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Love, money and a load of bunnies!

Money is such a taboo subject, it always has been and probably always will be. To some extent, I understand not going around and telling everyone your bank balance but at the same time, it feels like something we should keep to ourselves. My work friends and I are forever sharing about how poor we are, especially just after payday, when the 'treat yourself' mantra goes a little far. But what about talking about the finances with us closest to us? Only 26% of women are comfortable with sharing details of their finances within the first 3 months of a relationship, versus a whopping 45% of men. As a 23-year-old with an *almost* full-time job, and doing a lot of freelance work on the side it is often hard for me to actually determine a monthly income as this varies so much. But with my freelance work, I am happy to share figures of posts and how much I actually earn from blogging with those who want to know. 

When Will and I met, he was a student and I was just leaving my part-time job to start a fulltime one. Will was pretty open about his lack of funds as most students are, forever waiting for that loan to come in. It was always a huge amount of treats when loan day came around and then the treats came from me when he was running low on money and it worked for us. Learning about the career that someone does early on can be helpful to gauge a money figure if this is something you feel is important within a relationship, especially in the future, e.g. if you are wanting to buy a house, this information may come in handy.  

I know a lot of people do tell the occasional lie of a purchase that they've made due to the guilt they feel after a purchase away from their partner. Will and I have our own money and this makes it easier for me to work out what is mine and what I am ok to spend on the things I want. A joint account is something we have discussed getting at some point in the near future for bills and other shared finances to come out of and then for us to keep our own accounts for normal day to day stuff. I found out that 40% of women would not have a joint savings account with their partner because they do not trust them enough, compared to 11% of men. 

Which shocked me a little as I assumed it was a *fairly normal* thing to do when you live together. Will and I have four bunnies which eat up a lot of our funds as we can't help but treat them to stuff, and they also eat through a lot of hay and food, as well as the veterinary bills, plus they have an adorable cage each. Having a joint account would make things like this easier as we can both add money in for the vet's bills and we wouldn't have to transfer money back and forth to each other. Ferratum created an awesome infographic about the true extent of love and money which I found a great read and have popped part of it below, to view the whole thing you can visit their site here.

I think the amount of money you earn and the difference between you and your partner can cause friction as from past experience you feel guilty when they have to pay for everything for you as it leaves you feeling like you owe them something. Money is a subject I am happy to talk openly about, and I'd love to know your thoughts on this situation in the comments and whether money has ever had a negative impact on your relationship. 

*Collaborative post 

Why Managing Your Money Is Important | Lets Talk

I'm 21 and this is the first year I have finally started to take my own finances seriously, it's not all about spending all of your money on clothes and make up and food (especially food) it's more about saving for my future. Taking any money I earn and taking a percentage of it away and popping it aside for things I may need in the future, whether this be saving for my future house, car or even a holiday I am still keeping that money away for something I may need in the future and I am happy with that. Did you know more time is spent organizing music collections than is spent sorting out pensions!

For the last few years every penny which I earned was spent straight away and although at times that has to be the case for bills and rent, I am trying to be more conscious with the money I spend and trying to stay out of the red. It's important for to remember although I have student money now and two jobs there will be a point when I don't get that student money anymore and I can't fall back on other people wanting them to bail me out. I have to rely on myself and that time has started now. For this post I decided to share some of my top tips for saving with you and hopefully they help you out in some way or another. Did you know 10% adults don't even review their own finances? 

 Set yourself a budget & stick to it:
The amount of times I've set a budget, and planned to stick to it and within hours I've seen an amazing pair of shoes in the sale and blown a weeks budget in one sitting, it happens we are all human. But it's important to remember that money could be used for something more important. Do you eat lunch out everyday whilst at work? Do you go to the cinema on a weekend? If you want to stick to your budget include it in there, don't feel bad that might be higher at least you're being honest and more likely to live within your means. 

Put money aside (change works for this): 
My biggest tip for this is to get a tin which you can't open unless you obviously use a method of force, meaning you're less likely going to want to go in there. The idea behind this is to get loose change out of your purse/wallet whenever you get home and chuck it in there, the more often you do it the more that it adds up. I have two separate ones, one for anything over 10p and one under 10p that way it's easier to separate out at the end! Once it's full you take it to the bank or a coin star and you've got some extra money for a rainy day.

