1 April 2019

My Mini Bedroom Overhaul: Spring Edit

This post does contain some gifted items, these will have an (*) next to them.

Colour makes me happy, no matter what form it is in, if I see something bright it instantly boosts my mood. Hence how I ended up with a huge rainbow cactus which might actually be for your garden when visiting Asda for something else. You'll find me in every store which sells bedding, down that isle deciding which new cover I should buy despite having over 10 already. Coloured decor makes my room instantly my haven, it's the simple things. Recently I've added a *few* new things into my room, some which aren't rainbow! But they make my room that little bit more enjoyable to be in. In addition to this, I've rearranged a bunch of my furniture and the space in the room feels so much more spacious and optimised. I'll leave links within the post if you'd like to purchase anything from within the post.

It's strange how having matching furniture within a room can make it flow so much better like I understand it matching does look good but I can tell a huge difference in the room with having white furniture and it's mostly from IKEA, because who can resist an Ikea Kallax cube or two. Although I've had my Kallax storage for a few years now, I decided to turn the 8 cube Kallax on to the side instead of having it up right and it's made so much storage, it allows the top to be used to showcase items and then each box contains a theme. On top sits my beautiful pom pom garland*, Stephen Hawking 50p which I've now framed, my amazing Reptar bar, as well as a few other cute bits, which are usually candles. As well as the 8 cube, I also have a 4 cube one, which has bigger squares which are perfect for putting drawers in. We are currently using ours for a TV stand with bits of storage underneath. All of the Kallax furniture is super affordable and works pretty much in any room.

Also from IKEA I purchased two bedside tables which are ideal for those who may be lacking space, I made the purchase as they go so well with our other decor, plus they're great for storing things on. They've recently had a few extra additions added on top of them including 3 artificial succulents from IKEA, which by the way for the three and their pots it was only £4. I recently went on a bit of a shopping spree over at Hurn and Hurn* and purchased some super cute finishing touches for my room. I purchased the Umbra Poise 2 tier accessory tray* which is amazing for storing my glasses in, as well as little trinkets like earrings. I've been using the top half to store some my overfill of Yankee Candles.

Since we moved in there has been a floating shelf which is super handy for having displays on, since we moved in back in September I've changed it up every month dependant on the season. Currently, it has my favourite quote in a frame, some mini succulents, a picture of me and Will, a mirror I purchased from a Halloween section and somewhere to store loose change from New Look. Following on from this section of my room, you have a huge set of IKEA drawers which is another place I love to store things. I have a lovely clock from Hurn and Hurn which makes an amazing alarm clock too. A panda ornament from George at Asda, a basket full of face masks and finally one of my favourite things from within my room, my spinning acrylic storage* which is amazing for storing perfume, hair products and some makeup. Honestly, if you're obsessed with beauty products as much as I am, this is a must have.

The final thing within my room which I am excited to show you is this gorgeous fluffy rug from Land of Rugs*, this rug was £74.99 and was kindly gifted to me by Land of Rugs. Will & I have wanted a rug for ages and just haven't gotten around to purchasing one. We are overwhelmed with how quickly this arrived and how soft it really is. Our bunnies love it too. There are so many rugs to choose from on their site and they're at reasonable prices too.

I hope you enjoyed this post about my bedroom, excuse the curtains in the last photo we haven't gotten around to buying new ones yet. I'd love to know in the comments what your favourite piece of homeware is from my post.

*This post contains gifted items and an affiliate link for Amazon. 

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