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Mother's Day Gift Guide with Cosmetify!

Cosmetify makeup
*This post is in collaboration with Cosmetify* 

Mother's Day is fast approaching, which also means we are almost through March! I don't even know where the time goes, it's madness. For Mother's Day this year, I decided to scrap the usual chocolates and flowers and round up some alternative ideas. I'd love to know in the comments what you're getting your mum this year or if you are a mum what would you like to receive? 

Beauty Products:
I don't know about anybody else, but my mum is always asking me about various beauty products and what to get where, so I decided this year to get her some beauty related items for herself. She has previously spoken about buying a new lipstick so I decided to step in and she will now be the owner of a new Morphe lipstick. For beauty items, I was actually introduced to Cosmetify which I didn't even know existed! On site, they have over 100,000 products and the site works somewhat like a beauty search engine, all you need to do is search at the top what type of product/brand you are looking for and Cosmetify does the rest, pretty cool right? I must have spent an hour just looking through my own favourite brands before branching out and focusing on the task at hand, whoops. With everything on site from hair products, to the latest beauty and even all things grooming and beauty for men (I am coming back for Fathers Day for sure) you're spoilt for choice. I'd totally recommend checking them out for Mother's Day or just any beauty related purchases you plan on making. 

Cosmetify makeup
Morphe lipstick

Experience Days:
In recent years I've actually fallen in love with buying people experience days as gifts as well as hampers. Experience days are great as people don't tend to buy them for themselves, they're always fun and quite a unique thing to do also. With everything from afternoon tea to a hot air balloon ride, there is something for every kind of mum. There are tons of great sites to purchase these from such as Buyagift and Prezzybox. I know a lot of people do enjoy to spend money on memories as opposed to gifts so this would be a perfect alternative for those. 

Stationery & Homeware: 
I feel stationery is a great gift for just about anyone, I'm not even sure if this is just because I love stationery, or if it really is just a great thing to buy for everyone. I do often end up buying I've seen so many great ideas for stationery related gifts in shops lately and they're always super great for being organised and just for looking cute really. The same with homeware, things from candles to ornaments these are things that most mums won't treat themselves too, so it's great to be able to do that for them.

Thanks for reading today's post and I'd love to know in the comments what your dream Mother's Day gift would be. 

Highstreet Bargain Beauty Haul!

I love to find a good bargain, I mean who doesn't? It's a great feeling when you find a huge discount on an item you've been wanting for a while or even seeing an item you once knew was 4x the amount of what it is being sold for currently. TKmaxx is one of my favourite places to shop all things discount beauty, earlier this year I wrote a post about bagging a bargain and it was massively popular so I thought I'd share with you some of my latest discount beauty items. I am writing this post just after buying the items so I am hoping you guys will be able to locate these in your local stores. Let me know in the comments what your best bargain of all time was. 

Too Faced Unicorn Dreams £22 - £7.99
When I go to TKmaxx I am a little wary of how old products are for the price in which they are being charged at, but when I saw the mermaid and unicorn collections within the items I knew the collections are both relatively new. So when I saw this amazing unicorn dreams mystical effect highlighting stick for £7.99 when it is still on sale in Selfridges for £22, I knew I needed to snap it up. The other thing about TKmaxx is that often people use the products for swatches which means that often there are faults with the items, but this unicorn horn was completely untouched which made me super happy. They had two shades of the highlighter and I went for Unicorn Dreams.   

Freederm Pore Minimiser £6.49 £1.63
I was looking around the skincare in Boots and spotted this Freederm Pore Minimiser for £1.63, I suffer from acne and I am constantly looking for new products to keep it at bay. I picked up this as I know that Freederm is always a great go-to for troubled skin. 

Biore deep cleansing pore strips £8.49 £2.13
As far as I am aware of the reason that these are currently £2.13 is due to Biore are rebranding their packaging of these strips. However, I believe the product will be exactly the same. For the sake of an old box for a quarter of the price, I am pretty happy with that. 

MasqueB.A.R Anti-Blemish Mud Mask £7.99 £2.50 
I first heard of the brand MasqueBAR on ASOS when I purchased some of their charcoal masks, I believe I paid around £9 for them at the time. They are some of the best face masks I've ever used and for £2.50 for 3 masks you can't really go wrong. I can't actually see any reason these are reduced as of yet, but it is likely to also be due to a re-package of the product.

