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My Pop! Vinyl Collection! | Lifestyle

Hi all, how are doing? I am super excited to bring you this post and I've wanted to share it with you all for so long, but I've just been mega busy plus I wanted to make my collection a little bigger first. At the start of this year I decided I would start collecting something alongside Tsum Tsums and I had heard a lot about Pop Vinyls in the past and when I was in Forbidden Planet I purchased my very first one, Sadness. I later found out that she is limited edition which made me even happier. I've not been as much of an avid collector as I would like to have been but I have recently treated myself to some so I thought I'd share them with you as well as the ones which I have previous gotten from Pop In A Box and also from Vanilla Underground

Amy Winehouse: 
I fell in love with this Pop instantly, everything about her in this figure rings true to me. From the hair to the fact she is holding a microphone. I fell in love with her music when she was alive and I think this is a perfect addition to my collection.  

Inside Out: 
I am so in love with the film Inside Out and I am constantly being compared to Sadness by my boyfriend, the film is great and I knew I had to get some of the Pops from the collection. I decided to get these three as they adorable and really show of their characters. I need to purchase Anger and Fear soon too. 

Mean Girls: 
When I heard about this collection coming out I knew I needed all four them. Although I wish there was a Damien one too. I first purchased Regina and Cady when in Forbidden planet and then Gretchen in Target when I was in the states. Ever since I've been looking for a Karen, and I finally found one and have completed my collection. There is something super satisfying about completing a set of something.

I am super sad to say I only have one Disney princess, the best one in my opinion though. I totally want to get collecting all of the Disney Pops although it may take a LONG time. I think Belle or Snow White should be next.

So Ron actually came into my collection accidentally, when I first started up my Pop In A Box collection I ended up leaving Ron on by accident (not a massive Harry Potter fan, soz guys) but he is pretty adorable and I wouldn't mind getting Harry too!

Batman originally started out being Lukes pop but he couldn't be bothered to collect them anymore so he ended up being part of my collection. I think he looks super bad ass though.

I am going to start collecting the friends ones next, which Pops! are your favourite? 

My Tsum Tsum Collection

It's that time again that my Tsum Tsum collection gets featured on my blog, lately I am forever picking up new ones and I can't help it, I am well and truly addicted! If you missed the first part of the series you can view it here. I just wanted to say two of my Tsum Tsums are missing from the pic as I can't seem to locate them in my room at the moment! Let me know what your favourite Tsum Tsum is!  

Tsum Tsum Collection

Timon Tsum Tsum: 
I am completely besotted with this cute little Tsum Tsum of Timon, when I was younger I had a super cute toy version of Timon and I wouldn't let it out of my sight. As soon as I saw these in store I knew I had to have him in my life, he has the cutest little face doesn't he? 

Tsum Tsum Timon

Baymax Tsum Tsum: 
This one is of Baymax in his saving the world form rather than in his nurse form, I love the Tsum Tsum and although somewhere in my room I have the other one I knew I needed both as they're both adorable with Big Hero 6 being one of my favourite films it only seemed right to have them both in my collection.

Tsum Tsum Baymax

Pluto Tsum Tsum: 
I picked up pluto randomly as I saw him and he looked super cute, I am planning on collection of the original Tsum Tsum collection and I thought as he was one of the first characters I remember from Disney I needed to have him in my collection.

Tsum Tsum Pluto

Mufassa Tsum Tsum: 
How sweet is this little Mufassa? I love this one because of his adorable mane and he looks so happy and sweet and I thought I may as well keep adding my Lion King collection- Simba next of course! I always put him at the top of my stack as that's where he belongs.

Tsum Tsum Mufassa

Daisy Duck Tsum Tsum:
Finally to add to the new collection is the lovely Daisy, I saw her when I first bought my extra large mini mouse Tsum Tsum and thought she was super adorable but for some reason didn't pick her up but during my last trip to the Disney store I knew she had to be mine! I love her little pink bow, it's so sweet isn't it?

Tsum Tsum Daisy Duck

My Glasses Collection | Fashion

For over a year now I have had to wear glasses everyday, I've always had to wear them but it only used to be when I was working on a computer or watching TV, but it is now all day everyday thing. When I first got told this I was excited as I knew I'd get to purchase a variety of different pairs for when I was wearing different things. I did think about buying contacts but for now I am okay with rocking the glasses and just like anything else in fashion you can match them up to your outfit. As I own too many pairs to feature in one post I thought I'd feature my favourite pairs and then possibly share some others with you in the future. 

My glasses collection

Specsavers Red: 
When I first purchased my glasses I went for a simple pair which were from Specsavers and they were their own brand. I went for these because the red is super standout and I love to wear glasses which create a statement, soon after buying them though I wasn't sure about the face shape so I don't wear them as often as the others but the colour is still gorgeous and I enjoy wearing them when I am wearing a lovely red lipstick. 

