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55 Blog Post Ideas For When You're Stuck In A Rut in 2019.

The longer you've been blogging, the harder it can be to think of content ideas. I remember when I started blogging in 2013 there were always chats and a community to share inspiration with and the posts were a lot more simple back then. It was all about reviewing a product, taking some pics and sharing it with other bloggers for most. Since then, blogging has come a long way and although I still love to create content there have been times when I've got into a rut and not known how to get out of it. I made a list of blog post ideas for when you're stuck in a rut in 2015 and also 2017 but I feel even since then a lot has changed blog-wise. Some of these posts I've written myself which I will highlight so you can click on those for inspiration if you fancy, but a lot of them are brand new ideas. At the bottom of the post, there will be a version of the which you can download and keep handy for when you're lacking inspiration. 

Lifestyle post ideas: 
1. Top 5 podcasts 
2. Introducing your pets
3. How to shop on eBay/Ali Express/Shein/Wish. 
4. Pop Vinyl Collection
5. 5 must-see documentaries
6. Films every Disney lover needs to see. 
7. 15 facts about Friends/ (other TV show of your choice) 
8. How to dye your hair bright colours 
9. 10 creative fonts 
10. Favourite products / least favourite of the month/year
11. Your favourite films of all time
12. Photography tips 
13. How to get over a friendship break up 
14.Ways to seek help when you're struggling
15. Top tips for freshers 
16. How to survive a breakup.
17. How to make friends as an adult (I did a post about Bumble BFF)
18. Self-care ideas 
19. 5 beauty hacks 
20. 10 tips on how to study better. 
21. Ways to feel inspired
22. How to tackle Pinterest
23. How to get over a friendship break up 
24. How to write a great CV
25. Tips for caring for a pet

Food post ideas:
26. How to make galaxy food (I made galaxy pancakes)  
27. Best restaurants to visit when you visit (insert place here)
28. 10 easy snack ideas
29. 5 tasty meals on a budget
30. How to make the perfect cupcakes
31. A review of your favourite restaurant 
32. My dream menu

Fashion post ideas:
33. Shop my style 
34. Who inspires my style?
35. 3 ways to style your favourite item of clothing
36. Perfect locations for outfit posts you may not have thought of. 
37. Tips for getting the best outfit pictures 
38. Wishlists. 

Travel post ideas: 
39. 15 unusual packing hacks
40. 9 reasons to visit a place (I recently wrote about Florida) 
41. The ultimate travel must haves 
42. 10 places to visit on a budget 
43. 5 of the most romantic places to visit 
44. 15 iconic locations to visit
45. Travelling with anxiety
46. Hotel reviews 
47. Best places to get currency 

Beauty posts: 

48. Summer inspired makeup
49. How to make your own face masks
50. My skincare routine 
51. How to do the perfect winged liner. 
52. Testing a range of products (I reviewed MUA Pro Base and JOICO recently) 
53. Festival make up looks 
54. Makeup bag essentials. 
55. How to have a spa day at home. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post and are now feeling inspired if you end up using any of these ideas I'd love for you to share your posts with me. 

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6 Things About Moving Into Your Own Home | Lifestyle

A bit of a different post today, I thought I'd break up all of the Halloween stuff which has been going down on Dungarees & Donuts and feature something a little bit different. Most of you are probably aware if you follow me on Twitter, in July I moved into my own house and it is one of the best feelings in world. I thought I'd share some of my first thoughts, feelings and other stuff which you will go through when moving into your own house! P.S. it's okay to need help or feel like you're never going to be unpacked for a while. Just take a breath, you've got this!

1. Ikea will become your new best friend, I don't even say this lightly. Moving into a house is expensive especially when you have no furniture, can life be like The Sims please? Wouldn't mind a games machine and a new bed.

2. You will be unpacking for the next ten years, *ok more like 3 months* basically the same right?

3. You're gonna be so skint for a while, moving into your own house is the best feeling and also the worst. Waiting for the wages to come in each month seem to be further and further apart. It's okay to get some additional help for a while. Vivus are a short term lending solution and perfect for those who need to borrow a little bit of extra money until Payday (Only take what you can afford to pay back, of course!)

4. You'll develop your own ways. You know how when you live at home and your parents have their systems and ways of doing things? When you're younger you think they're just doing it to be annoying but you soon realise it's actually for a reason.

5. You can do what YOU want. A bath at 3am? Why the heck not. A whole room for your shoes, you can so do that. You can design your kitchen how you want it, you can make your house look and feel amazing.

6. Bills are crazy expensive! After living in a student house to moving into your own house which involves lots of bills including council tax *ouch* it sure does take some getting used to that's for sure.

