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Yankee Candle: The Halloween Edit.

Yankee Candle: The Halloween Edit.

I am a huge fan of Candles, and I love to spend hours upon hours browsing my local candle shop and Homesense too, but a lot of the candles seem to smell the same. Autumn means a huge amount of cinnamon everywhere and lots of spiced pumpkin collections, and despite wanting to fall in love with those types of scents I just don't find them appealing. No matter how many times I try. Yankee Candle is always one of those brands I find myself going back to, I often purchase the melts or the votive candles as they can be a little on the pricier side when you start getting the large candles. 

However, Yankee Candle always has the best Halloween range and I have recently been gifted an adorable set I which I knew you fellow candle lovers would want to find out about. So, the set has two votive candles within in the scents witches brew and forbidden apple. As well as an adorable Pumpkin Holder, which is great for the smaller candles as it keeps the wax contained and looks great as decoration too. If you fancy winning your own set, Wow Free Stuff is hosting a giveaway where you can be in with a chance of winning 1 of 10 of the gift sets!  Both scents are available to buy full sized within the realms of the web, you can find them currently over on Groupon and the Yankee Candle site too. The candles themselves are limited edition so it can be hard to locate these after the Halloween season. 

So what are my thoughts on the actual scents of the candles, I hear you ask?

Forbidden Apple:
Forbbiden apple sets the tone with an amazing bright green candle, the scent of granny smith apples instantly hits you, followed by the smell of all things autumn, it has quite a fresh scent in my opinion, Halloween is all about the candy apples, and this brings me right back to enjoying one as a child, but it has a twist on the scent of apple for sure. I am constantly buying wax melts that smell like apple as they are just a fun and recognisable scent. Plus you can't really go wrong with apple, can you? I am 110% going to buy the medium jar of this candle as I need more than just the votive in my life, ngl. 

Witches Brew:
For the life of me, I do not know how to describe this scent. I feel like it is the kind of scent that can hide out in the back, without being too much in your face. You know when something reminds you of a certain thing, this candle reminds me being next to a bonfire in a park when I was younger, stood in the wet soil with the crisp leaves around me. The smell is lush and reminds me of happy times. 

I am now off to treat myself to treat myself to a stash of the Forbidden Apple candles!

*This is a collaborative post, but all thoughts are my own, and I am madly in love with Yankee Candle, always.
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USA Autumn Haul | Lifestyle

USA Autumn Haul | Lifestyle

Can I just say I am actually so proud of the photos in this post and I am pretty sure that they are my favourite set that I've ever taken. It's October which to me as is basically all about Halloween, it is dark so much earlier, it is acceptable to crack out the pumpkins, and scary decor. With this is mind and with the help of Vyking Ship I was able to do a Halloween haul in the states (lets face it the USA do it better) and get it sent straight to my door! So for the haul I knew I wanted autumn/Halloween themed goodies, and I knew straight where to go to start, Bath and Body Works. When I was in the states back in August I missed the autumn/Halloween stuff by a few weeks so I knew I had to grab some of the gorgeous items they have to offer. Including 3 mini candles, 5 hand sanitizers and a body lotion. I wanted some of the bigger candles but was worried I wasn't going to like them and didn't want huge candles which I didn't enjoy. I am totally regretting this now as I actually love them and have nearly burnt them all out. I will probably place another order when the Christmas candles come out, as they're pretty much better than anything we have here, *sad times*. The hand sanitizers are always a win from Bath and Body works because even if they don't smell great in your opinion someone else will snap it up within seconds, I am constantly sharing them out! 

Bath and Body Works Halloween

Following this I was looking around all of the shops online for different Halloween themed sweets and finding the best offers, when browsing Walmart I found these yummy looking packs of Candy Corn and Autumn Mix, and I knew I had to pick them up. Along with a massive bag of sour patch kids (although these aren't being feature because they'd ruin the aesthetic #bloggerprobs! One of bags is just full of candy corn *dribbles* and the other contains a mix of candy corn, cola flavoured candy corn and pumpkins, I will probably use the mixed bag in another post with a pretzel idea I have seen online that I just HAVE to try! 

Now on to the way the shipping works, so what happens is when you're ordering something online instead of inputting your own address you input an American address which is provided to you by the shipping company, and then the mail gets forwarded to them, it is so much cheaper than getting it sent direct and also works well if the shop you want to order from doesn't ship to the UK. When the parcel arrives into the warehouse you will get a choice of what to do with it, as I was testing out the method of shipping I chose to see my items beforehand, as well as compressing the packages and getting a customs slip filled out beforehand. It is super useful to get the items photographed as you can check they're all good before getting them shipped out and also check they're not broken before transit etc. When I checked my items over I picked my shipping method which I went with USPS 3-5 day option which cost around $87, which isn't cheap at all but for the amount of time it took it is totally worth it. I would recommend if you want something for a particular time to prepare well in advance for cheaper shipping. I did not get charged any customs on my order which I was super happy about also.  I would totally recommend Vyking on the premise you get to pick what you want with your shipping extras and other places can add it in without your say. Use 7410 for your $5 off your first shipment also! 

