14 June 2019

Skinnydip London Summer Haul

*This post contains affiliate links and gifted items. 

Skinnydip London are one of my favourite brands and have been for years, they're not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to creating fashion accessories which are fun, unique and make a great statement piece. From bags to t-shirts and more recently a beauty range, Skinnydip has such a fantastic range to choose from and you may recognise the brand as I have featured them on Dungarees & Donuts earlier this year. With summer being here (supposedly) I thought it was time for another haul, so here are some of my must-haves from Skinnydip for the Summer! 

Ayla Snake Themed Backpack
My backpack collection is forever growing and I don't think it is going to stop anytime soon and as someone who loves buying bags, a bit too much, especially quirky ones (Betsey Johnson, Dollskill and of course, Skinnydip are my weakness!) I tend to buy a lot of smaller bags for the way they look, bags shaped as milk bottles, cute animals and other food items are cute, ok? However they aren't really massively functional. But I also then love to buy backpacks for everyday use. This Ayla backpack is seriously cool with the colours being super vibrant, the bag looks small on the outside but is very spacious and the straps are adjustable. The bag itself is super lightweight which is always a good thing as I know I am going to put half of my life in it within a week or two. The bag is perfect for travelling, festivals or just to use day to day, as it can fit quite a lot in for a smaller backpack. Plus the colours are to die for! Although this bag may not be for everyone, I am super glad Skinnydip keep 'breaking the rules' with clashing colours and statement prints. 

Athena Mermaid Clutch:
This is the most me bag I've seen for a long time, although not the most practical can you really argue with a clutch that looks so cool? The bag itself is made with a plastic casing and is done up by a secure clasp. Perfect for those nights out and you're not likely to lose it in a hurry. The bag on the inside is also pretty spacious, big enough for a phone, keys, cash, some make up essentials and even an emergency snack or two. Then the bag has a long chain on it so you are able to wear it however you like. I swear when I am drunk or have been in the past the only way to secure something on me is by attaching it to me... does anybody else feel me with that one?    

Skinnydip summer collection.

Daisy Purse:

Hands down if you're on the market for a new purse, check out the selection Skinnydip has, not only are they spacious and can store a ton of cards in but they always have really cute designs on them. The purse has a ton of compartments for cards, a huge change section and also plenty of space in the middle for when you give up with an organised purse (like I do one trip after sorting it out.) I can't wait to start using my daisy purse as it is adorable for summer. 

Eyeroll Pink Jumper:
So the final piece of my haul is this amazing *eye roll* jumper and yes, I know it's summer (well it's supposed to be, it's probably the perfect time of year for it with all of the rain) but when you've been out in the heat and tend to stay out later, it does cool off and it's great to be able to chuck something on, I sized up in this jumper so it's extra comfy and feels amazing. Plus who doesn't love an oversized jumper for lounging around... just about anywhere? 

I hope you enjoyed my latest Skinnydip haul and if you purchased any of the items from my haul, I'd love to know about it in the comments. 

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  1. I love what you've picked! I adore Skinnydip and could buy so much from them haha!

    Lucy | Forever September