lighting, I mean gotta get that lighting right. Amirite? 

Once I finally found a table which had *perfect* lighting we sat down and decided what to order. Me being a huge fan of Margherita pizza, I knew I had to try the Stables offering. I could probably write a blog post about all of the different places I have eaten one (I may actually do this for future content) and how I would rate them. Anyway back to The Stable; Will ordered a roast chicken wrap and as neither of us drinks alcohol we gave the cider a miss despite the huge offering which would have been fab to try. The decor is most definitely casual, with tables and benches as well as everything being wooden and having a real rustic feel to it. My favourite is the giant bull on the wall, it just gives the place an extra added touch. 

The time we were waiting for food considering we were the only ones in the restaurant was pretty long, and if it was busy I did wonder how long it would take to get food. However, once the food came out that was quickly forgotten. First thoughts on the food, for the price of it all, it was decent. The pizza was huge and Will got two large stuffed to the brim wraps which was pretty impressive. We both loved our meals and the blend of cheese on the pizza with the thin base was lush. 

Overall I had a fabulous meal at The Stable and because it was lunch we even got our food at a discount. It's a great pre-shopping meal as it filled me for the rest of the day. I would recommend visiting if you're in Birmingham; seems like a perfect place to catch up with friends. 

Have you ever visited The Stable? 

6 reasons you NEED to visit Brighton | Travel

Recently I visited Brighton, I tend to visit once a year to see my Auntie and Uncle and go exploring whilst they're at work. I feel seriously blessed to be able to have somewhere down there to stay and enjoy myself when I need a break from life. Before my visit I was struggling seriously bad with my mental health and I felt super down on myself, but I noticed whilst I was in Brighton something changed in my mind and things seemed to be less bleak and I had regained some love for my life. This has inspired me to share a 10 reasons why you need to visit Brighton post with you all, whether you live in the UK and are looking for somewhere to visit or you're visiting the UK soon, it is totally a worth while place to go. I hope you enjoy this post, and I thought I would add a few pictures I took whilst I was down there to add some colour to the post.


1. There's so much colour!
Everywhere you look in Brighton there is colour, from the shops to the food so much stuff is bright coloured and fun, my brain reacts well to colour so it made me smile a lot.

2. People are nicer.
It sounds weird to say but I honestly believe this is true, in every shop I went I spoke to nice people who made me feel welcome and were so happy to chat to me, they were all so helpful and a lot of the time when you go into a shop you can feel like you're a burden but everyone was lovely and made you feel welcome. As well as that people around were just nicer, holding doors, smiling and just saying hello. These things we take for granted sometimes.

3. So much choice of food to eat!
Now this one may be because I am from Stafford which is a small town outside of Birmingham where there is NOTHING, so when I go to places where there are so many cafes, pubs and restaurants with fun food, bright cocktails and cake, it always appeals to me.

4. There's a beach.
Another one where I don't get this on a daily basis so it seems like a massive luxury to me, from my auntie and uncles house you can hear the sound of sea in the morning, the air is fresher and it feels like a better place to be. If you're bored you can walk down the sea front and just chill out or just enjoy the surroundings.

5. The street art is amazing
When walking around the streets of Brighton you notice a lot of graffiti and not the usual swear words and rude pictures, it is actual art. The streets are full of bright colours and awesome and unique art, it's a lovely thing to look at when walking around. It also makes the streets look happier and gives people something to look at.

6. The piers!
If you know Brighton you'll know that there is two piers, one that is partly burnt down and a new one which is full of food, arcades and pretty views. The burnt down one is great to look at and photograph although it is falling into the sea so I hope it stays there for a while as it is history. The new pier is full of fun and includes some great rides and lots of unhealthy food.

Have you visited Brighton before?  

My Favourite Places To Eat In Florida | Travel.

I promised more travel posts on my blog, so here they are! I decided to start with a bit of a post which is also related to my favourite thing, FOOD! I decided to do a bit of a list of places which everyone should try when in Florida (if you are planning on visiting the states in the next few months). I thought I would start by saying the pictures in this post don't belong to me as I wasn't clever enough to take any last year when I went for a visit.

