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#HairGoals with Colour Freedom

Back in February I decided to do something I've wanted to do for a long time but never had the guts do, dye all of my hair a bright colour! For around about 2 years now I've been bleaching the ends of my hair and going for the whole 'dip dye' effect, using a variety of bright colours for the ends but keeping the rest of it black. But I finally decided go the whole hog and dye my hair a bright colour. Firstly I went pink but quickly decided that wasn't the colour for me. It faded quickly and all of the different dyes I tried just washed out. I ended up putting dye on top of dye until it was a massive mess and I needed to strip my hair. 

When I stripped my hair I assumed it would go orange, so I bought red dyes and as a matter of fact it actually went green. I decided I had two choices, the first being black and the second being blue/green. I decided I would just take the plunge and go for blue. I've heard a lot of people on Twitter and my friends who dye their hair bright colours talk about the brand Colour Freedom so I decided to try them after having so many bad experiences with Live and also with Crazy Colour. The first application took REALLY well and considering I have thick long ish hair, one bottle almost covered the lot. I went back to Superdrug the following day and bought another bottle and the end result was mesmerising. When I first did my hair it was quite a bright blue but has faded into a fabulous turquoise, although the up keep of bright hair is hard work I've found with Colour Freedom that the colour actually stays put for ages and looks amazing even after 30 washes. For the colour featured in the pictures buy Tropical Aqua. 

What's the brightest colour you've ever dyed your hair? 

NEW from Tweezerman | Beauty

You may know from my previous post about Tweezerman that I am one of their ambassadors, they run an amazing programme for bloggers and Youtubers which is well worth getting involved with. They kindly send out some of their new launches to people who are apart of the programme and I was excited to see another package of their amazing goodies land on my door step a few weeks ago. Being Spring a lot of new launches occur in the run up to Summer, I was excited to dig and share with you the amazing lot of goodies I was sent. 

Curl & Go Eyelash Curler:
I am not usually one that curls their lashes as I don't tend to find anything that does much, when I first saw this gadget I was a little apprehensive about it and wondered how to use it. Turns out it's actually just an eyelasher curler in a compact storage unit, I love the fact that it is pink. I do enjoy the fact it is protected by a shell as it makes it more hygienic if you are putting it in your bag. Although it hasn't really changed my view on eyelash curling, for those of you who do I'd recommend spending a little extra to get this. 

Easy Finish Facial Hair Remover:
I can say I've used this a few times although the reason why is it a little grim, I had to use it on my mole *tmi, sorry* but it totally works, it's easy to use and a little bit less painless than using Tweezers.

The Tweezers the amazing quality which all of their previous ones are, but with some super cute designs on which I love. Anything pink sign me up!

Tweezerman Mini Makeup Brushes:
I honestly can say I had no idea that Tweezerman brushes even existed but upon Googling I found that they actually have a huge range. The two brushes came as a set and are perfect brushes which feel soft and are easy to apply make-up with. I'll be investing in some more of them soon!

Blending Sponge:
I've always had a love hate relationship with blending sponges, I found this one better than previous ones I've tried as it successfully blended in my make-up and it's amazing for concealer blending. Oh and again it's pink so win!

Tweezerman Eyelash Curler

Tweezerman tweezers

Tweezerman brushes

Tweezerman blending sponge

How to get US brands shipped to the UK | Lifestyle

Since falling in love with make-up more than ever this year I have wanted to get some beauty products from the US over to the UK and I've heard about lots of other bloggers doing this, but I've never had the guts to do it myself as I have always been worried about the risks, that was until I was contacted by the lovely people from My Mall Box asking me if I wanted to review their shipping service and of course I said yes! As soon as I took online to purchase some goodies I was drawn straight to Colourpop, they're a US brand I've ALWAYS wanted to try and I have heard SO many amazing things about them from many other bloggers. So with that I decided I would order from them, so what happens next? 

The Items In My 'Basket'

Before you go through the check out you need to sign up to My Mall Box who will give you a shipping address to use when purchasing the items, the address is actually in their warehouse. When you go to process your order you just send the order to the address you've been given on My Mall Box, some places asking for a billing address so I put the same address as given to me but paid through PayPal so it would actually work as UK addresses weren't allowed to be imputed for some reason. Then started the waiting game, waiting for Colourpop goodies to arrive at the My Mall Box warehouse which I think took over a week but that was down to Colourpop and obviously orders from different places can be different waiting times. 

