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How To Make Spring Themed Bark With Hobbycraft.

It's no secret that I am an avid baker, I enjoy to create just anything that involves chocolate, being creative and of course, tastes great. In case you hadn't already guessed, I am a huge fan of creating bark. Bark is essentially a ton of chocolate melted down, made into a slab and decorated. I've made a few variations in the past like my Halloween Bat Bark. This time, I decided to create something a little more colourful and fun.

For the bark, you are going to need: 
*A variety of chocolate or candy melts, for mine I used some of the Funcakes yellow candy melts and also some white chocolate that I dyed green.

*Buttercream or icing, I used the Sugar and Crumbs natural flavoured icing in raspberry ripple flavour (would recommend 110%) in which I made into buttercream by adding 250g of butter to the icing.

*Finally a variety of other toppings, I used edible glitter, smarties, cake angels sprinkles and even more edible glitter.

When making the bark itself you need to work fast as the chocolate dries so quickly, I'd recommend doing one colour at a time. I started by melting two large bars of white chocolate, you can do this in the microwave or in a heatproof bowl over a pan of boiling water. When my chocolate was melted I grabbed some green dye, I love to use the Sugar Flair gel dyes which you can get on Amazon as they last for ages and you only need a drop to get a super bright colour. I then tipped the chocolate on to some parchment paper. When you've tipped the chocolate on the slab it will start to harden so you need to add sprinkles and other decorations quickly so they stick to the chocolate. Once you're happy with one colour, then you can melt your next colour and then apply this as you wish, I decided to do it around the edge. Next, I popped this in the fridge for an hour.

Whilst this was in the fridge I made up some buttercream to put on top of the bark, the aim was to make it a little lighter than what it turned out but I went a little OTT with the blue dye. I whipped up the Raspberry Ripple icing with butter and then pipped it on to the bark, this gives the bark a variety of textures when you're eating it. Finally, this was topped with more sprinkles and tons of edible glitter. You may want to put this back in the fridge for the icing to set before breaking this. Once the bark is completely solid you can snap it into a variety of different shapes and sizes and then share it with your friends and family (or eat it yourself) and that's pretty much it for making spring-themed bark. I'd love to know in the comments if you've ever made bark.

*This post contains gifted items from Hobbycraft, however, as always thoughts are all my own.

Galaxy Inspired Pancakes: Are They Worth It?

Pancakes. I love pancakes. 

Crepes or American Pancakes I'm not fussy. 

Years ago for a special treat, my mum would make them for us using a recipe from her cookbook and they always turned out perfect. 

Current day, I enjoy making pancakes, they're so fun to make and taste amazing. You can create so many variations of a pancake, top them with so many things and enjoy them for pretty much any time of day. With pancakes, I feel like there aren't any rules. 

The day before Shrove Tuesday (also known as pancake day) I decided to make some pancakes for a blog post, but I wanted to make some with a difference. I considered making unicorn themed pancakes or even rainbow ones, but then it hit me, with my new food colours and edible glitter I could make galaxy inspired pancakes. 

I searched the internet for them but wasn't able to really find anything similar with that in mind I thought they'd either turn out really great or as a great big fail. Somehow these ended up in the middle. The idea of the pancakes is fun, adding edible glitter to your creations is one of my favourite things to do. However, the blue pancakes worked a treat, but the purple came out looking more burnt, which made me sad. I think the colour was a bit too light and next time I'd up the purple food colouring. 

I think coloured pancakes are a great and fun twist on your typical pancakes and you can add flavours within the pancakes rather than vanilla or plain, I decided to add raspberry flavouring and it made them even more yum! I decided to create a recipe card for anybody who would like to recreate these galaxy inspired pancakes themselves. I'd love to know in the comments if anyone actually decides to make these and what your thoughts are on the process of preparing and cooking these pancakes. 

The ultimate pizza toast!

Pizza Toast
Pizza Toast

*This is a collaborative post with Roberts*

Pizza is one of those foods, which I could eat forever and not hate it. 
Pizza is so great, I had it tattooed on my leg. 
Pizza puns are for life. I mean, in pizza we crust. 

I honestly could go on all day about why pizza is amazing, but you might get bored and click off the post and I don't want that. So the reason I am talking about pizza today is that I was challenged by Roberts to create a tasty meal/snack using one of their fibre filled wholemeal products and my brain went straight to my favourite food, of course. I went to Asda the next day and picked up one of their heroic wholemeal loaves and my other ingredients and set to work. I decided to go with pizza toast as it's a great (and easy) option for a speedy lunch.  

