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The ultimate pizza toast!

Pizza Toast
Pizza Toast

*This is a collaborative post with Roberts*

Pizza is one of those foods, which I could eat forever and not hate it. 
Pizza is so great, I had it tattooed on my leg. 
Pizza puns are for life. I mean, in pizza we crust. 

I honestly could go on all day about why pizza is amazing, but you might get bored and click off the post and I don't want that. So the reason I am talking about pizza today is that I was challenged by Roberts to create a tasty meal/snack using one of their fibre filled wholemeal products and my brain went straight to my favourite food, of course. I went to Asda the next day and picked up one of their heroic wholemeal loaves and my other ingredients and set to work. I decided to go with pizza toast as it's a great (and easy) option for a speedy lunch.  

I thought I would provide the recipe in case you want to make your own pizza toasties, they're surprisingly filling, full of fibre and somewhat resemble a pizza, so what's not to love? Oh, and they're cheap to make too, as all of the ingredients can be used a further meal or two. I know as a student this would have been my dream meal if I'd of thought of making it. Who knew bread was so versitle hey?  

Let me know in the comments what your favourite easy meal is. 

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide For Students | Seasonal

Happy Friday all, I am back from my blogging break and I am finally able to bring you a gift guide! I've been wanting to bring you a whole variety of gift guides but with some circumstances, it has not gone my way. Today I am bringing you a last minute Christmas gift guide or students and all of the gifts that I am featuring in this gift guide can be ordered up until the 20th if not longer dependant on the site. These gifts are perfect for any students that you have in your life, whether that be your friends or a family member there is something for every student!

Unicorn Tears Gin:
Okay so we are talking about students and alcohol, it's pretty much a given right? Although this has a little bit of a twist on it, it's 'actually' unicorn tears, and tastes pretty good too! This amazing gift comes in a gorgeous bottle and is available from Firebox for £39.99

Drinking Games: 
Firebox offer an amazing range of drinking games perfect for any student including the student fave, Never Have I Ever and also F**K the game! Both games are a party starter and great for getting of any awkward tension.

Cards Against Humanity:
Similar to the drinking games above, but this is on a whole new level of card game. Cards against humanity is offensive and not for the light-hearted. It's rude, amazing and slightly horrific at the same time. It's known as the party game for horrible people. It is available to purchase on Amazon and there is also now many expansion packs.

Travel Mug: 
Going to uni in the mornings is something most students dread, and to make matters worse when you're in a rush and haven't had time to grab a morning coffee, it can't get much worse! Sass and Belle have a range of gorgeous travel mugs, perfect for making a coffee in and taking with you on the go! My favourite is their 'time to go' mug for £11.00

Master Pan:
I've been eyeing up this pan for such a long time because it's so genius. Saves on washing up and allows you to cook up to 5 things at once. It's really that simple. Perfect after a night out for cooking a full English, then easy to wash and saves on washing up. Purchase from Men Kind for £59.99.

I found this awesome website called Skate Hut who offer so many amazing things and is the perfect website for some last minute ideas for students, including gorgeous back packs, clothing, skateboards and even pogo sticks *throw back much*. I am so in love with their amazing range of Hype bags perfect for carrying those books around the campus.

*Post contains press samples

Ways To Make Money Online | Lifestyle

Usually my posts on how to make or save money go down pretty well, so I decided today I would share another one with you lovelies, today on how to make money online and of course as always these are just suggestions and things which I have read online and some of them I have tried myself personally. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments for other blogs to save themselves a few quid.

Online Surveys:
This is one I've personally tried and found it to work pretty well, what it consists of is completing a fair few surveys and usually getting money in vouchers to spend online. In the past I have received Amazon ones which can be quite handy, especially with Christmas coming up. I know that a lot of people find doing surveys annoying as you have to do a fair few to make it worthwhile but it can be an easy way to make money.

Write an E book: 
I have seen this pop up a lot more regularly, and if you have a talented which others can benefit from why not sell it on Amazon/Kindle I know of bloggers who have made books on blogging which is pretty amazing, not only do you benefit from some amazing content, you also help a fellow blogger.

