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Shop my style JD Williams edition.

Summer is my favourite season of the year, who else relates? There's so much more light, warmer weather even if on occasion it gets *too* warm, people seem happier and us Brits get to spend the entirety of summer moaning about how hot it is and how we wish it was winter again. One of my favourite things to do when the weather is changing is to shop, being plus sized I do often struggle to get clothes in my local town as we don't have that many shops which do stock plus sized lines. So I do often head online for my clothes, on the plus side (excuse the pun) it does mean I am provided a huge amount of choice and there so many more retailers online.

I was recently contacted by JD Williams who asked me to create a wishlist sharing some of my favourite items and as a new customer of JD Williams I was thrilled to find out how much they stocked online. Whether you're looking for day dresses, a new t-shirt or even something to wear for a wedding they stock it all. You can see here some of the amazing clothing pieces they have on site. I decided to create four my top 3 items from a variety of their categories to give you an idea of what they sell. Even for somebody who loves to wear alternative clothes I was able to find some staple pieces to add to my summer wardrobe and still feel comfortable.

The site is super diverse I found and if you're on the look out for a new wardrobe this may be the place to start looking. With sizes up to size 38 from a size 8, this is a site that caters for everyone. Sadly, this should be something that more shops take note of and start stocking for a wider range of sizes. Let me know in the comments what your favourite item from my wishlist is.

*This post is in collaboration with JD Williams, all thoughts are my own and the site is seriously awesome for most sizes!

Skinnydip London Review

Skinnydip London is a brand I've been fond of for a number of years now, they caught my eye when I saw their amazing phone cases. I've always been one for breaking the rules of fashion and in my opinion the more colour and sparkle the better.  Skinnydip constantly releases new goodies on the site and they're always as cool and creative as the last lot. Recently they've partnered with Disney, Tangle Teezer and Starbucks to create the coolest accessories around. The brand is always extending their product ranges and keeping up with the trends and today I am super lucky to be reviewing some of their products for you. This is in collaboration with the brand, however, I have been a long time fan of the brand always promote them to my friends and family. 

I've been looking for a new purse for the longest time since my trusty Barbie purse gave up on me, sad times. I've been using an old one until I found 'the one' and I finally found it on Skinnydip. The purse is pink with lobsters sewn on it and in the inside it has lots of pockets for cards and a fairly large compartment to store coins. I love this purse as it is ideal for all of my things, although it might be too big for some who carry a smaller bag. But I love a big purse as I have so many loyalty cards, although it seems like the cards are now moving online more which is a great thing for using less plastic and for my purse too. This purse is currently on their site for £16. 

When purchasing this bag online I couldn't decide whether it was going to have enough space in for my stuff but decided to take a gamble as I loved the style of the bag as it reminds me of an old school lunch box, the bag inside is absolutely massive. I honestly couldn't believe how it could hold so much. The bag does come apart at the sides, however, you don't really need to undo it as the part at the top is big enough to put items in and out with ease. The bag is easier to put across you which is ideal for the festival season, the bag itself is lightweight and looks great. Although I picked this in gingham they do have an adorable yellow one with purple flowers on which I also need in my life as it's amazing. You can grab this here

Phone cases are my weakness, I kid you not I must have 20 for my current phone and a variety of others floating around for my last two phones. The reason this Daisy case stood out to me is I saw their Pink Daisy Phone Grip and wanted to get a case which would compliment it. This case is amazing as it has glitter within the case and I love to play with it (like the child I am) plus it is clear so it shows off the gold colour underneath. This year is the first year I've ventured away from the extra large silicone phone cases partly because nobody sells them for an 8 plus, but also so I can a phone grip as I've dropped my phone on my face far too many times. 

Last but not least my favourite thing from the haul is the hungover crossbody bag, it's such a statement piece and I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it. The bag has a clasp closing which I love and think it adds more of a statement to the bag. The strap on this bag is also detachable which allows it to be a clutch bag for those nights out. The bag inside is relatively small but still looks amazing. You can get your own for £24 from Skinnydip now.   

*In collaboration with Skinnydip London and has affiliate links within this does not affect your purchase in any way, it just gives me a small percentage of the sale.*

Birthday Wishlist 2019

This is a collaborative post.

