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Here's to 5 years of Dungarees & Donuts!

When I think about how long 5 years is, I can't get over the length of time it is and what I've achieved in that time. I launched Dungarees & Donuts back in college and since that time I've completed a degree and I am now working a full-time job. I've changed my name via deed poll and had two relationships. Like, a lot has happened. I remember talking to my best friend at the time about her blog and YouTube, she would speak to all of these really cool people on Twitter and it was like they were real-life best friends despite never meeting. Her blog was full of book reviews, colourful pictures and posts about makeup and I wanted to get in on the action. I set up my blog which to this day don't know why the name Dungarees & Donuts stuck, but I did eat a lot of Donuts in college and Dungarees goes well with it, plus when I first launched my blog I wanted to talk about fashion. Over the years my blog really has taught me a lot and I've made some great friends, gained some confidence I know I would not have without my blog and have been able to share my passion for writing with the world.

Since I was younger I've always wanted to be a writer, even in Primary School, I'd create these 'books' which were essentially a lot of folded paper stapled together and a drawing I'd done on the front and in reality the book was only around 5 pages, but it felt like a huge deal to me at the time. In early high school, I decided to go down the route of creating children's books and although I never shared them with anyone bar, my family, I think it gave me, even more, drive to get my writing out there. 

I get asked a lot what I blog about and sometimes it feels easier to say what they want to hear e.g. beauty. But in reality Dungarees & Donuts is me, on a website. It's full of colour, quirky clothes, ramblings about everyday life and tons of posts about my own mental health and it's a huge part of me and although it's been 5 years I couldn't see myself getting bored of it anytime soon. I take small breaks from time to time and do often get frustrated when it comes to writers blog but I manage to come out of it stronger and as long as you guys still want to read, I will keep posting. For me my blog was once about constant scheduled content, 5 times a week to posting weekly once or twice and loving the content I am putting out. Each post full to the brim of photos I love and each piece of content I actually feel proud of, whereas before I created the content because I felt like I had to. 

The blogging community has changed over the years too, I was forever wanting to fit in with everyone else and what they were doing and over recent years there have been more alternative blogs making a stir within the community and they're who I aspire to be like. I love to read makeup blogs and learn new things which I would otherwise have been clueless about, but I know it's not my forte so it seems pointless trying to make it what my blog is about. The blogging community has shifted from a ton of chats each night to just a few a week, I am glad they're still going somewhere. Blogging feels like it is mostly now about making it someway in the industry, YouTubers, as we know, have HUGE incomes and get invited to lots of events and it makes us jealous, me included, but although bloggers may not get as much of the industry as YouTubers do, it's still great to know we have that kind of influence. It's amazing that normal people such as you and I can have such a big influence from anywhere in the world. 

I still pinch myself each time I get an email in my inbox about reviews and sponsored content and each time I still wonder why they'd want to work me, but at the same time, I feel eternally grateful and I doubt that feeling of wow, will ever stop for me. I feel privileged to be where I am today with my blog and have such a supportive readership. For the future of Dungarees & Donuts, I hope to keep spreading awareness around mental illness and it makes me feel great doing so because I know that during my struggles, so many of you have had my back and helped me through the tough times. I promise to keep making you proud and on to the next five years. 

I feel like I totally need to hold a glass of champagne and this point. 

What I got for my 21st Birthday | Lifestyle

From my Whatsapp group, to the lovely bloggers on twitter this post was request a numerous amount of times so I thought it was only fair I shared it with you lot. I wanted to state I was well and truly spoiled due to it being my 21st Birthday and I usually wouldn't receive as many gifts as what I did this year. All of the gifts I received were super special to me and I loved every single one. Little bit of a disclaimer, please don't see this post as me bragging. I am simply sharing with you all of the amazing goodies which I got, like a haul basically. I hope you enjoy this haul and if you want to know about anything in more detail feel free to let me know in the comments. 

