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Why I love my alternative style.

2009-2012 were the 'emo' years, I spent the majority of my life in black clothes, which consisted of a band tee, skinny jeans and of course studded belts. I would be nothing without my latest Blue Banana bag, converse covered in random words and drawings from my pals and my hair had to have the life backcombed out of it, or something wasn't right. I spent the majority of my teenage years trying to fit in with fellow people who rocked the alternative style. Taking my main inspiration from Tumblr, and girls I met on the internet. I often felt alone in my own town with my out of the box style and my parents were less than happy with the clothes I decided to wear and when I became 16 the world opened up even further. To include the world of piercings, ever since I first saw them, I knew wanted lip piercings, the generic 'emo' snakebites and even possibly angel bites. I knew my parents would full on rage so I decided to make a collection of piercings in my eyes, when I turned 16, until it being acceptable for me to get my nose pierced. Further through the year of being 16, I wanted to change my image more and more, I wanted the brighter hair, extensions, I fell in love with fishnets and turned to wear vests and denim jackets and still my trusty converse and despite now thinking, "oh my god what was I thinking?" I stayed true to myself and that is alway something I will be proud of. 

Despite everyone my age dressing in 'pretty' clothes I have never been about that life and still can't even cope when wearing heels. The idea of purchasing anything from the store Jane Norman filled me with dread, the idea of wearing coloured tees terrified me, and I refused to stop backcombing my hair because it was the 'shizz' and I did get bullied for the way I dressed and acted, but it wasn't going to stop me from being the real me. I have always been seen as somewhat of an easy target for this. When I left school and went to college things were easier, people cared less about my style and it allowed me to branch out to who I was. I kept some of the old parts of my style and mixed them up with the few bits of colour. When 18 hit, I knew I wanted a tattoo, but I wasn't sure what, all of the ideas of tattoos I had have seemed to no longer interest me, it wasn't until turning 19 I actually got my first tattoo. I went for my wrist and it is still my most meaningful tattoo. 

As the years kept coming (and they don't stop coming) I was 'fully fledged adult' (in the eyes of the law of course, even at 23, I am still not sure I feel like an adult) My style kept changing too, I was bleaching the ends of my hair and adding vibrant colours to it, becoming the girl at university who constantly changed her hair. I kept getting more piercings (my septum is still my favourite piercing) and even more tattoos, with this year taking the total up to 9. Over the last year, I have changed my hair colour around 5 times, and I am constantly looking for the next colour(s) to go. As for my clothes, I am known for wearing colour, but totally random pieces of clothing which others don't like and I am a sucker for anything pink(!!) I will still go for the most alternative shoes and random bags I can find though, as the true me can't be forgotten completely.

In 2018 my style is celebrated rather than being frowned upon my hair is always a talking point, and I get a lot of looks for it, but mostly they are good and kids love it! My tattoos are always going to be controversial, especially to my family and typically the older generations but they're colourful, fun and make me happy so I guess that is all that matters. From everything to my photos and blog to the way I am, I love to be alternative and quirky and I wouldn't change that for the world! 

One Kimono- Two Looks.

I was recently contacted by New Look and after the chance to review one of their gorgeous Kimonos and create some style inspiration to go with the one I had chosen. I decided I would pick this one and create a daytime and an evening look to go with it. I have previous done a similar styled challenge with dresses, if you fancy a look at that click here.

Daytime Inspired Style:
New Look Kimono

For the daytime styling I decided to keep it quite casual with shorts and a crop top, the kimono is light and adds an extra touch to the outfit as well as keeping your body quite cool but at the same time covered. I went for the heels as I feel they make the outfit a bit more fashion friendly, although if you are walking around a lot I would switch them for a pair of dolly shoes or some sandals. I love the shoes and they are perfect for me as they give me a little height. You can buy all items in the post above from here.

Evening Inspired Style:

New Look Kimono

For my night time look I decided to dress the outfit up whilst still showing how fab the kimono is, I went for a gorgeous black maxi dress which is elegant and perfect for a nice evening meal, as the dress is simplistic I went for some gorgeous sandals with metallic looking flowers on which I think really dress up the outfit, finally I went for a statement necklace, I think that statement necklaces look gorgeous with any black dress and bring an element of your own style. All items in this post can be purchased from here.