USA haul halloween

Bath and body works

Bath and body works

Bath and body works

Bath and body works

Have you ever gotten any goodies from the States? 

*In Collaboration with Vyking Shipping.
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How To Throw A Spook-Tastic Halloween Party #2 | Halloween

How To Throw A Spook-Tastic Halloween Party #2 | Halloween

Happy Wednesday lovers, how are we? You may have noticed if you are a regular reader of my blog that it isn't my usual lets talk post, it is infact a Halloween themed post. I have over scheduled the Halloween content to the point where I ran out of days before Halloween so I decided to share another Halloween themed post today. I did part of one of how to throw a spook-tastic Halloween party yesterday but as it was going to be SUCH a long post I decided to split it into two. If you missed part one, feel free to check it out here. Yesterday was food and make-up today is going to be costumes and mocktails  I hope you enjoy this post as much as the first and let me know what you are going as for Halloween in the comments. 

I decided I would put together my 5 favourite Halloween costumes with a twist for this section, when looking for these costumes I decided I wanted things which I haven't seen done lots of times over. If you want to get any of these costumes they are from Smiffys and still able to be purchased in time for Halloween! 

Zombie Alice:
I love Alice in Wonderland as a character and I love that there is now a haunted twist on her, the make-up would be simple to do alongside the outfit, it would just involve a lot of blood and eyeliner!

Zombie Bride:
After Mean Girls this totally rings a bell with me, I loved Cady's Ex Wife costume and I think this a fun twist on your typical bride. 

Cereal Killer:
I would say I am amused fairly easily, especially when it comes to puns. Who doesn't want to be a cereal killer this Halloween? 

Seven Deadly Sins- Lust:
I love all of the seven deadly sins costumes and Smiffys have had a good play on them. My favourite out of the bunch is the lust one.

Bride of Chucky:
I think this is by far one of the coolest costumes on the website, you can make it more Halloween styled by adding some fake blood.   


Sweet Flash Mocktail.
For this you will need:
- Appletiser (apple flavour)
- Mint Leaves
- Cloudy Apple Juice
- Black food colouring
Cocktail Shaker
- Something to serve drink in. (I went for test tubes) 

1. Pop 50ml of cloudy apple juice into a cocktail shaker along with 50ml of Appletiser and a couple of drops of black food colouring. Shake together well. 
2. Rip up some mint leaves into small pieces until they will fit into the test tube. 
3. Add the mint to the rest of the drink and shake again.
4. Tip into the test tubes. 

Vampire Blood Surprise: 
-Craft Syringes 
-Raspberry Puree
*To make it not a mocktail just mix vodka in with the lemonade 

Added extra: Buy some plastic spiders and then freeze them, this will create an extra spooky effect. 

1. Put half a tube/packet of raspberry puree into a pan along with two spoonfuls of sugar, and stir until it creates a thick paste. Then take off the heat and let it cool down.
2. Pour lemonade into the glasses which you intend to use for this drink. 
3. Add the spider ice / put the paste into the syringes. Then pop them into the glasses. 
4. When going to drink you can squirt the 'blood' into the drink for an extra shot of flavour. 

What is your favourite part about Halloween? 

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How To Have A Spook-Tastic Halloween Party! #1 | Halloween

How To Have A Spook-Tastic Halloween Party! #1 | Halloween

It's been a bit of a Halloween themed month here on Dungarees & Donuts, and I've featured everything from different recipes to the most amazing fashion finds that I've found along with my advertisers having their own Halloween themed buttons. Today I am bringing you one of my final few Halloween posts, this one being how to host your very own Halloween spectacular party, sharing everything from food to cocktails and even some simple make-up looks. I will be splitting this post into two halves, so the other half will be live tomorrow. I hope you enjoy this post and let me know if you would like to see similar done at Christmas time, because lets face it, who doesn't love Christmas! 

Halloween Make-Up:
I decided for this I would feature two super easy looks which give an awesome effect all round, I went for the easy ones as it is perfect to do it on those who don't bother to dress up. Both looks were creating with a palette from Amazon. At the time it was more expensive but came with Prime and came the next day. The only additional things I would suggest are cheap white face paint for the face, sponges, black liner and dependant on the colours you use, lipstick works well too. If possible before these looks I would recommend some sort of lighting as it gives the white a more even coverage, Pebble Grey have some fabulous ones. For both looks you need to start with a white base, if you want a REALLY white base then just keep applying layers of white one on top of each other. 

