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Introducing LoyalFree AD.

We reward our new customers for joining us, but a lot of companies forget to reward their loyal customers for coming back time and time again. This applies to car insurance, banks and online shopping. As regular users of a service, it would surely make sense to reward those customers for their loyalty? Well, that's what the companies on LoyalFree decided to do. If you're in one of their current areas you're in for a treat, with tons of discounts and freebies in the local area. The app costs nothing to download and you just need to go to those places you'd usually go but with the added extra of discount in your pocket (or should I say app?). It's been a long time in the making that students get discount on so many things but those who are no longer students or who have never been, do not get any of the generous discounts or fun experiences that comes along with being a student. Until now, since Loyal Free has popped up it gives us all a chance to enjoy what the app has to offer and the great discounts and hidden gems around our local town. 

So I hear you ask, what does the LoyalFree app offer? 
Well, the app offers a huge variety of different things, with things such as buy four coffees and your 5th is free, discounts on days out or things to enjoy such as beauty treatments, classes and gifts and a ton more to pick from. As well as offering you tons of free things, you can find out about experiences and events in your area which you may not of known without the app, cool right?

As someone who regularly looks for a discount code of some sort, for pretty much everything this app is super handy. With an easy to understand app which is quick and reliable 'everyone' can join in the fun. Speaking of fun, within the app you can go on trails based around themes and it will tell you a variety of places to visit on your trail to make the most out of the local area and also what you enjoy, there are trails based around dogs, vegan eats and even some cocktail ones. Sounds like a win to me. I am someone who has so many apps for different discounts but I feel like the loyal app covers it all under one roof with money off, collectable stamps and finding out about great offers around your town/city you're in for a real treat.

Well what are you waiting for? Go download the app now and get saving some money. 

*This post is sponsored by LoyalFree, however, all thoughts within my post are all mine and I genuinely back this app and wouldn't promote it if I didn't* 

Valentines Day On A Budget.

Hi all, how are we doing? It's almost Valentines Day and for those of you who are loved up that means a day full of romance, love and being spoilt rotten by your other half. For those of us who are single it can be a tough day to get through, however I have you covered as I wrote a post all about Valentines Day when you're single. Today I am bringing you a post about Valentines Day on a budget, I did a similar post last year and it went down really well, so I thought I'd bring you a newer updated version of it with even more tips on how to enjoy Valentines Day on a budget!

Don't go out on Valentines Day. 
I found this tip on Inclusive Families and it is a great one at that. Going out on Valentines day itself for a meal is usually more expensive as most places put up the prices, because they can on Valentines Day. Honestly going out a few days before or after can save you a lot of money. Plus everywhere is RAMMED on Valentines Day so not even worth it.

Think outside of the box. 
On Valentines Day instead of buying presents for each other, think outside the box for something you can do together and have a fabulous time as well as saving money. My Voucher Codes has some amazing discount codes to use to save even more money, including Virgin Experience Days and Buy A Gift. Both perfect for having the best day out on a budget.

Make your presents! 
Not only is making your presents so much more fun, it's also cost effective and saves you a lot of money in the long run. Buying Valentines Day gifts can often come with a hefty price tag. There are so many cool gift ideas that you can make and Buzzfeed has collated 40 of the best ones to inspire you here.

If you enjoyed this post I have some other great posts on Valentines Day which you may enjoy including: Valentines Day Cute Edition, Valentines Day with Paperchase and Valentines Day on a budget!

*Collaborative Post 

Using Ali Express | Tips and Tricks

Hey all, I hope you're all feeling amazing today! So I thought I would bring you a bit of a different post and I hope you enjoy it, in 2016 I am all about saving money as this is my final few months of university and I have no idea where I'll be after uni so it's important I don't go completely broke. I love shopping there's no denying it, it's one of my favourite past times and gives me a lot of pleasure so that's why I thought I would show my favourite way to shop on a budget and that is through an amazing website called Ali Express which is basically a Chinese Ebay in English with some seriously good deals floating around. I was introduced to this site by the lovely Fii (who if you fancy checking out you can do here) and after looking into the site and doing some research myself I found some amazing things, even cheaper than Ebay including things like shoes, camera film and even some makeup items!

Similar to Ebay you have to be wary of who you buy from, how long it will take to arrive, and what the item is actually like so for the first few purchases I would recommend just buying little things which you aren't in a hurry to receive as sadly items can take up to a month to arrive. My first purchase was a cute Baymax bag which I couldn't find but I thought I would show you some cute ones anyway. You can use the easy search filters at the top including price, where you want it to ship and even from along with things like free shipping and finding out the best results first. Once I found I could trust the website I started making more purchasing including random 3am ones which I am still receiving now! I found things on the website which I have paid a HUGE mark up on in other places which makes me super sad but I am happy I can now get even better deals. I think the best deal I have found upon Ali Express is 50 shots for my Instax 8 camera for £25.00 and it arrived in a matter of days, completely perfect when you can pay upwards of £20.00 for 20 shots which is a bit of a nightmare especially when you love taking pics and people get a hold of your camera and use them up.

Finally I just thought I would show you a few cute pieces I've found whilst shopping around on the website in case you fancy getting your hands on any of them! Including cute stationary all under a pound with free shipping including stickers, pens and sticky notes, how cool!

Would you shop on Ali Express? 

Shopping for Energy| Lifestyle

When moving into a student house I had no idea about prices of which bills cost and where is the best place to go. There are new providers popping up in every direction and everyone has the best deal for us, but which one really does have the best deal? Confusing right? Being a student can make me quite naive to what prices are worth while and which are totally out of order. After searching around and finding a company who offers to do your bills for you and you just pay them a set amount a month and thinking that was an amazing deal, but after speaking to our landlord who actually turned around and said they were ripping us off big time, it was back to the drawing board.

Being students money is usually tight as we are all on our student loans so finding the best deals is key, we found out the bill which was costing us the most is electricity so we looked decided to shop around and see what deals were out there, after taking to several money comparison sites and remembering that a free stuffed animal toy wasn't what was important we actually came across a website called Go Energy Shopping which is full of useful tips and guides to finding the best provider and tells you the best ways to get the cheapest deal out there. This is helpful for people like myself and other university students who are pretty much clueless when it comes to paying the best deal for your bills. What I enjoyed about the site is the fact it is bright and broken down into more easy to understand sections and it even has a glossary of words which are helpful to understand I mean what even is a "dead tariff"?! If you are interested in reading the site you can do here (students, do it, do it now). One of my favourite features about the site is the fact that there is a page just for finding comparison sites which I found useful as I only know about two and I am pretty sure they're same two everyone knows, click here for a list of comparison sites.

Moving into your new place with your friends is a bunch of fun but it is important to sort out your bills and make sure that everything is in place as I know people who have ended up paying £1000s on their electric for not looking around properly which is not what you want when money is tight! Although it seems like a pain now, you'll totally thank yourself in the long run of things when your money is good and you are on top of all of the bills!

* In Collaboration With Go Energy Shopping