I thought I would provide the recipe in case you want to make your own pizza toasties, they're surprisingly filling, full of fibre and somewhat resemble a pizza, so what's not to love? Oh, and they're cheap to make too, as all of the ingredients can be used a further meal or two. I know as a student this would have been my dream meal if I'd of thought of making it. Who knew bread was so versitle hey?  

Let me know in the comments what your favourite easy meal is. 

Bakedin Review: Sticky toffee drip cake!

Since moving house I've become even fonder of baking, throughout October I did a variety of Halloween posts and with Christmas on the horizon expect the posts to keep coming. A little while back I was offered the chance to review a baking subscription box called Bakedin, which each month you are sent a new recipe out to try. The recipe includes ingredients which are already weighed out for you, and any additional extras such as baking paper or measuring tools are included. You just need to add the fresh ingredients on top. Each bag of product is labelled to follow each of the steps which are contained within the leaflet in the box. The recipes are developed by Michel Roux who is one of the worlds finest pastry chefs, which makes the whole concept even more exciting. If you're looking to sign up to Bakedin, if you subscribe here and then use the code 'OLIVIAJADE299' you can get your first box for only £2.99. My first impressions when the box arrived was how neatly packaged it was as I've noticed a lot of companies using excess packaging lately, so I was glad to see this was just right. I saw the recipe card and was drooling at what my kitchen adventure was going to entail. For the Sticky toffee drip cake, the additional ingredients needed alongside were butter, double cream and eggs. 

Having the step by step leaflet in front of me was super helpful as I knew which bag to use and the timings. The first thing I was greeted with was bag 1, which was full of dates and I had to heat them in a ban and then let them boil. As someone who has no idea about using fruit within food, I was a little confused about what sort of consistency the dates should end up like. I did find the picture on this step a bit hard to understand how it was supposed to look at this point so I just went for it. The rest of the creating of the cake I found it easier to follow the card. Adding the rest of the ingredients (sugar and eggs) to the dates and after stirring this, I then went on to fold in the flour. Once this was done it made a nice golden mixture which was then poured equally into 2 cake tins. I popped the tins into the oven for about 18 minutes before they needed to come out. I know the recipe said about 25 minutes but mine were done way before that. I used the stick provided to poke into each of the sponges to make sure they come out clean which they did yay.  

Sticky toffee drip cake

I then took out the cakes and left them to cool on the side, before a few hours later creating the butter icing. Which was simply just butter, icing sugar and a tiny amount of milk. Once whisked together I covered one of my cakes in icing before sandwiching the second one on top and then covering the top and the sides with the icing. I struggle a lot with precision so I did find it hard to make this look 'perfect' once I was happy enough with the result I popped the cake in the fridge overnight for the butter icing to set. You don't have to do this, however, as it was quite late I thought it made sense to do so.  

Sticky toffee drip cake

In the morning I took the cake out of the fridge and it was time for the final step, making the toffee! This was the part I was most excited about throughout the process but also slightly scared as I have tried to make it before and it turned into a mess. For the toffee sauce, we added butter, double cream and demerara sugar and put it on the stove in a heavy duty pan. I continually stirred until it gave the texture of the sauce I was looking for. Then I poured the sauce into a jug and let it cool for a while, before pouring it all over the cake and watching it drip down the sides, it looked so divine. For someone who doesn't really know that much about making cakes, I was pleasantly surprised at how great the cake turned out! Plus my friends and boyfriend loved it too. 

Sticky toffee drip cake
Sticky toffee drip cake

I found my first Bakedin box a success, it has provided me with a recipe I never previously would have thought to make and I also now know how to make toffee sauce. The step by step guide made it easy to create the product compared to a normal recipe. The box already has the ingredients weighed out is great for those also who don't have scales. It even comes with a guide for how much butter to use. Thank you to the Bakedin team for providing me with this box and it was great fun to get creative!

Would you subscribe to Bakedin?  

Tips for creating the best chocolate apples.

Chocolate apples are one of my favourite treats around Halloween. Not only are they easy to make, but they're also cheap to make too. Oh, and they taste pretty good. I have to admit, it does ease some of the guilt of all of the Halloween treats everywhere, knowing under the chocolate is an apple. I decided to share my tips for creating the best chocolate apples, as last year it took me two attempts to make the 'perfect' chocolate apple. So I thought I'd share with some tips I've picked up along the way and hope you enjoy making some of your own chocolate apples. 