There are less than two weeks until my Birthday, which is somewhat exciting and rubbish at the same time, having a January birthday sucks *a lot* as nobody has any money, everyone is depressed as they've had to go back to work and Christmas is over for another year. Oh, plus everyone is broke and nobody wants to do anything. I am not alone in this as I know people who have their birthday so close to Christmas and even ones who are born on Christmas day (now that's a poor end of the deal) as a child it was the greatest thing having a Birthday so close as any presents you didn't get for Christmas could then move over to your Birthday wishlist. As an adult, the wishlists get smaller and more expensive, and for my 24th Birthday there so many designer pieces I'd love to get, my favourite brand Love Moschino is on OD's Designer Clothing and I couldn't help but lust over what could be. 

Love Moschino, Olivia Burton, Android Trainers and Boss are just some of the brands on site and they even have a sale currently. Which I have to admit is one of the few perks to having a January Birthday, sales, sales and more sales. Being able to get a lot for your money is always a plus. I thought I'd share with you some of my wishlist faves and I would love to know in the comments which of these items is your favourite.

Olivia Burton Mother of Pearl Watch-
Last year I got into wearing a watch after being gifted my own Adexe watch, and I couldn't imagine not wearing it now. For ages I've been lusting over the Olivia Burton watches and when I saw the Mother of Pearl watch I fell in love. It's such a 'me' item. 

Love Moschino Stud Clutch-
I was instantly drawn to this bag after seeing the colour and the studs and then found it was a Love Moschino item and I was completely sold, it's a gorgeous red colour and looks like a great bag for going out with as it has the chain on. I also saw their purse and had to add that to the list as it's a great size and will last for years. 

Swarovski Mickey iPhone 7/8 Case-
Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge fan of phone cases and I currently own around 10, possibly more. However, when I saw this Swarovski Mickey phone case it instantly caught my eye. This is the phone case of dreams for sure.

Olivia Burton Daisy Earrings- 
As much as I'd love to buy tons of earrings for every occasion my ears won't allow it. So I have to buy ones which are sterling silver, these are adorable and perfect for the spring and summer months. Adorable

Valentino Belt-
There's just something about having a designer belt isn't there? I feel like it makes any outfit that bit more stylish with a belt in tow. As you can tell I am digging the red this year, and this belt is timeless.

Love Moschino Tee-
The final item on my wishlist is from Love Moschino *shocker*, this studded heart t-shirt would be great to wear on a day to day basis to work and would look great dressed up and down dependant on what you pair it with. 

*This post is in collaboration with OD's Designer Clothing, but all thoughts are my own and if anyone fancies buying me anything off my wishlist, *hint hint Will* I'd be super happy. 

That Boohoo Dress.

2018 is the year that I have been most confident in my skin than I have been in years, since starting this blog back in 2013, I have only featured myself a few times and safe to say I've changed a lot, my style has grown into something I love and although I will always keep the fishnets and black tees as part of my style, 2018 Olivia loves colour! I have fallen madly in love with dresses and forever seek out them out. Long has gone the days of baggy tees and leggings, move over a new girl is in town! Recently Boohoo sent me this tee shirt dress and asked me to show how I would style it, I was straight to the challenge. The dress feels quite warm and it is very comfy and if I didn't want to wear fishnets underneath, shorts are the way forward. I usually pair my comfy dresses with a pair of converse. In this case, I went for my bright pink ones as I wanted to add a pop of colour to my outfit, along with my hair I think they complimented the dress well. 

This dress is great to relax in with a pair of sweats as it works as an oversized tee, or great to wear as a standalone piece, paired with some heels or in my case Dr Martens. I am a huge fan of how oversized this dress is as it doesn't make me feel uncomfortable and it is super floaty for those hot summer days. I would say this dress is a great all year round dress as it can be paired with some many different items as it is super simple, yet you can create it into something much more. I think that Striped T-Shirt Dress from Boohoo is going to be a firm staple in my wardrobe for the foreseeable. 

What is a staple item in your wardrobe?

Alternative Bag and Shoes You NEED.