Do you want it or do you NEED it? 
I am the worst for this, I'll go out and end up seeing things I want and referring to it as needing it and buying it anyways, if you have 50 nail varnishes you do not NEED another, nor if you have multiple jackets or similar t-shirts. Only buy things you need and which you'll use, that way you'll save money cutting out the things you don't actually need. 

Keeping on top of your financial admin is important to stay in the green and be great with money, to secure yourself a money worry future when you hit the age of your pension. The lovely people at Standard Life have created a book full of useful little tips to help with savings and being more money aware. Which you are able to download online and I will also be giving away two copies on my Twitter, stay tuned if you fancy winning yourself one. I hope this has helped give you some tips for saving and you managed to somewhat enjoy it!  

*In collaboration with Standard Life

Things I'd Do If I Won The Lottery | Lifestyle

Hey lovelies, how are we all? It's been a while since I've brought you a list post so I thought I'd change that today, the post I am bringing you today is all about the things I'd do if I won the lottery, I love to do these types of posts as it makes you inspired to achieve your dreams and be able to get the things you want. I have done similar posts in the past but I have plenty of things I'd include in this list so hopefully you all enjoy reading it. I'd love to know in the comments what you would get/do if money was no object!

Get a new car:
Isn't this everyone's dream if they won the lottery? Go out and purchase one or maybe three new cars, and by new I mean brand new and they can be any car you've ever dreamed of and you can walk away with the brand new car without any finance agreements and that beauty is then yours! Yeah there's one little thing with that when it comes to myself, I need a license first..

Buy a huge house:
Of course this is the dream, a Pinterest worthy house with white surfaces, huge rooms and lots of storage space as well as 4 bathrooms and a walk in wardrobe.. now I really am dreaming. But it would be a fabulous dream, I'd also buy my family houses too as they totally deserve it. I totally haven't already planned this out on Pinterest or anything.

Get invisalign on my teeth: 
A bit of a different one for you, but if you know me well you'll know that I had braces for many years and you're probably wondering why I now want invisalign right? Well after I had my braces off and was told to wear my retainer for many years to come, I didn't listen and now my bottom teeth have returned to their original state. So if I'd won the lottery I'd totally invest in my teeth and I already know the place I would get it done because I've heard so many great things about Hampstead Orthodontist. Who doesn't want the perfect white and straight smile?

Donate to lots of charities: 
I am one of those people who is forever wanting to sign up to all of charities around, from cats to giving money to homeless people or helping those in need. I honestly feel so upset and often end up in tears because I want to do more to help and I can't afford to. This would be one of my first tasks as a billionaire.

Share the love with my friends and family:
I'd love to be able to spoil my friends and family with gifts and helping them out of the debts, it would be an amazing thing to do. Because they've all helped me out so much in my life I would love to repay the favour and help them out back!

All of the make-up, clothes, bags and shoes:
This is probably most bloggers dreams, getting any bags you want and get tons and tons of pairs of shoes along with the amount of beautiful make-up you could buy. The best part is you can invest in designer which would be so cool!

Go on many holidays: 
Who wouldn't do this if they won the lottery? I'd love to do this- I could totally deal with many holidays to America uh hello Disney land and I of course would take my friends and family too.

Start a business: 
This would be a total dream, to be my own boss and I could set up my own social media agency with amazing talent and fabulous offices and be able to create the best website. Yeah ... I'm thinking a bit ahead of myself right?

I would love to know what you would buy! 
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Student money saving tips with TSB | Students

University, some of the best and probably the worst times of your life (money wise anyways) I don't know many students who aren't broke for the majority of the time, it's just the way that it is I guess. Although being a student can have it's upsides, like discounts and fun events to attend I think it's about the way you manage the money you do have and enjoy it really, as it's your last steps until you break out into the big bad world of a Job. With the lovely people at TSB I thought it would be awesome to share my money saving tips with you and also bring awareness to their no interest student accounts which are perfect for those just starting university or who are already students and are looking for an account without the interest- if you are interested in that take a look at their student bank accounts here.