Too Faced Mermaid Tears £16.20 £5.99 
Another Too Faced bargain that I picked up from TK Maxx, I was shocked to find that this gorgeous colour changing lipstick from Too Faced was just £5.99. The packaging of the product drew me in and once I opened the product to check it wasn't already used (and it wasn't, win) I saw a beautiful greeny purple glittery shade and I fell in love. For the price and the fact I knew I'd wear it so much I had to purchase it. I know a lot of people wouldn't want to wear the colour so that may be one of the reasons it's cheaper. 

Honourable mention- Popbands: 
Finally, I thought I'd give a quick shoutout to Superdrug as their clearance section has some bargains in it and I found these Popbands for just 30p for 3. They're great for tieing up your hair and don't hurt like normal bobbles can. They come on a card so they're also great for storing in your bag. I'd totally recommend seeing what bargains you can find in your local Superdrug as I know sometimes it can be pretty hit and miss. 

It's amazing what bargains are available on our highstreet and half of the time we don't even know they're there. Plus I still got Boots points on my Boots purchases as I had additional ones loaded to my card for a face product. Win. 

BPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival Palette

BPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival Palette

BPerfect is a cutting-edge makeup brand which launched back in 2013 created by Brendan McDowell in Belfast. The brand was launched by Brendan to make beauty products which are on trend and unique, the products are claimed to be easy to use, and to change your makeup routine forever. Oh, and last year they were on Dragons Den and even secured an investment. Recently BPerfect has started being stocked on Beauty Bay which is where I noticed the striking Carnival Palette which is in collaboration with MUA Stacey Marie. The palette features 24 shades, including 17 vibrant matte shades and 7 high pigment shimmers as well as 2 highlight shades and to top it off inside of the palette is a decent sized mirror, the palette is in sturdy packaging and a lot more lightweight than what it looks, so is perfect for travelling with. 

BPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival Palette

If you know me, you'll know I was instantly drawn to the bright shades within the palette such as Funki, Keen and Lit which are super eye-catching as well as highly pigmented. The palette as features some more neutral shades to create a more natural look and if you're wanting to go all out there are some glitter shades which look bomb! The palette itself isn't afraid to break the makeup rules and I feel like that is similar to my own personal view on makeup, as I am one who loves the colour and will put as many bright shadows on my eyes as possible and unlike normal 'bright and pigmented' palettes this one does what it says on the tin. Stacey Marie who is a makeup artist who loves colour and isn't afraid of creating out of the box looks. Her Instagram is full of dreamy looks and I would love to be able to create similar looks from her palette. The looks you can create are extremely versatile from a more simple everyday look to a full-blown rainbow affair.  

The Palette itself is currently is £40.00 and you can get FREE UK next day delivery on the Beauty Bay with this palette which enables you to get this glorious palette in your life even sooner. I found the shades easy to blend and only a few of the shades really have fall out, which is way better than previous coloured palettes I've tried. I am raving about this palette due to the variety of colourful shades which you would not find in the same palettes including neon pink, bright orange and a deep blue! I would definitely be interested in trying more of the BPerfect products after such a stellar first impression with the Carnival Palette.  

BPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival Palette

Would you try this palette? 

$30 Colourpop Haul You Need to See

Colourpop Supershock Shadow

Colourpop has become one of my staple brands over the last few years, for their amazing products at an even more amazing price. A couple of years back they finally started offering shipping direct to the UK, which has made the beauty bloggers of the UK very happy people. For the purpose of this post and the fact I wanted to shop elsewhere too I used a shipping service called My Mall Box, who I used when I had my first experience with Colourpop, they offer a range of options to get packages consolidated, chose who its shipped with and roughly how much that will cost for the size of your package. I decided to go for the DHL express delivery (as I am impatient) this cost around $34 which is a little on the pricer side, but worth it and within a week of my order, my package arrived totally not like for the entire day of the delivery, every time I heard a noise I got excited and jumped up to go to the door. I was impressed with how small the package was, and it was completely well wrapped and there were no customs charged on it. Although it feels a little bit less exciting that it doesn't arrive in the Colourpop box, however, the card was still included. Despite only ordering it a week ago, when the package arrived I was clueless about the contents. 

Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks

So what did I order?
Four liquid lipsticks, two super shock shadows, and an eyebrow pencil. Which for me this is a pretty tame order. I was shocked the entirety of the contents came to $30 which is around £22, bargain right? I have recently been into liquid lipsticks since rediscovering my Kat Von D one, and the lipsticks within the post were all $6.50. All of the liquid lipsticks I purchased were from different collaborations and each came in the cutest boxes. 