It's been forever since I've done a wishlist styled post and to say these were a regular feature on my blog, I am slightly sad they've become non-existant for a while. I am currently on the lookout for a new bag after two of my favourite bags were no more. One of which was 110% my fault, when I had a *little* soy sauce spillage in, and no matter how much you try to remove it, that smell isn't going anywhere. Then, my beloved holographic bag from Attitude Clothing after only six months one of the staps snapped, and I was pretty gutted to be fair. So that leads me to look on just about every 'alternative' site to seek out a replacement, and as much as I'd love to buy them all, my bank balance and my somewhat version of willpower say no. 

Jessie bag from Irregular Choice
Love Stings bag from Skinnydip.
Moon Spells bag from Attitude Clothing.
Kawaii Cat backpack from Attitude Clothing
Star Kissed backpack from Blue Banana.

Arch Enemies from Irregular Choice.
Pizza creepers are from Tuk Shoes.
With Love sandals from Irregular Choice.
Glitter creepers are from Tuk Shoes.
Silver heart shoes are from Attitude Clothing

Would you purchase any of the items on my wishlist?  

These boots were made for walking | Footway Review.

Recently Footway got in touch with me asking if I'd like to review a pair of shoes from their site, and I jumped at the chance. I began searching their site for the perfect pair, with everything from a variety of Dr Martens to Adidas, Footway have just about every brand you could think of at a discount price. After many days of trying to decide on the final pair I decided to go for a pair of boots from Sixtyseven. The boots were a lot like my usual style, however these felt a little more classy than boots I had previously purchased from other retailers. The shoes felt sturdy, looked good, go with a lot of items and even give me a little extra height, which is key for me in shoes being 5 ft 3. These boots are currently on the Footway website for £99, which is a lot more than I would usually pay for boots apart from where Dr Martens are concerned, but I am happy with the product I have recieved. They're comfy and despite walking around for hours in them my feet stay comfortable, win. I stupidly decided to wear these for the first time when we to a farm, so they got a *little* covered in mud, but when I got home, the shoes were easy to clean off and looked like brand new. 

As it's me and I couldn't just do a normal review, I had to do something fun to mix it up a little. Hence where the boots in different locations came in. Inspired by the song these boots were made for walking, I decided to pick a variety of locations to show off the boots. Which allows you to view the boots from all angles. Although I maybe wouldn't recommend wearing them on the beach, may be a little hot. 

Overall I am pretty pleased with the boots and glad I stepped a little out of my comfort zone, I would use Footway again, as their site is easy to navigate around and you can search for shoes by brand and/or size. I found the delivery to be average, not as fast as I would of liked but still a fairly quick time from store to my front door. Next I will have to try the Dr Martens for sure.

List of my fashion favs!

Fashion: a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour.

I've never been one of those people who are all up to date with the trends, I struggle to even wear a matching outfit half of the time and I couldn't imagine creating a wardrobe for each season. To me, fashion is individual and reflects our personalities, to what I think is one of the best things, ever. Somebody else might hate. I have always been a girl who loves to wear black, but weirdly I love pink too, anything pink hmu. I have featured a variety of alternative fashion on my blog, including a wishlist of alternative shoes and many shop my style posts. But today I thought I'd delve a little deeper into my fashion choices and share with you what trends I want to see more of this year as well as my fashion influences. Hopefully, you enjoy this post and let me know your fashion inspirations in the comments. 

From as long as I can remember (when I was allowed to pick my own clothes) bar the short 'chavvy' faze I went through in year 8 where I may have worn a Mckenzie jacket and large hooped earnings as well as a pair of trackies on occasion. I followed the style choices of the alternative people in the bands I loved. Hayley Williams from Paramore being my main idol in my early teens (she still rocks it now tbh), along with the 'scene' models all over My Space (throwback) and my internet friends too. It was all about backcombed hair, ripped jeans, band tees and converse. This a faze that stuck around for a while, and to this day I still love converse and wouldn't be against wearing band tees again. I quite enjoyed this style, minus the fact the majority of my life at this point was in school uniform.