*Any toppings go, with chocolate apples the world is your oyster, you can cover them in pretty much anything and everything you want. I went for a lot of honeycomb bites this, mini marshmallows are good and we even decided to put some chilli in the chocolate for one them. Dependant on who you are making them for you can vary the toppings. I decided to go for a spooky theme this year instead of a more colourful theme like last year. 

*Roll them in chocolate instead of pouring it on top, it tends to give a better coverage, as last year I tried to spoon the chocolate on and it was just a mess, don't even get me started on my attempt of caramel apples.

*Use lollipop sticks instead of the cake pop sticks, as they're so much cheaper and you can get a variety of colours making them even more fun.

*You have to be quick when making chocolate apples, as they set quite quickly. It is important to let them set a little once you've put the chocolate on them whilst doing the others, but get the toppings on as much as you can do before they set. 

*Pick the 'right' type of apple, I've tried these with other apples and none of them compares to Granny Smith, in my opinion, I think it's because they're so bitter, they compliment the chocolate. 

*Be creative with it, I would say that making chocolate apples perfect isn't something you need to do, so it's great to have fun with and chuck whatever you want over the top of them.

Do you like chocolate apples? 

Creepy Cauldron Chocolates

Creepy Cauldron Chocolates

If you hadn't already guessed from the amount of Halloween posts that are currently going up on my blog, I am madly in love with Halloween. It is one of my favourite holidays as I feel like you get to be the most creative, plus the creepy decor you can buy, to me is a dream. The first inspiration I had this year was to head on to eBay to see what items I could buy, this was the 1st week in September so I had plenty of time for the stuff to come. The first thing that arrived was the tray (find similar here) to make these amazing chocolates in. I'm pretty sure the mould is for cake as it is quite deep but I decided to go for it. For those of you in the UK, I'd recommend going to Hobbycraft before making these as you can get the candy melts you need to make for this. As well as a variety of things to put inside of the chocolates. If you want to make these into chocolate lollypops, I know you can get some sticks from Hobbycraft which will be able to hold the weight of these. 

Creepy Cauldron Chocolates

I first purchased some orange and black candy melts ready to make a range of chocolates, for those of you who are wondering what candy melts taste like, I'd go with a mix of icing and white chocolate and they taste very sweet. I decided to make some of them one colour and towards the end of making them, I got a little braver and attempted to make patterns in them. These are one of the easiest Halloween recipes to make, all you need is some microwave safe bowls, candy melts and the moulds. I decided to put a variety of sprinkles within mine as well as edible eyes, but really you can put whatever you want in them. I am tempted to try to make some caramel ones. The only thing with candy melts is that they set very quickly so you need to work fast. I'd recommend only melting one lot of colour at a time and in smaller amounts and then make more if needs be. These took around 2 hours in my fridge to set, and by set I mean solid. With the mould, I purchased as it is silicone it made peeling out the chocolates so much easier for me and none of them broke yay! I think these would be a great gift for anyone who is going to a Halloween party/hosting one as they're fun and creative and pretty cheap to make too. 

Creepy Cauldron Chocolates

Creepy Cauldron Chocolates

What are your thoughts on these chocolates? 

EASY Halloween Bat-tastic Bark

It's October, so I finally feel like it's socially acceptable to share all of the Halloween content I've been working on. The best time of year for my blog as I am so into Halloween and Christmas and it gives me so much more motivation to write content. It was a tough one to start off on, as I have so many ideas I wanted to share. I decided to share with you one of my favourite Halloween creations. Bat-tastic Bark, for those of you who don't know what bark is, it's essentially a chocolate slab, which starts by melting down some chocolate or in my case I used Candy Melts which are from Hobbycraft. The reason I use candy melts as opposed to chocolate is the colours as they're so bright and fun. They do taste a lot sweeter than normal chocolate, so if this isn't your thing, stick to normal chocolate. I then spread my candy melts out onto a baking tray which is covered with parchment paper, I like to use a variety of different colours to add to the effect, so I do like to put the colours on the tray in sections and then complete each section, before starting on the next. After applying the first few, I like to blend the colours together too as it looks ace.

