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What does your tattoo mean? The ramblings of a tattooed blogger.

Growing up, I loved to watch Miami and LA Ink. Watching in awe at the people going into the tattoo studio as a blank canvas and leaving with these beautiful pieces all over their body. Each one of them had their own story to tell, whether it was a passing of a relative, a date of a birth or a piece of art they've wanted for years they always meant something and Kat and the team would create these lovely pieces which were literal pieces of art. I dreamed of the day I was old enough to get my first piece, I would spend hours on the internet searching what I wanted to get. I was still clueless at 18, the shows made it look so simple to decide on something so permanent, I was panicking that I would make the wrong decision. I was also scared of the pain, forever asking people if it would hurt and how much. The honest truth being, it depends where, how big and what your pain threshold is like. For those of you who are wondering, tattoos do hurt, I have a few stand out pieces which I felt like my body parts may just fall off.

It wasn't until I reached 20, that I finally made a choice, got booked in and turned up on that day and got my first piece done on my left wrist which meant so much to me, it was a beautiful rope infinity symbol with an anchor within and it says 'I refuse to sink'. It was about overcoming my struggles and working through the constant battle of my mental illness. To this day, I am glad this was my first piece as it is is so meaningful to me. On my other wrist, sits a beautiful rainbow coloured quill writing out the word 'believe', again this piece was a little part of something bigger in my life. 

I had the tattoos that had significant meaning to me, I wanted to have a bit of fun with the rest, and until I recently had my bunnies tattooed on my leg, the pieces I had were random, colourful and fun. Getting asked but "what does your tattoo mean?" is a question which always strikes me a little as there can be no meaning. I liked this piece of flash from my tattoo artists sheet, or I saw something cute on Pinterest and wanted to turn it into my own vision. I love coloured tattoos, small pieces built up into something bigger. Three of my tattoos are of bunnies which is my favourite animal, I have a few food pieces including a doughnut and the others are just random things I liked the look of.  

To me, my tattoos were something I liked at the time, and whether I turn around and hate them in the future is something I'll have to live with, but for now, I am happy covering my body in these pieces. The colour makes me happy and gives me something that brings out confidence within me, some of my tattoos I prefer over others, just like most things. The thought process behind each one is different and sometimes it really as simple as seeing something drawn up by an artist that you think would compliment your pieces and other times it can be something more personal like a pet.

The comments of what will those tattoos look like when you're old, or when you gain or lose weight, the honest answer to that is, I don't know. I may regret them when I am 80 or I may not, it's a new generation of tattoo lovers and I know I certain I will not be alone. Tattoos can symbolise a journey of a lifetime, and bring stories from within. They can also show some colour on your body. 

My tattoos mean something to me, to everyone else they probably don't. The same goes for most tattoos which are upon someone's skin. For those who like tattoos will probably enjoy looking at my pieces like I do theirs. I love looking at the cool pieces of art they've chosen on their body, and laughing with them about those not so good mistakes they made. It is important to remember that not all tattoos have meaning to that person, and it is ok to have one purely for the sake of liking the image. 

Do you have tattoos?

Why Tattoos Shouldn't Be A Whim Thing | Lets Talk

As society grows more accepting of body modification, more people are taking to getting it done. I am someone who has had piercings for a long time, and always happy enough to get them as a spur of the moment thing, although the reason for this is the fact it is isn't permanent. Out of the 15 piercings I've had on my body only 4 exist now and you wouldn't be aware the others even existed. Back in July I got my first tattoo, I knew what I wanted and I've wanted it for a long time so to finally get it done just seemed right.

I am still the same amount of in love with it as I was the day I had to it done, and that's because I thought about it first. I went to book my second tattoo based on a design I had seen online and liked for a long time, but then when I had booked it and it came to getting it done I decided it wasn't right for me and although I lost money over it I am so glad I didn't go through with it. I have friends who have had tattoos on their body done by someone who was trained or had little experience and now this is stuck on their body forever and I also know of people who have their partners name tattooed on them and regret that when they break up, not to stay you will break up.

I love tattoos and I know so many people who have them and they all look amazing, and I am super happy they do and in most peoples cases they do regret at least one tattoo they've had done and I don't want to be in that situation. I want to love every single one of my tattoos and that is why a huge thought process goes into every single one of them and I am okay with that, whether it takes me years to get my next one at least I'll love it. I am yet to meet many people who have had a tattoo whilst drunk and instantly regretted it, you see people on the holiday programmes who get them done whilst they are abroad and very drunk of a person or something ridiculous they have no idea why they got it and that's stuck there for life. If you are yet to see many bad tattoos I totally recommend watching Tattoo Fixers which has enough bad tattoos on that you don't even need to make that mistake.

I am all for taking risks when it comes to life, but I think it is totally important to remember how permanent tattoos are, and how it shouldn't be something you do on a whim.   

Firsts| My first tattoo!

So, some of you may know (probably most as I posted it on every social media site that I own) that last month I got my FIRST tattoo! I've wanted one since I was 18 and I am now 20, but something has always gotten in the way of me getting one. Finally I plucked up the courage and booked it, which I was so nervous about. Before going into the shop I felt like I was going to be sick, I was so scared of the pain I even said to the tattoo artist that I might throw up. Turns out, it actually didn't hurt as much as I thought it would, in fact it barely hurt at all. The only part which I found that stung was the colour which is obviously going to hurt more. So what did I get for my first tattoo? I got a gorgeous anchor which is attached a rope which is in an infinity symbol shape with two pink flowers on or you can just look below at the pictures.

 Even now I can't stop looking down at my arm, it's so interesting to have something so awesome on my body and I am not going to lie, I am planning on booking my second very soon! This tattoo has a very special meaning to me, and it has a lot about me overcoming my struggles and being stronger than ever, and I plan to keep facing my fears head on and becoming stronger every single day, and I think this beautiful piece of art signifies that. I got my tattoo done at Stafford Vivid Ink and you can see their website here they're part of a chain so I know they're awesome to go, plus my friend and boyfriend also have fab tattoos from there. I won't hesitate about going back there and building up my arm full of beautiful pieces. 

Have you got a tattoo?