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Baubles with a difference.

As soon as the Christmas baubles arrived in the shops, I started to collect them to build up a collection ready for when the tree goes up. I prefer to buy 'out of the box' baubles and in more recent years, they're just about everywhere. I thought I'd create a small post to share with you my collection and also where I got them, in case you want to pick up any of your own. I have so many more I'd like to add to my own collection soon too, Paperchase I am coming for ya. Let me know in the comments if you're more traditional when it comes to decorating your tree or as out there as me (or even more so!) 
Glass Balloon Decoration £6.00 from Paperchase* (Also on 3 for 2) 

Ice Cream Bauble £6.00 from Paperchase* (Also on 3 for 2) 

Cotton Candy Bauble £1.50 Primark 

Croissant Bauble £5 Paperchase* (Also on 3 for 2)

Swan Bauble £2 Flying Tiger.

Battenburg Bauble £22 Not On The High Street

Pink Duck £2 Flying Tiger

Lollipop Bauble is no longer available, find similar from Amara here £12

Cupcake from George at Asda £1.50 find similar here

*Contains an affiliate link 

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide For Students | Seasonal

Happy Friday all, I am back from my blogging break and I am finally able to bring you a gift guide! I've been wanting to bring you a whole variety of gift guides but with some circumstances, it has not gone my way. Today I am bringing you a last minute Christmas gift guide or students and all of the gifts that I am featuring in this gift guide can be ordered up until the 20th if not longer dependant on the site. These gifts are perfect for any students that you have in your life, whether that be your friends or a family member there is something for every student!

Unicorn Tears Gin:
Okay so we are talking about students and alcohol, it's pretty much a given right? Although this has a little bit of a twist on it, it's 'actually' unicorn tears, and tastes pretty good too! This amazing gift comes in a gorgeous bottle and is available from Firebox for £39.99

Drinking Games: 
Firebox offer an amazing range of drinking games perfect for any student including the student fave, Never Have I Ever and also F**K the game! Both games are a party starter and great for getting of any awkward tension.

Cards Against Humanity:
Similar to the drinking games above, but this is on a whole new level of card game. Cards against humanity is offensive and not for the light-hearted. It's rude, amazing and slightly horrific at the same time. It's known as the party game for horrible people. It is available to purchase on Amazon and there is also now many expansion packs.

Travel Mug: 
Going to uni in the mornings is something most students dread, and to make matters worse when you're in a rush and haven't had time to grab a morning coffee, it can't get much worse! Sass and Belle have a range of gorgeous travel mugs, perfect for making a coffee in and taking with you on the go! My favourite is their 'time to go' mug for £11.00

Master Pan:
I've been eyeing up this pan for such a long time because it's so genius. Saves on washing up and allows you to cook up to 5 things at once. It's really that simple. Perfect after a night out for cooking a full English, then easy to wash and saves on washing up. Purchase from Men Kind for £59.99.

I found this awesome website called Skate Hut who offer so many amazing things and is the perfect website for some last minute ideas for students, including gorgeous back packs, clothing, skateboards and even pogo sticks *throw back much*. I am so in love with their amazing range of Hype bags perfect for carrying those books around the campus.

*Post contains press samples

Sunday Six #2 | Lifestyle

Back again with another Sunday Six and I had sooo much fun creating the last one, as you probably are aware it was Christmas two days ago so I decided to make this Sunday six a Christmas styled one and share all things I love about Christmas with you all and I hope you are enjoying these posts as I'd love to keep creating them for you.

Six Christmas dinner foods I love:
  1. Stuffing
  2. Parsnips 
  3. Hassleback Potatoes 
  4. Sprouts
  5. Roast Potatoes
  6. Cauliflower Cheese
Six things I love about Christmas day: 
  1. Being around family
  2. Christmas films
  3. Opening presents
  4. The dinner
  5. Happiness
  6. Christmas jumpers
Six Christmas songs I adore: 
  1. Do they know it's Christmas?
  2. Happy Christmas war is over
  3. Jingle Bell rock 
  4. Last Christmas
  5. All I want for Christmas is you
  6. Santa baby
Six Bloggers that rock: 