After a week I got an email from My Mall Box to say my items had arrived and asked if I would like to get them repackaged, I decided against it as I knew what I was ordering wouldn't be massive but if you're ordering from different places and getting them in different orders or a large order I'd recommend paying for it to be repacked as it'll be cheaper postage. After this I was asked to input my address as well which delivery method I wanted to pick. As I was given credit I went for the quickest method which was $31 which isn't even that bad from the US. There are many other price options too dependant on the speed you want it to arrive. I received an email the next day saying it would arrive on Monday and this was Friday, little did I know it was actually on the way to my house and arrived just two days after being received it My Mall Box! I was so happy with the quickness of the service and actually how simple it was to do, I always expected something a lot more complicated and possibly dodgy? BUT it's easy and the website has clear and easy to understand instructions. I would totally order SO many more things from the States after trialling this service.  


Keep your eyes pealed for a Colourpop review post! 

*In Collaboration with My Mall Box

May Favourites | Lifestyle

I can't quite believe it's June already, although looking out of the window it looks like anything but. May was actually a really good and exciting month for me and I can't wait to share what happened with you lovelies as well as share some of my favourites from the month. I thought I'd make a collage of photos from the month of May as it shows just a few of the things I have done/eaten/made/bought, you get the gist! I hope you enjoy this post, let me know in the comments if you want a monthly one. #

May was quite the one for going to places, I went to the usual like Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Spoons but I also went to new places like the Be At One (on the opening night! Read about it here) and also Revolution opened in Stafford and they have some amazing food!

Food & Drinks: 
I hosted my own BBQ which involved lots of pretty colourful food, as well as making a few batches of lovely cookies which tasted insane! I ate a lot of Subway during the month of May as it's my go to easy food and tastes so good, soz. Last month I was constantly drinking Frappe from Starbucks as they had happy hour on and also launched some new frappes which made super happy. I also drank a cocktail which was my first drink since my birthday in January. Still don't miss it.

Brand of the month: 
I have decided as part of my favourites posts I would include a brand I have loved throughout the month as well as sharing some of their amazing products, and that brand is Sleek. With their super fun and colourful pieces of makeup they had to make it into my favourites. With their gorgeous Snapshots palette I was hooked as I have been looking for a fabulously bright palette for ages and the fact they have loads of fun and pigmented colours this made me super happy. I am also in love with their lip palette, not usually something I would be into but the colours are ace and look fabulous on. I have created so many fun looks with the Sleek palette and they're budget friendly and also have a new stand in my local Boots, yay!

Products I've been loving: 
In May I visited Meadowhall where I met Fii (missed her loads, I did swatch up my hand a lot and wanted all of the colours but I went for those for loooads) and I was in Boots checking out the NYX counters where I purchased a fair few liquid suede lipsticks as well as some of their soft matte lip creams and I know I'll be back *nods* I've also been in love with the conditioners from OGX and although they're on the pricer side they are the only products which can stop my hair from matting and knotting together so I am down. I've tried a few different ones and I love them all.

I thought I'd end this post by sharing some exciting news with you all, if you didn't already know at the end of April I started training for my new job and throughout May I have been going to work and with anxiety this is a big thing for me! I love my new job and there is some really great people there which help me feel at ease. I am glad I able to go to work again as I hated not working!

What have you been lovin' this month? 

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Mini Collection | Beauty

If you love your makeup and more importantly Urban Decay you'll probably be aware of the Gwen Stefani collection launch to Urban Decay, I am in love with all things Urban Decay and I couldn't wait to get my hands on part of this collection. Although I didn't purchase the palette because I have far too many already, and around the same time it came out I just got the Vice 4. I thought today I would share with some mini reviews and some thoughts on some of the collections latest releases including the lip liners which everyone is raving about. 

Lip Liners: 

The two shades of lip liner I got were 714 which is red one and Firebird which is the beautiful pink, and it has only been in the last when my lip liner obsession started, I never even knew how much of a difference to lipstick a good lip liner can make. The first thing I noticed when trying the lip pencils was how easily they glide on to the lips which is always a plus when applying lip liner as there is nothing worse than having to drag it across your lips *ouch!* The packaging itself is super eye catching and beautiful and my eyes were instantly drawn to the gold as it feels luxurious and better than your usual black lip liner. Both colours stayed put on my lips throughout the most part of the day and didn't really need topping up at all. The lip pencils are fab to go with the lipsticks in the same shades or you can wear them with any other lipstick, I know my a few MAC lipsticks which will go well with the lip liners.