What are your tips for people moving into their first home? 

*Collaborative Post

Lets go to a festival! | Tips and Tricks

If you haven't already been able to tell over on Dungarees & Donuts I LOVE festivals and pretty much throughout the summer write about them none stop. Today I shall be writing about must-haves for every festival goer, that includes everything from the basics to a little bit more high tech, but if you need it at a festival the chances are it'll be included within this list! If you're going to a festival this year I'd love to hear about it!

Evo Xplorer Case: 
This is a must if you are taking your iPhone to a festival, a lot of people resort back to a brick phone for festivals but those who don't this case is amazing as it protects against water (leaking tents, is not the one, neither is rain for that matter!) dust and also impact protection, total must at a festival. It also has sealed access to all of the ports, this ideal for me as I am forever finding mine jammed with all sorts of strange items (totally not crumbs or anything...)

Seems like an obvious one but you'd be surprised at the number of people who do not actually take wellies to a festival! In the UK it's a MUST else you'll either destroy your shoes with water, mud or something else. Wellies are easy to keep dry and fairly comfy to wear all day!

Aussie Dry Shampoo:
Aussie has created their own festival ready range of dry shampoo and I think these are any festival goers best friend, being a festival you can get greasy, sweaty and not be able to shower. With better-looking hair I know when it comes to me if my hair looks good I feel a bit better about myself, so with these dry shampoos, they're full of things which make your hair feel good and refreshed.

Another fairly obvious one, but some people don't even take them to a festival. Not only are they the perfect statement piece for any festival look; they are also to protect your eyes and staring at the sun for hours upon end isn't good for any eyes. The sunglasses shop sell some gorgeous ones!

Wireless Speaker: 
I find this one not so much as a must but more something which is good to have at a festival, the reason I picked this particular speaker from Currys is that it's loud, long battery life as well as being on the cheaper side of speakers. You don't want to spend 100's of pounds when it could get destroyed!

Face Wipes:
Can I firstly just say, how cute is this packaging? I am so in love! Back to the reason, this has made it into the post, one because they're AMAZING for removing off the dirt after a festival day and especially if you're a make-up wearer this is crucial, I know from experience simple always have great results so I wouldn't hesitate in buying these.

There so many more items I could include in this guide, so let me know if you would like a second part to this post! 

*In collaboration with Tech 21 

Transform your look this summer! | Tips and Tricks

Before you know it, summer will be here, so if you’re keen to give yourself an image makeover, now is the time to take action. Whether you’re fed up of your current style or you’d like to give yourself a much-needed confidence boost, here’s how you can transform your look in four easy steps.

1. Ditch your glasses for contact lenses
With so many different frames to choose from, it isn’t difficult to find glasses that perfectly suit and represent your individual style. However, if you’re eager to give yourself a totally new image, you could try ditching your specs for contact lenses instead. Lenses give you the opportunity to free up your face and experience clear vision without the need for glasses. To start off, you may want to try daily disposable lenses. These lenses can be thrown away once you’ve used them, meaning you don’t need to worry about a cleaning routine. You can get daily disposables by visiting your local optician or you can purchase popular branded lenses from an online specialist. For example, you can buy Focus Dailies from Feel Good and have a supply delivered to your front door.

2. Get a new hairstyle
To transform your image, you could go for a new hairstyle. Whether you choose to cut your locks into a cute bob or you decide to add luscious extensions, don’t be afraid to try something new. You could even go for a different colour. From subtle sun kissed highlights to a dramatically different shade, the possibilities are endless when it comes to changing your hair. Although you could do it yourself at home, for best results you may want to visit a salon and speak to a hairdresser. They should be able to give you advice on what hairstyle and colour will perfectly suit you.

3. Switch up your makeup routine
Another way to change your look for the sunny season is to switch up your makeup routine. Trying new products and practising your technique is a great way to experiment with your image. You could learn how to perfect winged eyeliner or teach yourself how to apply lipstick like a pro. Because the makeup is temporary, you can keep practising with different products until you find a look that you absolutely love.

4. Upgrade your wardrobe

If you’re stuck in a style rut, treating yourself to a few new fashion staples could help you achieve a fresh look, and as the summer months draw closer, you could use the warmer weather as the perfect opportunity to upgrade your wardrobe. Whether your ditch your skinny jeans for a floral dress or swap your slouchy cardigan for a slick leather jacket, there are plenty of ways you can change your image through the clothes you wear. For inspiration, why not take yourself on a shopping spree or browse your favourite stores online?

Making some of these simple changes should help you achieve your desired look to embrace the summer with style and confidence.

*Guest Post