 Once the chocolate is spread out and you are happy with this, cover it in whatever takes your fancy. I purchased a variety of sprinkles, candy eyes and other edible Halloween items. You can purchase so many things to top it, my favourites place to get inspiration from is The Cake Decorating Company, you can view what they have to offer here. You have to be quick with this step though, especially with candy melts as they dry fast. I am glad that this bark looks better when it is messier as it adds more to the effect. Let this set in the fridge, with candy melts it only needs around 20-30 minutes to set. Once this has set, you can break this into pieces, I like to use a knife to cut it up into pieces, but you can break it apart with your hands and that is it! It's such a simple recipe, but can be super effective and great if you're hosting a party as there is plenty go around. I also created a variety of Halloween themed baking recipes in previous years including bark.

Halloween Bark photo

What is your favourite Halloween treat to make?

Roasted Veg with Halloumi Recipe.

Roasted Veg and Halloumi

For those of you who know me well, will know I've recently been following Slimming World. Which is miles apart from the takeaway fulled diet I have been living off for the last two years. Don't get me wrong, I am still a massive takeaway fiend, but I am trying to turn my favourite takeaways into things I can create at home. As well as exploring a whole new world of recipes, I have created some really amazing things as well as learning brand new cooking skills. I was recently contacted by the Bacofoil who asked if I was interested in creating a yummy (and healthy) recipe using some of their foil to cook it on. For those of you on Slimming World probably live with a bottle of fry light in hand, however I've never thought of putting things on foil, until now! So the recipe I am creating today is Roasted Veg with Halloumi which I believe is syn free as long as fry light is used instead of oil and 35g of Halloumi is used for your healthy A choice. For those of you who are not following slimming world you are able to follow the recipe down to a T. I would recommend this recipe for an easy to make dinner, with tons of speed food for us Slimming World guys!

Bacofoil Non-Stick Kitchen Foil
1 x large red onion, peeled and cut into wedges
1 x yellow pepper, cut into chunks
1 x red pepper, cut into chunks
2 x medium courgettes, sliced
1-2tsp olive oil (Or Fry light)
8-10 cherry tomatoes
1 x clove garlic, crushed
1 x pack Halloumi cheese, cut into about 9 slices (35g HEA for Slimming World)
1tbs pine nuts (optional)
Black pepper (optional)

For the dressing:
2tbs passata
1tbs extra virgin olive oil (Leave this out for Slimming world or syn it)
2-3tsp red wine vinegar
Small handful fresh mint leaves
Few fresh parsley or oregano leaves
Crusty bread, to serve (optional)

  1. Preheat the oven to 170ºC fan/190ºC conventional/gas mark 5
  2. Loosely line a large shallow oven tray with a large piece of Bacofoil Non-Stick Foil – remember to always place food on the dull side - and place the pieces of onion, pepper and courgette onto it. Drizzle with 1-2 tsp olive oil (fry light for us on Slimming World) and gently toss together using clean hands. Roast in the oven for 20 minutes until the vegetables are just starting to turn brown round the edges.
  3. Meanwhile make the dressing. Mix the passata, extra virgin olive oil (skip this step again for Slimming World) and red wine vinegar in a small bowl. Chop the herbs, reserving a few whole mint leaves for garnish, and stir in to the dressing
  4. Remove the vegetables from the oven and add the cherry tomatoes and garlic. Season with a little pepper and carefully mix in. Scatter over the pine nuts (optional)
  5. Arrange the slices of halloumi over the top and return to the oven for a further 10 minutes. Alternatively place under the grill for a couple of minutes
  6. Drizzle with the dressing and scatter over the remaining mint leaves. Serve with some crusty bread.

I would totally recommend using Bacofoil to create other recipes, nothing stuck to the foil and it was so much easier to clean the trays with virtually no mess on them. Also a create alternative to using fry light on things like trays. Will be creating my chips and this yummy recipe again!

Have you ever created this recipe? 

*Collaborative post 

Easy Ginger Sponge Pudding Recipe!

It's Thursday guys, which means it is almost the weekend woohoo! Today I am bringing you a recipe even I can make (the girl who manages to burn a pasta bake, true story) and all you need is a few simple ingredients most of which you probably have in the house as well as a microwave. The recipe is for a gorgeous ginger sponge pudding, which is a twist on the classic treacle sponge and this recipe was inspired by the video below from Panasonic:

You can follow the video above for a step by step guide on how to make the ginger sponge pudding or check it out via the recipe here on The Ideas Kitchen. The great thing about their website is for the recipes you can change the number of people you want to create a recipe before and it gives you the exact amounts. 