First things first, how cute is the packaging for this Brow Box? I fell in love with it instantly and wanted to know what was inside this cuteness, when I opened it to find a super sweet brow kit, the top section is the colours for your brows along with a powder and the bottom section is made up of cute brushes and a pair of tweezers to keep your brows looking on point all day long. This is the perfect handbag friendly kit for any beauty lover especially those who are keen on good brows. I am in love with colours which are in this brow kit as they are a great match for my eyebrows but if you have darker ones it might not be for you. Each section of the box has a mini mirror so is perfect for those easy touch ups on the go. The box picture is in the shade in Bathwater Blonde

Overall I am feeling some serious love for this collection and next on my list is to get some of the beautiful lipsticks which are a part of this collection, possibly the ones to match my liners. 

*Pr Samples

L'oreal Loves | Beauty Brand Focus

I have finally gotten around to featuring something on my blog I have wanted to do for a long time now, and that is focussing on a brand and introducing you to some of their amazing products, I am happy to hear suggestions of brands you want to see on this section. I was kindly sent a range of amazing products from L'oreal so I decided this was a perfect starting point for my brand focus post. I hope you enjoy finding out a little more about L'oreal and their amazing products.

Growing up L'oreal was one of the first brands I used as my Grandma would give her makeup that didn't suit her or she regretted buying, which I believe is where my crazy love for Lipstick started from, I was sent four of the the amazing lipsticks from the Exclusive Pinks collection which if don't know about you should totally check out here. I got the shades Eva, Blake, Helen and Naomi and they're all amazing shades of pink, so if you love pink lipstick the collection is totally worth investing in, the black packaging makes them look super classy and expensive but they're actually pretty on budget at £6.99 and for the quality of the lipsticks, this is a totally worth it product. L'oreal have always done amazing lipsticks and some of the other collections I love are: Colour Riche and the 24 hour lipsticks. Always bringing out new on trend and fierce lip colours they are totally worth a purchase.

Next on the list is their mascaras another thing I am in love with from their collection, you may remember their Miss Manga Mascara which was a huge hit in the world of beauty and I totally know why after making my way through at least 6 tubes of the stuff. I was sent the amazing Volume Million Lashes which I was not disappointed with, in fact the opposite, the brush that comes with the mascara is flexible and also has a curved brush which is perfect for naturally building up your lashes as well as easy application (applying to your bottom lashes is a nightmare at times) the packaging again is seriously lust worthy and draws attention to the product, another must have.

The final thing I am going to talk about in this post is their amazing True Match Genius foundations which is a four in one foundation which is a concealer, powder, foundation and primer all together which is an awful lot for one product to do, when I tried it I was pretty sceptical about what it would actually do to my skin. The product comes with an applicator and I assumed it would be powder but it is not, applying the product is super easy and amazing for matching to the skin but as far as the eliminating the other products goes I doubt I would replace my current primer or concealer but I am happy to use it as a foundation and possibly as a powder as it sets your makeup with a matte finish which makes me happy.

I am a huge fan of L'oreal, and most of their products and I would love to know which brand you fancy me featuring next?   

K.I.S.S.I.NG Bitch Perfect Charlotte Tilbury Review | Beauty

It's taken me a while but I finally joined the Charlotte Tilbury bloggers fan club, there wasn't a doubt about not loving a product from Charlotte Tilbury it was more of the best time to purchase one of the lipsticks, due to the seasons changing and also the amount of money they cost. So I eventually did it, and I am so happy I did as it is one of my staple lipsticks and I couldn't imagine not having it in my collection. Compared to what I usually buy it's a bit different, I tend to go for bright lipsticks such as pink and red or dark lipsticks like purple and black which is fine as it suits my style. The lipstick I purchased which is in the shade 'Bitch Perfect' is a light pink and it's quite glittery, and comes from the collection K.I.S.S.I.N.G and has some other amazing shades and I hopefully hope to get my hands on Night Crimson and Love Bite next as they look like fab shades. As far as the lipsticks go they are long lasting, and smell divine as well having amazing packaging which draws you in. The lipsticks from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range have a special ingredient in them which protects your lips from UV damage which is a super amazing thing to have in a lipstick. 

