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How to prepare for your future.

Being 23 and surrounded by friends who are buying their own houses and cars, getting married and even having children really does get you thinking about your own hopes and dreams. On the one hand, it makes you wonder about your own plans for the future and on the other it makes you wonder how these people have managed to get themselves on their feet so soon. It made me take a look at how I can prepare myself for my own future.

Save and save some more: 
Saving can be harder than ever to save in 2018, especially with a minimum wage job, I currently have an office job and work freelance on the side which helps to supplement my income, I am guilty of spending the majority of my pay on items that aren't always necessary which can make it harder to save anything substantial. It's an idea to set up a direct debit that will come out from your account and go straight into savings. Recently, I've seen a huge range of apps pop up that would be great for being able to save, including Moneybox which is great for saving and investing. 

Your home and the future:
I am currently renting a house in the town I live in with my boyfriend but the aim in the future is to purchase our own house like most people dream to be able to do. I feel like as much as renting feels like your own home, it doesn't have the same levels of security as purchasing your home for when you get older. SunLife has more information on this if you'd like to read this here.

Build your dream career: 
Most things in life start from building a career with a career you enjoy usually comes happiness and often money, once you get these inline things seem easier. Writing is something I've always wanted to do and my blog allows me to be able to do this and work towards my goals. I from a young age always thought I would be destined to be an author, but as times have changed. I want to keep growing as a blogger each and every day.

*This post is in collaboration with SunLife

Buying a car (that you love) | Tips and Tricks

Hi guys, something a little bit different today for you; but I think you'll enjoy it all the same, today's post is all about cars! You're probably sat there thinking that I don't often talk about cars which is true but I do talk about finance and I plan to continue, here on Dungarees & Donuts I find it important to talk about the things that matter. I love talking money saving for pretty much everything so I thought why is cars any different? I have wanted to own my own car for sooo long and although I don't know a lot about cars one of the most important factors for me is colour, being able to get from A to B and have a bit of style to it. I hope you enjoy this post and let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

According to research from UK ethical lending company Creditplus, 50% of women are now buying are now buying cars showing that the cars are no longer just a man thing but in fact a thing women love just as much! I love the fact that women are now buying more cars than ever and to find out more about car buying habits in the UK, Creditplus asked me to answer some questions about my own personal car choices. 

As I currently don't have a car I can't really talk much about what I currently drive or what I think of it, but I know if I was driving a car now based on my budget it would be a small and probably very old car, which I would rather save for and be able to afford something a lot more stylish! Being a very girly girl the colour of the car is important to me, I would love something pastel coloured or just white as I think they're girly and my style. I have seen some gorgeous Fiat 500s which I totally wouldn't mind! When looking for a car I imagine the inside would be just as important as the outside to me, I love interior and I think it would be important to have lots of gadgets inside, including a good set of speakers, heat up seats and a good colour leather for the seats. Ideally it would be a newer car as it would be more road friendly and not admit as many bad gasses into the environment! After seeing many people in my own life using finance to buy a car I would totally look at that option myself, it seems like the best way to be able to purchase a decent car without breaking the bank and paying it back is as simple as phone bill every month. 
Creditplus can help you find a car that meets your exact requirements. Whether its price that’s your main consideration, how many miles you get to the gallon, or even just the colour, Creditplus will help you find and fund your perfect new car. Comparing over 100 lending options, they'll get you driving away in a car that’s right for you and your budget in no time, yay! Visit the Creditplus car finance to website to find out more. 

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Why Managing Your Money Is Important | Lets Talk

I'm 21 and this is the first year I have finally started to take my own finances seriously, it's not all about spending all of your money on clothes and make up and food (especially food) it's more about saving for my future. Taking any money I earn and taking a percentage of it away and popping it aside for things I may need in the future, whether this be saving for my future house, car or even a holiday I am still keeping that money away for something I may need in the future and I am happy with that. Did you know more time is spent organizing music collections than is spent sorting out pensions!

For the last few years every penny which I earned was spent straight away and although at times that has to be the case for bills and rent, I am trying to be more conscious with the money I spend and trying to stay out of the red. It's important for to remember although I have student money now and two jobs there will be a point when I don't get that student money anymore and I can't fall back on other people wanting them to bail me out. I have to rely on myself and that time has started now. For this post I decided to share some of my top tips for saving with you and hopefully they help you out in some way or another. Did you know 10% adults don't even review their own finances? 

 Set yourself a budget & stick to it:
The amount of times I've set a budget, and planned to stick to it and within hours I've seen an amazing pair of shoes in the sale and blown a weeks budget in one sitting, it happens we are all human. But it's important to remember that money could be used for something more important. Do you eat lunch out everyday whilst at work? Do you go to the cinema on a weekend? If you want to stick to your budget include it in there, don't feel bad that might be higher at least you're being honest and more likely to live within your means. 

Put money aside (change works for this): 
My biggest tip for this is to get a tin which you can't open unless you obviously use a method of force, meaning you're less likely going to want to go in there. The idea behind this is to get loose change out of your purse/wallet whenever you get home and chuck it in there, the more often you do it the more that it adds up. I have two separate ones, one for anything over 10p and one under 10p that way it's easier to separate out at the end! Once it's full you take it to the bank or a coin star and you've got some extra money for a rainy day.

Do you want it or do you NEED it? 
I am the worst for this, I'll go out and end up seeing things I want and referring to it as needing it and buying it anyways, if you have 50 nail varnishes you do not NEED another, nor if you have multiple jackets or similar t-shirts. Only buy things you need and which you'll use, that way you'll save money cutting out the things you don't actually need. 

Keeping on top of your financial admin is important to stay in the green and be great with money, to secure yourself a money worry future when you hit the age of your pension. The lovely people at Standard Life have created a book full of useful little tips to help with savings and being more money aware. Which you are able to download online and I will also be giving away two copies on my Twitter, stay tuned if you fancy winning yourself one. I hope this has helped give you some tips for saving and you managed to somewhat enjoy it!  

*In collaboration with Standard Life