My all time favourite place to eat when I am in the states, so much yummy grub at Denny's and I am sitting here in a pile of my own drool at the thought of eating there once again. I remember having eggs, toast and a stack of pancakes for my breakfast everyday and despite the fact if I lived there and would gain about 50 stone if I did that everyday, it sounds SO good. Although I did occasionally eat there in the evenings it's not my kinda place for dinner food.

Now this is my kind of dinner place, Sweet Tomatoes is perfect for vegetarians like me, it's basically a restaurant with a HUGE salad bar and you pay on your way in for unlimited salad and you can just keep going which is pretty impressive and it's amazing for those who want a healthier option. There is also bread and cake too, which is always a bonus.

BEST PLACE EVER and that is a fact. I love pancakes and in IHOP (international house of pancakes) you can eat a ton of pancakes with lots of syrup on, which is my perfect meal anytime of the day, followed by a gorgeous strawberry shake, topped with cream. They are also the best pancakes around, don't miss out on such awesomeness.

I am a sucker when it comes to Italian food so it was a no brainer when it came to visiting Olive Garden, I love pasta and anything which has garlic sticks with it. The portions are huge and well worth the money, and it was a change to actually find something which wasn't piled with meat.

The main words I would use to describe this is hell on earth, in a good way? Despite being super duper busy, the amount of food options there are to choose from is insane! I was very impressed with the dessert area where it was piled with various cakes, candy floss and ice cream. As well as unlimited food in other areas including salad again yay! Also chips, and other friend things which I love, can't go wrong.

May Degustabox*

I recently was offered the chance to review a different type of subscription box on my blog, a food one and I mean come on who doesn't love food being delivered to your door, and on this occasion who doesn't love free food! Degustabox is a monthly food subscription box for £12.99 including postage and you receive a huge range of different products, when un-boxing mine I was familiar with a few brands but others not so much which is great as it means I get to try new products as well.  The box included cake release spray, pasta and Hornsby's cider! Some of the products which didn't appeal to me appealed to my boyfriend or my family which is always good. I used the Pasta and passata to make a lovely veggie pasta dish for me and my family which was super yummy. I love the way it comes in a bottle so it's easy to pour out what you need and save it in the fridge for later. I was very impressed with my contents of my Degustabox and for £12.99 I'd consider buying it again again the future, as most of the stuff in box went within a week and it's always fun receiving food in the post!

Handmade Burger Co

Recently I went out with one of my very lovely blogger friends Katrina, to a restaurant I've heard lots about but never actually been myself, Handmade Burger Co. All of the food is made fresh in the restaurant and that gives it an extra special touch. I ordered myself a Cajun Vegetable and Bean burger and a side of Cajun chips (bit of a Cajun theme goin' on) and Katrina had Chicken Skewers, two corn on the cob and a side of chips! The restaurant has 40 burgers to choose from, so something for everyone! I'm not a vegetarian but I normally pick the veggie option off of the menu and I had so much choice I was stuck between two options for a while before finally making my choice! The side of chips was easy though who doesn't love hand cut fresh chips, mmm. 

Around the restaurant there are many things telling you how the burgers are made and it has cute little diagrams on them and I find it interesting and I always like to know when my food is fresh and where it has come from. Warning, do not read this post if you are hungry some irresistible food below! When our burgers came out we did the typical blog thing and took at least 40 pictures of them before eating, which was torture as I was starving and it looked so good! I under estimated how hot Cajun would be and ended up having 3 Diet Cokes, good thing it was unlimited hey? But it was so nice all the same, got to say it's up there with the top of the veggie burgers I've had in my time and the chips were something else, so yummy! Katrina's meal also looked lush and even had something to cater her strange eating habits of only eating chicken and chips! To finish off the meal with both had the brownie and waffle sundae which didn't take as much deciding, I am in love with anything which involves waffles, and brownie and waffle together is such an amazing combo, I couldn't finish all of my dessert though as it was such a generous portion or eyes bigger than your belly are my grandma would say! I had such a lovely time at Handmade Burger Co and the staff were so lovely, checking if your food was okay and if you needed anything else and there was lots of smiles which although you'd expect every restaurant you don't often get amazing service, but here I definitely did and left with a smile on my face! I just wanted to say thank you to the Handmade Burger Co for letting me try their gorgeous food and for the lovely service that we received I will be back in the near future, if you've never been a Handmade Burger Co before you're missing out!


