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Lets go glamping! | Lifestyle

Lets go glamping! | Lifestyle

As I am not a fan of camping I am so excited to say Glamping is now coming more into fashion, if you are unaware of glamping the definition of it is camping with an element of glamour (e.g. phones, beds and other things you wouldn't usually get whilst camping) most of the things which put me off camping in the first place are fixed with Glamping. Today I thought I'd bring you a guide of the essentials to take when you go Glamping (they can also used when you go camping or any on any holiday or festival!) I am not going to include the obvious which is clothes and personal hygiene items, just little extras to make your camping experience a little more luxurious! 

Must have items: 
  • A Speaker:
Whilst a speaker and my music I think I would be totally lost, I have come across this amazing no wires and no blue tooth speaker, it's amazing for listening to music when you're outside, I think it's the perfect festival buddy to have also! The sound isn't too tinny which is what I was expected, it sounds loud and perfectly amplified. 
  • Credit Card Charger: 

Perfect for when you don't have electricity but need your phone or want to charge it, I have decided this credit card charger is the perfect solution as it's purse/wallet friendly so you'll never go without it! Great solution for festivals too for an extra boost of power!

  • Hand Wipes & Sanitizer: 
Whether you are glamping, camping or going to a festival you NEED these Carex wipes in your life, they're amazing for everything from spillages, to freshening to cleaning up spills; without these in general I'd be lost! 

Other Items: 

I'd totally recommend taking these camping, glamping and to festivals but the choice is yours; some of these are more appropriate when you're going away with friends but totally fun and worth while all the same!

  • Selfie Remote:
Want to take photos with your friends but don't have someone to take them with? This is 100% the solution, put your camera on something and step back and have fun and take photos just by pressing one button! Cool right?

  • Wine Tumbler 
Perfect for any type of drink not just wine, it stops the liquid leaking out of the glass, as it's a wine glass shape I am assuming it is intended for that but feel free to fill it up with anything which takes you fancy! 

  • Light Up Bunting
This beauty is perfect for everywhere and anywhere; whether you fancy decorating your tent or your front room I love the way this looks; it's totally summery and fun for anywhere you fancy. It's the perfect way to find your tent even when it's not turned on! 

I just wanted to point out the light box at the start is from Design 55 and perfect for making a cute sign and can be used indoors or outdoors. I love it for leaving adorable messages!  

*Contains PR samples.  
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Lets go to a festival! | Tips and Tricks

Lets go to a festival! | Tips and Tricks

If you haven't already been able to tell over on Dungarees & Donuts I LOVE festivals and pretty much throughout the summer write about them none stop. Today I shall be writing about must-haves for every festival goer, that includes everything from the basics to a little bit more high tech, but if you need it at a festival the chances are it'll be included within this list! If you're going to a festival this year I'd love to hear about it!

Evo Xplorer Case: 
This is a must if you are taking your iPhone to a festival, a lot of people resort back to a brick phone for festivals but those who don't this case is amazing as it protects against water (leaking tents, is not the one, neither is rain for that matter!) dust and also impact protection, total must at a festival. It also has sealed access to all of the ports, this ideal for me as I am forever finding mine jammed with all sorts of strange items (totally not crumbs or anything...)

Seems like an obvious one but you'd be surprised at the number of people who do not actually take wellies to a festival! In the UK it's a MUST else you'll either destroy your shoes with water, mud or something else. Wellies are easy to keep dry and fairly comfy to wear all day!

Aussie Dry Shampoo:
Aussie has created their own festival ready range of dry shampoo and I think these are any festival goers best friend, being a festival you can get greasy, sweaty and not be able to shower. With better-looking hair I know when it comes to me if my hair looks good I feel a bit better about myself, so with these dry shampoos, they're full of things which make your hair feel good and refreshed.

Another fairly obvious one, but some people don't even take them to a festival. Not only are they the perfect statement piece for any festival look; they are also to protect your eyes and staring at the sun for hours upon end isn't good for any eyes. The sunglasses shop sell some gorgeous ones!

Wireless Speaker: 
I find this one not so much as a must but more something which is good to have at a festival, the reason I picked this particular speaker from Currys is that it's loud, long battery life as well as being on the cheaper side of speakers. You don't want to spend 100's of pounds when it could get destroyed!