After this, I moved onto the more 'edgy' styles within in the rock/ pop-punk industry and I took inspiration from Taylor Momsen, I went for the fishnets with the tees style, boots and lots of eyeliner. Oh and my staple leather (fake of course) jacket which was pretty much in every single photo growing up, I wore the chokers and the red lipstick and dyed my hair a variety of colours and I loved it and I have to say it is one of my most confident periods. Once I started to realise wearing something more covered up would be better (and warmer) my style became a little bit of everything. Mostly based on dresses with boots and long tees and leggings, I enjoy to wear more skirts and even add some more colour to my palette which to me is a big deal. 

So what does the future hold in terms of me and style as well as the rest of the world? After looking into trends I can see that pastels are supposed to be huge this spring/summer which to me is a dream, I am crazy in love with pastels. Another one I've seen is the return of Corduroy, you can pretty much get anything in Corduroy including dungarees and skirts wahey. This time it's coming back in the form of comfort and I love it. The material is so versatile so pretty much anyone can wear it and style it how they like. I know Chords are making a return which is a great fashion piece for the men in your life and Chums has all of the latest styles and fashion pieces.

Another trend I am hopeful for is the bright coloured statement pieces, a few years back I created some gorgeous tees online with my brand on them, and I'd love to do it again this year, bold and bright, there are so many choices online to do it including Printsome. I found that  I am a huge fan of making a statement and I love wearing bright and 'out there' pieces. My beautiful new Dr Martens are my new favourite staple piece, but as the year progresses I am sure I will gain a few more, and who knows even try something new? Someone pass me the corduroy and the glitter! The final fashion trend I am going to talk to you about is, prepare yourself for this, sequins! This is literally like my dream, I pretty much will buy any fashion piece that is covered in sequins, they're mostly going out dresses but I am hoping sequins will come in a bigger variety of choice this year. 

What are you hoping makes a comeback this year? 

*Collaborative post

Alternative Gift Guide with EMP!

It's November, which for most bloggers means Christmas. I can certainly say I've already started creating my gift guides and I even started in October. When EMP got in touch asking if I would like to create a post for them, I already knew it had to be a gift guide. Going on to their store was like a dream for me, tons of band merch, Pop Vinyls, Pokemon and even a whole section on Unicorns! I am one for 'different' clothing which you'll probably of figured out by now, if you have seen any of my shop my style posts. I am pretty similar with gifts too, I love unique things and anything a little bit out there so EMP is like the perfect site for me. Below I am going to talk about my choices and hopefully you find something you like for a loved one (or yourself, if you're like me). 

Velma Pop Vinyl £12.99-
I have recently gotten into collection Pop Vinyls again, which is pretty bad for my bank balance, however my shelves now look pretty cool. Whether you just have one or 100's, Pop Vinyls brighten up any room and are a great way to start a new collection of your favourites. I am currently building my Scooby Doo collection, can you tell? 

Alice Wrist Watch £29.99- 

EMP have a fabulous collection of wrist watches, including plenty of Disney Princess ones. I saw this one and fell in love, it's still my alternative style with a mix of cuteness. The bow on it just finishes it off. These watches are fabulous gifts for any Disney fans out there!

Unicorn Brew Phone Case £12.99-

I have the largest collection of oversized phone cases, and this is definitely one that fits into the theme. This is a great present for anyone who collects phone cases like me or likes phone cases with a difference. It's not the most discrete phone case ever, however it is adorable and kinda gory too. 

Puking Unicorn Mug £7.99-

Ok so, Unicorns have been a huge thing over the last few years, and I am so glad this is the case. I pretty much would buy every single piece of unicorn merch if I had the space. This mug is great for someone who isn't your typical fan of unicorns, however this mug makes unicorns cooler. Or just someone who loves unicorns. 

All Time Low Shirt £12.99- 

As I said above, EMP have a huuuuuge selection of band tees on offer. I am a huge All Time Low fan, it was like that 14 year old who used to go every concert is still sat within me, despite not going to see them anymore. Their new music isn't as good as their old in my opinion, however they still create some AMAZING merch. If All Time Low isn't the type of band you'd go for there are plenty more to choose from for your friends and family. 

Pokemon Monopoly £32.99- 

I had to put this on here for the childhood throwback, I am a huge monopoly fan and I think it's a great way for people to have fun. When I saw they were recreating Pokemon monopoly I knew it was something I needed. This is a great gift for anyone of any age, who enjoys Monopoly and likes Pokemon too! 

What is your favourite item on the gift guide?