The first lipstick I opened was an ultra satin lip in Felix, which is a beautiful bright orange shade, which is SO me and I haven't seen a shade like this in any other store, I think would be the perfect festival companion for a pop of colour. I like the satin finish due to it having good staying power, but doesn't have that stuck lip feeling which can often be felt with matte liquid lipsticks. This is not smudge proof and you will end up applying this throughout the day, but with such a lovely finish and a pretty colour, you won't mind as much.

Next, I picked the shade in the mysterious black box, which is a collaboration between Ellarie and Colourpop, when I opened the box I was greeted with this beautiful and bold pink shade, not what you would expect within the box. The with the shade name Yoshi. It is a bold look for sure and I can confirm now that ultra matte finish is an almighty beast! No matter what I did to it, it did not budge or crumble, I was amazed. I would recommend this for any time you need long lasting lip colour without topping it up. 

The third liquid lipstick I purchased which was in the shade Coquette a shade completely out of my comfort zone (this is coming from the girl who wears bright blue lipstick), it is a beautiful red shade with a metallic finish. I am crazy in love with metallic finishes at the moment as they're so out there and look great. This lipstick did have to be re-applied a few times, however, it looks gorgeous!

The final liquid lipstick I purchased was in the shade Zipper, this is the shade I think I will get the most wear out of, as it's the typical shade I would usually reach for. Like Yoshi it was ultra matte, and I noticed the formula of this one was more drying and did crumble easier after a few hours. It is still long wearing but may need topping up from time to time throughout the day. 

Colourpop Haul

Supershock Shadows:
I purchased two of the Supershock shadows from Colourpop which is unusual for me as I usually purchase around 6 of them. I fell in love with the shades Cusp and Superfly. Cusp is a turquoise colour and is an ultra glitter shade, and amazing for finishing off any look. It's bright and easy to build. Superfly is a lot darker than Cusp but is harder to build. Both shades came in a cute little box and the Supershock shadows from Colourpop always have a unique formula which I find enjoyable to use. It is very creme like and bouncy and great to have fun with and their super shock shadows are $5 each, so well worth the money. I can't wait until my next order to get myself some summer ready shades. 

Brow Boss:
The final item I purchased was an eyebrow pencil in the shade dark brown and is fabulous to apply as the pencil is really thin so it is super easy to apply. It doesn't come out heavy and perfect for creating your dream brows. For only $5 I was I had purchased several as it is a serious game changer. 

Have you ever ordered from Colourpop?

6 beauty products you must have!

 My effort levels during the winter are somewhat lacking when it comes to my beauty routine. My makeup usually ends up all over my face from having a cold, and my hair ends up getting ruined from the random downfalls of rain we have pretty much constantly... Although I do wear makeup throughout the winter, spring and summer are where it is at. With festivals on the horizon and the fun colours making their return, I am in my element. I don't blog about beauty as much as I should, so today I am bringing you my favourite products currently. Hopefully, you enjoy this post and let me know in the comments what products are essential to your beauty routine.

The first product to take the spotlight is the Nivea lip balm in soft rose which is only £2.49 and one of the best lip balms I've ever tried and completely budget friendly too. Working in an office with aircon often dries out my lips, but I find it is easily fixed with this lip balm which leaves your lips feeling soft and it also adds a little tint to your lip. Next up is the Airbrush Away Primer from No7 which comes in at £16.50, a little more on the pricer side as in the past I have only bought cheaper ones but haven't found them to do the job, after having my makeup done in Boots and been shown the difference that the primer can make, I knew I needed to have it in my life. It creates a lightweight base for your foundation to glide over and helps to even out any imperfections. A little goes a long way with this primer, so I believe it's worth the investment. My go-to foundation currently is from IT cosmetics and is the Your Skin But Better CC cream*, I fell in love with this CC cream as soon as I tried it, giving a flawless full coverage, covers up my acne more than other CC creams/foundations I have tried and has SPF 50 within, so great for those summer months and the bottle itself is in a tube with a pump which makes it 100 times easier to get the amount you want and to carry around as its not heavy.