For the Zombie:
Once your face is covered in white go for the eyes, do around the eyes and on the eyelids black and then smudge it a little, following this I would recommend doing the outer circle in red. The way to make this work is to either use a red eyeshadow or some red face paint. Once you've drawn the circles fill them in with the red. Next using a smaller brush to draw some 'veins' hanging down for the eyes, if you don't like this then using fake blood and just drag it down your face, this also looks cool. Next is the lips, I used the face paint to do this but you can use a red lipstick. I wanted to make the lipstick not perfect so I drew some little lines outside of the lips. Other ways to make this more gruesome is to drag red across your face and down your neck. Even working with liquid latex to make the wounds look real (but that takes away the simplicity from this look).

For the Sugar Skull:
The sugar skull is slightly easier than the zombie as it takes less time BUT it takes more perfectionism, as it involves lots of smaller lines. For this look I only used face paint but again eyeliner can be used to create the lines. I first covered my face lightly in white face paint, although you can go as light as you want. Following this I did my eyes, using pink face paint and drawing a large circle around them. I already had eye makeup on during this look which I think makes the eyes pop during this look so would totally recommend. Once I had drawn and filled in the eye circles I did my lips pink with the same paint. Then I filled in my nose with black face paint, although mine is rather large you can do any size which you think will suit (I have a massive nose ya see!) Then I went around my eyes with half circles and then did a black line around the pink circle to make it stand out. Following this I went and did lines across my lips, the only thing I would say is to do longer lines as they look less wobbly. Draw the line across your cheek also. Then to finish it off I saw lots of designs online which had something on the forehead so I went for two swirls. When I created the look on my friend he had a smaller head so it was harder to do anything on his forehead, and that is the finished look. The good thing about the sugar skull is any colours apply basically and it will always look semi good. 

Halloween Food:
During the run up to the Halloween period this year I have featured three simple and fun Halloween recipes which are easy to create. I thought I'd just do a little bit of a roundup of these and how you can make them your own if you don't fancy creating the same ones as me. 

For this recipe you need lots of candy melts in various colours as well as a variety of Halloween based sprinkles, edible pieces to finish off. This recipe can be made really easily and perfect for those who aren't born with the ability to be detailed (me). You can turn this into anything you like with any colours, I like the idea of a red and black one also. I went with orange and green as I struggled to get my hands on any black candy melts although I could of dyed the white. I purchased all of the stuff for this in Hobbycraft although if you're in america you are SO lucky as I know there is so much more choice. 

I am so in love with baking shortbread as it is the easiest thing ever and you can pretty much do whatever you want to it and it'll still taste fab. For this recipe I decided to make some little cute orange pumpkin biscuits. Although these taste like plain shortbread there are SO many cool things you could do with them, including making them taste like Pumpkin. Other ideas similar include bat cookies. 

As far as these Marshmallows go they're quite fiddly but fun to make all the same. I decided to take a recipe I've seen before and make it my own, including using LARGE Marshmallows as well as using stick on eyes. I decided to use an edible pen do to some of the features but it was not having it. I've seen some adorable ghost ones which look like they'd be easier to create.

What is your favourite thing about Halloween? 

*Collaborative Post

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Shop My Style *Halloween Inspo* Edition | Fashion

Shop My Style *Halloween Inspo* Edition | Fashion

Hi all, how are you doing? As you know if you are a regular reader of my blog I often do shop my style posts, the most recent one being a gym based one. This time I decided as it is soon to be Halloween I would take my inspiration from Halloween themes, e.g. the colours and styles, it makes sense in my head! Although this isn't like a costume post or anything like that, stay tuned as I may also put up some costume ideas before Halloween as well as some cocktail ideas and some make-up tutorials! I hope you enjoy this post, and let me know which look you prefer down below!

Look one:

Dress is from Pulp
Shoes are from Iron Fist
Choker is from Forever 21
Bag is from Forever 21   

Look two:
Shoes are from Dr Martens
Tee is from Grindstore 
Skirt is from Pulp
Headband is from Forever 21  

Which was your favourite look? 
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Halloween Looks EVERYONE can do | Lifestyle

Halloween Looks EVERYONE can do | Lifestyle

I can't believe how quickly October has gone and we are now approaching Halloween if you haven't already planned your costume, or don't have the budget to get one or even if you are just terrible at Halloween looks I think this post will suit you. One Monday morning I took to the white face paint and got out some make-up which I didn't mind trashing including a few red lipsticks, an eyeshadow palette and of course black liner. At first I was going with a look which I failed to create so I decided to turn it into the joker and it went from there, and I would like to state I am not saying these looks are at all amazing or even good in the slightest, but I had fun creating them and that's all that counts right? I hope you lovelies enjoy my looks and have a fabulous Halloween.