Get cash back when shopping:
This is one I need to start doing as I am forever online shopping (oops), I've heard from several bloggers that it is an amazing way to make money. Every time you shop a certain store, they give you a certain percentage back in cash back on the websites I looked into like Quidco and Top Cash Back you can earn up to 10% on one purchase, now that's pretty sweet.

Online betting: 
I am aware this one isn't for everyone, but others really enjoy it. With lots more things going online every year than ever before that includes different formats of online gambling such as slots and bingo. You never know you could put a little in and get a lot back and some sites even offer a free game or two. I've also come across free slot sites recently, which are amazing for fun and also gaining money.

Online Selling:
This one involves a lot more effort than the rest, but great if you need a good clear out. Selling your old things which you no longer need such as clothes and CDs is a great way to get a little money in your back pocket. There is also other sites than just Ebay, like Depop and other equivalents.

Sell Your Services Online: 
Now this a lot less dodgy than what it sounds, what I mean by this is selling your skills online to customers who may struggle in that field. For example, making web designs for small business owners, or writing an article for someone. It is usually lower pay than what you would get in the real world, but it is great to make a few extra quid and some people make a lot of money.

*Sponsored Post

Shopping for Energy| Lifestyle

When moving into a student house I had no idea about prices of which bills cost and where is the best place to go. There are new providers popping up in every direction and everyone has the best deal for us, but which one really does have the best deal? Confusing right? Being a student can make me quite naive to what prices are worth while and which are totally out of order. After searching around and finding a company who offers to do your bills for you and you just pay them a set amount a month and thinking that was an amazing deal, but after speaking to our landlord who actually turned around and said they were ripping us off big time, it was back to the drawing board.

Being students money is usually tight as we are all on our student loans so finding the best deals is key, we found out the bill which was costing us the most is electricity so we looked decided to shop around and see what deals were out there, after taking to several money comparison sites and remembering that a free stuffed animal toy wasn't what was important we actually came across a website called Go Energy Shopping which is full of useful tips and guides to finding the best provider and tells you the best ways to get the cheapest deal out there. This is helpful for people like myself and other university students who are pretty much clueless when it comes to paying the best deal for your bills. What I enjoyed about the site is the fact it is bright and broken down into more easy to understand sections and it even has a glossary of words which are helpful to understand I mean what even is a "dead tariff"?! If you are interested in reading the site you can do here (students, do it, do it now). One of my favourite features about the site is the fact that there is a page just for finding comparison sites which I found useful as I only know about two and I am pretty sure they're same two everyone knows, click here for a list of comparison sites.

Moving into your new place with your friends is a bunch of fun but it is important to sort out your bills and make sure that everything is in place as I know people who have ended up paying £1000s on their electric for not looking around properly which is not what you want when money is tight! Although it seems like a pain now, you'll totally thank yourself in the long run of things when your money is good and you are on top of all of the bills!

* In Collaboration With Go Energy Shopping

Student money saving tips with TSB | Students

University, some of the best and probably the worst times of your life (money wise anyways) I don't know many students who aren't broke for the majority of the time, it's just the way that it is I guess. Although being a student can have it's upsides, like discounts and fun events to attend I think it's about the way you manage the money you do have and enjoy it really, as it's your last steps until you break out into the big bad world of a Job. With the lovely people at TSB I thought it would be awesome to share my money saving tips with you and also bring awareness to their no interest student accounts which are perfect for those just starting university or who are already students and are looking for an account without the interest- if you are interested in that take a look at their student bank accounts here.

Tip One:
Shop around for your bills, I actually wrote a post about this on my student blog which you can read here. It's important to remember there any many companies out there offering different prices on bills and with awesome comparison sites, it's a lot easier to find the best deals.

Tip Two:
Freeze food, it sounds strange but go shopping late at night and pick up all of the bargains then pop them in the freezer, it's the perfect way to get cheap bread and veg which is good for days after it's sell by date.

