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Introducing Stafford Revolution | Food

 A few weeks ago something exciting happened in Stafford, and if you're not aware of Stafford it's a small (ish) town in the Midlands, with hardly any shops and about five restaurants; bit boring as you can guess. I heard about Revolution opening in Stafford and at the time I knew nothing about the company themselves or the fact it is a chain which sells food as well as AMAZING cocktails. One afternoon me and Luke decided to pop in and see what Revolution is all about!

I am quite a fussy eater and also a vegetarian so the fact that they have plenty of vegetarian options and not just a burger meant a big thumbs up from myself! Me and Luke spent a fairly long time looking at the menu as we were spoilt for choice; Revs offer everything from sandwiches to main meals and of course the best part of the menu DESSERT. I decided to go for the Halloumi and chips *was swayed by the mushy peas* and Luke went for the chicken burrito. Within 15 minutes the food arrived (as promised by their 15 minute or free guarantee) and we were totally overwhelmed with the amount of yummy food which was upon us. My Halloumi meal was similar to fish and chips but with the vegetarian alternative, although I got very full very quickly as I decided to order a side of beer battered onion rings along with the beer battered Halloumi, but no worries as I had human dustbin Luke with me who helped me to finish off the lot. Luke thoroughly enjoyed his chicken wrap and is planning to have to again soon. When looking through the menu we did actually notice that some of the burgers have crisps in which we found unusual but super quirky.

For dessert I ordered a salted caramel fondue and Luke ordered a Nutella fluffwich, although the desserts took a lot longer to come than the mains which was a bit of a downfall as it wasn't really busy at this point at all. When they arrived though it made it all worthwhile, I ended up demolishing some gorgeous dough sticks along with plenty of marshmallows heavily dunked in salted caramel while Luke loved his Nutella Fluffwich which I have to admit tastes like pancakes *yummy*. Overall we had a fabulous experience at Revolution and I am super happy it has happened 15 minutes away from my house!! The d├ęcor is super rustic and fun and I will be back to try some of their fabulous cocktails!

Revolution Menu

Revolution Cocktail Menu

Revolution Halloumi and chips


Revolution Bars

Revolution Salted Caramel Fondue

Fluffwich Revolution

 Have you been to Revolution?

Lets do lunch at Bills | Lifestyle

Not so recently I went to Birmingham and met up with the lovely Hannah, it's been ages since we met and we decided to do lunch and also a shopping trip. We met around 12pm and spent ages looking for somewhere to eat as we are both fussy (Hannah more so than me!) After walking around Birmingham for a while we came across Bills and saw that they did cocktails and it twisted our arm (although I am not too sure why as neither of us really drink!) but off we went inside as Hannah told me they have a really cool interior which is great for photographing!

Bills Salt and Pepper

When we arrived we were seated in a dark area and it hit that we weren't going to be able to take photos so we asked if it would be possible to be moved near a window which the staff were fine with. We were given a menu along with a set meal choice and later given a cocktail menu. It took me a while to decide what I wanted as I am so fussy with food but in the end I decided to go with the Fish finger sandwich as on occasion I eat fish fingers along with some skin on fries, an orange juice and a Bills pink spritz cocktail. Hannah went for the same cocktail along with a plate of the skin on fries *don't blame her they are gorgeous* we were brought out our drinks pretty quickly, I was the first to try the cocktail which my lord was strong. The orange juice was super refreshing though.

Bills Menu

Bills Pink Spritz & orange juice



Shortly after our gorgeous food arrived, and I tucked straight in being a bad blogger and not taking a photo first BUT I was soooo hungry. I was reminded by Hannah about photos and let her take some snaps along with taking my own pictures, totally worth it looking back on the pictures. I could totally of eaten 20 plates of those chips, I went through an unholy amount of mayo which Han looked a bit shocked at, okay I LIKE MAYO people! Although I found the toasted bread of the sandwich a little dry it was still really tasty. When we were finished with our mains the man asked if we wanted to see their dessert menu and I looked at Hannah who was like YES! So he came back with the menus, and we both had a hot chocolate brownie which I am not the biggest fan of brownie but I'll make an except as this one was beautiful. With this we got the bill and went on our day of shopping, yay!

Hannah from HXANOU

Bills food

Bills dessert

Apologies about the super heavy picture post but it needed to be captured to share the beauty of the food! Let me know if you enjoy my restaurant reviews as I love doing them! 

Chi Kitchen Birmingham Review | Food

I was recently kindly invited to review the lovely Chi Kitchen in Birmingham which is situated on the third floor of Debenhams! I've walked past it a bunch of times but never gone in as I am a little fussy with food *oops* my boyfriend loves all types of food especially Asian food so it seemed like an amazing opportunity for me to try some freshly prepared Asian food and give them a go! I ATE SUSHI FOR THE FIRST TIME, if you know me you'll know that is not something I'd usually do, but it was so fun and I am so happy I tried it!

Chi Kitchen Spring Rolls When we arrived me and Luke took a while to decide what we wanted, he took even longer than me to be fair! We were greeted by the lovely restaurant manager Siddharth who asked us if we needed any help with the menu and sent of some amazing champagne! When I told him I was very fussy and a vegetarian he told me he could get some things specially prepared to make them to my taste which I was SUPER grateful for! I ordered a glass of orange juice while Luke had a water, then we ordered a variety of bits and pieces off of the menu and we couldn't wait for them to arrive. Less than ten minutes last some gorgeous looking spring rolls appeared on our table, mine being vegetable and Luke's being duck, with them being cooked fresh they tasted beyond any other spring roll I've ever tasted. 