Just a quick blog post to say I hope you all have a fabulous day with your friends and family, eat all of the chocolate, play lots of Christmas songs, share fun memories with the ones you love, have a fab Christmas meal or two and open lots of amazing prezzies. I also wanted to add, to share a thought for those who are less fortunate then yourselves today, and remember that Christmas about love and giving! Enjoy your day guuuuuys and have some Christmas gifs on me:

My favourite Christmas movies| Seasonal

As I am pretty sure you are aware, Christmas is fast approaching and if you're as excited as I am it's the perfect time to crack out your favourite Christmas movies, dig out some comfy PJs and lounge and out and enjoy the Christmassy feels. Today I thought I'd share with you my favourite Christmas movies and if you haven't seen them, you totally need to put them on tonight! In a dream world I would have a 4K TV to watch them on as the quality is SO amazing. Let me know in the comments what your favourite Christmas films are!

I am pretty sure every single human on this planet has seen this film over and over, but if you haven't you are seriously missing out, it's a fun family film and it stars Will Ferell (could it get any better?) The basic outline of the film is about an elf who is looking for his father, and the story about how he tries to find him.

The nightmare before Christmas
A kind of Christmassy/Halloween film, but amazing all the same. The film is about Jack Skellington who is the king of Halloween town, and he ends up in Christmas town and decides to celebrate Christmas as he's bored of his less cheery life and it's about his journey along the way. I love the film even more as it's a Tim Burton film and his image shines through.

Home Alone
You knew this was coming up surely? A firm favourite for most people although it makes me feel a little weird to think about how Macaulay Culkin is now, but lets just forget that. The concept of the film is about an 8 year old who is accidentally left at home when his family go on holiday and what's worse is he has to protect his house from two burglars! A lot for an 8 year old to take on, but it's an amazing film!

There are so many other films I could list such as The Holiday, Love Actually and Bad Santa but I thought I'd leave you with those three! If you love Christmas films I would love to know which ones!

Ralph Lauren Christmas Wishlist | Fashion

You may have noticed on my blog I have been so preoccupied by gift guides I haven't done a wishlist in forever and I used to do them on Wednesdays before it became my lifestyle day! Although I don't plan on doing them as often I hope to get them up again more often, today I thought I would bring you a wishlist (yes I am dreaming high) from one of my favourite brands who as you may have guessed from the tittle is Ralph Lauren who I am dreaming may make it into my wardrobe this Christmas, yes family I am looking at you! I literally could spend hours on the website, dreaming of all the amazing things I wish I had and if I could pull of all of the gorgeous shirts, still not sure on that one. But I thought I'd share with you some of my amazing finds upon on the website which may also inspire your Christmas list or a gift for a loved one, as they make some perfect gifts, which will totally wow them! I hope you enjoy my picks and let me know if any of them are on your Christmas list this year.

Pink Pony Ricky Drawstring Bag: 
When I laid on this bag I honestly fell in love, I am not even sure if it was the colour or the style which attracted me first, but I couldn't help but lust. It's such a classy looking bag and the perfect size for everyday and if I ever got this in my life I wouldn't trust myself with it as it's equal to a possible small car, but one day I will totally own this bag.

Soft Ricky Continental Wallet: 

This is honestly the best purse I have ever seen, firstly I am in love with the brightness of it as the colour just beams at you and makes you fall in love. I think it would make a perfect addition to Ralph Lauren lover and anyone who is on the look out for a new purse, check out this beauty!

Studded Leather Boots:

I am a huge fan of boots, I spend the majority of my life in them so of course a pair would make it on to my wishlist. They're made from real leather *eeeek* and look like they would last a long time and the studs are an added bonus to make me fall even more in love.

Soft Ricky Bag:

This blue is such a pretty blue, and I haven't seen anything similar anywhere else so it caught my eye. A bag made from real leather is just such a cool thing, and the fact that it is eye catching and a really nice style also makes it a bonus, the bag does come in other colours in case blue isn't really your thing.