The lipstick is made of a creamy formula which in my opinion is similar to the MAC creamsheen ones which I have tried in the past as well as some L'oreal lipsticks. It is easy to apply which is always a bonus, and I enjoy the silky feeling which is left on your lips after use, I am in love with this collection and in particular this lipstick as it's a new girly shade for my collection. I am happy I finally took the step and treated myself to a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick and I can't wait to try other things from her collection as I've heard many great things. 

Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect

Halloween Looks EVERYONE can do | Lifestyle

I can't believe how quickly October has gone and we are now approaching Halloween if you haven't already planned your costume, or don't have the budget to get one or even if you are just terrible at Halloween looks I think this post will suit you. One Monday morning I took to the white face paint and got out some make-up which I didn't mind trashing including a few red lipsticks, an eyeshadow palette and of course black liner. At first I was going with a look which I failed to create so I decided to turn it into the joker and it went from there, and I would like to state I am not saying these looks are at all amazing or even good in the slightest, but I had fun creating them and that's all that counts right? I hope you lovelies enjoy my looks and have a fabulous Halloween.

The Joker: 
As I mentioned earlier, this look was supposed to be something completely different than what it turned out to be, but despite the length of time it took to get off of my face I am super happy with the end result. The way I created it was with a lot of black eyeliner and eyeshadow, some white face paint for the base and a hell load of red lipstick, and ta daaaaa.

A cat: 
Of course you can do this look how every you want as it's a pretty simple one, but I fancied doing some face make-up if I was to do this on Halloween I may of used white face paint also but as I did my previous look using it and it took forever to get off I decided against using it for this one. For this I used eyeliner on my nose (weird I know) eyeshadow on my eyes, eyeliner again for my whiskers and then a red lipsticks for the lips, I maybe should of done a pink nose but I love the effect of the black so I am happy with how this turned out. I also used eyeliner on my eyebrows as I didn't have a black eyebrow pencil or mascara and I wanted it to be black.

A skull: 
Again the white face paint would of been used, but I didn't fancy applying it again. For this I just decided to keep it simple by using black liner on the nose again (which needed more coverage as I can now see) and also for the lips, I decided to go for the sealed mouth look as I think it looks better and then similar to the joker go around my eyes with black eyeshadow. 

What is your favourite easy Halloween look to do? 

Gosh | The best of the drugstore eye shadows?

GOSH eyeshadow

This month I have officially brought some summer shades into my make-up look, I love wearing brown and grey eyeshadow all year round but I thought it was finally time to mix it, I decided to include these gorgeous pinks and silvers into my everyday looks. I started with the base of a white shade to line the base, so when I added the pink it was extra bright and finally finish off the look with some gorgeous glitter. I am really into brights at the moment and although I am currently looking investing in an Urban Decay palette, I have decided to trail out some brights from the drugstore first. Gosh isn't a brand a lot of people consider as a go to brand despite it being in Superdrug and I think it gets left behind at times which is silly because I love them as a brand and think they have amazing quality products, such as nail varnish, eyeshadows and lipsticks.

 My favourite currently being these gorgeous shades from the SS15 range, whilst it's summer I plan to make the most of these bright shades along with others. I find these eyeshadows work amazing when used wet or dry and tend to enjoy using them with the three shades in the palette to make an amazing pink look, and then finishing with some black liner, although I am considering trying out some brighter eyeliners for a bit of fun, as I am bored of just your average black and brown ones. I find these shadows long lasting, and give off the same lovely look as when applied. The only down fall with these are the fact that they are powder, I find that when they are in my bag, can often get broken up into bits so it's messier when it comes to the next use, but other than that I would totally re- buy these again.

Real Techniques Sculpting Set

Real techniques brushes

When browsing twitter one night I saw this post from Superdrug about a set of Real Techniques brushes which had been brought down to £13.99 on their last day of sale? I was shocked at the price I had read, I headed for Real Techniques and bought the set! I saw that the set was actually limited edition with one limited edition brush and they are in pink and the shiny look of the brushes is limited to this collection. Usually a set of real techniques is around £21.00+ dependant on the set so with this set being just £13.99 originally £20.99 working out at around £4.60 a brush it was an obvious steal! It only took three days before I had the brushes in front of me and was ready to start using them. As I know Real Techniques are fab quality I knew these would be no different to any other of their brushes. The set includes three brushes, the sculpting brush, the fan brush and the setting brush and although I already own the sculpting and setting brush from RT, it doesn't harm to get new ones!

