31 May 2019

Playlists for just about every mood.

Music is something that fascinates me, the fact we all like different music and listening for a varied amount of time is something that I think about when I listening to music a lot. I wonder how many other people listen to music as often as I do. Music can actually be a pretty personal thing, as with everything, judgement runs through our music taste too. For me, working from home I tend to listen to music a lot more frequently than when I am with somebody else. When I used to work in an office, I didn't really enjoy listening to music as much as I do now. It's interesting how music can influence our mood so much, some music leaving us feeling empowered and on top of the world and others leaving us down in the dumps. I used to be a sucker for sad songs during pretty much any downtime in my life, I remember when my friend and I were both having a pretty rubbish time, so we stayed up all night listening to a playlist called life sucks, which I am almost certainly didn't do anything for our moods, apart from making us more upset.   

On the flipside I love songs which you hear during happier times and then when you're feeling sad, those songs bring back all of those happy memories. Summer hits playlists are always fab as when it's raining or cold outside, playing those playlists can bring you into a better place. There are always those songs which take you back to a part in your life you may have forgotten too. I think it's fascinating how the brain links the two. 

On my Spotify, I have a variety of playlists and music. I have an overall playlist which I listen to day in and day out, full of new songs, old favourites and everything in between. As well as this I have my throwback playlist, which always puts me in a great mood! My sleep playlist, a gym playlist (that doesn't see the light of day enough) and finally my emo classics playlist. I love getting music recommendations from friends, Will and even Spotify, so I thought it would be fun to share a few songs which are on some of my playlists with you. To be fair there are some absolute bangers on these playlists. 

Throwback Playlist:

Girl Power:

Emo Hits:

Let me know what songs you can't get enough of in the comments! 

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