Specsavers Red

Karen Millen 34:
These were my second pair of glasses I invested in, I fell in love with the spikes on the frame and the beautiful pattern on the glasses. I love to wear these when I fancy something a little bit different and when I have my hair up as the spikes are on show that way. Karen Millen has some beautiful frames and some to suit all face shapes. Although these are bit more circular than what I would usually go for I do adore these.

Karen Millen 34

Karen Millen 44:
The most simplistic pair that I own, but I decided to go for something a bit more low key. I love these because of how light they are and they are perfect for reading in bed or when you want something a bit less out there, for example at the gym. I still love these and they have a really cute pattern on the inside of the glasses and I love how these suit my face.

Karen Millen 44

Love Moschiono 03: 
My newest pair of glasses are from Love Moschiono and they are the most gorgeous frame I own too, with a mix of pink and black and a super cool shape which works perfectly with my face. I love the gold lettering on the glasses as it looks amazing. These are my go to pair when it comes to picking up my glasses at the moment as I feel they are super girly and look fab!

Love Moschiono 03

Hilfger 52: 
First off how cool is that tartan frame? Another pair of red glasses but this time I think they are a lot better for my face shape as I know the previous red pair don't suit my face as well as these do. I love to wear these when I am going out at night as I think they are quite fabulous and are perfect for creating a statement, I love wearing a silver eyeshadow with these as it makes your eyes pop even more giving a perfect final touch. Another pair of lightweight glasses and a perfect addition to my collection.

Hilfger 52

Which are your favourite glasses? 

*Collaborative post

Updated MAC collection | Beauty

As some of you may know I am a HUGE fan of MAC lipsticks, so much prettiness and a huge variety of colours which all smell amazing. In the summer last year I did a MAC collection post which you can read here and although I am missing a few colours from my last collection *moving house meant misplaced makeup* I have managed to get my collection up to 14 (two came after I wrote this post, damn) but here is my most recent MAC collection and I hope you enjoy it. 

My MAC collection

The pretty pinks: 
These three pinks are super easy to wear, perfect for days at work or going out in the evening. Three very different shades with Vegas Vault, Plumful and Saint Germain, I love the shades because of the finish as much as the colour Lustre and Amplified leave a stunning shine on your lips and make the lipsticks appear to be extra glossy. If you fancy reading a review on Saint Germain you can here.

MAC pretty pinks

The Nudes: 
The two latest editions to my collection are nude colours, I decided it was time to see what the 'hype' was about and went for two colours in the shades Viva Glam II and Twig. I have heard lots of amazing things about Twig so I decided to go for it and it was a super choice as it's such a simple colour to pull of yet, looks insane. Secondly Viva Glam II although I've only wore this shade a few times I still think it's super pretty and although isn't bright like what I am used to it's perfect for those days when I am feeling 'no makeup'. Both of the lipstick finishes are Satin which means they are long lasting and give an opaque finish.

MAC the nudes

The stand-outs: 
My three favourite lipsticks from my collection, Up The Amp, Heroine and Royal Matte which are all known to be quite daring and out there, but I love those types of shades. Royal Matte being a blue matte shade (I've never worn blue before, but I freakin' love it!) Herione is a dark purple a perfect step into purple lipsticks as it's not too out there but still is beautiful and very purple. Finally Up The Amp which I feel is more of a light purple and is an amplified lipstick so totally different to the other two. Up The Amp is very pigmented and it lasts for hours upon my lips which makes me super in love with it. I will always reach for Herione if I don't know which other lipstick to wear as it always makes me feel fierce and fabulous.

MAC the stand out shades

The brights:  
The first MAC lipsticks I purchased were bright colours and I am super happy I have them in my collection although I can't wear them much at the moment as I feel they are more for spring I love them all and think they're perfect for those who love bright colours and pretty pinks. Starting with the colour Im-passioned a beautiful amplified pink shade perfect for those who are looking to make a statement and the lipstick is super long lasting so perfect for those nights out. Next is my first VIVA glam lipstick, in a bright pink and I was slightly swayed by the fact it was from Miley Cyrus a super pretty pink similar to Im-passioned with a similar finish too. Next is Candy Yum Yum, a perfect pink for those who prefer MAC shades, and although I am hit and miss with MAC I do enjoy this shade on occasion. The final lipstick of my brights collection which is pictured is girl about town, I've seen many people wear this and it looks fab so I went for it, another amplified shade which looks crazy beautiful on and lasts all day, one of my favourite pink shades. One that was photographed was Relentlessly Red and I decided to mention this one because it's a Retro Matte which is a different finish to all of the others pictured a Retro Matte lipstick is similar to the matte with it's drying power but it supposed to give you the look of 50's lipsticks and make you feel stunning.

The Brights from MAC lipsticks

What colours do I need next?