*This meal was complimentary for reviewing purposes all thoughts are my own and 100% honest.

Ed's Easy Diner Grand Central Review | Food

If you haven't been to Ed's Easy Diner you are seriously missing out, the amazing diner feel which you receive all across America is now the UK in the form of Ed's Easy Diner. If you haven't heard of them before I shall explain a little more about them and what they have to offer. Replicating a 1950's diner in the comfort of cities around the country, with the booths, Jukeboxes filled to the brim with songs from the 50's including Elvis. The diner also offers a range of classics such as burgers, fries and hotdogs along with some newer additions to the menu such as cheese fries. Ed's are well known for their gorgeous extra thick milkshakes as well as their yummy pancakes. I love Ed's and have visited many times for a range of different meals from dessert to breakfast and have left satisfied everytime.  

I was recently offered the chance to review Ed's Easy Diner in Grand Central Birmingham to highlight the amazing 15 minute food offerings the city has to offer. Although I sat in Ed's and was there for a while I saw the timer on the speed of the food and it was super impressive in the time which it goes from being prepped being in front of you. I thought you lot may enjoy my experience in Ed's along with some super yummy pics, yay! 

Ed's Easy Diner menu

Ed's Easy Diner Shakes

When Me and Luke arrived we were greeted by the lovely GM Comrie who was actually our server during our time at Ed's. When we were taken to our booth Comrie pointed us in the direct of the Ed's shakes and told us they were out of this world and totally worth trying! As someone who has already tried them I can totally agree with this and have tried many flavours. I went for a Mint Choc Chip shake and Luke had a Biscoff one. Whilst our milkshakes were being made we were having a browse of the menu, I knew straight away that I wanted a chickpea and quinoa burger and Luke was undecided until Comrie came over and told him about the current promotion with Tabasco, and Luke is the type of person who loves anything spicy so went for the Smoky Joes burger.  We both had them as plates which come with fries, onion rings and coleslaw (my fave). When we were ordering we were both asked if we wanted to upgrade our fries and of course I went for cheesy fries and Luke went for the limited edition Buffalo fries. Shortly after we had ordered our gorgeous shakes were brought out and I have to say the mint choc chip is my favourite out of all of the ones I've tried, I think it was because it was refreshing as opposed to sickly. 

Within 10 minutes our mains were brought out, and I immediately noticed the yummy cheese which was dripping off my fries and I was in love. The portion sizes are HUGE and I was full half way through my fries so Luke had to finish them off for me (which of course he had no problem with, although I did his coleslaw in an exchange because he doesn't like it!) The food itself is amazing and the quick turn around is even better. The restaurant in Grand Central is in the middle of the shopping bit with some other restaurants and it is a little strange that people are walking right by where you are eating but it doesn't take away from the Ed's experience. When we had our mains taken away we were offered dessert and as I know how fabulous Ed's pancakes are I had to have some. I was later informed that the pancakes weren't available as they were having problems with the supplier, but Comrie said they can make some of the smaller ones they have so I decided to go for that. Luke went for the Banofee pie. There was a little wait for the dessert but I assume that was because the restaurant picked up. Both deserts were insane and I couldn't even finish mine, but again Luke helped with that. I had an amazing time at Ed's Easy Diner and will continue to go back and try some more of the delicious food. 

Ed's Easy Diner Cheesy Fries

Ed's Easy Diner burgers

Ed's Easy Diner burgers

Ed's Easy Diner pancakes

Ed's Easy Diner Banofee pie