P.s. check out the new EMP tv ad here-

*Collaborative post

Shop My Style #11

I am so in love with creating outfit ideas for Autumn, despite doing one of these posts earlier in the month I decided to create another now. Everything about Autumn fashion is just better. I decided to a bit of a twist on this months post, as I know in the Autumn months people get invited to more parties, so I decided to create a day and night outfit. Hopefully you enjoy this post and let me know which your favourite outfit is in the comments. 

Day outfit:
Jeans are from Boohoo.
Tee is from Joanie.
Bag is from Attitude clothing (Alternate Link)
Boots are from Dr Martens.

Evening Outfit:
Party dress is from Quiz 
Heels are from Attitude Clothing
Clutch is from Attitude clothing
Choker is from Quiz (Similar Product Here) 

Which is your favourite outfit? 

*Collaborative post 

Shop My Style #10

I am far too in love with creating the fashion looks for these posts, and as it is officially October that means Autumn! So I have decided to create an Autumn styled clothing wishlist or also known on my site as shop my style! If you haven't guessed from my other posts I have quite a quirky style, and mostly wear dark colours. So Autumn and Winter are my fave times of the year to get new pieces in my wardrobe, including big fluffy jumpers and all of the ankle boots, woo! Let me know your favourite places to get clothing for AW in the comments below! 

Jumper is from Boohoo (OLD).
Jeans are from Dorothy Perkins 
Shoes are from Schuh (Similar here). 
Bag is from Dollskill

Trousers are from Boohoo.
Tee is from Truffle Shuffle.
Boots are from Attitude Clothing
Jacket is from Topshop. (I know right!?)

Let me know which your favourite outfit is and why!

Haulin' with Truffle Shuffle!

If you are a long time reader of my blog, you will know I am a huge fan of the online store Truffle Shuffle, they sell some of the best merchandise out there, from clothes to stationery and now even homeware they have it all. So recently I teamed up with Truffle Shuffle again, the last time was back in 2015 however they have been featured a few of my shop my style posts. So I wanted to share with you some of the cool items you can purchase from there, as it is now the run up to Christmas and I'd say they have pretty much something for everyone on their site, including Disney, Pusheen and even Mean Girls! YAY. 

So what is in my haul? 
I would have loved to feature some of their beautiful clothing pieces as this retro video tee is one, however, I am currently on a weight loss plan and I don't want to get too many pieces of clothing until I've lost the weight. However, in the future, I do plan on doing a full-blown clothing haul from Truffle Shuffle so you'll see it then. 

Barbie Purse:
Recently I've seen a ton of Barbie merch pop up, and I fell in love with it all. I wanted to purchase the backpack however it doesn't seem to be in stock. However I am glad I purchased this purse, I have become a little attached to my old one but it was time for a new one. It's quite a big purse which has a handle on it and could probably fit a phone in so I would say it could double up for a little clutch bag. It has plenty of storage for cards, receipts and coins (hallelujah) and looks adorable inside too. It's a fun and beautifully coloured purse and definitely bringing back those 90's vibes. Barbie purse is £20.99.

Minnie Mouse Alarm Clock:
As soon as I saw this, I knew I needed to have it in my life. Although I am never going to use it as an alarm clock, it would look adorable on my bedside table. I am a huge fan of Disney merch at the moment and for £10.99 I knew it needed to be mine. I just feel like it is something every blogger needs in their life who is a Disney fan!

Pusheen Mug:
I am in love with everything Pusheen. I am constantly sending my boyfriend the stickers of them on Facebook. When I saw it was a Pusheen eating a doughnut, well it had to be done. It fits into my brand and is such a sweet mug. Perfect for my morning coffees at work!

Trolls Notebook: 
I have now decided this haul is basically just one big throwback to the 90's. I was obsessed with the Trolls growing up and even though looking back on it now, their faces are a little creepy. But they inspired the bright hair and they rock it. This notebook is being used for me to keep track of my syns and each page has an adorable picture on it.  

Have you ever shopped on Truffle Shuffle? 

Is it better to order glasses online?

