The confidence chronicles #2

*Collaborative post* 

Having confidence is something that so many of us wish we had. A little while back I wrote a post all about confidence in the first part of my confidence chronicles, which you guys adored, therefore I thought I'd bring you part 2, let me know in the comments if you'd like a part 3 to this post. Sometimes we might have confidence when we’re walking down the high street, or talking to our friends, but when placed in awkward situations, in meetings at work, or even meeting someone new, its not uncommon to find that confidence eludes us. For some, confidence comes when they're dressed well, have flawless makeup, their looks great and their anti-aging eye cream is working well. But have you ever considered finding a more natural and more permanent way to boost your confidence? Read on for 5 ways you can feel more confident. If you fancy checking out my first confidence chronicles post you are more than welcome to! 

Stand tall:
First things first. If you want to look confident and feel it too then you need to work on your posture and stand up straight. Walking with your back curved and your shoulders slumped makes you look small, and as if you’re shying away. Being 5'2, standing tall can often be a challenge, as it always feels like people are looking down at you metaphorically and physically, however, only one of these needs to be true. Cos sadly, no matter how much I want to be taller, I never will be. Take a moment now to stand up, put your shoulders back and hold your head up. Even if you’re still not feeling as confident as you’d like – rest assured, you’ll look like someone who knows what they’re doing, where they’re going and what they’re all about. Put this into practice every time you head out somewhere – studies have shown that a strong, powerful stance will help give your confidence a lift.

Press play:
Trying to muster the courage to ask for a pay rise? Or to raise an issue with a teacher or friend? Well, all you need to do is press that play button! Studies have shown that listening to upbeat, positive tunes can really encourage a powerful mindset. Especially tunes that are bass heavy! I always find Eminem 'Lose Yourself' gives me confidence and makes me feel like a boss. For more amazing playlists check out Spotify recommended or if you fancy listening to my playlist you can find it here.  

Remember a time when you felt confident:
Remember that time you nailed that job interview? Or when you received a compliment on a blog post you've worked hard on. Well, you need to remember that you’re still that person and if you did it once before, you can certainly do it again! Channelling a time when you oozed confidence has been proven to – you guessed it – make you feel more confident! Writing a list of things in your phone which you've done prior that make you feel good, is always a great way to find those memos when you're feeling a little short on confidence.

Dress the part:
Ever heard of the saying dress to impress? Well there is some truth behind it. Although bear in mind that you’re ultimately dressing for yourself. Wear clothes you feel good in, nobody feels good in their old tracksuit bottoms and a dirty t-shirt, they're comfy of course and we all need our comfort clothes, but when you're looking to dress to impress, it's worth making an effort and when I look good, I ultimately feel good. 

Try a new skill:
Studies have shown that learning a new skill or refreshing knowledge that has gotten a little dull over time, but it can give us as much mental satisfaction as getting a pay rise or a promotion. I am a huge fan of learning different photography skills on my camera or creating different pieces of art which is new to me, using different mediums. There are so many skills you can choose from. So, if you’ve always wanted to learn Spanish – see if your local college has any classes, or hit up Duolingo. If your maths skills could do with a little polish (I know mine could big time!), do some studying of your old text books or from the library.  

I'd love to know in the comments your number one top tip for building your confidence. 

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