I love whacking out the perfumes during the warmer months, and I have to pre-warn you that I am terrible at describing scents, but my two favourites currently are Candy Sugar Pop* from Prada and Dior Poison Girl Unexpected*, both perfumes according to experts fit under the Oriental scent bracket, which I hadn't actually heard of until I looked into these perfumes. Both fragrances are made up of vanilla base notes and smell divine. Poison girl unexpected has a sweet scent and The Perfume Shop advise the scent is "A radically pop inspiration, a sudden, lightning-fast sensation that sends sparkling shivers down the spine and then rounds off with sugary softness." A must-have scent for 2018. Candy Sugar Pop isn't the usual perfume I would be drawn to, as it's more elegant than my usual 'type' described online as "Delicate notes of Peach and Vanilla mingle with airy Apple and Mahonial and shiny top notes of Vert de Bergamote and Green Citrus, comprising an unexpectedly substantial scent story: a sweet first impression cut with an ironic aside, Prada Candy Sugar Pop leaves the room on a high note." Also a perfume you need to add to your collection in 2018. 

The final product I wanted to include in this post has been a firm favourite of mine for a few months now, and I don't imagine it changing. I've had a love-hate battle with dry shampoo for a long time now, growing up Batiste dry shampoo was the one but the relationship ended when I came to the conclusion of how much white residue that it actually leaves behind. After spotting an AD on Insta for Colab I was drawn by the colourful packaging and fell in love with the product on first use, I can feel it actually absorbs the product and makes my hair feel clean for a good 2-3 days and for someone who washes their hair once a day to go that many days, it must be good. Colab has an amazing range of scents and is available from Boots currently at £1.74 (usually £3.49). 

What products have you been into lately?  

My HX Hair Transformation

For last few years my hair has gone on a bit of a journey, which I have endured by myself (and a helping hand on occasion, thanks Will you're the best) but like most people who aren't trained to do hair it doesn't often turn out how I want. In the last 4 years, I've gone from having dip dye to going all out, I went from pink to orange to blue, to green, then to a darker blue, then purple to a black and then to my mix of colours we are calling a failure. My mum offered to pay for me to have my hair done properly, as she isn't the biggest fan (understatement) of my DIY hair jobs. 

So with that, I headed to HX hair which is in Rugeley about 20 minutes from where I live. My hair was taken care of by the lovely Mel, and I was very worried about what she was going to make of my mess of a hair. Don't get me wrong, she was a little like wtf have you done, but luckily for me, she was more than happy to experiment with my hair. As my hair was already an array of colours I decided it would be best to trust her opinion and let her go with what she thought would work. When walking into the salon I was overwhelmed with how amazing the layout was, with spray paint on the walls and chairs, mirrors with TVs in them and some sick artwork on the wall. Honestly looks awesome! 

I first had my hair bleached, which I have to say I was worried about after the copious amounts of times I have bleached my own hair, with no idea what strength to use. Now my hair came out in some super sexy shades *note sarcasm* in a range of yellow, orange and peach, followed by a weird brown and then blue at the ends (the blue always comes back to haunt you, don't do it!) after the blue came the fun part, applying an array of beautiful colours starting with pink then purple followed by blue and green vibes, which creates total mermaid vibes. After about 30 minutes, it was time for the dye to come off and I was excited but at the same time nervous in case I looked somewhat like the previous stage, luckily for me, my hair looked AMAZING.

I was in awe that my hair finally looked how I've been trying to get it. For the fringe trim, treatment and hair colour cost only £70, which I think is a pretty good deal as it was well worth it. With that, we left the salon and I decided to find somewhere to take photos, I would be a little dubious doing this in my town, however being a different town and having bomb ass hair and my new Sashay Away shirt from Truffle Shuffle and is so comfy plus who doesn't love a bit of Ru Paul in their lives, and despite it being very windy we managed to get a few shots I didn't completely hate which is a first and now I've seen them on the computer I am feeling confident with them and hope you guys like them too!

 *Thank you, Mel and the girls at HX Hair for doing such a great job with my hair and keeping me entertained the whole time I was there! P.s. this is not sponsored in any way, I am just so happy with it, I had to shout about it!

HX Hair: 47 Albion StreetRUGELEYStaffordshireWS15 2BY.

TK Maxx Haul + Tips for Bagging a Bargain.

Taking things back to basics today with a haul, back in 'the day' when blogging was all about the makeup bargains that you had picked up and photograph them on the equivalent of a potato (I am being serious, look at one of my old hauls here) whereas now the haul is a little more classy, with lush photos taken and they actually look professional for the most part which is so cool to see how far some people have come, as well as to see some amazing photography made by fellow creators. With me, I am all about the colour and fun shots, I will never be the best photographer, but I am happy to give it ago! So back to the point at hand, I recently did a small haul in TK Maxx and picked up 5 items for £20 which is pretty good going IMO. I decided to share this with you as I was super excited by some of the items I was able to pick up, I swear every time I go into TK Maxx it gets better. So today I decided to share my haul with you, as well as a few tips for finding the best deals in TK Maxx.