The Joker: 
As I mentioned earlier, this look was supposed to be something completely different than what it turned out to be, but despite the length of time it took to get off of my face I am super happy with the end result. The way I created it was with a lot of black eyeliner and eyeshadow, some white face paint for the base and a hell load of red lipstick, and ta daaaaa.

A cat: 
Of course you can do this look how every you want as it's a pretty simple one, but I fancied doing some face make-up if I was to do this on Halloween I may of used white face paint also but as I did my previous look using it and it took forever to get off I decided against using it for this one. For this I used eyeliner on my nose (weird I know) eyeshadow on my eyes, eyeliner again for my whiskers and then a red lipsticks for the lips, I maybe should of done a pink nose but I love the effect of the black so I am happy with how this turned out. I also used eyeliner on my eyebrows as I didn't have a black eyebrow pencil or mascara and I wanted it to be black.

A skull: 
Again the white face paint would of been used, but I didn't fancy applying it again. For this I just decided to keep it simple by using black liner on the nose again (which needed more coverage as I can now see) and also for the lips, I decided to go for the sealed mouth look as I think it looks better and then similar to the joker go around my eyes with black eyeshadow. 

What is your favourite easy Halloween look to do? 
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#HQscare Halloween Treats | Lifestyle

#HQscare Halloween Treats | Lifestyle

I recently sent a lovely box of goodies from HQ Hair a brand who specialize is beauty and fashion and have the very best brands on their site such as Benefit, Nars and Ghd. As part of the Halloween campaign #HQscare they sent out some boxes of treats to bloggers. I was very excited and overwhelmed with the amount of amazing goodies inside, including a very cute selection of chocolate, DVDs and even some makeup bits.

The first things I found in the box were two DVDS which had kindly been supplied by Zavvi and these were Zombeavers and Dracula, and I haven't seen either of them so bonus! Zombeavers sounds like my perfect kind of film as it sounds like a rom com with an element of horror and gore, which would be perfect to watch on Halloween itself and with the door knocks it'll give it that extra element of spookiness. Next I came across two nail varnishes from a brand I am very familiar with and it is Orly, I was beyond excited with the colour choices bright orange and glittery black, perfect for Halloween and I think it took me less than hour until both of my hands and toes were painted in the lovely orange. Following this I came across a lovely eyeshadow stick from NARS who are one of my favourite brands, and I opened the box to find it was a lovely grey colour, perfect for creating smoky eye looks not just for Halloween but for all year round which suits me well as I am a huge fan of a good ole smokey eye.

After the NARS, I came across some Label.m texturising volume spray which I already know from owning it previously that it is a great product and an amazing way to create volume without damaging our hair *rolls eyes* back-combing anyone?! The spray will be perfect for creating big voluminous hair whether that be on Halloween or any other day of the year, it suits me well. Next I came across an awesome under eye concealer from Maybelline, which I know again from past experience that is an amazing product, not sure what I can do with it for Halloween though, but it's still awesome all the same.  Second to last I came across a box which says Lipstick Queen on, who are a brand I have heard of but have never tried, and when I opened the box I got an awesome surprise as the lip gloss is actually BLUE! I was not expecting it at all, but it made me smile as it's going to be awesome to use at Halloween time and instantly I was planning make up looks which I could create with the lipgloss. The final products in the box were some chocolate coins and balls with Halloween items on them and it's safe to say they didn't last long under my watch.

Thank you so much HQhair for sending me one of these awesome boxes! 
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Halloween themed cookies!

Halloween themed cookies!

So firstly I shall apologise for the awful quality of the picture I am going to post along with this post, but hey ho. Last year for halloween I was invited to one of my best friends parties and she asked as all to bring food along, and me being me decided to spend the best part of a day making some Halloween themed biscuits: So firstly you pick your biscuit- gingerbread and shortbread are a good option because they are easy to make into shapes, I picked short bread so here is a recipe to make your own. I recommend making the short bread into circles with a cutter as they are easier to decorate later. Once the short bread is made and cooled you need some ready to roll icing any colour is good but I picked white I was originally making the nightmare before Christmas themed cookies as my best friend loves that film and it was who she was dressing up as! Also cut the icing into circles place a circle on top the of biscuit then you will need some squeeze icing which you can buy from here any colours you wish but I would recommend having black, orange and red as they are the most easy colours to work with. For ideas to decorate your biscuits I just typed in Halloween cookies and theirs turned out a lot better than mine but it's all about the fun!

My awful version of the Halloween Cookies.
Hello Sweetie!

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