Summer Dress Must Haves!

I can't believe we are now half way through this year, it's gone so quickly I feel like the days are flying past me, we are now approaching hotter weather as we are in summer (almost) which is my favourite season, which means the pretty dresses, shorts, crop tops and gorgeous bikinis are going to start making an appearance. My favourite outfits to wear in summer are dresses and finally without any tights, so today I thought I would share with you, my summer dress must haves for the upcoming season! All of the gorgeous dresses in this post can be bought via Fashiola which if you are yet to hear of you can check them out here.

Fashiola Summer Dress Must Haves

Dress One 
First off, this dress is so gorgeous not only for it's style but also for it's colour. Not many people are a fan of yellow, but I think it looks gorgeous in summer and I think this dress is amazing for styling up or styling down. You can style it up with a pair of heels for a gorgeous evening look or converse and a jacket for a day time look. I love the material that it is made from also, think it's quite unique and something I would invest in for sure. I would probably most likely wear this dress if I was going for afternoon tea or out for a meal. 

Dress Two
This dress is so simple yet so much can be done with it, I think it's a statement piece which is perfect to go in your wardrobe and be used when looking to make an outfit, you can mix it up with once again using converse and a jacket for a casual look, you can wear it over a bikini on the way to the beach or even with tights and a blazer to make it look a little smarter. This is the sort of dress I would wear when meeting my friends in town for a coffee. 

Dress Three
This dress has me written all over it, it's my ideal dress. I love black in any season as it's so easy to dress up and down and wear with anything. I would wear this dress at anytime of the day as part of my style I would probably end up styling it with Dr Martens but you can style it with sandals or dolly shoes if you go for a brighter colour you can bring the summer element to the outfit. This dress would be perfect for a date, going out in the evening or even just an afternoon chill.

*This post is in collaboration with Fashiola

Challenge Rebrand!

Pink Fashion

Girly Style

Forever 21

Dr Martens

I was recently set a task by Clarity Travel Management to undergo a style re-brand, as they've recently re branded their image as a company. My first thought was where to start with my own personal rebrand? I am usually one for jeans and t-shirts with boots, so I decided I would mix it up a little as the important part of this task is to rebrand whilst still keeping the true you. I feel like heels or girly shoes are not me at all, so I decided to stick with the boots as you can still wear dresses and make the look a bit more me with the added touch. P.s. who doesn't love a pair of Dr Martens? So for my rebrand I went for two gorgeous items to wear, one being a dress and the other a playsuit. A playsuit is something I haven't worn in years, throughout summer I've turned to shorts and vest tops, I saw this and fancied the challenge I love the pink flowers on it an white isn't usually a colour I would go for. The shoes which I would put with this outfit would be these as they're not completely out of my comfort zone as they still have an element of my style. I decided I would stick with my current bag as it's bright and girly and matches the look well, I went with a lovely pastel nail varnish and a nude lipstick to finish the look off!

For the second look I went for a dress, I have been one to wear dresses but I feel this is quite a different style to what I usually go for, if I was to wear this dress I would go all leather on top of it with dark lipstick, but for the challenge I decided to go for a blazer instead which keeps the girlier element of the outfit, I had to add my Dr Martens in there or I would of felt completely out of my comfort zone, to match with the outfit I decided red make-up would go best, I decided to go with a bright red nail varnish and a red lipstick from Rimmel, I have previously tried this lipstick a few years back when I was more girly so I thought it might bring back that side of me! If I was to add a bag to think look I think I would go for a little bag such as this as it's small and doesn't attract the attention away from the outfit.

I think this summer I will be attempting to steer away from the jeans and aim for the dresses and skirts as I loved it when I was younger and used to be girly, I just seem to have lost some confidence along the way, thanks so much Clarity Travel Management for setting me this challenge as it's really brought out a different side in me and given me the confidence to try something new!

* I was sent vouchers for this post!