Tip 1:
With TK Maxx, I have heard they've previously been in trouble for making up an RRP to make the discount sound better when the product was never even sold anywhere but TK Maxx, however, I believe they've now fixed this issue and if it was not sold anywhere previously, it will not have an RRP. It's always worth Googling items found in TK Maxx to find out how much of a deal you are really getting, as it can be misleading.  

Steve Madden Metallic Purse £3.00
I am instantly drawn to metallic stuff recently, and by this, I mean like a magpie attracted to anything silver. I went to look at this purse as it looks like something I'd buy, picked up and decided I needed to have it, and I was expecting around the £15-20 mark, to look and find it was only £3.00, which is a pretty good find. 

EOS balm £3.99
The EOS balm became one of my favourite items when I was visiting the states after I was introduced to them by Ami back in 2014, every time I visited I would make sure I picked up a huge stash of them so they didn't run out back in the UK. However, in recent months it appears that Boots have started to sell them for a hefty £6.50, and I find it hard to part with that much money for a lip balm. But when in TK Maxx I found a range of flavours for £3.99, which is still on the pricer side of a lip balm, but I swear these things do not run out? 

Tip 2:
Do not browse TK Maxx sections you do not need items from, I am the worst for it. I cannot just go in for a look in TK Maxx, I go through the whole store looking for items I may need, and shock horror I actually never use any of the items I pick up. When I am looking for homeware I will try to avoid the beauty and hair section as they always have tempting deals and I have next to zero willpower.  

Unicorn Nail Kit £4.99
I am not going to lie, no matter what was inside I was going to purchase it, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it to find an adorable nail kit, perfect for storing in your bag and has just about everything you may need in a nail kit, including two pairs of clippers. It also has tweezers in which will come in handy I am sure. 

Nails Inc Nail Varnish £2.99
A few months ago I purchased a Nails Inc gift set with two fabulous shades and wondered why I'd never tried the brand before, although they're on the pricier side I would definitely say they're worth it. I picked up a beautiful polish with little pink flowers within, however, it didn't really stay all, so for this one, I wouldn't be repurchasing but it may have just been the shade of polish. 

Melted Lipstick from Too Faced £4.99
Every time I go in TK Maxx I am always lusting after their melted lip stains and they have a pretty good range for the summertime, I've never bought one due to the copious amounts of liquid lipstick I already own, but seen as I was doing a haul, I decided it was worth treating myself to one. For £4.99 any Too Faced item to me is a bargain at that price. 

*What is your favourite thing you've ever picked up from TK Maxx? 

Intu Potteries SS18 'Think Pink' Haul

Think Pink

Recently I was invited by the lovely PR team at Intu to be part of their SS18 campaign in the Potteries Centre in Hanley. For Spring and Summer 2018, the focus is on four key trends which are Think Pink, Love Lavender, Club Tropicana and Sparkle & Shine. The Potteries teamed up with a local florist Natalie’s Florist and covered 5 mannequins from head to toe in artificial flowers to show off these amazing trends. All of these trends can be found in some of the stores in the potteries. I was given the theme Think Pink, which works well for me, as I am a huge fan of all things pink and of course I had to show you what I picked up, because who doesn't love a haul, amirite? First things first, I went to check out the mannequins for some inspiration, for think pink there are two mannequins, a female one and a male one which are both showcasing a different style. I also had to take some pictures with the other mannequins, they are so creative and look fab. 

SS18 Intu Potteries Stoke

With so much choice in the Potteries, I first headed to Accessorize as I know they usually have some of the best accessories when I walked in I was greeted with a huge display of pretty things which were right up my street, a lot of them being stationery and other cute bits. I am always drawn towards the socks in a shop as you can never have too many socks right? (My boyfriend says otherwise) where I saw these pun socks and I knew I had to get the socks that said 'You're Jawsome' on them, as they were so cute and fitted the theme perfectly, with socks in hand I carried on my search in Accessorize, where I came across a lovely little purse and I knew I had to have it as part of my search, with these two items in hand I decided to head into Superdrug. Superdrug is always my go-to place for beauty as they usually have waaay more counters than Boots, oh and they sell Makeup Revolution. I always love the Potteries Superdrug as you look down the aisle and there stands a huge array of makeup stands.