Face Wipes:
Can I firstly just say, how cute is this packaging? I am so in love! Back to the reason, this has made it into the post, one because they're AMAZING for removing off the dirt after a festival day and especially if you're a make-up wearer this is crucial, I know from experience simple always have great results so I wouldn't hesitate in buying these.

There so many more items I could include in this guide, so let me know if you would like a second part to this post! 

*In collaboration with Tech 21 

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Ultimate Festival Hacks | Lifestyle

Ultimate Festival Hacks | Lifestyle

Hey guys, happy Tuesday. I hope you're all doing really well? Today I am bringing you another post with the theme of festivals, I previously shared with you my first festival experience and now I have decided to share with you my top 5 tips for hacking a festival whether that be a weekend one or just a day, this tips should help you when preparing for your festival experience as well for when you are there. Maximise are currently creating their own top festival hacks and would love for myself as well as you lovely bloggers to share your tips around using the #UltimateFestHacks. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing it and if you're going to any festivals this summer I'd love to know which ones!

Tip One: Pack efficiently and lightly!
So when you're going to a festival you do not want to be taking things which you would be upset if they got damaged as the chances are they may do. It's important to take all of the things you need for the day/weekend because without them you may be stranded. Sun cream is always a must, along with sunglasses, an old phone (in case you get lost from your mates), a tent, clothes and possibly some things to clean yourself with (baby wipes are a good option for this!)

Tip Two: Drink plenty of water.
A bit of an obvious one but you'd be surprised how many people forget when at a festival. The chances are when you're in a huge crowd of people and it's very hot you're more than likely are going to feel the effects of it. Often leading to people getting too hot and passing out or getting dehydrated. It's important to find yourself the water taps at festivals and keep staying hydrated.

Tip Three: Take some sort of food.
At festivals, it is well known that the food is SO expensive! It's a good idea to prepare some food before you go to the festival. My ideas would be something like cereal bars, packet noodles, beans (don't forget the tin opener) and possibly tinned hotdogs. Obviously you can also buy proper meals at the festival but it is always help to take some things to push you along and keep the spends down.

Tip Four: Pack spare clothes
This sort of relates back to tip one, but the idea behind this is to make sure you have clothes if the ones you are wearing on the day get wet, or ruined. Bring lots of light clothing, like vest tips, tees and even shorts and dresses. The more lighter clothing you can pack the better.

Tip Five: Take a torch
A lot of people might think is an obvious tip but you'll be surprised how many people don't. When trying to find your tent at night, is an actual nightmare when there are so many tents everywhere, tripping over into someone elses tent may not go down well. That extra source of light may be the difference between you finding and not finding your tent.

Share your festival hacks on Twitter with #UltimateFestHacks

*Collaborative Post 
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My first festival experience! | Lifestyle

My first festival experience! | Lifestyle

Hi guys, I am in massive shock that in a matter of days it will be May, we will be a whole five months into the year. Although at the same time I am super excited about the fact that it will be May as it means it is quickly approaching festival season. I thought to kick of my festival season posts this year I would share with you my own first experience when heading off to a festival. So my first festival was Leeds Festival in 2012 and I decided to go for the day as it was very last minute, but I am glad I did. I have family that live near the festival so I decided to say with them instead of camping for this festival, I loved the line up of the Friday so I went for that day; the bands which we wanted to see included Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, All Time Low and The Gaslight anthem.

So the day was going amazingly well, we saw some of the smaller bands throughout the day which was amazing I found a new favourite Band of skulls and lots of others. I spent the day draining my money on different types of merch and food *oops* but it was so fun so I didn't really care. When it came to getting later on in the day and seeing some of the bigger bands, I got to touch the hand of Alex Gaskarth which I have forever fan girled about since.

When we were about to watch The Black Keys, we stood very near the front of the stage because we really liked them and they are known to be fun on stage so why not. That is when something bad happened, I was hit over the head with a huge two litre bottle filled with something and I went seriously dizzy and wasn't able to stand up right anymore, so you guessed it I spent some of my first festival experience... in the medical tent. After an hour and a half they said I was good to go but as we were only staying for the day we decided to listen to Foo Fighters away from the crowd, then decided to head home. I ended up feeling ill for days, and although it affected my first festival experience it didn't put me off going back!

