Tips to stay motivated when working at home.

Working from home is one of those things which sounds like a dream, getting to work from your bed, not even having to get dressed for a day of work and you don't even have to leave the house at all if you don't want to. Communication doesn't even need to happen in person, which is great for those days in which small talk doesn't seem possible. If you're working as part of a job role which allows home-based work it can be easier to stay motivated as you have set tasks to do, but when you're self employed it is a whole different ball game, you pick your hours, you pick what you do and most importantly you need to keep your motivation levels high to be able to stay focused and keep producing a high standard of work. If you're like me when I'm having a bad day I find it almost impossible to remove myself from my bed unless I am booted out of bed by my other half (which doesn't ever happen) so I've been finding ways to motivate myself whilst working from home, as it is not all fun and games like it may first seem. Last year I wrote a post called "working from home, what's the deal?" which is one of my all time most popular posts so I thought I'd share some more working from home-based posts and it would be great to hear your thoughts in the comments. 

Make a plan:
One of the things I've found most helpful when working from home for myself is writing a list of the things which I need to do on a sticky note and then crossing them out throughout the day. I like to make a plan of what I need to do and at what times too, like similarly to being in a workplace there are set times to do set things for most of us. Like having breaks and going to meetings. It can be easy to find yourself not doing a lot when you're working alone. You can find amazing desk planners online which are great for this, I always find having one in front of me allows me to see what is left to do for the day. Paperchase has a "hit list" one which allows you to prioritise your goals and also tick them off when you've completed them.  This gives me that extra push to keep going, especially when I can see the list going down throughout the day. 

Limit distractions: 
This one is easier said than done, especially if you live in a household with lots of people around. I don't have this issue, however, my phone does give me a constant stream of contact with the 'outside world' and as much as I enjoy Twitter and Instagram they're one of the biggest distractions on my phone. I find not having my phone around when I'm working makes it easier to get things done. I always have my phone on silent so this doesn't distract me either. I'd recommend putting your phone out of sight, you know what they say, out of sight, out of mind. I allow myself to use my phone during breaks but for the rest of the time I try to have it as far away as possible and if I do have it near me for a particular reason, I have it face down, there is nothing more distracting than the constant flashes of notifications. 

Set yourself working hours:
I hold my hands up to this one and admit I am not good with setting work hours. I'll work at random times in the day and then go back to things a few hours later. Allowing yourself to figure out when your most productive is a good start. I know the evenings are when I work best, so for me, it does often make more sense to work through the evening instead of early mornings. But deciding how many hours you are going to work that day is a great way to split your day up and keep to the hours you've set. That will also allow you to fit breaks in around those hours. 

Create the ultimate working space:
Out of the list, this is one of the tips I think are most important to follow as it can really affect your mental health if you don't have the correct working environment. As much as it can be OK to work in your bed for a treat. Working in bed for me makes me tired, makes me ache and I can confirm I am a lot less productive. If you've got a spare room turn it into your own office space. There is nothing worse than spending all day and all night in your bedroom without really anytime out. Plus if you're creating yourself a work space it means you need new homewares and stationery. Who doesn't need an adorable Watermelon Planter or Pastel Cat Highlighters, amirite? 

With that folks, that is it, those are some of my best tips, I have so many more I could share with you but I didn't want to make this post too long, but I am happy to write a 2nd part if this is something any of you would find useful.

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