The first stand I came across was I heart Revolution which had a huge variety of beautiful products. My first choice was the amazing light and glow palette which on the outside looks like a chocolate bar, dipped in pink and inside has two beautiful shades, a pearly pink and a highlight which are both perfect to brighten your skin during those warmer months. Next, I came across a triple-baked blush which features some of the prettiest blush shades I've ever seen and they create such a lush look when all used together. It's also really long wearing which I was pretty impressed with.

Think Pink SS18

Think Pink

Think Pink

Following this, we came located a stand for Bleach London which was full of makeup and their hair products, I actually only knew about their bleach and a few hair products, but I was pleasantly surprised with the huge choice of makeup now on offer (if you're going to any festivals, make Bleach London your number one for glitter and other cool makeup bits), now if you know me, you'll know I am a huge fan of bright hair dye. I recently took the plunge to dye my hair bright pink and I am in love with it, and bleach London has some standout pink called the big pink and mixed with conditioner it's great for a long lasting dye, even for someone like me who is obsessed with washing their hair. Lastly, I spotted a pack of beauty blenders, in bright pink and they are in all different shapes which is great for doing your makeup. I am forever going through beauty blenders like no tomorrow, for £14.99 I was able to pick up 4 sponges which are a pretty good bargain, I would go as far as to say the sponges are as good as my beauty blender from real techniques. 

I would love to know what trend you'll be rocking this season in the comments!

*I was given a gift card to purchase the items in this post, all thoughts are my own.

Mothers Day With Debenhams

Mothers Day to me is a great time to share that true appreciation for your mum, for all of the things she does, and how she deserves to be awarded for all of those times. To all of the mums out there, you're doing a fab job. Remember that.  

It's that time of year once again, Mothers Day is on Sunday! It's usually about the time of the week in the lead up to Mothers Day, that a lot of people remember it's Mothers Day on Sunday! I included. I don't know about you, but the panic sets in. Your mind goes blank trying to think of that perfect gift, recently I bought you my bumper mothers day gift guide which features those more 'quirky' gifts, including chocolate pizza and a mystery box full of goodies which I guess is one way of getting mothers day sorted. I have also teamed up with Debenhams this Mothers Day to bring you some real show stopper products that every mum (and yourself obviously) needs in their life. With next day delivery being able to save us on many occasions, Mothers Day will be no different from the rule. Debenhams have a huge range of products with everything from chocolate to the latest beauty products and even a huge range of homeware and clothes. Today I am sharing with you my top three last-minute gifts from Debenhams. 

Yankee Candle Votive Gift Set
First on the list is this lush Votive set from Yankee Candle, featuring 5 fragrances perfect for Spring, not only do they look pretty they smell pretty good too. I love getting people candles for gifts, however buying them a full sized one can often be a mistake as they may not like it. However, with the mini gift sets, they can try them out and if there are any they really like you can purchase them as a gift at a later date. The set of 5 is £9.00 which is a pretty good offer, I've found the mini candles last around 6-7 hours, but Yankee candle claim they can last up to 15, so for the price, I'd definitely recommend. I will say the scents in this gift set are sweet smelling scents. The scents included in this set are 1 'Midnight Jasmine', 1 'Summer Peach', 1 'Shea Butter', 1 'Lavender' and 1 'Cherry Blossom'.

Every mum deserves a good old pamper this mothers day, and I love the idea of buying your mum pamper gifts for Mothers day as it is usually the case that this is the last thing on their mind to buy. The Glamglow Supermud mask is great for fixing so many issues with the skin. The aftermath of the mask is actually an amazing result for someone who suffers from acne and also has dry skin, I found this to clear up my acne massively and smells so good too. Debenhams offer a huge range of face masks, but Glamglow is one of their best offerings that's for sure!

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume
Perfume for sure is one of the most popular gifts to buy your mum for Mothers Day, this one can be a bit trial and error, if you know her favourite perfume it's always a good idea to buy her that one, or some similar. If your mum has a variety of perfumes or is forever wanting to know what your wearing, it's the perfect time to give her a new one to try. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb is one seriously popular scent and comes in a range of sizes. Described by Debenhams as: "Adding to the sensational floral scents and addictive qualities of the iconic fragrance, Flowerbomb Nectar has a feminine and sensual flower liqueur, with an explosion of floral notes and a surprising twist. A sensual floriental, the initial impression of the fragrance leads with fresh bergamot oil and rich sweet blackcurrant syrup. The heart of this fragrance unveils a feminine and enveloping white floral nectar of Sambac Jasmin and Orange flower combined with the sweet notes of Osmanthus, again ensuring the Flowerbomb unique trail. And finally, Nectar is even more sensual and luxurious thanks to an addictive gourmand sensation of warm spicy hues of tonka bean and creamy soft vanilla." Flowerbomb Nectar is the latest perfume to be added to the Flowerbomb range and it's one not to be missed. 