Glasses Direct Glasses

I am pretty sure I have a problem with hoarding glasses, at one point I had 18 pairs and then I was gutted when I got a new prescription. I like buying glasses but if you go into the shops a lot of the time, they are really expensive, they're designer and do have better lenses (most of the ones online seem to be plastic and get dirtier, waaaay easier) however that does depend on how much money you spend on them, I have a current variety of four pairs. One pair of sunglasses which cost me £20, a pair of glasses which I use when I want a really light pair on, like for lying in bed etc which were £12, then a couple of designer pairs, the ones which are featured in this post which I will talk about a lot more in detail in a second and also a pair of police ones which were fab before Will sat on them and they only cost £55! However I have noticed with some of these glasses they are little more agile and like I mentioned the plastic lenses can be a down point.

Scout Glasses

Scout glasses close up So I was recently offered to review a pair of glasses of my choice from Glasses Direct, I chose the pair of Scout Millie Glasses which are my first pair which have a metallic frame since I was about 12 years old. I used to find them slightly annoying as they are heavier and sometimes have those annoying bits that sit on your nose and usually poke your nose and make it rub. Even though it's supposed to stop this? Maybe that's just me, anyway enough of that. These glasses do not have that issue as there is no nose pieces and they actually do not feel heavy at all on my face. Glasses Direct give you 360 view of your glasses so you're able to see what they look like from each angle. They are available in a range of colours and you can also add a variety of lenses in to pick which suit your needs including sunglasses. One of my favourite things about Glasses Direct is they offer a free home trial which means you can try up to four pairs of glasses on at home, see which you like best and then buy them instead of buying ones you are unhappy with. My only problem with the free trial is I end up liking more than one pair and end up buying them all because I simply cannot decide which look the best. Oops. The Millie glasses are £69 if you want the glasses clear or as sunglasses and there is an extra charge for digital protection, bifocal and varifocal. Which is pretty good in my opinion. Glasses Direct have a lot of offers on such as currently 2 for 1 and two pairs of glasses from £19.

I would totally recommend trying out Glasses Direct for their free trial and to purchase some glasses from as they have plenty of choice at all budgets. I will definately be going back to get another pair from them at some point soon.

Would you buy glasses online? 

*I was gifted these glasses in exchange for an honest review. 

Shop My Style #9

It's back, shop my style is back, these posts are some of my favourite to share with you guys as I love to share my fun and unique style with you all. I want to get into creating them monthly, but you guys know what I'm like with my posting at the moment. I've gone from being the most organised blogger to having 0 time and being lucky to get more than 5 posts up a month, ah I miss being a student! This month, I've gone all out with my summer style. Although I am not sure if the summer is going to come back as we've already had a scorcher of a week a few weeks back. Boo. I hope you enjoy my slightly 'out there' style and let me know if you want to keep seeing these posts! 

Skirt is from Boohoo 
Tee is from H&M
Shoes are from Attitude Clothing
Bag is from Dollskill

Shorts are from River Island
Bag is from Dollskill
Shoes are from Attitude Clothing

Who inspires my style?

Happy Thursday all, it's nearly the weekend yay! I am back with another post (finally) I will eventually get into the swing of things again, working a full time job wipes me out most days and i'm too tired to blog a lot of the time. But totally I am motivated to publish a post I've had in mind for a while. Talking my style inspirations. I've put a fair few shop my style posts up in the past and my style is often influenced by more the 'alternative' scene and I thought I'd talk about that today. Bonmarche recently conducted a survey of which celebrities inspire peoples style. The results were:

·       Helen Mirren           (19.2%)

·       Jennifer Anniston    (16.3%)
·       Meryl Streep           (14.5%)
·       Joanna Lumley       (13.5%)
·       Nicole Kidman         (10.3%)
·       Elle MacPherson     (10%)
·       Julie Walters           (8.1%)
·       Jane McDonald       (5.9%)
·       Salma Hayek          (5.4%)
·       Ruth Langsford       (4.8%)

I feel like my own personal style is still the same as it was when I was a teenager with a little bit more edge and slightly less dark (I sometimes wear pink!) but the Dr Martens and the band tees are here to stay. Although I don't tend to follow trends I do have some style inspirations and I can't wait to share them with you.