Chi Kitchen

After this we were brought out some strange but ultra yummy sweet potato fries, I believe they were covered in some sort of flour? I totally need the recipe for this as I'd love to be able to create them in my own home. Next we were brought out a soup and some bread and we had no idea what it was until the manager came over and told it was something they had made for me, with some Malaysian bread which was off the scale and by far the tastiest bread I've ever had. Although I can not remember the name of the curry/soup. Following this we were brought out an amazing looking plate of vegetarian sushi and I ate three of the rolls despite not being a fan of the seaweed the rest of it was super tasty! Next we were onto our mains where I had Ho Fun, made with mixed peppers instead of meat and it looked so bright and fun and the noodles reminded me a lot of pasta. Luke had chicken Katsu curry which he LOVED and demolished quickly, I got a bit full of my main so he helped me eat that too. 

Chi Kitchen collage

Finally we had our desserts I went for the chocolate sphere which was a chocolate ball which melted with the hot salted caramel sauce and inside was ice cream and raspberries! Luke went on to have some salted caramel ice cream and also a green tea flavoured one which he also loved. It was a great experience and we can't wait to visit again.  With lots of gorgeous food, a great atmosphere and fabulous service what is not to love? 

Chi Kitchen chocolate sphere!

Braun Cleansing Brush & Epilator Duo | Beauty

Recently I was very kindly sent an amazing two in one Cleansing Brush and Epilator duo from Braun and couldn't wait to review it with you lovelies. I have been previously sent a cleansing brush from Magnitone and if you fancy reading my review you can do here, so with a previous one in mind I was excited to see what Braun had to offer. I firstly want to say I think the fact that it is an interchangeable device which is both an Epilator and a Cleansing brush is genius as most people use both, also the worlds first of its kind and it's fab for travelling and also comes with a super cute travel bag. The pair together retail at £59.99 from Boots and other stores may be different prices as I couldn't find one exact price.

Braun 831 Cleansing Brush and Epilator

The Cleansing Brush:
As much as I love other previous brushes I have tried, I found them a bit rough on my sensitive skin and even with different brushes I still found them hard to use so I am hoping that this is a different ball game. Of course when trying a brush it is going to start out a little rough as it's new but when the brush wears in it usually becomes a lot softer and makes my skin happier. The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was how small the head of the brush was and also the weight of the device. Often when using cleansing brushes my arm feels like it may fall off by the time I am finished but not with this one as it is super lightweight, I took the brush to my face and turned it on, if you flick the switch to the left it does a lot light motions which is perfect for extra sensitive areas such as eyes and nose and then to the right a more intense version which is great for everywhere else. After using the brush for a few days I noticed a change in my skin, I noticed my spots had cleared up massively and my face just felt more clean in general something which I don't feel after manual cleansing. I love to use my brush for other things such as exfoliating my face and also taking my make-up off and although it doesn't have a timer on it doesn't bother me as I just do it until my face feels clean. The only one downside to the product is the fact it is battery powered and not charged which can be a pain if you run out of batteries.


The Epilator: 
Now I have to admit I was scared to try this I have ever never used one in my life, but there's a first time for everything. I'll have to admit I was a little freaked out by the element of hair being zapped out of your skin but the fact it doesn't grow back for around 4 weeks has enticed me in. After you get over that first shock of how it feels when it pulls the hair out of your skin it is actually an acceptable pain (I haven't had the guts to try it on my brows yet) I love Epilators for facial hair removal as shaving obviously causes an increase of the hair and I don't want to imagine how I would look after shaving my tash for the first time. Once again the product is light weight and easy to clean after use as it comes with a little brush which is perfect for cleaning off the hairs.

Overall I love the product together and I have no idea why it hasn't been done before, I am glad that I was sent this amazing piece of tech to trial and share with you guys because it's a perfect Christmas gift for you or a loved one, and keeps your face in tip top condition. If you buy the beauty edition it also comes with a lighted mirror which is fab for when using the epiliator and looking for stray hairs.

*Products Sent For Review, 100% honest as per usual  

Little Ondine Nails | Review

Hi all, I thought today I would give you a bit of a review of a product and a brand, I only recently came across called Little Ondine, and they are a company who makes nail varnish with a twist. There is a few twists with their nail varnish, but the biggest is that their varnish is actually peelable which is amazing as you can take it off yourself without remover! A few other claims of the polish is that it is odour free and dries quickly. So is this nail varnish too good to be true? 

Little Ondine

Little Ondine colours

The first thing I noticed about the polishes is the fact that their box is made out of cardboard which I think is super savvy and also easy to recycle, I love the way it comes apart and on the inside it gives you tips how to apply and also what the polish does which I found super cool! Secondly I noticed the amazingly bright colours of the nail varnish! Often when ordering online when I receive an item the colour looks nothing like what it does but these definitely do! I love the branding of this product too, it's very simple but gives it a classy feel. Next are the claims, the first one being odour free which when I went to smell it there is actually no scent which is crazy as that's one of the main things some people dislike about nail varnish.

 The better it is after the more coats, which is like most polishes really, it becomes brighter and gives a better coverage if applied on top which I did 3 times to make sure I got a nice coverage. The claim which I found the most unbelievable is the peel off factor, when it came to taking it off I couldn't believe how easily it came off, I just picked at it and it came off! This can also be a downside as some people can do things which involve them chipping their nails and this would result in it coming off, so for long lasting nail varnish I wouldn't pick this, but it's perfect if you just want your nails painted for one night or you are able to look after your nails a lot better than me!  Overall I was happy with this product and for £7.20 I would purchase it as a bit of a treat, as the colours are AMAZING.

Little Ondine colours

* I was sent these polishes to review, opinion 100% honest.