Why are Graduates Staying in Liverpool?

Liverpool is renowned as one of the UK’s best student cities, but it is also gaining a reputation for the number of students who stay afterwards and settle in the booming Northern city. Liverpool has a student population of over 70,000 and the number of graduates who stay in the city after they finish their degree is constantly rising. So why are so many of Liverpool’s graduates staying?

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Luxurious Living
Liverpool has been the recipient of an incredible amount of investment, and the city’s skyline is a testament to this. Many new builds in the city are offering luxurious city living which is perfect for recent graduates. Property investment companies like RW Invest have been involved with a number of projects in Liverpool which offer a high-end living experience in beautiful modern apartments. Compared to other cities in the UK, the level of premium accommodation available in Liverpool is impressive, and for graduates, finding a new apartment is simple. From dockside apartments in chic warehouse conversions to brand new studios in the city centre with on-site gyms, games rooms and cafes, there are a wide range of options available for graduates.

Job Opportunities
Decades ago, Liverpool wasn’t exactly famous for its job opportunities. However, due to huge changes in the city, there are far more career prospects available than ever before. Liverpool’s thriving economy is set to continue growing, and the council’s Liverpool Local Plan sets out a strategy which includes the creation of 38,000 new jobs. From the new Knowledge Quarter which will offer specialist scientific and research roles, to the tech and digital hub at the Baltic Triangle, to the thriving Albert Dock with its variety of shops and restaurants, Liverpool is offering a range of different job opportunities that graduates simply don’t want to move away from.

Thriving Culture
Liverpool is world famous for its musical legacy and unique culture. This former trading city has been a melting pot of different cultures, creating a distinctive city that welcomes everyone. Liverpool’s nightlife is famous, with a range of unique bars, pubs and clubs that appeal to everyone, and this is another reason why so many young people decide to live in the city after they graduate. Liverpool is also home to a number of special events and celebrations, like the Liverpool Giants, the Liverpool Biennial and Liverpool International Music Festival. With more museums and art galleries than any city outside of London, Liverpool has plenty to do.

Cost of Living
Liverpool is also an incredibly affordable city, which makes it far more attractive to recent graduates in their first job, with limited disposable income. Compared to cities in the south of the UK, Liverpool is an incredibly cost-effective choice. When comparing Liverpool to London, you will find that food is 24% cheaper, housing is 47% cheaper, and transportation is 44% cheaper. These lower costs of living that students have grown accustomed to while they have been studying in the city, mean that moving to somewhere that is so much more expensive isn’t a popular option.

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