27 March 2019

Weird and wonderful Mother's Day gift guide.

If you're a regular reader of Dungarees & Donuts, you will know weird and wonderful is my speciality, gift guides are especially where I get to show off this side and I love to bring you the best gifts from far and wide (the internet) to inspire you to adventure out of the 'norm' for presents and dare to be different. I can confirm this guide does feature some gifted items, however, if I didn't love them I wouldn't include them as I'm not that kinda person. I hope you enjoy my weird and wonderful Mother's Day guide.

Lush Gift Set 'You ok, Mum?':
Lush is an amazing go-to brand for gifts, you know what you're going to get is going to be good quality and Lush have the best packaging. The 'You ok, Mum' gift set is a gift set which doesn't require a bath, as like most of you know. Lush is primarily somewhere that sells bath products. The great thing about this set is, it even has 'shower bombs' which sound super exciting don't they? In the set, there is also a shower scrub, shower gel, body lotion and a lovely soap bar. They are all wrapped up within a lovely box and tied with a ribbon. The set comes in at £32.95 which on the surface is a lot, but for a lush fan and the number of products you get within the set, it is great value for money. Plus, all of the products in the box are vegan and cruelty-free.

NOT Terry's Chocolate Orange Gin:
I don't know about you, but my mum is a huge fan of gin and when I saw this gorgeous looking bottle of chocolate orange gin I knew it would be a hit. Not only is the bottle amazing and looks like it has chocolate dripping down it, the liquid is also coloured like it is chocolate orange. Firebox claims the gin tastes exactly like chocolate orange which is exciting as who doesn't like alcohol that tastes that bit sweeter. The bottle is 50cl and costs £29.99 from Firebox. P.s. No chocolate oranges were harmed in the making of this gin.

Belgian Waffle Yankee Candle:
Of course, Yankee Candle had to make it onto the list, is it really a gift guide without a Yankee Candle? Following on from the food theme above, we have a gorgeous Belgian waffle scented candle. The candle costs £23.99 like all large Yankee Candles do, however, this can be purchased in a smaller size. The scent literally mimics a syrup covered waffle, it smells sweet and sugary with notes of cinnamon running through. Yankee Candle also has three other candles in their new Sunday Brunch collection which are also great alternatives for a Mother's Day present (or yourself, because, treat yo self right?)  

Stephen Hawking 50p Coin:
The final item of the guide deserved an honourable mention as it's one of a kind and can only be bought for a short period of time on The Royal Mint. The Stephen Hawking 50p costs £10 but it is the ultimate gift for any coin collector. With mine, I decided to frame it within a box frame with a background to keep it in perfect condition. The coin comes with information about the coin itself as well as about Stephen and all of the amazing things he did during his lifetime, it is currently being sold as it is one year since he passed. 

Which item in the guide catches your eye the most? 

*This post contains gifted items and some affiliate links*