Before baking my ginger sponge pudding, I took a quick trip to ASDA and purchased all of the ingredients (which are pictured above) for all of the ingredients the total was around £10 but it depends what you already have in your house to the total cost of the items. Most of the ingredients will keep so you are able to create this on multiple occasions (or stockpile for a later date) as the recipe doesn't actually use that much of what is bought. The recipe is super easy to make and I think it took me around 10 minutes to prepare, 15 minutes cooking time, a couple minutes to cool and then pour on the custard and you're done. The only thing I changed from the recipe was I purchased cream and grated orange on top as I am not a massive custard fan and this is what the recipes suggest serving it with, oops.

Overall I am pretty impressed with how easy these were to create and actually turned out tasting pretty amazing and are a pretty quick and simple dessert to whip up (couldn't resist) if you're having guests over or even just fancy making a quick pudding after your evening meal.

Next, I NEED to try The Ideas Kitchens stuffed peppers as they look delicious.

I hope you enjoyed a little bit of a different post from me today, let me know if you want more food-related posts because I am totally okay with more baking!

*Collaborative post 

5 Ways To Enjoy Coffee!

Happy Monday, I hope your week is off to a good start so far! Today I am bringing you a bit of a different post due it being Coffee Week! If you aren't aware of Coffee Week you're not the only one, I am only aware due to a super interesting press release that fell into my inbox last week courtesy of Kahlua who I will be talking about more in a minute, however let me just talk to you about the amazing cause of Coffee Week. The idea behind it is to give clean water to communities in which help to grow coffee. Donations from last years Coffee Week went towards some amazing projects and the same will be happening this year! So in aid of this I decided to bring a post about 5 different ways to drink coffee, some more different than others!

1. Iced Coffee
A pretty big trend around the world, especially when summer Strikes. I am a huge fan of drinking cold coffee whether it is over ice or in a delicious drink from Starbucks.  

2. Espresso Martini 
I told you we'd come back to Kahula, so the things you need to know. Kahula are encouraging people to drink amazing espresso martinis as part of coffee week, for a very good reason. As one of the main sponsors of coffee week they are donating 10p to every one bought in selected bars over national coffee which is pretty cool if you ask me! If you fancy giving it a go yourself you can also do that by purchasing some coffee liquor from Kahula, Absolut Vodka and also an espresso. and following the below step: 

Pour ingredients into a shaker filled with ice, shake and then strain in to a martini glass
3. In Cake 
There are so MANY amazing recipes out there for coffee cake, but I recently found an amazing Mary Berry one which sounds like it is to die for and is a perfect way to enjoy the flavour of coffee with a bit of a naughty treat. Find the recipe here

4. In A Smoothie!
When reading A Cozy Kitchen I found an amazing way to enjoy coffee in a slightly healthier way, and that way is in a smoothie. The best way to do this is to add your ingredients along with some cooled coffee and ta daaaaa, you have another awesome way to enjoy coffee! 

5. In A Coffee Float
An idea I would never of thought of without Buzzfeed, who suggest making a glass of cold coffee and then adding a large dollop of ice cream on top and you have your float. It sounds like a super fun and unique way to enjoy a coffee! 

What is your favourite way to drink coffee? 

*Collaborative Post 

Student Cooking Challenge with Co Op! | Lifestyle

Hi all, how are we? Sorry for the lack of posts at the moment. I am struggling to get my stuff together, I've got so much I want to post it is just taking the motivation to post! I am finally bringing you a post which has been a long time in the making. A student cooking challenge with
The Midcounties Co-operative, a while back I was sent a box of food and asked to create some awesome meals for you lot and share how I got on. So hopefully you enjoy this post and whether you're a student or not, there will be something for you to enjoy. I will warn you in advance, I am pretty sure everything here is full of carbs!

Breakfast Ideas: 
I decided to include some easy breakfast ideas for students and although I am not a breakfast person at all, there are many ideas for you to try for less!

Boiled eggs and asparagus: 
One of my favourite breakfast ideas for when I am looking for something a bit more healthy and filling too. You can enjoy soft boiled eggs with the asparagus tips, or you can have it with toast or bread; my favourite is wholemeal toast.

Crumpets are the perfect breakfast item for students as you can get them when they're reduced in the supermarket and freeze them and then you have a cheap breakfast to go to in a rush.