Tip One:
Shop around for your bills, I actually wrote a post about this on my student blog which you can read here. It's important to remember there any many companies out there offering different prices on bills and with awesome comparison sites, it's a lot easier to find the best deals.

Tip Two:
Freeze food, it sounds strange but go shopping late at night and pick up all of the bargains then pop them in the freezer, it's the perfect way to get cheap bread and veg which is good for days after it's sell by date.

Tip Three:
Pre drink before a night out! Just drinking with your friends at home before heading on a night out can save you a ton of money as you need less when you're out, plus that means more money for cheesy chips *wink wink*

Tip Four:
Loyalty cards are your best friend! With loyalty cards for just about everything these days it's totally worth getting them for the places you shop, whether it be Tesco or CEX everywhere has them and points = money off and rewards *bonus*

Tip Five: 
Have nights in, although uni is about the experience and of course it's fun to go out, you can also have fun indoors with your friends, have a movie night (which I also wrote about here) or even just a night eating pizza and cake (my favourite kind of night) it usually always works out cheaper than going out and feels a lot better in the morning too!

What are your tips for money saving? 

5 apps every university student needs!

Apps every university student needs

Being a student I decided today I would share with you my top 5 apps that every student on this planet needs, without them I think my life would fall apart... okay a little dramatic BUT you know what I mean, these apps make student life a whole lot easier especially those of you who live with your friends, like me!

UNiDAYS: Otherwise known as discount galore, this is one of my favourite perks of being a university student is getting up to 20% discount on many stores online and in the shop, including Apple, New Look and Topshop! The app basically gives you a unique code which you enter at the end of your shop and gives you the discount!

Split the bills: This app is so crucial if you live in a house with other people, especially when it comes to how to split the bills equally and not having to chase everyone, via this app it is simple pay one payment to the app and all of the bills get paid on time and no one owes anyone any money!

Course Notes: I adore this app, it's amazing for being in lectures although some people if using it on their phone do get accused of being on their phone when they're actually taking notes or getting audio notes. The good thing about this app is if you have a Mac book it can sync between the two and you have all of your notes on the computer waiting.

Just Eat: Takeaway is the best when you're a student and despite having no money, you can always find money for a cheeky pizza or Chinese... every now and again, Just Eat is the best way to do this without having to search for local takeaways in your area, and it is as easy as a click of a button (sort of)

On Trees: The simple way to manage your money easily, if you connect all of your cards to the app, or even if you just have the one it separates the purchases into a colourful graph, telling you what you are spending the most of your money on based on your must up to date purchases, this is helpful as it teachers you what you need to cut down on where money is concerned!

The Price Of A Prom!

This year it has officially been FOUR years since I left school, which means four years since my prom, which I cannot believe. Throughout my school life I watched programmes on MTV which had Americans throwing huge parties and also programmes about them attending their proms showing the huge gowns that they wore and also the modes of transport they attended their prom in, and honesty some of them shocked me, I mean one person attended in a helicopter. As much as at the time I was obsessed with getting the perfect dress, and shoes and BEST mode of transport, I am not sure prom was all it was cracked up to be.

 With the US traditions of prom making their way over to the UK, and people are spending more than ever on proms, My Voucher Codes conducted some research into how much people really do spend on their prom. With 15% of people spending over £300+ which to me is a crazy amount in itself! The people I feel sorry for is the parents in all of this as it's their bank balances who suffer, although there 25% of people in the UK who only spend up to £50 on their child prom, but this does make you wonder what people are buying if they can manage to spend over £300 right? I found an amazing article about the price of prom here!

 For prom usually you need a dress, shoes, a bag, makeup and hair doing, a prom ticket and transport so you can see how this can add up pretty quickly. Some people spend around £200 just on their dress alone, so I can see how the amount add up pretty quickly. For my prom I think around £250 was spent, which included my ticket and my transport which some may say is a lot but my grandma paid for some and my parents paid for the rest. In a few years I reckon the craze for prom will be EVEN bigger and be even more of an American styled party, but is it too much for one night?

Now the moment you've all been waiting for.. me in my prom dress! 

This post was written using research conducted by My Voucher Codes*