Netflix Home Interior Shows you NEED to watch.

Netflix is forever creating the latest and greatest TV shows, with a subscription that costs £7.99 a month, more of us are turning to the streaming app instead of 'traditional' methods of TV. I've created posts around Netflix in previous months, most recently I did a post about 4 documentaries on Netflix you NEED to watch, which by the way, if you haven't watched you still need to. So on to today's post, I decided as I've been binge-watching so many home improvement type shows on Netflix, I would share with you my favourites. Some the home improvements shows on the US Netflix look so amazing and I'm gutted they don't have them accessible in the UK. However, these four shows are pretty damn cool too and I am gutted they don't have more series of each.   

Instant Hotel:
The first series of Instant Hotel is one of the best programmes ever, however, Netflix has recently released a second season and I'm not a fan. So this opinion is solely on season one, it features more couples, in two separate seasons that then link into a final showdown at the end which creates even more drama! 10 sets of guests prove to their fellow contestants that their Instant Hotel is the best hotel. The 12 episodes of Instant Hotel hosted by Luke Jacobz who is an Australian Actor and presenter and he fit the role perfectly. In season 2 there are only 6 episodes and both of the judges are from the UK which makes it lose some of that Aussie charm.    

Tiny House Nation:

This show is all about creating some of the worlds tiniest houses, whether it's because you want to move around a lot, are looking to move out of your parent's house or just want financial freedom instead of paying a mortgage each month. When building your dream Tiny House, you may have to make sacrifices on space as a Tiny House is a maximum of 500 square feet, but everything else can be exactly how you want it to be. From quirky storage solutions to making it personal, the show helps to build their tiny house by creating cute and quirky additions to the house. The show is a lovely watch, however, I don't think I'll be in any rush to move into my own tiny home... just yet.  

Stay Here: 
A programme about first-time renters looking to create a short term rental with Genevive Gorder and Peter Lorimer, their mission is to help with design ideas and to help you maximise your profits. This is great for those who are struggling with their business or if it is their first time renting. The programme is great as it shows around the cities they visit and the background behind the creations, from an old firehouse to a vineyard the pair have seen it all. It always great when it ends on a high note as who doesn't love a happy ending.      

Amazing Interiors:
My latest Netflix Home interiors addiction is Amazing Interiors, from the outside they look like normal houses, but on the inside, they tell a completely different story. The houses are around the world and you even see the UK pop up a few times. From a whole pink house (dreams right there) to a man who turned half of his house into a skate bowl and to the man who had his bed on a platform with running water underneath (I could not cope with that!) with each episode featuring three different homes, it's interesting to watch for sure. We love to dress how we want to, so why not do the same to our homes right?    

Let me know in the comments what your favourite home improvement show is as I am in need of some new programmes to watch right now. 


  1. Streaming tv is great, there are so many options! I have a friend that loves Tiny House Nation.

  2. I like the sound of Tiny House Nation but all of these programmes sound worth a watch!

  3. I wouldn't have a clue what to watch on there so this is useful. Stay here sounds like an interesting programme.

  4. I do love programmes like this but had no idea Netflix did them too - thanks for the tips

  5. I hadn't actually heard of any of these before so I will definitely be checking them out!

  6. I've just started to watch Tiny House Nation after seeing someone recommend it on Instagram Stories. Amazing with what they can do with the spaces

  7. I can't resist a home improvements/interiors show, there's something enjoyable about watching a home transform into a wonderful new space or having a sneak peek around someone's home. I am loving Amazing Interiors at the moment. Not watched Stay Here but will be doing so soon after your recommendation.

  8. I love shows like these, I'm always watching them. We've just subscribed to Netflix again after not having it for a couple of years so I am 100% all over these!

  9. I love home improvement shows, shame I never get the chance to implement anything I say I will haha