Lunch Time: 

Pasta Salad: 
My all time favourite lunch time go to, it is easy to make and cheap. As well as being able to make in large portions. I usually make 3 or 4 days worth for lunches over the week. I buy cucumber, peppers, lettuce, red onion, spring onion and also sometimes put soft boiled eggs in there as well as croutons. As I am a vegetarian, I don't add meat obviously although you can add quorn chicken pieces which are a fabulous addition. If you are not a vegetarian, torn up sandwich ham can work well.

Beans on toast: 
Beans on toast is an easy, go to meal. Simple for those on a budget. Co Op does some of the best beans I've tasted and I am very much a heinz person usually. Wholemeal toast again goes well with this.


I love to make stew for dinner, especially in the colder months. It is a great investment for any student to have a cooking pot, it is a great for not only stews but casseroles and also curry. I usually grab some veg (go for fresh stuff around 7pm and it is reduced) including a bag of potatoes, carrots, swede and to bulk it out you can buy a bag of frozen mix. I usually make it up with gravy and add some pearl barley. During the day I live it on whilst at uni and then come back add some dumplings and then leave for a further half an hour. This is perfect for freezing and then leaving for as long as you want.

Mushroom pasta with mozzarella: 
This is one of my all time favourite meals to go to. I grab some large mushrooms and chop them into chunky pieces, grab a jar of my favourite pasta sauce, some herbs and mix together. Add some pasta and then rip up some fresh Mozzarella for the top. Perfect.

I love risotto for being able to make it so simply, and just make it out of whatever you want. I usually go for mushroom but there is SO many amazing combinations out there. This is a perfect meal for making in bulk and freezing also.

If you are a student you are able to grab 10% discount on food!

*In collaboration with Co Op.

#LoveAtFirstBite with Chicago Town + Win! | Lifestyle

I love pizza. That is a fact. I love that you can buy boxed pizza which tastes just as good as takeaway pizza for the fraction of the price. I love how pizza brings people together, as it is totally made for sharing. I love how pizza can cause one of the biggest debates of the year, does pineapple blog on pizza though? (clearly not). I love how pizza can have so many different toppings and yet still taste the same sort of goodness. I love how much cheese on pizza, it makes it sort of acceptable to eat an unholy amount of cheese and not feel guilty, win. I love how Chicago Town send out the coolest boxes filled with pizza goodies and shades with pizzas on! If you fancy winning yourself a pair of pizza shades with Chicago Town all you need to do is buy one of their gorgeous pizzas from your local supermarket and input your unique code online and you could win a pair of the limited edition pizza shades and if that isn't enough if you jump into their online photo booth, upload a selfie and add tons of fun stickers to it you could be in with a chance of winning some fabulous prizes such Spotify premium passes, Polaroid cameras and headphones as well as of course a pair of their super fun shades. Rumour has it even Caspar Lee has a pair! I thought i'd share with you some fabulous pictures I took on my Polaroid with my cool shades. 

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Lets Make Crepes! | Food

Good morning all, how are we? Today I am bringing you food based post which includes Crepes! A while back I made a post about creating a pancake stack and it is still one of my most popular posts, I am a huge fan of pancakes so I decided to treat myself to a Crepe maker from Amazon (*its this one if you're interested) although I've heard that they're quite hard to get used I thought I'd write a little bit of a post about how I got on with mine and how to create your own crepes, without further ado I hope you enjoy this post!

First things first, the ingredients! For 4 crepes you will need the following:
- 125g of plain flour
- 120ml of water
- 120ml of milk
- 2 tablespoons of butter (melted) 
- Olive oil to grease the pan! 

Step one: 
Put the Crepe maker on and turn it up to max and wait for it to heat up, whilst it is heating up I would recommend measure out your ingredients. 

Step two: 
Mix together the eggs and the flour followed by slowly adding the water and milk bit by bit. Whilst you are doing this pop the butter in the microwave (it should only need about 15 seconds max) and once it is melted add it into the mixture.

Step three:
Cover the hot plate in olive oil. Jamie's Italian created an awesome infographic to show you the best oils to use for what. (If you don't have olive oil available use some light cooking spray.) 

Step four: 
Ladle some of the mixture in the middle of the plate and then use the wooden tool provided to spread the mixture. *Top Tip* Spread in circular motions.

Step five: 
Leave 2 minutes and then flip over using the wooden spatula and leave for a further two minutes. Just to make sure both sides are done flip back again. Once fully done place on a plate and roll up. Repeat until all 4 are made. Then pop the plate into the microwave and blast for a few seconds to heat up again.

And that is it, perfectly made crepes for any occasion! 

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