What have you treated your mum to this Mothers Day?

*Contains PR samples

Latest In Beauty Subscription Box Review.

Latest In Beauty is one of the subscription boxes I have loved since the early days of my blog. Back then I would invest in their one-off boxes, as the content of the boxes were always a lot more than what you paid and it was a great way to try out products which I wouldn't usually buy. Compared to boxes such as Glossybox, the Latest in Beauty box was always more exciting, plus you knew what was inside, although it wasn't a surprise. I'd rather know what I am getting in a box. Latest In Beauty, now offer subscription boxes where you pick the products yourself, they offer 3 types of boxes, 3, 6 and 9 products. Which is fabulous as it suits pretty much every price range. 

Recently I was offered the chance to pick out 9 products in my very own box, which retails at £18.00 per month. For 3 products it's £9.00 and for 6 it's £15.00. I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of brands on site, as well as the fact that a lot of the items were full sized as opposed to simple sized products. The box took around 5 days to arrive, but it was a surprise all over again when it came as I could only remember 3 products I had chosen, whoops! The box was wrapped up so nicely and I couldn't wait to get testing out my goodies. I hope you enjoy reading about my picks and what I thought of them! 

Mini Miss Piggy's Big Number from OPI: 
I am a huge fan of OPI and own a fair few of their nail varnishes, the quality is fab and the lasting power is pretty strong. I went for this shade due to the cool blue mermaid vibes it was giving off and it was calling my name. I like the mini polishes as they're lightweight and perfect for carrying in your handbag or when travelling. Rating: ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

Soigne Betteraves Rouges Polish:
It's been several years since I've tried any nail varnish from Soigne, in fact, the last time was back in 2015! When I saw this beautiful red colour, I knew I had to go for it. I am massively into painting my nails at the moment and red is such a statement colour. The formula is easy to apply and covers really well in a matter of one coat and dries so quickly. I found it to not be as long-lasting as my OPI polish, although it is still such a pretty colour so I would totally repurchase this. Rating: ⋆⋆⋆⋆

Sally Hansen Shimmer Me Timbers: 
I decided to go for this polish as I have never actually tried Sally Hansen and I loved the idea of miracle gel, this polish and gel can last up to 14 days, without a lamp. Sounds like a win right? I am not a huge fan of the colour as it's not really very me, but I did find the gel polish to be fab. It dries super quick and is easy to remove with normal remover, I am not about that acetone life. I found it made my nails feel so much stronger too, win! Rating: ⋆⋆⋆⋆

MUA Twelfth Night Palette:
I've always had a love-hate relationship with MUA, I find some of their products to be amazing and some to be pretty awful, but for budget beauty, you can't win everytime right? I decided to go for this palette as it's been a while since I've gotten anything from them. I was surprised at how pigmented the shades were in this palette and the shades are fab for creating a smoky eye. The palette itself is super lightweight, which again is great for carrying around in your bag. My favourite shades of the palette are Oudh and Plum as these stood out to me and look lush on. Rating: ⋆⋆⋆

Murad Exfoliating Cleanser: 
I have such acne prone skin and use Murad in my skin routine every day as it seems to keep my spots at bay. When I saw there was a Murad cleanser on the Latest in Beauty site, I knew I needed to pick it. I had recently run out of my acne cleanser from Murad I was using, so I was more than happy to have an alternative to use. The cleanser is fabulous as it feels like you've cleaned your skin really well and it has some exfoliating properties in, which always leaves my skin feeling so much smoother. I would recommend any Murad products to anyone, as they seem to have a product to fix most skin problems. Rating: ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

Flower Power Refreshing Face Mist:

The packaging of this product was what first caught my eye, I wasn't sure whether it was a deodorant or a hair product, it turned out to be neither, it is, in fact, a refreshing face mist. I love the concept of the product too. The mist is great for when you're feeling a little hot, after the gym, or even after running for the bus. We all get sweaty at some point, it's like a little pick me up to leave you feeling fresh once again. Plus it smells amazing! Rating: ⋆⋆⋆⋆