Fashion bloggers: 
Being a blogger myself and reading lots of blogs means I tend to see lots of style related posts that inspire my own personal style! I am always drawn to the more alternative styled blogs such as Foxxtailz who is written by one of my good friends Jess, who has rockin' hair and funky style. I mean Tartan pants are the one! As well as Sarah (over at Moshing Zombies) who also wears a lot of awesome clothes like ripped jeans and band tees and does perfect makeup and finally one of my favourite style icons is Aoife from Rockettequeen who is gorgeous style, band tees, denim jackets and pretty skirts, yes please! 

Like most people elements of my style come from celebrities. I love the styles of Hayley Williams who will forever be a massive style icon of mine Kelly Osbourne, hello amazing hair and gorgeous style and Taylor Momsen (making fishnets and heavy eyeliner acceptable since I was an early teen, perfection.


I am forever seeing awesome style ideas on Pinterest, from different shoes, to full outfit inspiration. I have complied some boards including edgy style, festival fashion and shoes. Seeing different images and other peoples boards inspires my style.

I hope you enjoyed this post as it was a little bit different to usual. 

*collaborative post 

5 Creative Ways to Use Jewellery

Creative Ways to Use Jewellery

I am an avid fan of Jewellery. The right piece can change your outfit completely, stylise your face, or even highlight your eyes. And the best part about Jewellery is that, contrary to most belief, it almost never has one exclusive use!

Here are some easy, creative ways to use jewellery, or give a new life to some broken or old ones.

1. Use your Jewellery on your hair 
Using Jewellery to glam up your hair-do is not only for brides. It is very easy to do at home to accessorise low buns, pin up hair do’s, or even just a half-up half-down style. All you have to do is select a necklace (pendant ones with some small sparkle detail usually work best but any will do), find some bobby pins, and use a mirror to help yourself out. First style your hair in the desired way. Then take the necklace and place it over the bun, or where your hair divides if you’ve chosen a half-up half-down. Making sure to hide the beginning and the end of the necklace by pinning them under some hair, pin the necklace securely horizontally. Make sure that, although secure, it is a bit loose so as not to put too much tension on the necklace.

You can also use rings, or small hoops, to decorate your braid by stringing through a strand of hair as you braid. The tightness of the hair-do will make sure the rings are secure without needing to pin them.

2. Accessorise a belt, or bag!
Use old brooches, pins, or chunky brooch style earrings. If the pin or hold is broken, it may be even better. Wether it is a belt or a handbag, take the jewellery pieces and play around until you find the desired arrangement. Then you may begin to attach the jewels to the accessory. If you want it to be permanent, first use a glue gun to attach the jewellery piece then sew it on to make sure it won’t fall out. If you just want to spice up a belt or bag for a day, then you will have to pin the pieces or use the holes in the belt to loop string through.

3. Earrings reborn
Using a pair or flat-nose pliers, remove the earring wire completely, but making sure to leave the small ring that attaches the wire and the jewellery piece together. Then, take a thin silver chain, or any other small chain that can fit through the small ring, and loop through. You can make the chain yourself but I find that buying ones already aimed at necklaces is the easiest way to create this piece as the necklace clasp will already be set for you. Big earring pieces will give you the best results, in my opinion, because you can make slightly low hanging necklaces that will really spice an outfit up. However, you can also use smaller earrings for cute detailed necklaces.

4. Wall art 
Almost any jewellery piece can be framed to create wall art. The best examples include butterfly brooch collections themed in a “scientific display” style, or different jewellery pieces arranged to create a picture. However,  the most simple ways is to frame a pendant. Especially fun for children rooms, take a pendant of your choice (name initials are always a hit) and frame them against a striking background. Such as hot pink or lime green paper, sparkles are a welcomed choice.

5. Home Made Chokers
Select a ribbon of your width, and colour of choice. Cut the length of the ribbon to allow for you to bow tie it slightly loosely round your neck. Select a brooch, earring, or pin that you want to use. Remove any wires or pins attached to them as you need only the jewellery piece. To ensure the piece doesn’t fall off, first use a glue gun to attach it to the ribbon, then sew it were possible. The more vintage the jewellery piece looks, the better the choker will look. Velvet ribbons are always a good choice if you’re going for a modern look, and smaller pieces of jewellery will work just as well.

Written by MaxLami

*Guest post