Tip Three:
Pre drink before a night out! Just drinking with your friends at home before heading on a night out can save you a ton of money as you need less when you're out, plus that means more money for cheesy chips *wink wink*

Tip Four:
Loyalty cards are your best friend! With loyalty cards for just about everything these days it's totally worth getting them for the places you shop, whether it be Tesco or CEX everywhere has them and points = money off and rewards *bonus*

Tip Five: 
Have nights in, although uni is about the experience and of course it's fun to go out, you can also have fun indoors with your friends, have a movie night (which I also wrote about here) or even just a night eating pizza and cake (my favourite kind of night) it usually always works out cheaper than going out and feels a lot better in the morning too!

What are your tips for money saving? 

Living with friends, is it all it's cracked up to be? | Lifestyle

Some of you may know this year I officially moved out of my house and moved in with some of my friends, 3 friends and my boyfriend to be precise. It's honestly such an awesome thing and I am so excited to carry on living with them for the rest of the year. But what happens when you move in with your friends and end up hating each other? Taking the time to process through if living with people is for you and if you can hack living with your friends for a whole year. If you're a university student it's often the case that during the second and third year that you live with your friends that you made in first year and often people don't realise living in a house can be different to halls as you have to share bathrooms and it's a lot less spacious. With house prices even higher than ever before, some people choose to live with their friends or in flat shares when they're older which I think is awesome.

Front room 1
Photo credit: Ani-Bee / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

But I think living with people is totally different than just being friends. I mean a house or a flat is small and if one person isn't pulling their weight it can be annoying especially when you end up living in what can be described as an explosion of a bin lorry it's not the best. Of course when you're friends it's a little harder to ask them to do anything in case of arguments so be prepared to deal with the fall out. I mean you could live with clean freaks and then everything is perfect but there is always going to be something that annoys someone else. When it comes to TV and films, all liking different things can be a problem especially when everyone wants to watch something together it's about finding some common ground and in most cases you actually find something you end up loving, but in other cases not so much.

If there is one thing I wish I could change about our house is the fact that their is only one bathroom and that can be a bit of a nightmare, even more so when you're in a rush and someone is in the shower. I have gone from having 3 bathrooms at home (living with 2 other people) to one with 5 people. It can be an argument waiting to happen but as long as everyone is considerate (do you need the toilet before I shower kind of thing) it'll all be gravy. My final thing would be the food sharing, it's so pointless to buy 5 lots of everything such as butter, bread and toilet roll. It makes so much sense to split buying them between whoever you are living with and that way there are no fights over who bought what.

Would you live with your friends? 

5 apps every university student needs!

Apps every university student needs

Being a student I decided today I would share with you my top 5 apps that every student on this planet needs, without them I think my life would fall apart... okay a little dramatic BUT you know what I mean, these apps make student life a whole lot easier especially those of you who live with your friends, like me!

UNiDAYS: Otherwise known as discount galore, this is one of my favourite perks of being a university student is getting up to 20% discount on many stores online and in the shop, including Apple, New Look and Topshop! The app basically gives you a unique code which you enter at the end of your shop and gives you the discount!

Split the bills: This app is so crucial if you live in a house with other people, especially when it comes to how to split the bills equally and not having to chase everyone, via this app it is simple pay one payment to the app and all of the bills get paid on time and no one owes anyone any money!

Course Notes: I adore this app, it's amazing for being in lectures although some people if using it on their phone do get accused of being on their phone when they're actually taking notes or getting audio notes. The good thing about this app is if you have a Mac book it can sync between the two and you have all of your notes on the computer waiting.

Just Eat: Takeaway is the best when you're a student and despite having no money, you can always find money for a cheeky pizza or Chinese... every now and again, Just Eat is the best way to do this without having to search for local takeaways in your area, and it is as easy as a click of a button (sort of)

On Trees: The simple way to manage your money easily, if you connect all of your cards to the app, or even if you just have the one it separates the purchases into a colourful graph, telling you what you are spending the most of your money on based on your must up to date purchases, this is helpful as it teachers you what you need to cut down on where money is concerned!