Stipling Brush

The setting brush: 
Although this brush is part of the limited edition set, this brush is still able to be brought from Real Techniques all year round. So what is this brush used for? I use this brush for concealer under my eyes, but it can be used for anything really from powder, to highlighter and even eye shadow dependant on what make-up you use, it's perfect as it's got a small head so it's easy apply to the smaller areas which need a more precise touch.

Fan Brush

The Fan Brush:
This is the first fan brush to enter my collection, and I am quite pleased that it is real techniques. The purpose of this brush is for finishing touches. It can be perfect to apply a light layer of highlight, a layer of setting powder to a look and is perfect where the nose bone is concerned. I can't say I have found much of a use for it yet, but it's a lovely brush and I am happy to have it in my collection for when summer comes and I start to highlight more.

Sculpting Brush

Sculpting Brush:
Finally my favourite brush out of the set is the Sculpting Brush, although I already own two of these brushes, what's a third to your collection? This brush is perfect for contouring can be used with liquid and powder products. I have often seen this used as a buffing brush also.

Did you buy this set? 

The Make-up Remover Favourites.

Make up removers favourites

Recently there seems to be an increase of different types of make-up remover, I have been trialling out a fair few recently and these are the top three that I found. I think they're all great for removing make-up quickly and effectively, unlike make-up wipes don't just take off the surface dirt but actually cleanse your face. I've found using these I have found my skin in a lot better condition and a lot smoother. 

L'oreal Makeup Remover

L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection: 
This is the only micellar water in my favourites currently, after using a lot of gel removers I decided to try a water one. First off I do love this I think it's great and it's usually pretty cheap. It dissolves your make-up and even with pen eyeliner it takes it off really easily. The things I dislike about this product is how much you tend to use, I end up squeezing it and tons comes out everywhere and it does feel like I end up using too much everytime. I would be tempted to buy this again as it leaves my skin feeling sort and as it's water it leaves my face feeling clean and fresh!

Sephora Makeup Remover Gel

 Sephora Makeup Remover:
I purchased this in my last Sephora haul, the packaging is simple which s great as you can see easily how much of the product remains, I love the gel removers as I find they remove makeup like mascara the easiest without much removing. I dislike the feel of gel ones as they make me feel like my face is sticky but after leave it silky smooth. I purchased this in the sale and found it's amazing, I tried not to like it too much as it's harder to repurchase for me, but this is a great choice for all of you lucky enough to have Sephora!

La Roche Posay Makeup Remover

La Roche Posay Makeup Remover*: 
Out of the three I found this one to be the best, for a couple of reasons first being the size of the bottle, it's great value you for what you pay and you only need one squirt to take off your make-up so it's a very long lasting product, I love the design of the product I think the blue makes the product feel more fresh, it did leave my skin feeling clean and I noticed an improvement on my skin whilst using this product. I still have a little bit of a thing against the gel removers as they leave your face feeling a little bit sticky after application but it's a beautiful product and smells good too!

Fortnightly Favourites #2

Fornightly favourites

Pokemon Y: I am a huge pokemon fan and after completing Omega Ruby I decided to purchase Pokemon Y as well, if I am not on twitter that's most likely where I am. 

White Converse: I have always loved converse, but am yet to own a white pair after spending a lot of time looking at pretty fashion posts, a nice way to make a dress a little more casual is with a pair of white converse, I think an investment is needed soon! 

Rimmel London Wonder'full Mascara: I have always loved the wake me up collection by Rimmel and when I saw this new mascara from the collection I had to try it. I love the brush as it's easy to apply to both lashes and gives a fuller look.

Vita Spa Hot Tubs*: After hearing about one of my friends hot tubs it's made me really want one! I hope one day when I am not a broke student I will be able to invest in one of these beauties in my house or garden as it would be the perfect way to relax! 

Magnitone Lucid: I was sent one of thee Magnotines after a blogger twitter party after wanting one since last summer, I have been obsessed with using it and finding that my skin is SO much clearer since I have been. It's a must have with my daily face routine. 

Cheeky Boo: Cheeky Boo is the cutest little shop which I came across via twitter, with so many handmade items and adorable little stationary pieces such as this notebook, I decided they deserved a mention in this fortnightly favourites, well worth checking out! 