Nugg Face Mask: 
I've been interested in trying these for the longest time but the price has put me off a little. So being able to try one in this box, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. First thing I noticed was how compact the product was, these are single-use pods which creates less mess and keeps them fresher for longer. It only takes around 10 minutes for the mask to be ready to come off, so fab for a pamper in a rush. The product itself left my skin feeling softer and a lot less oily, and I noticed my acne seemed less red after just one application. Rating: ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

Soft and Gentle 0% Aluminium:
I love the fact that the Latest In Beauty box includes other products than just makeup. I have not heard of this brand for deodorant, however, it turns out they're pretty popular. It was easy to apply and smells pretty good too. It keeps the odours at bay, it felt like it took a long time to dry and left my underarms feeling sticky. Not a huge fan of this product sadly. Rating: ⋆⋆

Nude by nature foundation: 
Stupidly I picked up the wrong shade of foundation so it would be unfair to rate this one as I actually cannot give my honest opinion on it, I will say that the packaging of the product is pretty and it's super lightweight, perfect for on the go. 

Overall, I think the Latest In Beauty, Beauty Guru box was a fabulous success, I would probably not purchase them every month, due to the cost being a little high for my budget, but I would love to buy this as a treat for myself, especially when there a lot of products that spike my interest. 

Have you ever tried any of the Latest In Beauty boxes? 

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American beauty haul from Ulta: Part 1.

This post was supposed to go up as a what I got for Christmas post, but honestly, I ran out of time around Christmas and suddenly it was mid-January. So instead I thought I'd turn this post into an Ulta beauty haul, for those of you who are unaware of what Ulta is, it's similar to Boots for those of us in the UK. Except it is filled with brands which we can only dream of having in the UK. Good news though, as there are now a huge variety of services which allow you to ship goodies in from the US. I wrote a post about how you can too order goodies from the US. Hopefully, you enjoy this haul and let me know if you would like to see reviews of the products feature.

Sigma creme palette
Too Faced Clover Palette

Sigma Creme De Couture palette:
This palette isn't actually from Ulta, but in fact from Beauty Bay but this started out a Christmas styled post, therefore I'd already taken the photos. Sigma is based in the US, however, we now have sites in the UK like the Beauty Bay where these can be purchased from. This palette is currently £29.50 and is filled with so many bright and easy to work with shades. The shades aren't as pigmented as I first thought they were going be, however they are buildable and are really easy to blend. My favourite shades are Redberry Rose and Blueberry cream as these stood out to me as soon as I opened the palette. The palette itself is lightweight and easy to carry and has a fairly decent sized mirror, perfect for applying on the go.   

Clover A Girl's Best Friend Palette:
From Too Faced this palette currently retails at $49 and is currently sold out on Ulta, however, can be purchased directly from Too Faced. I was first drawn to the palette for its amazing packaging (how cute though!!) and the fact I haven't purchased any Too Faced palettes since the Chocolate Bon Bons palette and that one was so good, I knew I needed to try another. The shades in this palette have some rather strange names like daddies heart me. I assume the names in the palette is based on dog-related items. The palette itself has some interesting shade choices from pale pinks to a mustard yellow and just about everything in between. I think this palette is great for creating all year round looks.

Too Faced Primed Poreless
Sketch Marker Too Faced

Too Faced Primed Poreless Powder:
Good news for us Brits, this is actually an item you can purchase in the UK from Debenhams, I was drawn to this firstly for the Polly Pocket esq packaging. The powder itself is £24.00 in the UK and can be used for priming and also to set makeup which I think is pretty cool. This would be fab for using on the go as it includes a poof to put it on with and also has a little mirror. 

Chocolate Brownie Eyebrow Pencil: 
2017 was the year I discovered filling in your eyebrows is actually a pretty good thing to do and can make your whole makeup look complete. Throughout the year I tried a variety of products and never quite found the right one, I have fallen head over heels in love with this gorgeous product from Too Faced. The Chocolate Brownie eyebrow pencil is $23, it's long lasting and smells amazing. I love this for a quick and easy application, as well as topping up on the go. The only downside to these types of eyebrow pencils is that it can easily snap, meaning that it runs out a lot quicker. 

Too Faced Sketch Marker: 
I've wanted to try these eyeliners for the longest time, when I went to the States they only had them in bright colours and as fab as a pink and orange eyeliner would be, I don't know how much use I'd really get out of it. This eyeliner is $20 and the same price as the Kat Von D lock it liner, I am a huge fan of the Kat Von D one but I decided to give this one a try also. I love the packaging, the heart on the lid and the font on the front make it appealing. However, sadly I don't think it's as good as the Kat Von D one, although it's still a good liner. 

Part 2, coming soon!