For my birthday I did get some Birthday money and I bought these awesome books I've been lusting after for a while, I am currently stuck into Leave Your Mark and it's insanely good, full of tips and useful advice. I am planning on doing a review on them both once I've finished them.

Birthday Cards:
Is it just me who REALLY appreciates Birthday cards?! I love the fact that someone has taken the time to write a message to you, and that feels really personal and often lasts a lot longer than a Birthday present, I tend to keep my favourite 5 cards every year and keep them for the future. I love looking back at cards from years ago, always makes me smile.

Sweet Stuff:
I was originally just going to write sweets for the tittle but it turns out it is mostly not sweets, in the photograph anyways. I got an awesome popcorn pan which I am yet to use but it looks super fun and the packaging caught my eye. When me and Luke visited an American sweet shop in Birmingham I found some of my favourite chewing gum which Luke purchased for me, along with some mini nerds. Finally in the photograph is an adorable hotdog phone case from Paperchase, I love 'out there' phone cases.

Before Christmas my mum told me she wanted to get me something special for my 21st and asked me if I had any ideas, I've wanted a Michael Kors watch for ageeees so it seemed the obvious fit. The watch caught my attention because of it's big watch face, and the beautiful rose gold colour *blogger cliche much?* It is a great way to keep something special for a long time.

My Grandparents also bought me some beautiful charms, for my bracelet including a 21 charm and a floral clip and I love them both and they also treated me to a beautiful tiara ring which I have been wanting for a while and finally got and it hasn't left my finger since (unless the gym and showers count, then it has). My best friends Sophie and Kee brought me a gorgeous charm which I wasn't expecting and was so overwhelmed with how nice it was that I nearly cried. The final charm on my bracelet was from my uncle who gave me some money, and I decided it would be worth while me buying another charm as a keepsake for my 21st, this again isn't photographed but it is a beautiful cat bowl with an diamond encrusted fish bone inside of the bowl. Perfect gift for any cat lovers!

Workout Clothes: 
Another present from Luke was some beautiful workout clothes including these beauties from Pink Soda who are a company who sell their stuff in JD it reminded me of the Victoria's Secret PINK clothing but I actually preferred this! The colours go really well together, and it gives me the freedom to be even more creative on the bottom half.

Make Up: 
Of course some Make-up was going to make this list, I completely forgot to photograph the Kiko liners which were popped inside of the Make Up For Ever box, but I got 3 amazing colour liners. Along with two MAC lipsticks in the shades Viva Glam II and Plumful. I also got a lovely Nars setting powder and a MAC foundation which I didn't have at the time of photographing. Finally an amazing set from MUFE, which you can see pictured and includes mascara, eye-liner and waterproof makeup remover. 

I hope you enjoyed this Birthday haul, I love reading them so I hope you do too! 

21 Things Whilst 21 | Lifestyle

Some of you may know, but for those of you who don't today is my birthday, yay! It's my 21st birthday and I am super happy with finally being 21 as it feels like a bigger step towards adulthood and just sounds older and I can finally drink in the states when I visit. Come at me flavoured vodka *winky face* so instead of just a post about my birthday I thought I'd share with you 21 things I want to achieve in my year of being 21 and I hope you enjoy reading it, if you enjoy lists you should do! Let me know what you want to achieve this year.

  • Go America again
  • Get a full time job
  • Move house again
  • Pass my driving test
  • Eat 21 (or more) pizzas
  • Get my degree
  • Be more adventurous with my food 
  • Visit Blackpool
  • Fill my Pandora bracelet
  • Get to 15,000 twitter followers
  • Keep blogging
  • Help out with a homeless charity
  • Eat less sugar
  • Meet more bloggers
  • Attend more blogger meet ups
  • Drink more water 
  • Get saving for a house
  • Fill a whole notebook
  • Feel more body confident
  • Join the gym (I DID IT) 
  • Loose 2 dress sizes
What do you think of my list, are they achievable?