What have you been loving lately? 

Spectrum Brushes

Spectrum Brushes

I recently was a runner up in a competition on twitter of a company I'd been recommended to in a beauty blogger chat, Spectrum Brushes. I was originally drawn to their amazingly bright brushes and was instantly drawn to the purple and blue brush head and thought they gorgeous and had heard from a few sources that they are amazing quality and great value for money, so when I won some I was over the moon and couldn't wait to put them to the test!

Tips to happier skin this summer!

I've always been one who has rubbish acne filled skin, but this year I've aimed to make some changes so I can have fabulous skin this Summer. On my quest to get summer perfect skin I learnt a few tips which I thought I would share with you lovelies!

Happier Summer Skin

These Images Are NOT my own. 

Tip One: 
This a pretty simple tip which a lot of people neglect, the tip is to drink lots and lots of water. As well as being great for your body and keeping healthy, water helps you have clearer skin and makes it a lot more healthy!

Tip Two:
Use a face mist, I've been loving one from The Body Shop which is the Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz*, the reason I am in love with this one so much is due to it's gorgeous smell, the benefits of it being Vitamin C, and it always makes my face feel so much better especially when it's hot outside, it's a great way to keep moisture in your face and keep you cool. The size is awesome too, very handbag friendly.

Tip Three:
Have a cold shower, now this one does sound a little odd but there's actually a reason behind it. The reason is because when you've been sweating it builds up whereas if you have a cold shower to remove that it unclogs your pores and leaves less break outs and better skin overall.

Tip Four:
Try cleanse as often as you can, I never used to do this as much as I should but since I've been doing it, it's made my skin a hell of a lot better. I recently got a cleansing brush and it's a godsend for quick but effective cleansing.

Tip Five: 
Switch moisturisers in the summer season and get a lighter one, in winter you need a heavier moisturiser as your skin is often dry and flaky as opposed to summer. You can also get ones with SPF included which is great for extra summer protection.

What are your tips for better skin? Tell us over at #HappySkin

In Collaboration With The Body Shop*

My MAC lipstick collection!

MAC lipstick collection SS15

Last year for my 19th birthday, I was bought a MAC lipstick after seeing countless blogger reviews of them and wanting one so bad! This shade was Dangerous, after falling crazy in love with it I ended up buying a few more and keeping them as my treasured lipsticks.

The perfect spring MAC lipsticks

MAC lipsticks

L-R Saint Germain, Miley Cyrus Viva Glam, Candy Yum Yum, Style Surge & Pink Pigeon. 

A bit late jumping on the spring bandwagon, but it's Spring yay! So far we've actually had some pretty sunny days which means it's time to start changing up the make-up from dark to light. Which involves lipsticks ranging in all bright colours. I thought I would share with you my top five favourite MAC lipsticks for Spring. I am in love with the pink lipsticks which they have at MAC as they're all so bright and stand out, I am occasionally torn to a bit of a cheeky orange too! 

Saint Germain: One of my favourite lipsticks out of the 5, it's a very pale looking pink but it sure does stand out, before I owned this lipstick I had previous dupes of this which look similar but I love the amplified MAC lipsticks as I feel they give a bit more of a glow, but I have found they don't last as long as Matte. But still a great all round lipstick. Full review here

Viva Glam Miley Cyrus: Such a bright stand out lipstick, not for those who are afraid of bright coloured lipsticks, another amplified lipstick which is easy   to apply, I was tempted by this lipstick just because it was from Miley Cyrus and part of the MAC Viva Glam collection.
For the full review click here

Candy Yum Yum: This my favourite MAC lipstick that I own, until recently I was convinced that I was not a fan of the Matte range but I found out that certain lipsticks are more drying to your lips than others, I love the colour of this and how long lasting it is on your lips! Full review here

Style Surge: This lipstick is perfect because it gives an amazing glossy finish but isn't sticky in the slightest, although it doesn't last on my lips as long as I would like it's easy and quick to reapply and is a gorgeous light orange colour which I think is perfect for Spring.

Pink Pigeon: The newest addition to my MAC collection another bright pink matte lipstick I find the colour is fairly similar to the Miley Cyrus one, but I love the texture of this lipstick and the staying power of it is great and can last for hours, yay! Full review will up soon!

Which is your favourite MAC lipstick for SS15?