Galaxy Inspired Pancakes: Are They Worth It?

Pancakes. I love pancakes. 

Crepes or American Pancakes I'm not fussy. 

Years ago for a special treat, my mum would make them for us using a recipe from her cookbook and they always turned out perfect. 

Current day, I enjoy making pancakes, they're so fun to make and taste amazing. You can create so many variations of a pancake, top them with so many things and enjoy them for pretty much any time of day. With pancakes, I feel like there aren't any rules. 

The day before Shrove Tuesday (also known as pancake day) I decided to make some pancakes for a blog post, but I wanted to make some with a difference. I considered making unicorn themed pancakes or even rainbow ones, but then it hit me, with my new food colours and edible glitter I could make galaxy inspired pancakes. 

I searched the internet for them but wasn't able to really find anything similar with that in mind I thought they'd either turn out really great or as a great big fail. Somehow these ended up in the middle. The idea of the pancakes is fun, adding edible glitter to your creations is one of my favourite things to do. However, the blue pancakes worked a treat, but the purple came out looking more burnt, which made me sad. I think the colour was a bit too light and next time I'd up the purple food colouring. 

I think coloured pancakes are a great and fun twist on your typical pancakes and you can add flavours within the pancakes rather than vanilla or plain, I decided to add raspberry flavouring and it made them even more yum! I decided to create a recipe card for anybody who would like to recreate these galaxy inspired pancakes themselves. I'd love to know in the comments if anyone actually decides to make these and what your thoughts are on the process of preparing and cooking these pancakes. 

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