 Festivals are a fun and different way to listen to a variety of music and just have an amazing time to be honest and with so many popping up left right and centre you wonder where they get the generators to power all of the stages with those lights and sound! Overall I'd totally recommend going to Leeds Festival for a first one as it's so fun and very chill, p.s. you may not think it's a good idea, but it really is WEAR WELLIES. You will sink in the mud if you don't!

*Collaborative Post 

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Makeup Revolution| Redemption Acid Brights Palette.

Makeup Revolution| Redemption Acid Brights Palette.

I have fallen in love with Make Up Revolution ever since they came around a little over a year ago, their cheap prices with their high quality products drew a lot of people in and I am glad to say it worked on me. Lipsticks for a £1, Makeup Palettes for less than £8 and lots of other amazing quality products. Due to it being summer, and me falling in love with the idea of bright eyeshadow looks I decided to invest in this brights palettes after all of the ones I've owned previously being such good quality! I thought swatching the colours would give you an idea of how bright they are too! 

Bright palette from makeup revoultion

Bright palette

This palette has a range of matte and shimmery shades, I love that bright colours come off as bright as they look giving you the chance to create some great summery looks. I love the pinks in the palette as well as the purple. I am not sure I would branch out to the green or orange but you never know! I didn't swatch the white due to it being too light to appear on my hand but it will make a great base or I think it would work well if wet. I think you can make some adorable summer looks with this and it's also festival perfect as you can double it up and use it as war paint on your face or do an over the top crazily awesome eye look! This palette costs £4.00 which is amazing value for the amount of shades you get in the palette and I would recommend this or any of their palettes to anyone looking to branch out or build up their makeup collection on a budget. You can purchase the palette here.

Makeup revolution brights palette

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Hair Essentials #2

Hair Essentials #2

A while back I did my first ever hair related blog post on my favourite products, if you missed that review you can check it out here. I have recently been on the look out for new and amazing hair products which I think you need as part of your hair care routine and I've found three amazing staple products for you!

Lee Stafford Argan Oil Straighteners

Not going to lie, the fact that these are pink did catch my attention, as I am pretty obsessed with all things pink, and secondly I was drawn to the fact that these are Argan oil straighteners and help to straighten and nourish your hair, which is a strange concept as for as long as I can remember people are always straighteners are bad for your hair and to use them as little as possible. So what's special about these straighteners?

Firstly the fact they have a little screen which first off you can choose your heat setting with the plus and minus button and it goes up in 20's. I usually have mine on the highest setting due to having the thickest hair known to man, but the thinner the hair the lower the temperature. The plates of the straighteners are infused with argan oil making your hail silky smooth during use, which to me is an extra bonus! Another amazing part of these straighteners for me is the fact that after an hour of no use they turn off, which is great for me as I am one of those people who constantly worry all day that I've left them on and they're going to burn down my house! Last but not least these amazing beauties warm up completely in 90 seconds, something you can't argue with!

Lee Stafford Argan Oil Straighteners

Schwarzkopf Freeze Pump Finish Spray
This product is an absolute saviour when it comes to my hair, once again my thick hair is being a burden! When I style my hair within half an hour it is falling down, this product actually keeps it in place for 10x longer than what usual hair spray does, the best part is even after applying and it being in your hair for a long period of your time your hair still feels fresh and it doesn't leave your hair stuck together or feeling dry. The bonus of this spray is that fact it comes out as a liquid spray rather than an aerosol! The freeze pump spray is amazing for when you make a mistake with your hair and want to start again and it's like you never applied anything in the first place!

OSiS hair spray

Schwarzkopf Salt Spray
This spray is the perfect spray for creating festival styled hair, if you spray it on your hair when wet it leaves your hair smelling gorgeous and is great for creating back combed styled looks or just hair with volume (something my hair needs lots more of) this spray leaves your hair feeling clean and fresh even after use, and also after applying the spray is almost instantly dry, and doesn't leave the hair shiny in anyway. This is the perfect product to use before applying heat to your hair as it gives you heat protection.

OSiS spray salt

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