*In Collaboration with Ralph Lauren 

Euroffice 12 days of Christmas advent | Seasonal

Good morning lovelies, I hope you're all well? Today I am bringing a bit of a wishlist post as well as telling you about a super exciting advent calender which is being run by Euroffice, so lets begin. Euroffice are a company who bring the best office essentials to your office including pens, notebooks and furniture and in the run up to Christmas they decided to launch a 12 days of Christmas giving you 12 DIY ideas/hacks to do over the Christmas period including how to wrap tricky presents and decorate cards with pen ink (they look amazing) as well as all this there is a chance to win amazing prizes everyday along with the tips, so if you love stationary as much as me you are in for a real treat! To celebrate this awesome advent calender I decided I would do a wishlist of stationary every addict needs from their website, I hope you enjoy this wishlist and let me know if you decide to try any of the hacks!

*In Collaboration with Euroffice 

How to do Christmas on a budget | Lifestyle

CHRISTMAS IS COMING, I repeat it is coming! Which for a lot of people is a huge stress as it involves spending lots of money and using a lot of time which people also don't have. I decided today to break it down for you and create some tips for shopping on a budget which is quick and also effective for those people who don't have all of the time in the world. I hope you enjoy my tips as my previous budget posts have gone down well, if you fancy checking these out click here or here.

Christmas Present

1. Buy Online:
When I say buy online I don't just mean go to the first online shop you find, I mean go online and trawl the web for ideas of presents at a better price. I used to kick myself when I spent more in a shop than online especially when it was a HUGE difference. Aliexpress and Ebay are perfect examples of this, you can buy brand new items for a fraction of the price and aslong as you get in early, it will arrive in time for Christmas. Examples of what you can get on these sites are: Stationery, Clothing and Phone Cases all SO much cheaper.

2. Shop in advance:
It may be a while until the big day, but it's important to get in there early, search out deals and find out where to get the best prices. Look for events coming up in store which might get some discounts e.g. Clubcard points is a good example, save them all year round and then use them when you can triple your vouchers for presents.

3. Make presents:
Not only kids can make presents, it's totally cool for adults to do the same. Obviously on a bit of a different scale but you can create cute hampers for your friends and family by investing in cheaper bits and putting them together making it seem more value and also add the personal touch. You can also make things like scrapbooks for friends to remind them of the good times.

4. Don't buy for everyone:
The reality is you can't afford to buy for everyone in the world, make a list and prioritize who is first and go down the list, if you are low on funds by the end the less important people to you get smaller gifts e.g. chocolate and wine.

5. Secret Santa:
When you have a large group of friends it doesn't work to buy everyone something, so it's a great idea to do a group secret Santa. Therefore everyone gets a present and also it keeps yours and their budgets down, win win.

How would you spend your dream Christmas? | Seasonal

I am excited, SO excited in fact because in just over two weeks it's going to be CHRISTMAS! Some people will let out a huge cheer when reading that, others will let out a groan those are the ones who probably haven't started their Christmas shopping yet or just dislike the day all together. I love Christmas and I am not sure how anybody could hate it? Today I am bringing you a post with the lovely Blue Chip Holidays about how people would spend their dream Christmas, and how it is more popular than ever to spend Christmas holidaying (that's the dream hey?) I know a lot of people love the idea of spending it at home in their PJs with their friends and family which is lovely and such an enjoyable day, but what about those who don't want to do that?

A survey from Breaking Travel News (which you can read here) says that there has been a 26% increase of people booking their cottages within the UK, which I can totally see the appeal to. Spending Christmas on the beach or by the pool? Yes please! Although I can totally see the downside too as you loose that British feeling to the celebration, roasties, stockings and dull weather. So how would I spend my perfect Christmas?

I would invite all of my family and the boyfriends family to a huge house somewhere in the UK, which would have lots of bedrooms, comfy sofas, a HUUUUGE kitchen, a hot tub and even a swimming pool. It would be the perfect escape from reality and give everyone the chance to relax, of course when it came to it the Christmas dinner would still be the same and so would boxing day (a huge buffet yummy) but there would be more room to relax, more people to enjoy the day with and also a new location which mixes it up from the normal! Plus it has a hot tub and a swimming pool which would be a fab experience whilst waiting to delve into a Christmas dinner! I thought it would be super interesting to read how you would spend your dream Christmas, so let me know in the comments below!